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UPDATED: VF-3 price in Europe 199 Euro and not 150 Euro! (a note about the missing built-in flash)


It looks like some website yesterday reported the wrong european price of the VF-3 (Dpreview said the street price was 150 Euro). According to (CLick here) the real price of the VF-3 is 199 Euro (not 150 Euro). By the way they made an analysis of the VF-3 compared it to the VF-2 and to OVF such as E-450, D3100 or 1100D in order to give an idea of what you get. The price is now official on Olympus Germany website too! UPDATE: It looks like even Olympus America itself doesn’t know the real price of the viewfinder. The Olympus Facebook page says the VF-3 price is $149 instead of the official $179! (Thanks for finding this).

Concerning the E-PL3, the price of the 14-42 kit is 649 Euro… same as NEX-C3 with its 18-55. You can see a comparison between both again at (Click here)… The E-PL3 has many features not present in the NEX. (Click here to read the google english translation).

UPDATE: a note about the wrong built-in flash rumor. The info came from external websites and I trusted them to much also because the leaked picture really gave us to believe that this might be true. Will be more careful next time with rumors coming not form my trusted sources! Thanks for your understanding!


And here is a list to some of the article I found on the web and I didn’t post yesterday:
Olympus PEN E-PL3 gets a price tag, release date (Engadget).
Olympus PL3 pricing, availability, and new viewfinder announced (Imaging Resource).
Olympus America brings a new 36x Camera with the SP-810UZ (Akihabaranews).
Olympus PEN Lite price announcement (Letsgodigital).
Olympus PEN family gets new electronic viewfinder (Dpnow).
Olympus SZ-11 & VG-145 (Photographyblog).
Olympus VF-3 Electronic Viewfinder (Photographybay).
Olympus reveals specs, pricing for PEN E-PL3 (Cnet).
VF-3: Elektronischer Sucher für Olympus Pen und XZ-1 (Photoscala).

  • GreyOwl

    Thanks for clearing up the built-in flash rumor admin, as I always wondered how that could be achieved in such a small sized viewfinder.

  • peter

    Wow, the VF-3 is as good as my E-410, this is good enough for me! I like the E-p3 more and more and more…

    • Mike

      I don’t always recognize irony when I read it. So – sorry in advance. But If you mean it serious: The E-410 viewfinder is one of the darkest and smallest ever made in a DSLR. If the new VF-3 is really comparable it shouldn’t cost as much as a whole E-4×0 Body…

      • peter

        Yeah, this is maybe right, but it it yust an assesory VF, i have to live only with the small one in the e-410. and every time in see the pictures made with the 14-54 and compare it to the nikon d80 from my friend, i am happy to have same quality – but half the weight in my backpack. now he has a d700, better quality, but he still looks for a idiot to carry it all!

      • peter

        The Olympus Price for the E-410 was abuot 650,-€!!!

    • Kralin

      can you really use the e410 viewfinder? I cannot manually focus on my supermicro E420 vf.
      once I saw the G2 EVF I was sold. no turning back

      • peter

        of course i can use it, i can use it very wel!!! and if you use it manual, you have a light to help you if you cant see enough. i took pictures with nikon for twenty years and the F801 was the best i ever had, the F80 was smaller but bright. and now i can see the pictures just a few seconds after shoot, and because the kamera is very good i enjoy the pictures. of couse, the nikon af is much better then others (forget EOS 5D MKII) but i dont take sport pictures.

    • According to the french site the image area in the VF-3 is 212 square millimeters, similar to the D3100 (and E-30).

  • Mice

    Any news on Panasonic’s own EVF?

  • Maley

    I really doubt this news. That would mean it costs more € than $, thats hard to believe, seeing how every other product from Olympus costs less € than $.
    Also it would make the VF-3 to close to the VF-2. 500k dots less for 30€ less ?
    That would leave it with a worse price performance ratio than the VF-2.

    • Oliver

      The dpreview price is called “street price”, the price of Oly Germany is the official recommended price. That´s a big difference.

      I think we´ll see a “real price” of about 150 Euros in the online shops.

      • Maley

        Then its still only a difference of about 30€ cause u can buy the VF-2 for around 185€. I cant see it sell well for 150€ at all.

    • Duarte Bruno

      The magnification alone plays a major role for me. So specc wise the VF2 trounces the VF3, even if the price is 150€… :P

  • drawingyourattention

    so, the vf-3 has got the same price as the vf-2..

  • Mick

    The prices on accessories in Europe are mostly ludicrous. I recently bought a new DMW-LVF1 in NYC for less than half the European price.

    • eM

      The problem is the import tax. In my country I’m being charged around 30% plus for anything I ordered outside EU :(

  • Kralin

    OK now it is official, olympus managment has officially lost their mind.
    What is this VF3 good for??? for 20 euro more I can get the VF2, with much bigger screen, and higher resolution!
    crazy people…

  • Agent00soul

    The VF2 costs 1990 SEK (215 euro)at my favourite supplier, so 199 euro for the VF3 doesn’t sound likely at all.

    • Henrik

      Cyberphoto måntro? ;D

      • Agent00soul


  • endika

    199 € for the VF-3 !!! It is rather expensive !!!
    With the VF-2 available for 186 € (see link), they will not sell the VF-3 as hot bread!

    • But you would agree, that it suddenly made the VF-2’s price to appear much more palatable.

  • The Eye

    Based on the specs I’m not interested in the VF-3. I also don’t like the rectangular eyecup. The VF-2 really needs to be updated with the hot shoe locking pin feature of the VF-3.

    • > I also don’t like the rectangular eyecup.


      Now I understand what and why bothers me when using VFs of regular DSLRs.

  • Thomas S

    Let’s hope that they will not discontinue the VF-2!

  • Mr. Reeee

    That price seems steep compared to the VF-2. What is Olympus thinking?

    It’s a shame that Olympus and Panasonic didn’t agree on a shared universal accessory port standard instead of 2 incompatible ones. Cross pollination would have made the M4/3 platform much stronger and cut down on needless product duplication, especially given the uphill battle M4/3 has against larger, entrenched brands like Nikon, Canon and Sony.

    I wonder when Panasonic will release a usable, hi-res external EVF to replace the thing they sell now?

    • Maley

      The GF line doesn’t even have a hotshoe anymore and the GF-PRO will most likely have a integrated EVF, so i guess they wont releas any EVF anymore.

  • bilgy_no1

    Yesterday, prices were announced in the Netherlands: €199 for the EVF is the same as mentioned here.

    But the RRP for the E-PL3 kit will be €599 (instead of €649 mentioned here).

    The US announcement seems to imply that the price will be that same for the 14-42mm kit and the 17mm kit. In the Dutch announcement there’s no mention of a 17mm kit.

  • rrr_hhh

    I have allways been doubtfull about this news that the vf3 would come with an integrated flash : i don’t know how it would have been possible to design the vf3 smaller than the vf2 while adding that flash.

    Concerning its price, it could well cost as much as the vf2, end of dreams…
    I hope that Olympus will offer it in kit with the E-P3 and E-Pl3 and that they won’t cost more than similar E-P2 kits when they were launched.

    • tmrgrs

      I was also certain that the all-in-one EVF/flash was wrong. Admin shouldn’t feel too bad though since so many others here bought in to it along with some other sites. This is a great site for getting information on new developments and a few mistakes are inevitable.

  • The way electronic products are priced in the EU compared to the US is one big ripoff.

    I’m fedup with this and have decided not buying any overpriced products anymore. I fly to the US twice a year for business, so that represents my purchase window.

    I recently visited San Francisco and dropped by at Discount Camera in downtown. Guess what the Zuiko 50mm costs at German online retailers. I can tell you that the US $ price is already much lower than the € price. The cheapest price online in Germany is currently 585€ without handling and shipping. At Discount Camera the lens costs 400€ after currency conversion. Olympus has worldwide warranty.

    The price of the VF-3 is ridiculous. The VF-2 costs 220€ on the street in Germany.

  • Oliver

    I agree with you. Apple has been critisized very often for the high prices in Germany compared to the US prices. But even Apple switched to a more moderate price policy – representing the real relationship between Dollars and the Euro price including tax.

    Looking at the prices of Olympus America the VF-3 should be priced at 150 to 160 Euro, the E-PL3 kit should be priced at 600 Euro and the E-P3 kit should be about 750 to 800 Euro.

    I planned to buy the E-PL3, the VF-2 or VF-3, the WCON P01 and the 45/1,8 as soon as available – but with that pricing I definitely will stop my investments in MFT for this year in general!

  • Designwallah

    Don’t forget that in North America, taxes are not included in the price. In Ontario we have to add 15% to the list price.

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