GH6 + Canon 600mm f/4 II lens

Alan Stankevitz wrote me:

Thought I’d pass this along for your 4/3 site. I do nature photography and videography using both the Sony and M4/3 systems. (Sony A1 + 200-600) / (GH6 + Panasonic 100-400 and the Canon 60mm f/4 II lens)

Although I much prefer the Sony system for stills, I have been enjoying the Panasonic GH6 for filming wildlife. With the 2X cropped sensor I find this as an advantage for getting close-in while filming in 4k. Add the Canon 600mm f/4 to the mix and now you’ve got an effective focal length of 1200mm. This comes in handy when there’s a need to get closer to your subject. Film in 5.6k and you can crop down to 4k without any resolution loss. It’s hard to beat!

Here’s a video that was taken with the GH6 and the Canon 600mm f/4. There is no autofocus but for this kind of shot, there was no need for it.

OM-1 review at ePhotozine: “suitably impressive way to say farewell to the Olympus name and to greet OM System”

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OM-1 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. GetOlympus.
OM-1 in EU at Calumet DE. Fotokoch DE. Wex UK. Olympus DE, Olympus UK, Olympus FR, Olympus IT, Olympus ES. Olympus NL. Olympus BE. Olympus AT. Olympus CH.


ePhotozine reviewed the OM-1 and concluded:

Beautifully made, the Olympus OM-1, the last OM System camera to bear that name, is compact, efficient and performs admirably; a suitably impressive way to say farewell to the Olympus name and to greet OM System. This is no retro design though, it is a significant step upwards in terms of technological achievement and performance and makes the MFT format able to seriously challenge the results from much larger formats. 20MP can deliver excellent results and the small format does mean that the system as a whole is compact, especially valuable when using lenses that in other formats would be much larger and heavier. This could well seriously tempt the travel, landscape, street, wildlife and sports photographers and all those who prefer to travel light, without significant compromise on quality.

Robin Wong: Why Olympus 12-50mm Is An Awesome Kit Lens

Robin Wong writes:

The Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 was released together with the first OM-D camera, the E-M5. It personally think it is quite a fantastic lens, with weather-sealing, dedicated macro function, L-Fn button and more. In this video I explore the 12-50mm lens and I think OM System should update this lens!