Panasonic reports a +8% profit for the fiscal year 2019



Panasonic published their yearly financial report. There is no info at all about their camera business. Camera sales are hidden within the general (and very large) electronic appliances segment.

All we can learn is that as whole the company did well with +8 operating profit. But for the next fiscal year Panasonic expects a 1% reduction in revenue and 27% reduction in operating profit.



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Franco Novecento Buttiglieri
Sunset in Croatia
Lumix G80 + 12-60mm F2.8-4

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Watch this Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera modified to feature an articulating flip screen


Within the chinese forum user “Power_cheung”. Newsshooter writes:

The screen is mounted onto a custom dual-axis hinge which allows the screen to not only pivot up & down for selfie view but rotate out from the base position. Unfortunately, there is no option to invert the display so your image is upside down when using the screen in selfie mode.

Power_cheung states that the modification may be made public with only minor modifications required to install the screen. He also states that you could make further modifications by removing the original screen, creating space to mount an SSD drive, or support a larger battery.


a bit of everything…


Bokeh for 20-100$ with old M42 lenses (Helios, Zeiss, Asahi) – 4K samples

Today Gold Box deals at Amazon US, BHphoto, eBay,,,,,
Shooting Star Trail With Olympus Live Composite (Robin Wong).
Choosing a camera Part 1: should I worry about pixel size? (Dpreview).
Deity Pencil S1 Small Indoor Microphone With Changable Capsules (Personal View).
Cinema Lenses: What Are You Paying For? (Explora).

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Plenty of news on the facebook E-M1II group, Panasonic FF and the GH5 group.


New Panasonic ZS80 now in Stock at BHphoto


The new Panasonic ZS80 is in Stock at BHphoto.

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Olympus 2019 financial report released: Imaging segment with -19% revenue and 17,1 billion YEN loss….but forecast is still optimistic!


Olympus released the full 2019 fiscal year report. And while the company as a whole did well the Imaging Segment suffered some severe losses:

-19% revenue and 17,1 bilion YEN loss

But there is a big one time cost included in these losses which should bring some benefits in the next year: The production has been moved from China to Vietnam. That’s why the 2020 forecast is rather positive. For the fiscal year 2020 Olympus expects:

“Breakeven to be achieved in the latter half of FY2020 due to production transfer to Vietnam and the launch of new products”

See the Imaging forecast here:

And this is the forecast for the full company:

Indeed those are not good results, but the company seems to be confident they can do a lot better this year! Now bring on the new E-M5III and other new MFT cameras and lenses :)