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Nanoha lens preorders! SLRmagic Poll.


Yasuhara didn’t manage to find any supplier in in oversea countries. And that’s why they decided to deliver the Nanoha lens directly to the users. You can preorder the lens directly at The current price is 479.50 USD. The shipping cost is not included in it. This price may be revised. Reminder: he Nanonha is a macro lens for m43 with 5x magnification. On Nonoha’s website you can find a description written in English: “The magnification is much more than ordinary macro lens. The magnification is up to x5. It means 1 pixel on the picture is about 1 micrometer on the shooting target. With NANOHA, you can find small wonders easily without using microscopes. And we added some patented features for your good shooting.” Yasuhara made some really nice lenses in the past like the [shoplink 22469 ebay]MC 50mm/f2.8 (Click here to see that lens on eBay)[/shoplink]. The company went bankrupt or something around 2004 I think, and this is new starting project.

In the meanwhile we heard that the SLRmagic 50mm f/0.95 fullframe and high quality lens is under development and that there are three focusing options. I am now curious to hear what kind of focusing mode you would chose:

What kind of focus ring do you like?

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Explanation: Scalloped focus ring is the one used by the Nokton f/0.95 ([shoplink 15659 ebay]Click here to see it on ebay[/shoplink]). Focs Tab is what for example the Leica Summicron uses ([shoplink 24402 ebay]Click here to see it on ebay[/shoplink]). Regular barrel is what Zeiss lenses use ([shoplink 24401 ebay]Click here to see it on ebay[/shoplink]).


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