Place your bet: What’s the next Olympus camera going to be?


Olympus has registered a new camera model in Russia. We still don’t know with certainty what it might be. There are some unconfirmed rumors about a new PEN-F model but so far everything is still possible. Let us know what you want:

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a bit of everything…


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Peter Forsgård: Olympus Was Sold – [I Was WRONG!]


Peter Forsgård:

Olympus announced that it has sold its camera business to Japan Industrial Partner. In this video, I will explain what it means to photographers who use Olympus gear.

Peter still feels positive and believes that JIP has to develop new products to make profit. JIP also had bought the Vaio laptop brand from Sony and to be fair…they still keep making them today! So let’s hope my personal pessimism is misplaced.