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Recap: Our best rumors (GH2, E-5 and more)


It’s time for a rumors recap! All those rumors are from our reliable sources so there is an 80-90% chance those rumors will prove out true!

Panasonic rumors:
1) Panasonic will announce new products on September 21
2) Following products will be unveiled:
– GH2
– 14mm (f/2.5?)
– 100-300mm
– 3D lens
3) The GH2 has a new 18Megapixels multi-scale sensor (16 effective Megapixels)  -> Click here to read more
3) The compact GF2 will be unveiled few months after Photokina (December-February) ->Click here to read more
4) There will be a new lens roadmap that will include the fast lenses we were talking about since months (faster than f/1.4!)

Olympus rumors:
1) Olympus will announce new products on September 14. ->Click here to read more
2) The E-5 will have a 12Megapixel sensor ->Click here to read more

Is that everything we are going to see at Photokina? Don’t believe that! What I can tell you is that I received tons of rumors about the following stuff:

1) Olympus new camera system (modular, super43 sensor, Kodak and more). Maybe Olympus will talk about that at Photokina…
2) Panasonic new technology (?)
3) One more company could release MFT products soon (and we will give you more news about that soon!)

A personal note: Talking with my sources I got the feeling that there is much more to come than just the GH2 and E-5. Don’t know if there will be other real products but my bet is that there will be some unexpected BIG news coming from both companies!

Stay tuned on 43rumors….


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