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G9 vs S5 High Res Battle

Today Gold Box deals at Amazon US, BHphoto, eBay, Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.es.
Olympus Doesn’t Love You… – Coffee time with Jimmy Cheng
Zhiyun-Tech Announces the CRANE 2S Gimbal for Cameras Small to Large (Explora).
120 seconds of PURE Photography tips (Manny Ortiz).
Test Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV : un bel hybride pour se lancer sérieusement dans la photographie (Les Numeriques).

Plenty of news on the facebook OMD group, Panasonic FF and the GH5 group.


Topaz released the new Gigapixel AI v5.2 update and added a limited time 20% discount


Topaz released the new Gigapixel AI v5.2 update and added limited time 20% discount (Click here). Don’t forget you can also use the free trial if you want to test the results.

Major New Features:

  • New AI Model – “Compressed”. You can find it under the “Image Type” option in the right panel. This image type works best with photos that have a lot of artifacts, old family photos, and images downloaded from the internet
  • Whole New Look – Entire program has been given a UI overhaul to make it look more pleasing, as well as more consistent.
  • Crop your images using the new Crop Tool


  • Faster previewing and saving of images
  • File list is now collapsible, and you can now add images directly from the file list
  • Tutorials have been moved to the drop area on the starting screen

Olympus E-1 – Is 5MP DSLR From 2003 Good Enough For Today?


Robin Wong:

With all the rage of new cameras capable of shooting 8K videos, ridiculously high Megapixels, even smartphones these days have 100MP cameras, I thought it was time to revisit where it all started for Olympus – their first ever Digital SLR E-1. This is a 17 years old camera (released in 2003) and has only 5MP image sensor, though that is a Kodak CCD image sensor that was well-praised for its incredibly beautiful color rendering. A dinosaur DSLR with only 5MP, 3 AF points and barebones function/features, can the Olympus E-1 survive in 2020? I brought the E-1 out for a full day shutter therapy session and here in this video I share my experience and many, many fresh images from my street photography session! For those of you who prefer to read – here is an accompanying blog article: https://robinwong.blogspot.com/2020/0…


Olympus Europe anniversary deals (10% off on lenses)


Olympus Europe launched the 101 anniversary deals. You save 10% on lenses. Check out the offical page here.

Reminder: Just like in the USA also in Europe Olympus is offering a ton of deals ahead of their camera business sale. Today you get the rather excellent E-M10III with kit lens for 444 Euro only using the checkout code “brian444” at Olympus Deutschland.

You can find many more EU deals on those special deal pages: Olympus Germany, Olympus France, Olympus Italy, Olympus Spain, Olympus UK, Olympus Netherland.

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You can now preorder the new Capture One 21 with a 20% discount using this code!


You can now preorder the new Capture One 21 on this page (Click here) with a 20% discount. It’s a bit tricky to preorder it so here I explain how to do it for C20 owners:

  1. Login to Capture One
  2. Go to the upgrade page and enter your license number
  3. Upgrade to C21 and get the 20% discount using the checkout code “PREORDER2020

If you do own C12 or older version you first have to purchase C20 (with no discount code). And they will than get C21 update for free.

New features and release time:

Capture One has decided to not disclose any info about the new features (I know this is odd). So if you wonder why the heck you should pay for a new version without knowing what you get…I can only give you one reason: The 20% discount that you get now and you will NOT get the day of the official launch!

The release date has not been announced but as usual expect the release to be between mid November and mid December.