Sigma CEO says most future lenses will be made for mirrorless (including MFT)


Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki tweeted this very important message: He said most future lens releases will be for the mirrorless DC DN line (FF, APS-C and MFT lenses):

Most new products in the future will be the DN series designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras. The DG DN series for full-size mirrorless, which is frequently requested, will be the core but we believe that we need to expand the DC DN series for APS-C (+ MFT), which is currently popular.

Do you have any idea of what lenses Sigma should make for us? Drop a message in the comment system!

Current Sigma f/1.4 MFT lenses:
16mm f/1.4 at Amazon, FocusCamera, BHphoto,and Adorama.
30mm f/1.4 at Amazon, FocusCamera, BHphoto, and Adorama,
56mm f/1.4 at Amazon, FocusCamera, BHphoto, and  Adorama.

New image of the Olympus 150-400mm tested in the field!

Albert Siegel from Dpreview spotted this new image of the the new Olympus 150-400mm lens in the field on! On kakaku you read:

‘The photographer who posted this image says in the comments in the above link that it was taken during an official Fuji SUPER TEC 24 Hours Race Test. He says four men and women were shooting with OM-D E-M1X and M.ZUIKO 150-400mm.’

The lens is rumored to be on market this summer.

(FT5) Voigtlander will soon announce the new 60mm f/0,95 MFT lens!

Surprise folks! Voigtlander will announce a new 60mm f/0,95 MFT lens! It will be available in April 2020 for 148,000 yen including tax (that’s about $1,350).

Links to current Voigtlander f/0,95 lenses:
Save $100 on the Voigtlander 10.5mm f/0.95 at Amazon, BHphoto.
Save $50 on the Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95 at Amazon, BHphoto.
Save $50 on the Voigtlander 42.5mm f/0.95 at Amazon, BHphoto.