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New record in Japan. Nine Olympus/Panasonic m43 cameras under the weekly top 20!


That sets a new record in Japan. According to BCNranking nine of the last week twenty most sold system cameras are from Olympus/Panasonic! As you can see from the image on top even the “japanese” E-PL1s does well! There are also two NEX cameras in the top twenty, that means that for the very first time Mirrorless cameras are the majority inside the japanese top 20! Now we know Nikon has their mirrorless system ready for the official presentation. Still now word about Canon…


P.S.: In Europe and US you cannot have such detailed reports. You can get a very vague idea about the popularity of a camera by checking the Amazon rankings:
– System camera rankings (DSLR+mirrorless) at Amazon US (Click here). Amazon has also a dedicated Micro Four Thirds ranking (Click here) where you can check which m43 camera is the most popular.
– All digital camera rankings Amazon Germany (Click here). Mirrorless camera ranking at Amazon Germany (Click here)
– All digital camera rankings at Amazon UK (Click here). Mirrorless camera ranking at Amazon UK (Click here)
– All digital camera rankings at Amazon France (Click here). Mirrorless camera ranking at Amazon France (Click here)

  • Miroslav

    Japanese results are impressive, but in the rest of the world Canon and Nikon ILCs rule, even HD SpyCam sells better than any m4/3 in Germany :(. Maybe Olympus needs to rethink its PEN strategy :) ?

    • Japan is known as a trend setter country in camera gear: today’s result may very well be tomorrow’s result elsewhere.

      And altho still marginal, I am seeing more mirrorless then ever among tourists.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Trend or not but human physiology hasn’t changed a bit and when it comes to actual hand fitting ergonomy and controls m4/3 still continues being failure.
        The night before last I spent fair hour following noctilucent clouds and while overhyped GH2 is uncomfortable to use already during daytime being unable to see those too small and too tightly to bad positions crammed buttons makes it still lot harder. Besides badly or well placed those buttons are too small to use with cold fingers.

        • Nick

          Then why did you buy it?

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Because of absolutely miserable state of mirrorless body range soon almost three years from the announcement of m4/3.

      • Dear Jules!
        I spent my holidays as a tourist with the Olympus E-PL2, EVF-2 and the M.Zuiko lenses 9-18mm, 14-42mm and 40-150mm – the perfect travel companion package! I will never go back to a DSLR!
        Nobody can stop mirror-less now – they reached the point of no return (the critical market share). In my opinion DSLR markets will collapse and come down 2012 and will have lost the new business majority in 2013 worldwide.

  • Rutrem

    the wind is changing… :)
    maybe we should start speculating about Canons future :p

    • There was a big player in the European imaging industry.
      … „Agfa-Gevaert AG“

    • tokyojerry

      Canon has already ‘confessed’ to be releasing a mirrorless system in a near future model. I believe Nikon will also follow the trend as well.

  • Anonymous

    Japan products are getting better day by day but lets wait for samsungs mirrorless cam

  • ha

    So with 10 different colours you wont show up. Instead only use few famous ones? Summary over all kit and colour options would give more details.

  • Agent00soul

    And the new Pen Mini and Lite haven’t started selling yet… The coming months will be interesting.

  • Bu

    Times are changing. All we need are for the line up of lenses to be a tad more affordable and MFT will take 15 of the top 20 spots ;)

    • twoomy

      Talking lenses, we need one or two more kit zoom/basic zoom options to attract the masses. Oly’s and Pany’s 14-42 aren’t very inspiring and Pany’s 14-140 is too big, heavy, and expensive for most.

      A lighter 14-(80 or 100) type walk-around zoom would do them well as would the rumored 12-50/60 bright zoom for higher-end users.

      • Per

        haha.. That’s funny! “we need one or two more kit zoom/basic zoom” I hope you are kidding! Do you know how many micro 4/3 kit-zooms Olympus now have? :)

  • bbernhardt

    Admin, what’s the news on Olympus and Panasonic announcements in august? We must be close to some info.

  • Adam

    … And this is exactly the problem: NINE?! There shouldn’t even be that many cameras to take up spots! I love the m43 stuff as much as the next guy, but there are simply too many choices right now. Both Olympus and Panasonic need to cool down a bit and realize that just because they can each make a half-dozen models doesn’t mean they should!

  • MichaelKJ

    Good news. However, it is difficult to make conclusions from the rankings because no information is provided about market share for each camera. I would be more impressed if there were a couple of mFT camera systems in the top 5.

    • Exsample:
      Nikon D3100 1x color, E-P3 3x color,E-Pl3 4x color,E-PM1 6x color.
      I think it is great to reach top 10

  • carpandean

    If Japan is having the same stocking issues with GH2’s and G3’s as the US is having, then I would say that Panny could easily have had two more up there if not for that issue.

    Differentiating by color is a bit odd. Who, other than Pentax, makes different color DSLRs? I like that Oly/Panny give the options of colors, but they should still count as one model in rankings like this.

  • BTW These rankings do not look too reliable. The E-PL1 is second in the m43 ranking, but doesn’t exist in the DSLR ranking. The black GF2 (with 14mm number 1 and with 14-42mm nr 3) are in both lists. Regretfully, the white GF2 has its own place at Amazon too…

    Your statistic seems to be last weeks, if I interpret the link correctly?

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