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5 Tips – How to Improve Your Photography – Easy Tips for Better Photos

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Interview: Scott Bourne on new Olympus 150-400mm PRO lens – ‘when I first heard about it, it blew my mind’ (Dpreview).
Kamlan 32mm f/1.1 tested at Fujiablog.
Panasonic GH5 4 years later…no contenders? (Dpreview Forum).

Plenty of news on the facebook OMD group, Panasonic FF and the GH5 group.


Topaz: Video Enhance AI v2.0 is here and it’s on sale now


Topaz just released a big update to Video Enhance AI this week (Click here). You can try it for free and if you buy it use the code “ENHANCE15” to get an additional 15% discount on top of the $100 off you get in the first place.

This is what’s news:

Major Features

  • Two new model updates: Artemis v11, and Dione v2
  • Artemis LQ and MQ v11 evolve from Artemis v10 with added ability to handle over-sharpening artifacts in medium or low-quality progressive input videos
  • Dione TV and TD v2 are enhanced from v1 that also remove over-sharpening artifacts in medium or low quality interlaced input videos
  • UI has been updated and overhauled to provide for a better experience


  • Menu toolbar has been added on Mac
  • When multiple videos are selected, settings in the right panel now apply to all selected videos
  • Able to open videos in their containing folder when videos are done processing
  • Model parameters and post process settings have been changed to sliders to provide for better fine-tuning
  • Reset Settings button has been added
  • Output FPS has been added to the footer at the bottom of the program
  • Reset Trim button has been added to the scrubbing toolbar


Here are some video samples:


Great news! Panasonic says new “revolutionary” MFT zoom and new MFT fast primes are in the works along the GH6!


Panasonic posted this long video chat for the CP+ online event. From around 51:00, Mr. Uno talks about the Micro Four Thirds system and says:

  • Yes we are “considering” to make the GH5 successor (which is just a diplomatic way to say “yes we are doing it”).
  • We are also considering to make a “Revolutionary” new zoom lenses and new fast single focus lenses for Micro Four Thirds.
  • He says “Please look forward to it”

Finally a big bold statement from Panasonic! This breathes some fresh hope into the MFT system believers :)