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Back from vacation. New rumorstories coming (with two possible surprises).


Just a short note for my readers. It’s my last day in France now and I had a very good vacation here. I had only good experiences and met many nice french people! I have to admit that 43rumors kept me more busy than I thought it would be. For the next time I will try to find a 100% substitute for the time I am away. As I told you months ago I will now travel a lot for work and I will need someone helping from time to time. Next week I will be on mountain trip on the Dolomites (I love to climb). And Next Month I will have a huge work to do first in Belgium than in NYC. Anyway, don’t want to bore you with my personal stories, I only wanted to let you know that I am very limited in time so please excuse me when I forget to answer your emails or when I am a bit late in posting a news.

Coming back to rumors. All I can tell you know is that both Olympus and Panasonic will have announcements in late August/September. And I heard from a possible surprise from Olympus and an almost certain huge surprise from Panasonic. I still have only few tidbits about that but as usual you should now that I am trying to post that stuff as soon as I can. The GF7 is coming (and that is not a secret anymore) and also new lenses. I got the feeling that the upcoming Sony NEX announcement (on August 24) put some pressure on Panasonic as I heard they will announce some products earlier than expected.

A very personal message: Some french friends that I met in these weeks are now reading this website. That’s a message for them: “Merci pour la journée magnifique”!!!

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