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Recap: Our best rumors (GH2, E-5 and more)


It’s time for a rumors recap! All those rumors are from our reliable sources so there is an 80-90% chance those rumors will prove out true!

Panasonic rumors:
1) Panasonic will announce new products on September 21
2) Following products will be unveiled:
– GH2
– 14mm (f/2.5?)
– 100-300mm
– 3D lens
3) The GH2 has a new 18Megapixels multi-scale sensor (16 effective Megapixels)  -> Click here to read more
3) The compact GF2 will be unveiled few months after Photokina (December-February) ->Click here to read more
4) There will be a new lens roadmap that will include the fast lenses we were talking about since months (faster than f/1.4!)

Olympus rumors:
1) Olympus will announce new products on September 14. ->Click here to read more
2) The E-5 will have a 12Megapixel sensor ->Click here to read more

Is that everything we are going to see at Photokina? Don’t believe that! What I can tell you is that I received tons of rumors about the following stuff:

1) Olympus new camera system (modular, super43 sensor, Kodak and more). Maybe Olympus will talk about that at Photokina…
2) Panasonic new technology (?)
3) One more company could release MFT products soon (and we will give you more news about that soon!)

A personal note: Talking with my sources I got the feeling that there is much more to come than just the GH2 and E-5. Don’t know if there will be other real products but my bet is that there will be some unexpected BIG news coming from both companies!

Stay tuned on 43rumors….


  • Lin

    super43 sensor?~

    What’s that? A Super CCD 4/3 scensor?

  • divide

    I hope the rumors about a 12-75 f2.5 (GH2 kit lens) is true !

    • Martin

      No. It is pure fluff.

    • That lens would be quite large. Just compare to the FT Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8-4. I don’t think a faster lens over a wider focal range can be built smaller at a comparable quality.

      So, keep dreaming.

      • Jules

        Half a stop and 2mm wider at the wide end.
        A full stop and 15mm longer at the tele end.

        Thats quite a demand on its own and it begs for a few questions

        OIS ?
        IQ ?
        Size ?
        And the question that kills : $ ?

        Did I mention size? I’d love to see on an EP-L1…

      • lagus

        What about a 12-75 mm f/2.8-4? Just a litle
        improvement to what Oly has already made…
        (and a fairly fast almost all-purpose lens!)

        • Neville

          Just walk a little further back, or walk a little closer

  • TempTag

    Will be curious to look back in 1-3 months and see how many of these prove to be accurate…
    (But thanks for the site and please keep posting more rumors!)


  • KI

    I hope the E-5 doesn’t dissapoint me. There’s no need in releasing a camera with the name “E-5” if it’s just another E-3 with limited improvements. It should be E3.1 instead…

    I hope the comming E-5 really got a high quality sensor with high DR and good ISO performance. … and should be usable at >6400 (instead of having a upper limit of 6400 as the rumor…). … and 12.3 is enough for me… 10 is enough for me. Just give me better noise performance and DR!!

    720p …….. eeehh…….. why not just 1080p to start with? I really hope the 720p limit is just bogus … and it’s really 1080p/24.

    5fps is ok. would prefer 6…, but it really doesn’t matter that much.
    The autofocus with 11 points seems ok as I’m very pleased with the E-3. … but this is no “news” … it’s just standard.

    A bigger screen …. that can rotate… well. It’s just the thing you’d have to expect. No news there.

    Weather proofing… well; what did you expect!? … it’s an E-x not an E-xxx!!!

    • four thirds photo

      If you want clean iso 6400, I can predict that you will be disappointed by the E5.

      I prefer to have 12 stops Dr and clean iso 1600. I think this is also realistic. 5 FPS is enough to make good action shots. Timing is more important. Don’t mind the number of AF points, as long as AF is highly improved over the E3.

      Admin: what about the super 4/3 sensor? Give us more of this! Sounds really interesting. 4/3super sensor in modular 4/3rds cam in 2011?

      • Tim

        Super 4/3 sensor in E5..not the modular frankenstein camera

    • Jules

      oups, me was comparing to the kit lens..

  • Tropical Yeti

    FTRumors: ” I received tons of rumors about the following stuff: ”

    Well, if you have tons of it, why not share with us at least a few kilos – maybe?

    • Andrew

      I kinda prefer rumors FT3 and up. To each his own.

    • admin

      As soon as I have some more reliable info…

  • marilyn

    i cant take it anymore… the rumors are over taking my mind solution and problems…

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner


  • henrik

    The Pana lens rumors are toxic – why do i feel so sleepy and tired after digesting them?

  • Alfons

    I have always kept the weather sealed Pentax cameras the closest competition to E-3. Camera with alike features and price from a smaller company.

    Well, here’s their K-5!

    I truly hope Olympus has still some cards up their sleeve for 4/3.

    • four thirds photo

      unfortunately we cannot stick the zuiko glass on a Pentax!

      • Alfons

        If we could, I would have already bought the K-7 :D

    • Dummy00001

      Does Pentax have anything comparable to Zuiko 12-60mm (24-120mm eq.)?

      • Alfons

        They have 17-70mm F4, it’s not weather sealed (yet?) though… I think they have some pretty nice lenses.

    • John

      Wow, that’s one hell-ov-a camera. I wonder if the sensor is worth a darn.

  • Neonart


    That K5 looks good. Im with you Alfons. Pentax is the only other Camera that I’ve really considered as a true alternative to Oly.

    They did not seem to have anything really worth leaving the E3 for, but this may change things. Lets see what Oly has in store. I really love 4/3 glass…

  • Joe

    So is there any other news of new 4/3 lenses? I’m still not satisfied with my only top quality “standard” lens being the $800 Panasonic (Leica). Couldn’t they make something more affordable (better quality than the Sigma and faster than the pancake?)

  • kesztió

    Rumors about the new(?) GH2 kit lens?

    • Martin

      OK, here you are: 12-200mm f/1.4. A bit smaller than the Olympus kit lens and much sharper, wide open!

      • kesztió

        Not enough for me.
        I want 9–300/F0.95. As small as 20/F1.7 is. (At least – obviously)

  • spanky

    “A personal note: Talking with my sources I got the feeling that there is much more to come than just the GH2 and E-5. Don’t know if there will be other real products but my bet is that there will be some unexpected BIG news coming from both companies!”

    Panasonic will buy a controlling stake in Olympus to have access to their knowledge in building professional bodies?

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner


  • YeahYeah

    I guess we’ll only see an E5 (i.e. an E3s) and a GH2… Dark times :)


    What I’m sure of is that the E-5 will be something VERY SPECIAL, not just a luke-warm upgrade what the actual specs predict….

    One possibility would be a ‘future-secure’ way that the E-5 is the last of the ‘classic’ 43 line AS WE KNOW IT, but what if it will probably feature an exchangeable sensor, which would explain the ‘only’ 12 mpx would be the ‘basic’ sensor, for the basic kit,

    BUT there will be probably 2 – 3 other sensors announced at the same time, maybe one ‘apochromatic’ for black/white only for extreme tonal gradations (similar to what phase one announced as digiback), one high resolution sensor – Panasonic GH-2 18 mpx sensor?.. , maybe a high DR version sensor 14 – 15 stops, 10 mpx, from fuji?… or a silky smooth colour sensor unbeatable at lower isos for true colour reproduction and portraits, Kodak?…

    Just a thought..


    What I’m sure of is that the E-5 will be something VERY SPECIAL, not just a luke-warm upgrade what the actual specs predict….

    One possibility would be a ‘future-secure’ way that the E-5 is the last of the ‘classic’ 43 line AS WE KNOW IT, but what if it will probably feature an exchangeable sensor, which would explain the ‘only’ 12 mpx would be the ‘basic’ sensor, for the basic kit,

    BUT there will be probably 2 – 3 other sensors announced at the same time, maybe one ‘apochromatic’ for black/white only for extreme gradations (similar to what phase one announced as digiback), one high resolution sensor – Panasonic GH-2 18 mpx sensor?.. , maybe a high DR version sensor 14 – 15 stops, 10 mpx, fuji?… or a silky smooth colour sensor unbeatable at lower isos for true colour reproduction and portraits, Kodak?…

    Like this also future ‘sensor updates could be added in a modular way later on to a near perfect body as tech evolves.

    Just a thought..

    • Inge – M.

      This is safe, after modular systemet is come, the can be many very different sensor type and size in MFT, FT possible “FF” also.

  • compositor20

    a 12-75 could be usefull if it is 2.5-3.2

    divide 75 for 3.2 and the diamter is close to 24m so the size os this lens should be equal to a 14-140mm that probably has more elements and the new one could have better and bigger glass at wide end so they must be equal in weight too !!that is my guess

  • yosemite

    What about the release dates of the products? Are there any data from past experiences telling us if these are weeks or months after the announcement dates? I.e. for the GH2, if it is announced on Sep 21, could it be that we’ll have to wait until next spring before being able to purchase it? What was the situation with the GH1 or GF1, or other cameras?

  • oLi

    Challengers for the E-5? Look at the specs…

    Nikon D7000:
    Expected price: 1.200 US$

    Pentax K-5:
    Expected price: 1.600 US$

    Looking forward to Doomesday eeeh, Tuesday.

    • the other Rob

      if the D7000 is going to be $1200, the E-5 should be around $1000, preferably less.

  • FourThirds is a shape, a format relationship … 4×3

    you have to admit that the microFourThirds must have confused some people. It is exactly the same size and shape chip but with a different mount. But I wonder if that message really get across to the casual observer? Sure you can mount FT lenses on a mFT body with an adaptor, but its a bit of a mess … and mFT should be about: being SMALL!

    so, SuperFourThirds could be a ‘full frame’ sized 4×3 chip? That would of course need all new lenses, and a 3rd lens mount (FT, mFT, and superFT … that would be an awful mess!). But it could explain the modular thing.

    Back when the only chip we had was an APS-C chip, even on the top of the range NIkon and Canon (due to the amazing high cost of chips and file size vs storage media vs battery thing) … I was surprized that nobody made a square format digital camera, the same area as APS-C, it would have had a following. I wonder if Oly et al considered going square when they were getting together to make the 4×3 format?

    • four thirds photo

      Very interesting view.
      If they are going to make a super43 system, I hope they find a way to mount the top pro glass on it. If they manage to merge mft, 43 and super43 in one system it could be a real winner.

      You want it light: go micro
      You want the ultimate in image quality, go super43.
      Possible to use all lenses on all bodies (with adapters)

      That explains the modular thing, and if this modular cam has a oversized super43 sensor it explains even more!

      The idea sounds very promising. A bright future for 4/3rds then!

  • Dan #2

    That Pentax looks nice. Coupled with some of those * lenses and primes and you’ll have a nice set up.

  • I want an equivalent lens (specs and price) to this lens for m43:

    • Alfons

      You get the same FOV with Digital Zuiko 25mm F2.8 pancake. Maxinum aperture is about the same too.

      Problem solved.

      I would like to see 17mm F1.4 SWD and 35-100mm F2.5 SWD lenses from Olympus.

      What Pentax did better than Olympus, was their 50-135mm F2.8. It really takes the advantage of crop sensor to make a smaller and cheaper lens. It may not have image quality of Zuiko, but I would love to shoot with one anyway instead of dreaming of a decent prized SWD Zuiko.

  • Neonart

    Yeah, a 35mm f2.5 on APS-C is nothing special. As Alfons has pointed out, the 25mm f2.8 is close enough. Made to be cheap and light, with OK image quality.
    Here it is from B&H for $219.00 (They often have it for $205)

    But, if Oly or Panny had a 25 f2 or something, that was light and cheap and not as tiny as the pancake it could be a super popular lens! Heck something TOO small can be strange. I don’t mount the 25 2.8 on my E3 because it looks and feels so weird! I use it on my L1 all the time. If it where the size of the 35 f3.5 I may use it more on the E3. So Pentax is onto something here!

    I too would love to see the SHG lenses with one stop less aperture, but smaller and cheaper. While I love the uniqueness of the f2, most people can’t afford them, and their size does not really show the advantage of 4/3.

    If those lenses were smaller, and several hundred dollars less @f2.8 or 2.5, with equally insane image quality in sharpness, contrast, etc. alot more people would have them, and more would have appreciated the 4/3 idea. Having said that, the f2 SHGs are out of this world, and still untouched by most.

    • I haven’t tried the 25mm pancake, but often use a Pentax 35mm f2 on my EPL1 and the DOF is shallow and it is good for portraits. Do you not think there is a big difference between 50mm and 70mm equivalent? I don’t have experience with other crop factors, but I really like 70mm equivalent. If they gave us an autofocus 35mm f2.0 or f2.4, it would certainly be a good people photo lens.

      • Alfons

        Oh, I thought that you wanted a lens that works like Pentax 35mm on their bodies. That lens gives about the same FOV on 1.5 crop than 50mm on 135 film.

        You already have the 35mm F2, but you still want the F2.4? So you are looking for autofocus? Smaller size?

        For autofocusing 35mm, you may be out of luck. I’m sure there’s plenty of new lenses coming to m4/3 format, so manufacturers like Voigtländer may be something to look upon. Panasonic and Olympus don’t seem to think that we would really buy those primes :D Heck, 5 of 8 lenses I own are primes and I really like to shoot with them.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Sigma or other lens maker would also join the game.

  • Andrew

    Its incredibly frustrating that we don’t have the primes we want and yet, i mean, look at how many panny lenses there will be:

    8mm fisheye
    45mm macro
    oh, almost forgot
    3D lens

    kinda ridiculous how many lenses there are. give us the goddamn 50…

  • Jason

    Well that list includes a bunch of zooms, which are definitely not primes. Primes are a single focal length, like the amazing 25mm F/1.4 Leica Summilux lens for FourThirds, now that, is the definition of a prime. You must be confusing high grade and prime.

    There are number of comparable high grade lens to the ones you have listed, but for FT mount. How about a Panasonic 14-150mm (untouchable) or the 14-35mm F/2.0 (unprecedented), the 7-14mm Zuiko (amazing), 50 mm f/2.0 macro (nothing even comparable), 12-60mm f/2.8 (great lens)….

    Clearly, the FourThirds system has a better lens lineup, no question.

    • Neville

      Sigh, back to the basics of photography. All the great artists recommend starting with only one lens. The temptation is there to have more and more, but the reality is we don’t need them

      • Jason

        Exactly Neveille, where are these newbies getting the idea that you need so many lenses, and if that is the case, the FT lineup clearly crushes the Pannys in almost every category:

        I only need a few lens and FT has all of them (yes there are few other lenses that would be fun to play with, but they are expensive). If I was rich, on top of my Leica 25mm Summilux and 50mm Zuiko macro, I would add the FourThirds:

        14-35mm Zuiko SHG
        300mm Zuiko SHG
        14-150mm Leica
        7-14mm Wide Angle zoom

        but considering those lenses are on average $1,000 or more each, I’m fine with what I have for now. Still it is hilarious how MFT owners keep saying FT doesn’t have the lenses, yet they pretty much have everything that normal photographers need.

    • Andrew

      actually you’re just confusing what i said. I didn’t say “look at all the primes we have.” i’m simply stating how many lenses have been produced in such a short time.

      • Jason

        Ok, but many of the FourThirds equivalents are optically superior and have been around for a while. FT is still produces the best images. That said, the 14mm and 20mm pancakes/primes would be a nice advantage in FT, but I doubt they will produce them, because size is really what MFT is about.

    • Tim

      Jason, any more dirt on the E5? Do you really have a little info or are you messing with us?

      Man I hope they release this on the 14th, and I hope it’s something special.

      It’s just not really in Olympus’s DNA to not at least try to release something special. I mean, that’s the whole reason they waited an extra year is what we were led to believe.

      • Boooo!

        He never had any info.

  • Marilyn

    Wait let me explain one of the things I have found out of nikon kits lens, canon kit lens and Olympus kits lens…
    Nikkor 18-105 kit can’t make sun burst effect
    Canon 18-55 less contrast and with indoor photogs lol
    Zuiko 14-42 kit it can so sun burst effect can also do high contrast indoor shoot

  • Marilyn

    Now If u compare SHG lens and high end canikan ekeke thing zuiko is superior and cheaper

    • Jason


  • Marilyn

    Zuiko really develop first good lens especially the blade of it. Even our kits lens but if the e5 will be price worth 1900us it’s better not to upgrade… If ur going to compared to d7000 price

    • Neville

      I’m hoping they will be selling it with a really nice lens that I haven’t got as a kit at a ridiculously cheap price

  • Jacint

    It will be E-5.

    • Alberto

      Hi Jacint, can you translate the E-5 text?

  • the suspense is killing. 3 more days to go before the official announcement of Olympus. I am very hopeful that oly will shock us with something new and better image quality at high ISO and better Dynamic range.

  • jacint

    Hi Alberto.
    On the second page;
    008 OLYMPUS E-5. Aimed at the supreme picture quality, Olympus flagship DSLR. E-5 works. Toward the virgin forest.

    • Alberto

      Thanks jacint, very interesting and intriguing

  • Neonart

    Oh great. This one is targeted at the virgins! How much of a niche market do they want!?

  • mikep

    Back in March, dpreview ran a short news item on a company called InVisage Technologies who claim to have developed a sensor based on quantum dots ( The truly interest thing is that they claim their technology offers four times better performance than conventional sensors. It was stated tht the first application would be mobile phone sensors later in the year. Now, let’s speculate. A four thirds sensor using this technology would be equivalent to a full frame 35mm sensor as far as light gathering capacity was concerned. I’ve read lots of suggestions about what sensor the E5 might have and I’ve been waiting for someone to suggest this one but no one has. So, just what if Olympus have managed to get their hands on a sensor from InVisage Technologies? Now that would be quite a thing.

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