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(FT5) UPDATED: Panasonic AG-AF101 with 1080 60/50p and for 5.830 Euro (VAT included)!


UPDATE: According to the Panasonic-Broadcast press release they have implemented variable frame rate inside the AVCHD function! Read: “variable frame rates available in 1080p, selectable in 20 steps from 12p to 60p at 60Hz and 20 steps from 12p to 50p at 50Hz. Playback is available at 1080/24p, 1080/25p or 1080/30p. Playback at 1080/60p and 1080/50p are not available on this product.

Panasonic has introduced at IBC a further production stage of the MicroFourThirds HD Camcorders AG-AF101 (which is the European model of the AF100). 70% of the camera development is completed. According to Panasonic the price will be 5.830€ for Europe (VAT included and body only). Whether this is also a lens is to be understood, is not yet clear.

The good news is that it will have:
– variable frame rates up to 1080/60p
– 2.35:1 frame markings in the viewfinder
– simultaneous HDMI and HD-SDI output
– sync timecode through LTC
– LCD will actually be better than the one on the HPX370
– In addition, the camera body is held in modular parts for various enhancements (Example: You can remove the handgrip)

You can get in touch with Barry Green (Panasonic) at DVXuser-forum. And he said: “This prototype isn’t finished yet, so I can’t say some things definitively, but I can say this – I’m done with shooting on DSLRs. This thing is the bomb.” … “As for images – well, imagine a fully-hacked, fully-improved GH13 with better sensitivity and without the aliasing or low-light banding, and that’s a good start. It crushes the 7D/5D for clarity and detail, and I shot brick buildings at every possible zoom setting, and there just isn’t any rainbow moire.
The NEX-VG10 Full HD Interchangeable Lens Camcorder (which has a price of $1999) is placed in a different category. Much cheaper but also less features…


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