New Peakto 1.0.5 released: Photo cataloging on macOS


CYME launched the new Peakto 1.0.5 update (Click here to learn more about it).

Press text:

Montpellier, France. CYME announces the release of Peakto 1.0.5, an improved version of the first AI-powered universal photo organizer for the Mac that provides photographers with a complete view of all their photos, as well as a centralized and automated search using AI. This stronger version of Peakto is able to integrate, at the same time, bigger photo catalogs in a faster way and offers better performances for the two innovative features of Peakto. Panorama, which curates the best shots per category thanks to image recognition, is even more relevant and comes with better navigation. Instants, which retrace the story of photo editing, are also more efficient.


With the public release of Peakto we have been exposed to a variety of user scenarios and user configurations we had never seen before. And some photographers have ingested catalogs of more than 400,000 photos!” says Matthieu Kopp, CTO of CYME. “We have been able to identify areas where Peakto needed improved performance. So the whole team has been focused on enhancing photo synchronization and Peakto-specific features: Instants & Panorama. From the beginning, our goal has been to develop Peakto in close collaboration with our user community. We are pleased with v1.0.5, as we see performance improvements across the board, with some operations being up to 10x faster.


What has been improved in Peakto 1.0.5?

  • Ingestion of image folders is now up to 10x faster and usesCPU resources more efficiently.
  • Performance improvements across the board when ingesting new data (benchmarks available).
  • Performance improvements when using Panorama and navigating in the app.
  • Huge performance and efficiency improvements when computing Instants.
  • Performance lag in ingested folders fixed.
  • New option to re-ingest sources: Full or Smart.
  • Fixed issue of random missing images when ingesting compressed 14-bit images (Nikon RAW in particular) into C1 catalog.
  • Fixed a rotation bug that occurred intermittently when displaying portrait images.
  • Improved onboarding with better clarity to our privacy policy.
  • Improved end user license agreement (EULA) and legal sections of documentation.


Peakto in a nutshell

Peakto is able to synchronize with all major photo cataloging and editing software, with files stored in the cloud as well as on hard drives, to offer a centralized view and research on all photos. Its artificial intelligence is able to curate all the pictures, thanks to image recognition, no matter what hard drive they are stored on or editing software they are integrated in. Photographers no longer need to annotate or classify their photos. Peakto does it for them and expeditiously reveals the treasures hidden in their digital files.


Peakto syncs with files and folders, as well as Apple Photos, Lightroom Classic, Luminar AI/Neo and Capture One editing applications. Peakto is also compatible with formerly popular but now unsupported software like Aperture and iView Media, making it possible for the newest macOS versions to access older photo catalogs. Peakto can also automatically gather all the variations of a photo and its original file, whatever the editing software used. Peakto allows photographers to find their originals and to trace the history of their modifications.


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