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(FT4) First E-5 image!


Some days ago I received that crop from a supposed “Olympus E-5” camera. I thought that image was fake because it looks exactly like the older Olympus E-3. But two of my sources told me this is the real E-5 image! The trusted sources also sent me the camera specs.

– Weather-proof (Magnesium) body
– 12.1Megapixel sensor (We don’t know yet if it is the same Olympus PEN sensor!)
– ISO 100 – 6400 in 1/3 or 1 EV steps
– AVI Motion JPEG(30fps) HD (720)
– 5fps
– it can take a picture with sound.
– mono mic with stereo external microphone input
– 3 inch LCD with 920.000 dots resolution
– 11 points full-twin cross AF sensor (phase-difference detection system)
– 11 area multiple AF (contrast detection system)
– CF and SD dual slot
– Built-in wireless flash

The E-5 should be announced on September 14.

Reminder: That is what one of our sources told us a few weeks ago about the E-5: “Oh, will like to let you know that I have seen the new Olympus pro dSLR, the E-5, already. It’s a solid, wicked piece of camera that’s weather sealed just like the Olympus E-3. And, it will be announced prior to Photokina. I don’t have other specs on it, except i have tried it and the focusing is really fast. It still uses a 4/3 lens mount. From what i know, it will support HD video recording as well. The top control panel remains largely the same, and it will also have a flip and swivel screen like the E-3. Oh, the sensor resolution is still 12 megapixels, and it will compete against the 7D. Not sure if the megapixels will play a major role here as well. But olympus is hoping that it’s Zuiko lens can outdo Nikon and Canon. Early samples of photos taken with the E-5 shows that the picture quality is almost on par with the D300s and 7D.

  • Dowe

    voice commander? is that the meaning of talking a picture with sound?

    • admin

      No. youn take a picture and also record the audio with the picture…

      • Dowe

        ok i got it. thanks Admin for clearin’ this up. :)
        i doubt that this is going to be the last 4/3 from Oly. hurr sigh.
        seeing E-5 spacs make me a little disappointed.

    • Dowe

      i mean taking a pictue with sound.

  • Mattias

    I have a question- you keep mentioning 14 september? I googled that date _olympus “14 september 2010″_ and something interesting came up:
    “Hamburg, 14 September 2010”

    It is from Olympus original press release. Any thoughts?

    • admin

      Yes, Olympus made a mistake ;)

    • -Good catch!
      Seems to be the date for a potential Olympus press conference or release day, exactly one week prior to the Photokina opening.
      -Today, it’s the ninth.

  • lenan


    • ANGRY Olympus Owner


  • The some case? This would be definitely a fine feature!

    12 MP would be fine, if the Noise at 3200 would now the same as at 800 at E-3. The rest still sounds like a bad joke. These features sound like E-3 MkII in year 2008.

  • Eric

    I’m sure it will be a fine camera, but sheesh, I can’t believe it took Olympus so long to release what sounds like an E-3 with last years sensor and video.

    The built in wireless flash does sound interesting though. Would that be a built in RF trigger or your standard pop up flash wireless control? I’f said for years that companies should rethink wireless strobes and incorporate a built-in RF transmitter with matching strobes that can be controlled via the rear LCD on the camera; perhaps even via touch screen.

    • Maybe using the IRSimple protocol, just saw Pentax K-r using that, but only for image transfer.

  • spanky

    Two questions:

    1. What’s Olympus’ market share in the professional DSLR segment?
    2. Why is Olympus still building 4/3 DSLRs?

    The E-5 may be a very fine camera indeed, but it feels so 2007-ish… I’m guessing it’ll be the last true DSLR made by either Olympus or Panasonic for the 4/3 format. Would it have killed them to come out with a professional MFT system instead – same body specs but with built-in improvements from the past three years and generations of MFT technology development lessons learned? A professional body with the MFT format would be a killer right about now. I suspect it’s possible to match the E-5’s performance (or come very close) with a mirrorless solution. Perhaps that’s a symptom of not being in control of your own sensor production, and having to rely on other manufacturers’ hand-me-downs.

    I’m sure my post will offend Olympus fanboys like Jason, but it’s a fair assessment IMO.

    • The answer to your second question:

      There is a wide range of EXCELLENT and AFFORDABLE lenses for FT by Olympus. For example, the Zuiko 12-60mm is almost unbeatable in price and performance even when compared to the latest Canon and Nikon gear. It’s also a sealed lens, so with an E3 and E-5 you can take stunning pictures in pouring rain at a much much lower price than with the next best Canon or Nikon gear.

      • Tom

        because m4/3 is stupid and caters to point-n-shooters who only care about size. which is all well and good for newbies, but not us pros. :)

    • Eric

      I think they owe long-term 4/3’s users a new body like the E-5, but I do 100% agree that I personally would rather have a pro-grade m4/3’s body. I also think there is a big market for a high end m4/3’s body. Lets face facts, most pro-level DSLR users have chosen full frame with good reason. Olympus makes some fine lenses, but I’d much rather have a now old D700 than a new E-5. Perhaps wildlife shooters will disagree with me on that thanks to the 2x factor.

      Build me a weather sealed magnesium PEN with a high res EVF built-in. Package it with a 12-50mm f/2.8-3.5 and a 25mm f/1.4 and I’m good to go for years.

      • wow… that comment was a joke right?

        yeah, it was a joke. ha ha… ha. lol!

        • So sorry Eric that comment was for Tom above u!

          • Tom

            I’m afraid it wasn’t :(

      • P.S. Eric I 100% agree with your comment. A pro spec m4/3 body would be a must have.

        – Weather seals
        – Phase & Contrast detect hybrid AF
        – 6 stop image stabilization
        – Silent, durable shutter
        – External control dials (ISO, Exp. Comp, Mode, shutter Drive) with Customizable button function.
        – 1080p/30fps 720p/60fps Video with 24mb/s compression and full manual control
        – high res EVF
        – swivel LCD
        – hot shoe
        – wireless flash control
        – full image processing control
        – screen/LCD color calibration

        Just to name a few items…

        • Boooo!

          6 stops of IS is theoretically impossible… Unless the camera has a built-in tripod.

          You’ll never get more than 3, and even that is pushing it.

    • Tim

      Micro 4/3 sucks for pro work. EVF’s, contrast autofocus cannot be depended upon to shoot a wedding, which I do all of the time.

      They are several years away from making it perform like it needs to perform to be a pro camera, and they know it.

      You will never hear a true professional ask to get rid of an OVF, or phase detect autofocus. Only electronics collectors and amatuers.

      • Eric

        Depends on your profession, wedding and sports photographers no, but if you are a studio photographer an OVF offers no advantages. Lightning fast AF also isn’t a necessity. I actually find I like working with small un-intimidating cameras with nice Live View. You can actually look at the subject instead of hiding behind a big black box.

  • Boooo!

    If it’s the PEN sensor, Oly is dead. That sensor was good enough in 2007 (when it didn’t even exist yet), but not 2010. The acceptable minimum would be the GH1 sensor, but even that one is already too old and not good enough for a supposed flagship camera.


    – 11 points full-twin cross AF sensor (phase-difference detection system)
    – 11 area multiple AF (contrast detection system)

    That’s interesting.

    • Re:
      – 11 points full-twin cross AF sensor (phase-difference detection system)
      – 11 area multiple AF (contrast detection system)

      Exactly! And that’s what justifies this camera. How else should you be able to use your invested lens capital in the best way?

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      AF during video?

  • Jason

    Spanky I am an Oy fanboy, but I also own a Panasonic LX5 (which I like better than the GH1). Why do you have to have a MFT/Panasonic camera so bad that FT cameras don’t exist. They can both exist and live in harmony….

    • spanky

      I have no allegiance to either system. Simply making an impartial observation based on market conditions and trends. I do have a GH1 and a G1, but I also own plenty of other cameras as well. They’re just tools to get a job done, so I’ll get whichever one works best for what I’m trying to do. The MFT format happens fill a lot of those needs, although what I really like to see is a professional-level MFT camera system from somebody. The FT format has proven to be a side-step that’s been over-taken by advantages in technology from larger sensors. It offers no advantages over the larger sensor cameras, so it has limited market attractiveness.

      I think the compact DSLR/mirrorless market segment, and MFT in particular, shows a lot of promise, and it requires the participation of healthy manufacturers. Olympus is a big part of that equation, and my disappointment stems from the fact that they seem to not get it just yet, and if they fall and stumble that would be bad for the industry.

      As an aside, rumor has it you’re affiliated with Olympus as an Olympus call center guy. If that’s true, in all fairness, you should either disclose that information or stay out of these discussions (or both).

      • ANGRY Olympus Owner

        I have a E3

        I personaly want a mirrorless pro
        I want a EVF
        I want AF during video
        I want want to use my current 4/3 glass with it
        And I would love to use some m43 lenses with it like the 50mmf0.95

        At the same time i think oly should not leave those who want no video and want a mirror OVF in the dust

        2 cameras or modular is the solution

        not a mixing of both like what the above camera sounds like, If it has video…

        Away with the mirror and and bring MFT support, which also brings a whole host of other possible mounts to the system.
        let canikon people use there lenses on it

        and make it big
        I might get a GH1 or 2 and one thing that I know iwll be a problem for me is the small size of it
        vertical grip is a necessity for me

        and those who love the OVF, make a camera with no and a mirror for OVF, they can even put video in it if they want, but dont expect that to satisfy both parties. Make two cameras! or do modular!

        oly’s best glass is in the FT mount and they NEED to merge the two… FAST

        that would be such game changer if oly did it
        one can only hope now

    • Tim

      Jason, are these specs for real? I don’t think they are telling the whole story. I’ve heard too much from people I trust to be excited.

  • Andi

    They poke fun at you…Or they did not tell you everything!!

    • spanky

      Agreed! I would have loved to see Oly release a pro mirrorless MFT body. I think they have the experience with pro bodies more than Panasonic does, so it’s the right combination.

      I’m not quite sure what’s going on between Oly and Panasonic on the sensor front, but I hope they figure it out soon. Perhaps Panasonic has figured out that it no longer needs Olympus to advance the MFT format. Or perhaps Oly is just slow to start thinking about the pro MFT market. Regardless of the reason, something will have to change soon. Lots of us are waiting for a pro MFT body, and are ready to spend serious cash on it.

      • Re: Perhaps Panasonic has figured out that it no longer needs Olympus to advance the MFT format.

        Any foundry needs volume for large scale economy. Panasonic needs Olympus business here.

        Semiconductor process industry is a closed community, so there’s no way to find out what’s going on, without a signed NDA.
        Panasonic needs it’s semiconductor business, it’s a stategic cornerstone for their consumer and multimedia industry.

    • spanky

      Oops – was supposed to be reply to ANGRY’s post above =)

  • newsed1

    Oh. So it’s just a revamp of the existing body. Wasn’t a fan of the design, particularly the plastic battery grip.

    • The E-3 has no plastic grip. It’s thixomold magnesium, far far from plastic. It’s really good for my big hands. But I agree the HLD-4 (power battery holder) was cheap.

      • newsed1

        Sorry, meant HLD4. Not the E-3 body.

  • Jason

    If Fourthirds were to die, how am I going to use my favorite lens? My Zuiko 50mm F/2.0 will not work right on a MFT body….

    • Why not? I thought the Olympus adapter transfers all the relevant information to and from an Olympus MFT body to a FT lens, including a fully working auto-focus (even if the auto-focus speed will be slower).

      • David

        It works, but practically speaking it’s manual focus only.

  • -This makes sense, but why not calling th camera E-3n, like in old days we saw OM-1n & OM-2n.
    -My E-3 ISO stops at 3200, I think the PEN and now the E-5 goes to 6400.
    -So it can work as an independent sound recorder?
    -Good it can do video, this was a must. But I suspect, it’s a copy over from the PEN features as well.
    -3″ LCD, finally a good LCD in an Olympus DSLR or PEN.
    -CF & SD, so sharing with the PEN.

    -What image processor? Whar sensor? What AA filter? Same as in E.PL1?

    But from these specs, it still looks like the E-5 could have been anounced together with the PEN-1 at 16-Jun-2009.
    However, I like the fact that they are reusing the E-3 body, from R&D aspects as well as from user ergonomics.

    Maybe, there’s more……. in five days, we’ll know!

  • No kidding

    If this rumor is exactly true, a E-5 will be a monument of 4/3 system.

    A new Pentax K-r supports ISO 200-12800 and 6fps, even though it is a entry level……

    • napalm

      depends if the high iso limit is usable. if not 6400 is fine as long as you can still have decent detail and DR

  • Much faster AF, 1-2 stops improvement in noise, same rock-solid build and weather sealing, improved/slightly larger LCD…hey, that works for me!!

    12Mp is just fine if it preserves IQ and brings better ISO range.

    Better price point than D700, 5DMkII, D300s…all that great glass.

    Nothing will compete with the D700 ISO performance, why try…buy one if you need it.

    Sign me up.

  • chaosteo

    I am glad that I kept all my Pentax lens. 6fps for a flagship model is just not enough. K-R already has 70% of E-5 rumored feature and K-5 expected to be an equivalent or better flagship model and usually more competitively priced.

  • pepito

    this must be a joke, otherwise olympus is death as a camera maker…

    • pepito

      I mean if this is true it looks like there hasn’t been any R&D to get this thing in the market… Recycling some electronics from the consumer bodies doesn’t look like a good strategy for a pro camera. Which is the technological statement that this camera was supposed to do? take a picture with sound? this must be a joke…

      • If it was only an updated E-3, they should have named it just E-3n.

        From the business point of view, reusing the E-3 body is good reuse of invested R&D resources. From the marketing aspect, it depends, but I wish we got it last year, at least with the spec. above.

        But with the name E-5, I agree, we do expect more. We’ll soon know!

  • Dan

    IF (and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a big if) these specs are true, for me it’s all down to sensor performance. It had better be significantly better than my E-600. If not, the only real advantage for me would be the weather sealing, and considering cost I’d probably just buy a used E-4xx for bad weather and if it got ruined I’d just buy another. I’d have to go through a lot of cameras that way to come out behind. However, if the sensor has reasonably better high-iso noise and reasonably improved dynamic range (especially at iso-100… the clipped highlights at iso-100 on my e-600 bum me out), plus the advantages that already exist in the E-3, I could be interested at the right price.

    That said, all of that is only because I’m invested in Olympus already. If I were buying into a new system, there’s about a zero-percent chance these specs would sell me on Olympus, which is why I’m highly skeptical of these specs.

    Here’s what I wish Olympus would do. Make a camera with the viewfinder, weather-sealing, focusing and all equal to the E-3, with the best 12mp sensor they reasonably can (a least a modest improvement from the e-620/e-30), a sturdy metal body, but approximately the size of the E-620. That would take advantage of the small sensor size and be the ultimate adventurers camera. It would be a unique selling point that no APS or FF camera could ever match. Olympus would have a product that competes on its own terms. Lets say it was $1,500, I think they could sell a lot of units. A go-anywhere slr that doesn’t get in the way. Put a 12-60 on that, and I can’t imagine anyone building a camera that I’d rather go hiking with.

  • Jason

    Spanky – FT still has a size and price advantage over your friends at Canikon. Plus an OVF advantage over the MFT. I may eventually get a MFT, but as of next week, the FT Oly E-5 will be the best option for people wanting pro features.

    The last time I looked, this site is dedicated to 43rds rumors, yet you are telling me to leave. The audactiy of some people, hahah… And no I do not work in a call center. What call center guy do you know who carries around a Zuiko 50 mm f/2.0 yeeeeaaahhhhh!!!! (And I have used the 50 mm f/2.0 on a MFT – it’s an ok compromise, but not the best solution currently available, obviously)

    • spanky

      OK, this is going nowhere once again. You insist on twisting everything I write into stuff that fits what you want to think, so be it. It’s difficult to have a one-sided discussion with someone who isn’t reading what I actually write. Two things:

      1. You didn’t answer the question about your affiliation with Olympus
      2. There are Reply ‘buttons’ now on these threads – it helps to use them

      Moving on.

      • Jason

        I do not work for Oly…

  • Patience, patience, folks. I’m still not trusting anything until the official release! And specs aside, the real question is what the image quality will be like, and that’s something we can’t know until we see actual hands-on reviews. I don’t care about recording video, but I like the audio capability – I’ve wished for the ability to mutter a quick note about a photo into my camera, instead of grabbing pen and paper. And “almost on par with the D300S and 7D” sounds pretty good, actually.

  • Tropical Yeti

    So you think the image is fake, and you give him FT4. Interesting…
    So you have an opnion, but you do not agree with it? Even more interesting…

  • simon

    I would be very disappointed if they keep the E-3 body without ergonomic improvements, but this ==> “(very likely the same Olympus PEN sensor?)”, if true, would kill the E-5 stone dead for me. That is, unless they sell it at GBP 500.

    I don’t care about it being 12MP, that’s plenty for me, but they should really do something about the dynamic range of that sensor.

  • omolympus

    1. Same sensor as the Pen! This could have been a MarkII released over 12 months ago, now it’s not even competative at launch. I really hope this is not fully correct, they surely can’t be that dumb.

    • CRB

      Same sensor as PEN is a joke…i do not believe at all…how can a PROs camera aimed can have the same sensor as their mirrorless consumer oriented camera…thats BS…

      • Spiny Norman

        The D300 has pretty much the same sensor as the NEX and the K-x and the D5000 and who knows how many sony Alpha models…. If you think the sensor is all you’re an idiot. Even on the same sensor, imaging pipeline can be different, the sensor bin can be different (number of allowable defects, hot pixels, etc). You just don’t have a clue…

  • Alfons

    Ha! I was dreaming about a camera with a record feature to save some voice data about the shot (persons involved etc…) but thought Olympus would never implement such thing :)

    No way I’m going to pay to get an “another E-3” with PEN sensor and that voice recording.

    Still something wrong here…

  • ANGRY Olympus Owner

    Oly could be the first to produce a pro “Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens” camera and I would be the first to buy it

    I wouldn’t mind two E-5s,
    ONE with a mirror & no video (for those who hate Video DSLR’s)
    one with a EVF and HD with all the focusing goodies. call it a E5-HD or something.

    It is pointless to try and make a flag that’s in-between to try and satisfy 2 parties. A 720@30fps will not attract anyone new, and will turn people like me to keep my E3 and get a GH1 or GH2

    If you don’t want video on your DLSR that’s fine and understandable, but many other people do, and in a market where almost all DLSR are coming with video it would not be wise to ignore this crowd.
    You cant just say “oh.. get a camcorder” they wont get a camcorder they will get a DLSR that has video from some other popular company.

    A mirror-less pro does not mean it has to be small, the benefits of a no mirror body is not only size, there is also the fact that you can have video with autofocus and a viewfinder that has a view just as big as a 1D (like the GH1’s own) and ability to record video and monitor it from the EVF (lcd screen + sun + video recording is bad combination)

    could you imagine a DLSR with the above features plus…
    1. A DLSR with the best lens line up in the market
    2. Video capable of continuous auto focus, tracking and face @60fps
    3. A Huge EVF And decent DR and high iso
    4. Ability to mount almost any lens out there on it

    That would be a game changer and that is what oly is/was good at doing.
    I would gladly pay up to $3000 for it any day

    If I had to wait until Q1 2011 I would
    But if they announce nothing of this nature on sep14 or announce not plans to do something like this…

    My E3 is not so worthless to become a back-up camera to this, It still does a great job for me and what i use it for.

    It is very possible for oly to do it and if they don’t do it… eventually they will do it after everyone else like canikon do it with there E.V.I.L. cameras

    might as well be the first to produce it and grab big market. A55 is unchecked right now

    that’s my thought

    • Tom

      I’m right with you, if Olympus doesn’t deliver, then I have no qualms about keeping my E-3. It is a fine camera in its own right.

    • You don’t really know what you’re talking about… No mirrorless system can compete with a DSLR in terms of Pro features. The reason for this is in the nature of mirrorless systems:

      * no electronic viewfinder can replace the true optical perspective through the lens
      * the auto-focus of mirrorless systems is too slow
      * Sony’s A55 with a “semi-mirror” kills 30% of the incoming light and their sensor are not /that/ good to compensate for that.
      * it’s not possible to build pro-grade lenses that match the small size of mirrorless camera bodies. By pro-grade I mean: fast, sturdy metal build, sealed. If it was possible, it would have happened already. Olympus is selling that MFT plastic zoom crap with slow speed at prices where you can get pro-grade Zuiko lenses for FT.

      It just doesn’t make sense to kill FT if Olympus wants to appeal to pro-grade users. MFT cannot and will not offer the same for years to come.

      • spanky

        I don’t agree that the situation is that bleak for a pro-level MFT system. There are advantages and disavantages to both EVF and OVF, and those can and will be overcome shortly for EVFs I think, as will the slower AF issue.

        As for pro lenses, just because there aren’t any doesn’t mean they can’t be built, more like nobody has chosen to build them yet. The focus has been, naturally, on the consumer market first, since that’s where most of the company’s profits come from. It would make absolutely no sense to launch a brand new system with a heavy investment in pro features and lenses when there’s so much uncertainty about adoption. Now that the adoption issue has been answered, it’s time to make the investment in the pro market with the format. Hopefully we’ll start to see one of the players make some moves in that direction.

        There’s definitely a market for the E-5, and I suppose we all wish the technology would move faster than it is so we complain about it, but I do believe it’s a rapidly shrinking market and once the EVF technology improves to get at least closer to OVFs, it’ll be over for traditional DSLRs.

        • Steve H

          The thing that I never hear people talk about with regards to EVF versus OVF is that with an EVF, if you’re shooting in a situation where you’re using strobes or a flash… the EVF doesn’t show you what you’re shooting. It just shows you a black screen. At least, that’s what Live View on the E-5 does. EVF just doesn’t work for studio work. If you’re looking at “what the sensor will see” and you’re using flash for exposure, all you’re going to see is black… which doesn’t really work for composition, etc.

          • ANGRY Olympus Owner

            I work in studio, the EVF will pick up the light from the Modeling lamps

            Just like the mirror on a OVF picks up the light from the Modeling lamp

            the only issue is frame rate in low low, and if you have decent lamps that will not be a issue

            I also use the “liveview” on the E3 to crop and set the focus in the studio when using tripod and I have no problem, even when on my square perfect lamps are turn all the way down… and they are only like 50watt modeling lamps
            which are CHEAP

          • spanky

            People talk about that all the time with EVFs. It’s a recognized limitation for current EVFs, as good as they may be in a camera like the GH1. I’m not sure what “all you’re going to see is black” means, but if by that you mean in a very dark scene will be difficult to discern details then yes it’s a current limitation – the EVF slows to a crawl in updating information, so you get less-than-fluid images on it. That will improve over time to where it won’t be an issue. My GH1 EVF doesn’t go black on me unless I’ve just taken a photo and it takes a few milliseconds to record the data and bring up the live view again. I don’t know how the live view on the E-5 works.

            I honestly get the feeling that most people who ding modern EVFs haven’t used one lately, so they talk from rumors and conjecture, or based on some old technology.

          • Steve H

            Well, I’ve never really looked into trying to get the live view to work, but when I’m shooting in normal light levels but using strobes at a shutter of 1/200th and an aperture of 8, the live view is just plain black, because if I tried exposing the scene at that shutter and aperture, it would be black. But, when the strobes flash, it’s exposed correctly. So… any hints on how to make live view even remotely useful in this situation? The modeling lights are not enough. I can see fine with the OVF, of course, but the live view sees nothing.

          • ANGRY Olympus Owner

            I see your point
            I believe you can program the FN button in the menu somewhere to activate the live view to adjust to the light its getting. I dont know exactly what is called but i no its possible.
            if you aree using the E3

        • Re: * Sony’s A55 with a “semi-mirror” kills 30% of the incoming light and their sensor are not /that/ good to compensate for that.

          That’a about -1EV loss, a full aperture stop!?

          Maybe Sony can live with that gimmick for their consumer cameras.

          But for Olympus with the FT sensor about -2/3EV already handicapped against the Sony APS-C, it would be devastating to loose another -1EV with a pellicular mirror.

          But even the smaller sensor (2/3″) equipped Olympus E-10 & E-20 did pretty well with a semi-transmissive mirror, so I don’t know.

          At least Nikon and Canon is not experimenting like Sony does, perhaps an indicator?

          • Boooo!

            No, the loss is only in the viewfinder.

          • ANGRY Olympus Owner

            who said canikon is not experimenting ?

      • Boooo!

        1) The EVF shows you exactly what the sensor will see. The OVF only gives you a close approximation.

        2) Olympus can build a m4/3 camera the size of an elephant if they want to.

        3) CDAF is only going to get faster with time.

      • ANGRY Olympus Owner


        —In regards to EVF—
        EVF works fine for me, if it cant meet your needs that is understandable, thats why I say offer TWO solutions or modular.
        NOT one that tries to satisfy both parties
        btw there are some things about a EVF that are better than OVF, they both have pros, and cons. The GH1 EVf is huge and looks great

        —In regards to lenses—
        They dont need to build pro grade lenes that match the size of MFT.
        THE PRO GRADE LENSES exist already in FT, I never said kill it. I dont want small lenses, I like BIG cameras and lenses. I cant even use my E3 properly with out the vertical grip which makes it look huge.
        Also not all MFT lenses are cheap plastic, I would love to use some of those great f0.95 lenses out there but I can never do with a standard FT

        —In regards to Sony a55—
        You are right, a55 does kill the light….
        Thats why MIRRORLESS is the answer for AF during video, not what sony did.
        BUT!!!!! Sony a55 is the only camera on market that is a decent pro with the ability to rec video with AF.
        IT IS UNCHECKED right now

        —In regards the mirrorless AF—
        you say the auto-focus of mirrorless systems is too slow, It is not as fast as what you can get with a mirror yes, but its not impossible to work with. The E3 is not even that great of a focuser, at least with the 35-100mm (I dont use any SWD)

        Also AF on the GH1 is not bad at all, it is actually pretty good, and with time it will get better, just like AF on DSLR’s…

        —In regards to mirrorless pro—
        Look at the havoc the GH1 cause with the hack
        I pratically beat the 5Dmk2 at its own game and it has AF during video, and it can have a host of other nonMFT lenses mounted on it.

        Oly can create serious havoc with a mirror-less pro

        and like I said if you hate the EVF fine, they should have a pro with a mirror.
        What I said was its not wise to try and satisfy both parties with one in-between solution,

        Read what i wrote before you start saying I don’t know what I’m talking about


        • ANGRY Olympus Owner

          Above is for Tobias W.

        • Dan

          Regarding pro lenses for micro 4/3, couldn’t Olympus basically just take their existing 4/3 pro lenses, and just build them for micro 4/3 with the increased flange distance built right into the mount? It would be like a 4/3 lens with the adapter built in. It may not be a long term solution, but it seems like this would create an entire line of pro m4/3 lenses in short order. And it’s not like pro lenses are ever going to be small, so a few extra mm at the end of the mount shouldn’t really change much.

          • ANGRY Olympus Owner

            m43 user can just use a mount
            your right pro lenses will never be small
            pen has a entire pro line in FT

            but both FT and MFT are missing fast primes, which should be built for FT in my opnion, with the execption of pancake primes for MFT

            FT needs some 1.2 and 1.4’s and it is very possible for oly to do it and to keep them around the size of the 50mmf2

    • Paulus

      Dear “Angry Olympus Owner”!

      I fully agree with you and your two following comments!

      Your dedicated comments show everybody that you are a real Olympus fan and that you fight faithfully for an Olympus future in the Pro-segment.

      They should take your advice!

      … a spark of hope – customers like you are the last bastion!

      • ANGRY Olympus Owner

        Thanks Paulus,
        only if oly could here my cry’s

  • Wei Apeture

    Mr. Olddo has posted on his website the official launch event of the new Olympus E-? system which states the event will be held on the 15th of Sep Taiwan Time.

  • Jozeph

    buzz buzz buzz: people sit back, relax and just wait a bit more. In a few days our waiting and speculations are over. How will life be after the presentation of E-5..?

    • admin

      +1 ;)

    • Tom

      and this is part of why I despise m4/3rds :) Other than it being tiny. :) People who complain about DSLR size are weaklings. Then again, not all are well-built Greek Gods like myself. :)

  • Jason

    BREAKING NEWS: The new E-5 will have a special X-Ray feature that allows you to see through women’s clothing (thankfully, it does not work on men’s clothing).

    • Tom

      I would get the E-5 for this alone, even if there are no upgrades from E-3!

      • Jason

        Me as well!!!

        • CRB


  • The image is Photoshopped – Rriley in the DPReview forums found and posted the evidence:

    • admin

      It is not photoshopped :(

      • Unless you can prove that in a more convincing way than “my sources say so,” I’m inclined to believe what I see in Rriley’s enhanced image.

        • These marketing photos are normally taken with Leaf MF camera backs. Admin may have access to a larger and higher resolution image, than what we see here. I cannot tell the genuity from this small image. We’ll soon arrive to the E-5 day, the 14/9. Then we’ll know.

      • jeff

        ya it is

      • Tim

        The specs and the picture don’t really say much. Admin, you should really quit speculating it’s a Pen sensor when many people have said it’s a brand new sensor, unless you know for sure.

        I’m all for the E3 body, but I was hoping it would be E30 size. However to have that sweet viewfinder you really need it to be bigger.

  • napalm

    i could be wrong but the E-5 image kinda looks slimmer than the E-3

    i tried to resize the image and compare it with the smaller E-3 pic. i know it’s hard to tell but to me looking at the spacing between the buttons in the body, it appears a bit slimmer

    check out here:

  • jeff
    • Nice one Jeff.

    • napalm

      hmm sorry, not an image expert here. but how does that image prove its photoshopped?

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      the suspense is killing me!!!!!!
      why cant oly just tell us!!!!!!

      • napalm

        they will at photokina lol

  • People hate change.

    Talking movies? A fad. Colour film? For the masses. 3D? It’ll never catch on.

    Contrast detect AF will REPLACE phase detect because it can be made smaller, lighter, and cheaper with no loss of accuracy.

    And if you think it’s not fast enough now, then you should remember that all other things being equal, the speed of it is largely dependent on processing power. And processors do not get slower as time goes by.

    It’s already fast. One day soon it will be as fast as phase detect or as near as makes no difference.


  • Dan #2

    Where did the built in wireless flash come from? My post a couple of days ago?

    Looks kind of mediocre but hopefully they have done something to improve on the PEN sensor with the new True Pic V processing.

    For some reason I think this is completely off the mark. Just another inaccurate rumor.

  • Steve H

    Put it simply, 720p is an insult. Why even include video if you’re going to make it 720p. It’s idiotic. I hope it’s not true. I mean, it’s a non-feature, and I’d rather have a cheaper version with no video capability than a crippled camera that shoots only 720p. That’s a joke.

    I hope the actual camera has better specs than this.

    I bought the E-3 right when it came out. I was excited about Olympus’s innovation they showed with the E-3. Unless the sensor is just phenomenal (and, no, the EPL-1 sensor is not acceptable), then this camera is basically a joke and will signal the death of the 4/3 line. Which sucks, because I’ve invested a lot of money in it.

    Like many have said, if this rumor is the best they can do, why didn’t they just release it over a year ago when the PEN came out. Same technology in the sensor and the video…

    This has to be a red herring.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      +1 here.

    • Perhaps 1080p requires a better image processing pipeline.

      But if Panasonic has done it with their GH1, why not license their multicore Venus Engine HD, if Olympus hasn’t designed their full HD TruePic yet.

      But would Panasonic sit still seeing Olympus challenging them on their home yard which is video?

      • ANGRY Olympus Owner

        will they watch oly die which is the life of MFT?

  • Inge – M.

    The first camera so have “Pen sensor” is Panasonic G1 over 2 year to back.

  • Purzo

    It’s an unbelievable!

    E-5 shatter part is same as E-3. it’s true, i agree.

    But I see new secret in Mount part. it is just for me?

    Mount part is 2 lines. one is Matt Coal Black. other is normal urethane corted black.

    it may mean to Removable mount. isn’t it? otherwise why they cuted mount part?

    Thank you.

  • CRB

    I bet whatever it takes that Oly will come up with something really, really good…why would they wait 3 years for just small increments? that would piss off most E-3 users…why would they upgrade? why other brands users would get into OLY?

    • Inge – M.

      “SMALL INCREMENTS” for a water pro E-30.

      • CRB

        Didnt get it…?…talking about the “Weather-proof ” body?

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      its enough to make someone……… ANGRY!

  • LD

    If you save the picture of the E-5 and open it in photoshop, it is pretty clear that the E-5 logo has been paste….

    • Inge – M.

      Yes, the picture is fake.

      • The picture logo looks very genuine to me, even proccessed through a simple forensic tool. So, the E-5 seems to be the name of this camera.

        -Don’t trust Photoshop

        • Well, took a 2nd look, with another filter.

          And yes, there is an area to the right of the figure “5”, that could indicate tampering. So my conclusion is now a 50% probability.

          • My conclusion is that its impossible to tell because of the resolution and jpeg compression

      • Dan

        I agree, looks fake.

  • calxn

    So no modular camera like the rumors?

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      Mayeb this is not the only announcement

      • Photokina in Köln is 21-26 September.
        We can hope that still some Aces are waiting up in the sleeves.

        • ANGRY Olympus Owner


  • kman

    In 1998-ish, I sold all of my Minolta stuff, and moved to Contax, cause I was very impressed with their build quality and lenses. I build my system to include their best cameras (RX, AX, RTSIII, Zeiss glass, etc). Then, I started to see Contax make moves and decisions that made me wonder if they were actually going to survive in the pro-photo market. After a few mis-steps, it wasn’t long before they were announcing the demise of their 35mm and digital offerings, and soon they were completely gone. The indicators that I recall that made me nervous were:
    -producing camera bodies that were 2-3 years behind what the rest of the market was selling. They were very well made, but the marketing specs were just not a match for other camera makers…
    -statements from the Contax company/dealers/user groups that lead owners to belive that we should be grateful and satisfied with the “system” that had the best glass and excellent lenses design, and that should be enough for anybody…
    -retail pricing that was not competitive (although I own/owned lots of the equipment, it was painful to pay those high costs for comparitively feature-less equipment)

    What I am seeing from Olympus today is the exact same kind of thing…
    -unclear direction regarding their product path
    -little/no “communication” with their customers (which is why sites like “Rumors” exist in the first place)
    -a seeming dis-interest in meeting customers needs.

    I will stay with olympus for next generation, because the equipment that I have is a joy to use and own. But they (Oly) really need to help us by showing that they have direction with their FT family. Either tell us what their long-range plans are for FT, or abandon it now, before they offer something that will squeeze them out of the semi-pro market all-together.

    • Alfons

      You are too right kman!

      Olympus seems to have no intention to update existing lenses, other companies have already left the 4/3 system and no one seems to know what is going to happen.

    • four thirds photo

      Kman is right.
      It really looks like Olympus is copying the strategy of contax. Olympus should come with a clear statement on the direction of 4/3rds, otherwise people loose their patience and leave.
      People are worried and uncertain. Olmpus should blame themselve for this. They made a lot of mistakes in their lack of communication to their customer base.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner


      your comments are disturbing
      I pray oly is not going down this path

  • John

    I for one am not jumping ship. To much $ invested into pro 4/3 lenses to do that. Though I will wait to buy the E-5 till I see a significant reason it is better than my E-3 at least enough to justify the $. If these specs are correct, (even with Jason’s) as of yet not even tempted. Though some of the speculated info would have me with a new E-5 as soon as available as I was when the E-3 launched. The upgrade differance between the E-1 to E-3 gave us considerable advances well worth the $ even at launch. If this E-5 dosen’t “fill the nitch” that you are missing then grab a low level camera new or used from another brand that dose; need 10fps, better high iso, & couple cheap lenses for occasional use. If unimpressed with the E-5 I will pick up a 5d2 or d3 for the few circumstances that I have found them to be more advantageous and have a real benefit.

  • Dave

    Shopped! I’ve seen a few shops in my time, and this is definitely photoshopped

    ; P

  • Jessica

    Well lets hope those specs are a joke because other than AF and weather sealing that will have a tough time beating up even a $599 Nikon D3100.

    This must be a joke.

    • bilgy_no1

      But doesn’t the same go for the D300? The E-3/D300/7D class of camera has another appeal than superior IQ. In fact, in the same sensor category, it seems that the latest sensor will produce the best results. Whether it’s a pro level camera or an enthousiast. For the best IQ, one would have to move up to a FF camera.

      I’m not saying that I’m thrilled by these specs, but many people have statements how they love the E-3 in use, but just need a sensor update to catch up/ overtake the IQ of the latest camera’s. So, this is it: a replacement camera for existing E-1 or E-3 owners with an investment in HG and SHG 4/3 lenses.

      Will it attract new users to the 4/3 system? Not likely; for that, they do need something more exciting.

  • Ivan Smirnov

    If its weatherproffing is same as E-3, then it sucks.
    On our Russian forum we’ve had a number of people who’ve experienced ded cameras and\or water leakage in the LCD screen after rain\water splashes (no immersion).

    Of course, all those cases voided the warranty as “weather-proofing” is just claimed and not supported by any standard rating such as IPXx.

    E-3 was a neat camera per se, though, even despite the small bugs (slight tilt of viewfinder vs sensor, a non-threaded cap on a terminal that invariably gets lost, lack of new firmware supporting much-demanded easily implementable features such as time lapse photography, focus confirmation for legacy lenses, contrast focusing, automatic switching from singleshot to multiple-shot mode when using bracketing).

    • Alfons

      After half an hour under light/medium rain my E-3 also took water inside. The moisture penetrated through a corner of top panel. Maybe the sealing and clear plastic panel were not perfectly aligned from factory.

      I glued the panel’s corners after drying the camera. My problem was minor and easy to fix, but there are certain places on DSLRs that you just can’t glue.

  • Great blog you have here.. It’s hard to find quality writing like yours these days. I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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