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(FT5) UPDATED: Panasonic AG-AF101 with 1080 60/50p and for 5.830 Euro (VAT included)!


UPDATE: According to the Panasonic-Broadcast press release they have implemented variable frame rate inside the AVCHD function! Read: “variable frame rates available in 1080p, selectable in 20 steps from 12p to 60p at 60Hz and 20 steps from 12p to 50p at 50Hz. Playback is available at 1080/24p, 1080/25p or 1080/30p. Playback at 1080/60p and 1080/50p are not available on this product.

Panasonic has introduced at IBC a further production stage of the MicroFourThirds HD Camcorders AG-AF101 (which is the European model of the AF100). 70% of the camera development is completed. According to Panasonic the price will be 5.830€ for Europe (VAT included and body only). Whether this is also a lens is to be understood, is not yet clear.

The good news is that it will have:
– variable frame rates up to 1080/60p
– 2.35:1 frame markings in the viewfinder
– simultaneous HDMI and HD-SDI output
– sync timecode through LTC
– LCD will actually be better than the one on the HPX370
– In addition, the camera body is held in modular parts for various enhancements (Example: You can remove the handgrip)

You can get in touch with Barry Green (Panasonic) at DVXuser-forum. And he said: “This prototype isn’t finished yet, so I can’t say some things definitively, but I can say this – I’m done with shooting on DSLRs. This thing is the bomb.” … “As for images – well, imagine a fully-hacked, fully-improved GH13 with better sensitivity and without the aliasing or low-light banding, and that’s a good start. It crushes the 7D/5D for clarity and detail, and I shot brick buildings at every possible zoom setting, and there just isn’t any rainbow moire.
The NEX-VG10 Full HD Interchangeable Lens Camcorder (which has a price of $1999) is placed in a different category. Much cheaper but also less features…


  • lander240

    I think comparing a EURO4,900 with a US1,999 is a kind of humor.

    • Gabi

      +1 I wonder who will spend 4900 € for this camera???

      • patrick

        The same guys that will buy a RED or other equipment that may be used in professional productions? Zeiss CP.2 lenses are ~4k per lens and nearly every existing lens may be adapted.

        The first professional mFT-tool… Great!

        • I did, but i havent regret it! Perfect for its budget!

      • lander240

        And now for €5,830 ;]

        I originally thought that it was that Barry to compare Pana’s with Sony’s.
        Please do not mind me admin, no offense. Thanks for the updated information.

  • Jules

    You can hear all kinds of complaints over missing m43 lens that are ludicrous, but people complaining about crippled codec on the GH-1 are spot on. You can put any codec you want on the GH-1 plus some steroïds, it will not canibalize the sells of this thing.

  • any word on new HD lenses from Leica and Pansonic for this camera?

    • patrick

      HD as in “10mp lower resolution as DSLR?” ;)

      THere is no need for lenses, the ciname lenses are already there…

  • Olf

    “Sony has to be woried…” $2000 vs $5000… may be it is not the same market ?

    • admin

      I changed the statement. Anyway, Sony has to be worried because the Panaosnic AF101 is really a professional camera. And I bet RED is even more worried :)

  • Ivan

    Any info about FPS in 720. If the rate is 120 that would be awesomeness

  • Ivan

    And what about some info about the rolling shutter issue? Is the problem minimsed?

  • mpgxsvcd

    That looks like a really cool camcorder. However, that is not really variable frame rates. That is selectable frame rates. Variable frame rates would be a camera that could record a video clip with a frame rate that varied with time. This would allow you to shoot high speed shots and low motion low light shots all in the same clip without changing ISO and aperture. Instead you could just vary frame rate and shutter speed.

    Now true variable frame rate isn’t going to happen anytime soon if ever for a number of reasons. However, giving us selectable frame rates is pretty cool.

  • Adrian Lewis

    I think it a very telling complement to Vitaliy Kiselev that someone from Panasonic is comparing their latest USD$6000 pro video camera to his GH13 hack.

    • Gabi

      And now you can imagine why Panasonic doesn’t want their GH cameras to be hacked… ;-)

  • +1

  • James

    Actually, I suspect the GH2 is the reason that Panasonic don’t want their GH1’s hacked…

  • Mounting the Lumix 20mm pancake to that camera will look pretty unbalanced … LOL

  • This is going to be an amazing product, we already know that there is going to be no rolling shutter issue’s and now it has selectable frame rates in 1080p and with better sensitivity and without the aliasing or low-light banding, man this is a dream tool, its going to cost just over £4500 too, this is big news, if someone can manage to shoot an indie film with a standard GH1, a whole episode of house on a 5D MKII, and commercials on a 7D, what can we achieve with this!. True, affordable film making in a box! its amazing!

    I have already heavily invested in micro and regular four thirds lens and camera’s! to be able to go on a shoot and have my GH13 as a secondary camera, for tight spots and acute angles, and this for the main footage on, adapted to my DSLR rig and be able to swap out my sigma 1.4 prime for the 7-14 mm panasonic lens while also using a rented zeiss master prime is just genius!

    Panasonic, we love you!


  • I’m kicking myself for not buying a GH1 when they were still hackable…

    • mpgxsvcd

      The hack does not offer anything that the GH2 will not have.

  • misu

    h264 – 24mbs.
    a good reason to stay out of it. sony will bring a good balance ex1 with S35 sensor and 50mbs mpeg2. and hd-sdi. and compatible with any lens on the market. and AF. and steady shot inside. and they will use a low noise, high dynamic range sony sensor.
    seems to me that panasonic is announcing too soon a product not ready for production. they will not have another chance as with hvx200.

    • Spiny Norman

      Time will tell, Misu. Time will tell.

    • Skeptikal

      Wow…so you have already got a GH2 and compared it to the GH13 @ 60 mbps AVCHD.

      I am not so sure the GH2 will be worth the effort. I doubt if the jello will be much improved…and 24 mbps (even with B frames…maybe) will probably not look as clean as the hacked GH1. I’ve shot side by side with another Panasonic 3 chip @ 24 mbps stationary (so B frames are less relevant). The GH13 image was way “cleaner”.

      I am looking forward to doing the test with a GH13 and a AF101 when I get it.

    • matthew

      Misu, you are completely right good sir.
      24 mbs?
      I’d rather wait until i can move my camera without the image falling apart.

      I wouldn’t like to guess what Sony will or will not do at this stage though.

  • Dan #2

    This is really appealing to me. I have often thought about getting into video footage and having the ability to use my existing lens selection will be great. The only downer is having to upgrade on storage and processing power.

  • Adman

    There is no 1080/60p, only up to 1080/60i or 720/60p.

    • Bo Skelmose

      As I read it there is 1080 50P or 60P.
      AND if it could do 720 120P it would be orderd right away.

  • rob ngg

    no 1080 @50p..thats SHIT !
    the sd 600 and 700 has !!

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