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New Panasonic (MFT?) Camera announcement on June 5?


Our reader Jakub sent me a link to a ‘leaked’ information about a new camera. Now, if I shared this link publicly someone would get in trouble and probably get fired. So I’m keeping it under wraps for now, unless some other website publishes it and forces me to report it. In essence, this ‘leak’ tells us this:

  • On 5 June Panasonic will announce a new camera.
  • This camera will NOT be Full Frame

I see three options:

  • It will be a new MFT camera
  • A compact fixed-lens camera (possibly the successor to the LX100).
  • It is an APS-C L-mount (I think this is very unlikely).

We know that Panasonic has registered three new Lumix cameras in China. One is for the new Lumix S9. The other two cameras have yet to be announced. it sounds pretty unusual for Panasonic to unveil a new camera two weeks only after the major S9 announcement. But the “leak” seems pretty accurate to me. I still don’t know what to expect, all I got is info from a new source saying this is a new MFT camera…but this is not a confirmed info yet.

Please drop me a message at or use this contact box if you have some more info to share! Stay tuned folks!


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