Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV, the best BUDGET mirrorless camera? – RED35 Review

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Red35 Photography:

A long awaited review. I am super excited about the arrival of the latest entry level OM-D camera from Olympus. I’ve always loved the Mark III and now let’s see if the latest brother can carry the torch for the next leg and become, once again, the king of mirrorless for beginners and casual shooters?

Basic Video Shooting Tips For Olympus OM-D Cameras

Robin Wong:

Though I repeatedly mentioned I am not a videographer or cinematographer, I have received numerous requests for me to do a basic video shooting tips using Olympus OM-D cameras. I did work for Olympus before and I know a few things about the camera, so I thought why not share what I can, and I am sure some of the information may be useful. I am still learning when it comes to video shooting part but I have also gained some precious experience doing videos here in YouTube, and surely it has been quite different since the first video I made in June 2019, a year ago.
Basic video shooting tips:
1:14 Use Dedicated Movie Mode on the Mode Dial
2:48 Fn Lever as Shortcut for Movie Mode
4:17 Olympus Flat Profile or OM-LOG400
8:27 Movie Image Stabilization Mode 1 vs Mode 2
11:18 120FPS Slow Motion FHD

Olympus Anti-Shock “0 Sec” – No More Shutter Shock?

Robin Wong:

As a follow up to the previous Olympus Silent Shutter Video, I am discussing specifically on Anti-Shock “0 Sec” setting in Olympus cameras, which is also known as electronic first curtain shutter. I explore the origins of Anti-Shock, the problems with shutter shock and how Olympus came up with an innovative yet effective solution to that issue. Why is Anti-Shock an important step for mirrorless camera development? I talk about that too. The Ming Thein article that I have referenced in video is here: https://blog.mingthein.com/2014/04/01…

How to Squeeze More Battery Life Out Of Olympus OM-D Cameras

Robin Wong:

I think we have all encountered a situation where the battery life is not going to last for the remaining time we need it to, so here I am sharing some tips on how you can squeeze a bit more life out of the battery from your Olympus OM-D cameras. I highly encourage that you get enough spares, especially if you are on travel, and we all know the mirrorless camera batteries don’t last very long.

An Underrated Olympus Lens – M.Zuiko 30mm F3.5 Macro

Robin Wong:

The Olympus M.Zuiko 30mm F3.5 Macro is an underrated lens that deserves more attention. This lens is a true macro lens that can go up to 2.5x equivalent magnification, the highest magnification of all Micro Four Thirds lenses, delivering incredibly sharp images with excellent contrast and color rendition. In this video I discuss the popularly asked question which macro lens to get – 60mm F2.8 or the 30mm F2.8 and I share my experience shooting with the 30mm macro lens with plenty of sample images, both taken at macro and non macro environment.
For those who prefer to read an article than watch a video, here is a link to my old but still every bit relevant review of the Olympus M.Zuiko 30mm F3.5 macro lens on my blog: https://robinwong.blogspot.com/2016/0…