Heipi Tripod review by SonyAlphaBlog: “excellent compact travel tripod”

2 days left to get the world’s lightest 3 in 1 tripod on Kickstarter (click here). SonyAlphaBlog tested the tripod and concluded:

The Heipi Tripod (319$ / 399$ retail) is an excellent compact travel tripod . Very good build quality , very good ergonomics, very stable , fully featured (spike, smartphone holder, , sub tripod…)
Compared to the Peakdesign , it takes the same approach but implements it in a different way, with a smarter 3 pillars centre column , better rigidity , better ballhead, a sub tripod , better ergonomics and a much lower price
Highly recommended

OM System OM-5 review by DigitalcameraWorld: “for our money this offers the OM-1’s coolest tricks in a much more pocketable body”

Preorders: Bhphoto, Amazon, Adorama, GetOlympus. Amazon EU, FotoKoch, FotoErhardt, WexUK.

DigitalcameraWorld tested the OM-5 and concluded:

The OM System OM-5 is a magnificent midrange camera that offers flagship features and all-purpose performance in a compact, affordable package. It has been criticized in some quarters for not offering the same sea change as the OM-1, but for our money this offers the OM-1’s coolest tricks in a much more pocketable body – making this your perfect daily driver when you want to go on an adventure (or you want to be prepared for one) with a camera that’s there if you need it, and doesn’t compromise on quality.

Robin Wong: 5 Times Micro 4/3 Products Were PUSHING BOUNDARIES

Robin Wong:

Micro Four Thirds was probably the most daring and innovative when it comes to pushing the imaging boundaries of camera making. Over the years Panasonic and Olympus have released unique products that challenged the norm of camera stereotypes. I am exploring some of these products in this video.