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Back from vacation. New rumorstories coming (with two possible surprises).


Just a short note for my readers. It’s my last day in France now and I had a very good vacation here. I had only good experiences and met many nice french people! I have to admit that 43rumors kept me more busy than I thought it would be. For the next time I will try to find a 100% substitute for the time I am away. As I told you months ago I will now travel a lot for work and I will need someone helping from time to time. Next week I will be on mountain trip on the Dolomites (I love to climb). And Next Month I will have a huge work to do first in Belgium than in NYC. Anyway, don’t want to bore you with my personal stories, I only wanted to let you know that I am very limited in time so please excuse me when I forget to answer your emails or when I am a bit late in posting a news.

Coming back to rumors. All I can tell you know is that both Olympus and Panasonic will have announcements in late August/September. And I heard from a possible surprise from Olympus and an almost certain huge surprise from Panasonic. I still have only few tidbits about that but as usual you should now that I am trying to post that stuff as soon as I can. The GF7 is coming (and that is not a secret anymore) and also new lenses. I got the feeling that the upcoming Sony NEX announcement (on August 24) put some pressure on Panasonic as I heard they will announce some products earlier than expected.

A very personal message: Some french friends that I met in these weeks are now reading this website. That’s a message for them: “Merci pour la journée magnifique”!!!

  • Mice

    Any news of a new DMW-LVF1 from Panasonic?

  • Boooo!

    Woohoo, it’s the E-50 and the E-5 MkII!

  • Tom

    Thank you for your hard work, really above and beyond, especially given your vacation plans!

  • Brod1er

    Good stuff Admin. Can’t wait to hear the news- please give us a clue before you head for the Dolomites and via ferrata.

  • Bimbo

    Thanks admin for all your work. I don’t mean to pry, but what is your day job?

  • “As I told you months ago I will now travel a lot for work and I will need someone helping from time to time. Next week I will be on mountain trip on the Dolomites (I love to climb). And Next Month I will have a huge work to do first in Belgium than in NYC. Anyway, don’t want to bore you with my personal stories,”

    You are not boring us, you are merely teasing and inspiring us by traveling and living like that! lol

  • Das schreib sich : “Merci pour la journée magnifique” ;-)

    • admin

      Merci Jules!

  • JK

    Correctement, c’est “Das schreibt sich” ;) :D

  • napalm

    the only Olympus surpise will be a NEW 4/3 body or lens. I’m hoping here!

  • napalm

    the huge Panasonic surpise is either they’d have stocks on time OR that they wont release another successor after 6mos :D

  • bilgy_no1

    I love the Dolomites!!! It’s been way too long since I was there…

    Admin, you’re doing a great job. Even though you were on holiday you managed to keep things going and find some great news. Well done for building and running m43 rumors the way you do. I often use it as an example of a good and lively blog. Great blog and always a fun read!

    • admin

      Oh damn, don’t exagerate. I am feeling so sorry for you to read my terrible english. And I also wish I could have more time to write more quality news. Would love for example to show great work done with m43 cameras!

      • GreyOwl

        admin, you are far to modest about your command of the English language. Your written English is much better than some native speakers and that includes both grammer and spelling. With regard to typos: if mistakes are not made, then nothing is made. ;-)

      • mpgxsvcd


        You are doing a great job. Keep it up. Hopefully you will post some videos and pictures from your climbing trip. I love climbing as well.

      • Your work is great, and this is by far one of the most entertaining photo web sites out there. Keep up the great work.

        Saludos desde Uruguay!

        • Disarm23

          YES..!!! AGREED..!!! Thumbs up~
          Keep me entertained during my spare time….!!

          Terima Kasih from
          East Malaysia, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu~
          “Land Below the Wind”

  • Brod1er

    Panasonic medium format, credit card sized camera. Available from Autumn 2011*.

    * US deliveries 2018**

    ** ……..Maybe***

    *** if you are lucky****

    **** ………NOT!

  • caspa0202

    Please let it be a Panasonic Pro Cam with batterygrip and the announcement of developing much more high qualitylenses like a Panaleica 50/1,2, Pana 100-400 with OIS and more AF-controlbuttons like at the Sony 70-400 G SSM.

    Or maybe an Olympus 12 MP Procam with high ISO-quality like in the D3 (the D3 was appeared in 2007, so i think this imagequality is also possible for 43 sensors now)

  • Tom

    Not to be too pessimistic, but the specs just released on the NEX7 sort of knock out the PEN or GF PROs out of the water. (of course assuming that the implementation is competent… it’s all about IQ and real world performance of the touted features, but assuming that each camera delivers where it says it’s going to…) In a nutshell, the NEX7 offers presumably better IQ. The PEN and GF offer smaller form factor. Not to discount form factor and size completely, but when it comes to “PRO” market space, it is IQ and performance that wins out over size most of the time for most buyers. There are a lot of things that either the PEN or GF PRO could leave out, making the NEX7 the obvious choice. The only thing I can possibly think of that the NEX7 didn’t hit is weather sealing. If the PEN/GF offer weather sealing or at least weather resistance (without using new lens lineup) that could be a legitimate advantage. The other thing that remains to be seen is if the NEX7 offers HDMI or SDI output for studio monitors, but I would be surprised if it didn’t offer at least mini HDMI.

    • napalm

      this “PRO” thing I think is blown out of proportion. The NEX, m4/3 and other ILC systems are far from what we’d call a PROs choice.

      It is more appropriate to call these coming bodies as advanced bodies. So even if we take your point that Pros will choose IQ over size, the lack of quality lenses in the NEX negates this comment. If we step down a notch for advanced users or hobbyists, then size may become a factor and will be as important as IQ and choice of quality lenses.

      Sorry but I dont think NEX-7 is the m4/3 killer yet.

      • Mr. Reeee

        The NEX-7 may not be a M4/3 killer, but it sure looks like a big, mean dog snarling and snapping at Panasonic and Olympus’ heels.
        They ought to be very afraid!

        Hopefully the competition will wake them up a bit. From what little I’ve seen of it, the NEX-7 looks extremely compelling!

        • twoomy

          Agreed; the NEX-7 looks very cool, BUT… the NEX lense selection looks dismal at this point. When they come out with more primes and a high-quality wide-angle zoom, I might pay attention to them.

          • If you could do with a high quality 35mm equivalent lens, then the NEX 7 and zeiss 24mm look (on paper at least) like a compelling combo, there’s no doubt about that. We’ll see how it performs in “the real world”. And we yet have to see the price tag…looks like its going to be hefty.

      • Agree 100%

    • Agent00soul

      Well, I’m not so sure. The pros won’t sell their high end Canon and Nikon DSLRs just because of the NEX-7. So if they’re going to buy a mirrorless camera it’s because they want to complement what they’ve already got. So what could they want? A small system that they can use when the heavy gear is not needed, of course. But if they think they will need iso 6400, I’m sure they will bring their main cameras and not rely om the small system.

    • bilgy_no1

      ‘specs released on the NEX-7’

      To be fair, there’s only rumours yet about the NEX-7. The 24MP APS-C sensor with IQ that equals or betters FF sensors is one of those rumours. If true, it would be great. But the reality is that most sensor improvements are more incremental than revolutionary, at least until there’s a new disruptive technology (which in the beginning is often no better than the ‘old’ technology). Foveon X3 sensor in the Sigma 1D springs to mind.

      Same with the 3MP EVF in the top left corner. That would be great, but it sure looks very small (i.e. it doesn’t seem to add any bulk like the G3 EVF). So, unless there is some special optical trickery in there, it may have 3MP, but with very small magnification, optical distortions, or some other downsides to it.

      Anyway, I’m curious what will come in August/September. Seems like it will be a fun time to follow 43rumors…

  • Miroslav

    “I got the feeling that the upcoming Sony NEX announcement (on August 24) put some pressure on Panasonic”

    Well, there’s little wrong in NEX-7 shape and specs. Panasonic better have something major coming up. Although, they only have to repack G3 a bit: put EVF on the side, pop up flash in the middle, squeeze both into the body and they’ve got GF7. Specs wise is a bit harder to beat the NEX, but larger choice of (smaller) lenses makes up for it to some extent.

    • napalm

      the achilles heel of APS-C mirrorless cams will be the lenses. you cant make smaller lenses when the physical limits are met.

      bodies, however, are more limited by technological advancements. so one day, one might manufacture a smaller sensor that will perform as good as APS-C ones. heck, I’ll buy the Pentax/Nikon Q mount if that day will come

      • > the achilles heel of APS-C mirrorless cams will be the lenses.

        Sony appears to believe they can fix this with an expensive converter. I remain skeptical about that, because:

        > you cant make smaller lenses when the physical limits are met.

        Sort of. Samsung has shown that APS lenses don’t have to be huge and can collapse. Sony, on the other hand, seems a little strange in their lens decisions versus cameras. As far as I can tell, we’ll have exactly one lens that resolves at the level you want with a 24mp sensor, so a lot of people will be running a NEX-7 with either Leica M mount lenses or the Sony adapter and the good Minolta/Alpha lenses.

        There’s a good reason why a D3 or 1D is the size it is: as you try to record higher and higher levels of quality, mass and handling that mass becomes a “friend.” So squeezing bodies down in size isn’t always beneficial. You can see this if you try to handhold and frame any of the m4/3 cameras with the Panny 100-300mm at 300mm. You can’t do it at arms length with any reliability.

        • tmrgrs

          Quote: “You can see this if you try to handhold and frame any of the m4/3 cameras with the Panny 100-300mm at 300mm. You can’t do it at arms length with any reliability”

          I’ve seen this problem while hand holding my FD 300/5.6 on distant subjects with my E-P2 and with the IBIS engaged still couldn’t get the shot. It’s the main reason I haven’t been tempted by the 75-300 or 100-300 since it’s problematic whether I’d get the benefit of shooting from far away.

    • “I got the feeling that the upcoming Sony NEX announcement (on August 24) put some pressure on Panasonic”

      If that were true, it would be a further indictment of Panasonic’s management. Let me put things in perspective for you: I ordered a G3 directly from Panasonic on the first day it was available, in May. It is now three months later. From Panasonic customer service this week: “We do apologize for any inconvenience, however there is no estimated shipping date for this item.”

      Rushing to announce another product when you can’t ship your current one is absurd and 100% counterproductive. Best case is that you risk losing sales of the previous product you announced but haven’t yet delivered. Rushing to announce something new in response to a competitor is a massive show of lack of confidence in your existing products. Rushing to announce something you can’t ship just gives your competitors a chance to shoot holes in the side of your ship because you went broadside for the fight but forgot to load your guns.

      Given what’s been happening the last year or so, I wouldn’t bet on Panasonic for the win. Just the opposite, I’d short them. They’ve effectively mismanaged one-third of their potential sales (US market), they continue to be far ahead with their proclamations to what they actually deliver (worldwide), and at least through the GH2/GF3 I’ve yet to see them push anything meaningful other than video capability in their sensors.

  • Mike

    New FourThirds Cameras with SLT Technology!!!

    • it’s gonna be better than that, it will be “****”, “***” and “**-**” :D

  • So we have another nice period ahead of us with rumours paired with wishful thinking – Great!
    The NEX 7 performance figures look stunning. Surely Sony must have plans to equal that in the lens department. That will be at a cost: Heavy photo bag and light wallet.
    A Panasonic GF7 must, to meet NEX 7, have a new developed sensor with 18-20 mpix and increased DR as well as clean images at 3200asa. Also the EVF needs to make a giant leap compared to G3: I really like my G3 but the EVF only just does it. I cannot understand the positives from some reviewers.
    (Thom: Buy your Panasonic stuff from Germany they seem to have priority at Panasonic.)

  • N!co

    Admin, I hope you enjoyed our country as I enjoy your work on 43rumors every day :)
    Merci and take care

  • ArKersaint

    @ Thom Hogan : with all due respect for your quite sensible analysis, I do wonder whether you could be Possibly blacklisted on Panny deliveries ? GH2 first, then G3… How unlucky !

  • joe

    does Admin have a site where he puts his photos up?

    • admin

      I have it NOT. I have a personal website for my professional work. But that remains secret for 43rumors readers :)

  • Ant

    About the site, anyone feel the site is getting heavier ? Probably the camera database scroller script above

    PS: on IE, for those expecting ;)

  • Low Budget Dave


    Keep up the good work. You are filling in some details where no one else is. Your English is good enough to understand, which is more than I can say for some of our politicians.

    MFT cameras are getting better each year, but so are APSCs. People who want the best picture quality they can get for each dollar are still buying Canon andNikon. Sony is going to have to do a little better. The NEX-7 might be competitive with the Fuji x100, or it might not be.

    As soon as you find out, let us know.

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