Olympus PEN E-P7 review by DigitalCameraWorld


DigitalCameraWorld UK tested the new E-P7 and concluded:

We know that many people were hoping for a PEN-F Mark II, and may feel disappointed that this isn’t that camera. Here’s the truth, though: the Olympus PEN E-P7 combines the style and shooting modes of the PEN-F with the tiny form factor of the E-PL bodies and the fresh technology of the E-M10 Mark IV – and, in so doing, is a far more interesting proposition than a PEN-F Mark II would have been.

This camera finally catches the PEN line up with the power of the OM-D bodies – putting a stunning stills camera in your pocket, for one of the best travel and take-anywhere systems we’ve used. The E-M10 Mark IV is technologically similar and actually cheaper, plus you get the benefit of an electronic viewfinder. However, the E-P7 is a superior creative tool thanks to the mono and color modes offered by the Profile Control dial – and it’s a beautiful camera both to look at and use.

The OM Digital Solutions era is off to a great start.

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