(FT5) Olympus will not have a “new products stand” at this years Photokina. They will only have a “Perspective Playground”


Multiple sources told me that Olympus will NOT have a new products stand at this years Photokina. Instead they will have a presence in form of a “Perspective Playground“. This means there is a 99,9999% chance Olympus wont announce a new camera. No new E-M5III and no new PEN-F.
From what I heard Olympus will keep a low profile presence at this years Photokina to go Full Monthy in May 2019 (next Photokina event).

The only hope is that Olympus will still announce some lenses this year.


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Digital Downsizing – DSLR to Micro Four Thirds

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EV:Here’s a short video I made of the fascinating city of Jerusalem. Shot mostly while walking with the GX85, so a lot of dual IS examples there. https://youtu.be/FjYMol4TKOg

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James Clinich‎
Olympus E-M5 mk II; M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro; ISO 8000, f/2.8, 12mm, (7) 15 second shots + (1) dark frame stacked in Sequator with final edits in PhotoShop utilizing Topaz Plugins.

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