Can you spot the camera SENSOR SIZE from the shot? Full frame vs M4/3

Biscuitsalive made this interesting test to see if you can spot the sensor size difference from these shots:

Here is a quick fun test, see if you can spot which of these cameras has a FULL FRAME sensor, and which has a tiny M4/3 sensor. (crop sensor)
What difference does the sensor size make?

Cameras featured are the Sony a7s
and the Panasonic GH4
Both fitted with a Canon EF 50mm lens at f1.8 throughout.
Both with the same WB, same distance, same f-stop, same ISO (200) only the shutter speed varies in order to achieve similar exposure.

Note – the gh4 is using a metabones XL speedbooter for EF mount.

Found via 4Kshooters