call for rumors

Hi all!

We say thanks to all the people who sent us rumors in the last few weeks. We now invite everybody who knows “something” to share the informations. We can keep them anonymus. It really helps us to compare with other rumors and get a more exactly pattern of what’s coming next inside the Olympus and Panasonic world.


anti finance crisis action


We all made our long discussions with friends, talking about new digital cameras, sensor size, resolution and all the abitually staff. But you kow, good photography doesn’t really depend from the camera! Seriousely, you believe a camera is going to make from you a better photographer?

If you really love photography you don’t need to spend a lot of money! Don’t wait for the expensive micro four thirds cameras. Spend more or less 5$ for a used Olympus trip and you can take wonderful shot.

Ken Rockwell show us how the pictures taken from this camera can compete with the Canon 5d fullframe digital camera!

to our visitors…

In the last days we received a few emails from people sharing news and rumors. We write this post thank them. We will keep them anonymous of course! We encourage them to share more infos and keep in contact with us. If they don’t like something from our homepage or for other suggestions feel free to contact us anytime.

To Olympus. We are not going to post any rumor or news which can damage their image or business. We encourage them to talk to us if they have any wishes.

To the Japanese visitors. I’m glad to know you like our website, and if someone wants to become a 43rumors poster please contact me.

The same invitation is valid for our many Chinese friends!

We are an open team. So you can join us!

small news from the web


If you have some time to spend in the world wide web we give you a list of news to read.

Everybody already wrote about it, the Olympus E-30 Firmware 1.1 is out! More infos on the official Olympus website
We found a nice Olympus SP-590UZ Review made by Photography blog. They really like the camera!

And what captured my attention on the same website is they have a Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR Review! Read it if you have time because this camera uses a new designed sensor.

For guys who speaks spanish there is an interesting Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7, Canon PowerShot SX200 IS and Samsung WB500 comparison on

Finally we found the first Olympus E-620 review. You can found it here.

Have a nice day!

advertising cut

As you have noticed the last two week we changed the advertising banners many times. We tried to understand wich banner would work better and serve you with the best and more accurate content. Last night our webmaster tried to apply a “single meet single” banner. We quickly told him to remove the banner as the content has nothing to do with our website. Believe us, we had more click on this banner as on the “normal” banner ;)
Normally google permits a use of 6 banners per page. We now cutted the banners number to three. We believe that is a good compromise. If you find the content made by advertiser interesting we get paid for every click. That makes our website costs sustainable.

We hope our homepage does look honest enough for you. And apologize us for every inconvenient.

P.s.: Please report every future problem with our website.