OM Digital and Panasonic share thoughts about the future. OM Digital says there will be “something” worth the wait


On today’s big MFT youtube event both Panasonic and OM Digital shared their thoughts about the future of the system. Here are some key info:

OM Digital:

  • We’ve tried designing an f/1.0 lens, but it’s hard to deal with the autofocus system.
  • We are developing a new kind of product family
  • There will be a product something worth the wait
  • PEN-F didn’t sell well…but a successor isn’t excluded yet
  • We will not go into the Full Frame market
  • We will not join the L-mount system


  • We are developing both MFT cameras and lenses
  • Lenses with 800+ range are being discussed internally

Fool’s day news :)


Above is the first Olympus FF camera made by David D. And there will be more fake news today :)

Just drop me a message if you find more fool’s jokes and I will add them on this post. Thanks!


a bit of everything…


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Topaz announced the new Sharpen AI v3.0 software


Topaz announced the new Sharpen AI software (Click here to see it and try it for free). Topaz writes:

With a new, faster AI Engine and model improvements for large blur, the latest version of Sharpen AI will impress more photographers than ever.

You get an additional 15% discount if you Sharpen AI using the code “SHARPEN15” at checkout.

P.S.: The Utility Bundle has been renamed the “Image Quality Bundle“. It includes Sharpen, Gigapixel, DeNoise, and JPEGtoRAW. The retail price is $359.96, but it’s on sale for $199.99. (More than $150 in savings)

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