New FourThirds and MicroFourThirds flash from Nissin!

limited edition of white colored flash

A. sent us a very interesting news:

Got this post from This post said that Nissin, in its tenth anniversary general meeting, announced to release a series of digital flash products to support 4/3 and m4/3. The photo shown in the link is a limited edition of white colored flash. Supposing to match with the white E-P1 and GF-1

The model in the photo is a model Di466, it will support wireless, TTL, non-TTL, manual and also a mode called My TTL, which seems to allow users to select the exposure value for the TTL (I guess on the flash body itself??)

Do you think Leica took the wrong decision not joining MicroFourThirds?

This week Luminous Landscapes was one full of discussions. In short: LL asked Leica to abandon the rangefinder “mentality” and to choose the path of the new “mirrorless and interchangeable compact cameras”. The Leica M9 is selling well in (it is under the most sold top20 cameras) . But is that going to save Leica in the long run?
And more important:

Would you love to see such a camera from Olympus and/or Panasonic?

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A “skin” experience…

One of our 43rumors reader sent us this:

Just wanted to share my experience with the JnK skin for the E-P1/2 that you posted a few months ago. I ordered one in the textured red from his ebay store () and got it yesterday. Before I ordered it I was a little on the fence about how thick the leather is, but when I put it on, I was 100% impressed with it and with his craftsmanship! The skin fits perfect! and he’s presentation and packaging is very impressive! This was a great experience and well worth the money. Here is a link to my camera with the skin. ( Please feel free to share this if you have a slow news day :)

Your E-P2 looks really good! ;)

Top 5 sold lenses in Amazon US

For the first time on 43rumors we have taken a deep look on Amazon most sold lenses. The Top 5 lenses are all Canon/Nikon lenses. Interesting, fast “cheap” primes are on top. And it is not a surprise that the most sold Panasonic/Olympus lens is the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7. Message to our Olympus and Panasonic product manager..we want more prime lenses!

And here the TOP 5 Lens chart:

Luminous Landscape wants Leica to abandone the rangefinder philosophy.

We from 43rumors do believe that Leica were really close to join the M4/3 system. But at a certain point they choose to not join the MFT world. Now Luminous Landscapes suggest them to abandone the rangefinder tecnology in favour of the new “mirrorless” camera systems.

That’s what Luminous Landscapes says:
I am arguing that the current M9, and any other camera built further on the viewfinder / rangefinder paradigm, has become an evolutionary dead-end. It serves to support the superb range of current and previous Leica M lenses, but it does so with a design brief that is now at least several decades out of date.

So, now the controversial part. Viewing. Since this camera will use M series lenses it can not be a DSLR. Some pundits are arguing that this design’s days are numbered in any event. That means either a live view LCD screen and / or an electronic viewfinder, and Live View pretty much means a change to CMOS from CCD.
Read the whole article here:

UPDATED -> The future of the “Mirrorless market” (or “Samsung went crazy”?)

Samsung Electronics said yesterday it aims to capture 50 percent (!!!) of the global market for mirrorless digital cameras with interchangeable lenses this year.

My opinion? Beeing optimistic is one thing but that sounds more they went crazy!

They also said that the “mirrorless” market would expand to 9 million units in 2015 — equivalent to that of DSLR cameras.

The Samsung NX-10 disappointed me. It is not as compact as a GF1-or E-p1/2 and it has neither the video quality nor the features of the Panasonic GH1. It is something in between…and that is not going to appeal most of us.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the source: The Korean Herald (english!)