Olympus E-5 teaser leaked!


We just recieved that teaser posted onPphotofan.jp. Can someone please translate the text?

P.S.: Would be funny to make a call :)

UPDATE: There is some more info on Facebook

Great Launch
Wednesday 2010.09.10
Howard Hall III, Taipei Horward Hotel (one of the very prestigious hotel in Taipei)
2:00~2:50 pm. New Camera Body Fucntion & Specification Introduction, Q&A TIme
Special Guest
Olympus Japan
Marketing Support Group
Marketing Support Dept.
Mr. Ogasawara (Google translated name) here to present
2:50~3:30 pm E1/E3 Sharing Experiences
Presented by Olddo & Simon
3:40~4:30 pm New Camera Body Hand-On Experience

  • achiinto

    I know chinese, but there is nothing much worth translating with this. Basically, it just that that there is a “Digital SLR naming E-?” will be announced on Sept 15th. Location is at a restaurant in Taiwan, and they have invited the Olympus Marketing Group there. I think a director from Olympus will be attending in person.

  • Jason

    Yes, translation: E-5 announcement coming September 15th….

    • patrick

      So “?” is chinese for “5”? Didn’t know that – Thank you!

      • Visitor

        haha, NO.

        • Rob

          the ? is symbolic for “how are we going to sell this new camera with 2 year old specs?”

          • Jim


  • Joseph

    It is something like:

    DSLR Camera
    15 Sept 2010
    Proudly Announced

    An address for the venue of the announcement
    Invited guests from Olympus

  • ANGRY Olympus Owner


  • Jozeph

    15th? ……. It was supposed to be presented the 14…. :-(

  • Jozeph

    and yes! It has a strap connector on the right! for sure….

    • It’s for the wired cable remote control: RM-CB1
      Same as for E-1, E-300 with HLD-3 and E-3.
      I think even E-10 & E-20 wére using this.

      Note: Later models were uning CABLE REMOTE USB RM-UC1

    • > It has a strap connector on the right! for sure….

      That depends on whether that silhouette is as seen from the front or the back.

  • Alfons

    Looks like E-3’s silhouette.

  • Wei Aperture

    15th Sept Taiwan Time is the 14th Sept in US

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner


      • elf0724

        Yes. Due to the different time zone between Taiwan and USA.

  • newsed1

    OK, I think I get this. if the E-5 is an update of the E-3, that makes sense. This website has already reported that Olympus pulled some products earlier in the year because it had decided to head in new direction.

    I assume the E-5 will be the last full-size 4/w camera before the rumoured modular 4/3-M4/3 body appears next year, hopefully fitted with the new-generation Panasonic or even Fuji sensors.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner


      Admin have you heard anything about modular since this post…


      is it still being talked about, is it scraped, is it coming same time at e5, is it coming end year or next year.

      Is the idea still alive?

      • admin

        That’s where I am working in those weeks. My guess is that there will be no real product announcement at photokina but that olympus will talk about the future 43 development. I will write a post about that soon!

        • Jaz1

          Do you mean NO product announcements at all, no E-5 nothing at Photokina? Just future development for 4/3? If this is the case then Olympus will loose most of the (DSLR) user base they now have as mnay do not want to move to m4/3.
          Or do you mean that the modular system will not be announced only the future for such a system?

          • admin

            The E-5 is coming! But what I “believe” is that Olympus will bring us the real innovation few months after Photokina.

          • ANGRY Olympus Owner

            maybe E-5 is last of E, and the new system will be M-1
            And oly will go mirrorless from now on, for all cams, pro and pens alike

            Just a thought

  • Rob

    I really hope someone pipes up at the Q&A session and says something like this:

    ” Seriously? this is it? ”

    then laughs and leaves before they can answer the question.

    only 2 things can save this camera:
    1. unreal image quality
    2. cheap price, real cheap

    • elf0724

      According to the discussion on Several Taiwanese formula related to 43, some people have already prepared to query the staff of Olympus about the time(3~4 years) they spent on this E-3 successor and why does the camera just come with the weak specs.

    • napalm

      if its true that the specs are just slight improvements and no new features, i hope they price it really cheap like $999. and it should well have some better than ever IQ. yes, the $999 is wishful thinking, but it makes sense also if they still want people to buy it.

  • elf0724

    If you want to call the tel number from USA, you have to add the international number with it. That will be 011-886-2-27002323. Otherwise, you have to speak in mandarin which is the Official language in Taiwan to let they understand your question. Just try to make the call, it would be very interesting. ^_^

  • ANGRY Olympus Owner

    All our most important sources confirmed that Olympus is working on a completely new modular camera system. Some of them told us that Olympus original plan was to first release the Olympus E-3 successor and after that the first modular camera. But now Olympus is forcing the modular camera development and there are three possible scenarios:

    1) They release the Olympus E-5 at Photokina and the first modular camera by end 2010-early 2011.
    2) They will skip the Olympus E-5 release and announce a semi modular camera (it means with not all the planned features)
    3) Olympus makes the miracle and the modular camera should come with all the new features.


    Is this still true?
    Is the forcing going to produce results this month?

    • admin

      Point 1) is correct.

      • CALM Olympus Owner

        I feel like I can breath again…………

  • four thirds photo

    If Olympus shows up with the marketing department for proudly presenting the new cam, it should be better then an E3 with EP2 sensor. I cannot believe they will do this. Or they live on another planet, or they come up with a great cam and some news on the futural 4-3rds development (modular).

  • SiB

    The E1 was released in similar fashion, it was “outdated” when it hit the market. I don’t think there will be a warm welcome for a E-3 MKII in this day and age.

  • Chris

    That silhouette doesn’t look anything close to an OM-4.

    • Inge – M.

      E-5 is not modular camera! only FT.

  • spanky

    Just as a point of reference here’s what DPR said about the E-3. We’ll have to see if the E-5 makes up for those limitations, and, more importantly, if it’s not once again too late to market:

    “If Olympus could only find a sensor to match the quality of the camera itself and the lenses available, the E-3 would have been lifted into a class of its own. As it is, this is a camera that will keep the faithful happy, and one that offers some unique features at a good price, but one that is unlikely to see eBay suddenly flooded with high end Nikon and Canon gear as professionals and serious photo enthusiasts dump their systems and jump trains to the Four-Thirds express. Features like in-body IS and a tilting screen are all well and good, but a camera at this level needs to offer the ultimate image quality and total shooting versatility, and here the E-3 can struggle to match its direct competitors.”

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      lol, iwas just reading this abit early before you posted it, The e3 is something

      Only if oly would just listen

  • kman

    DPR is right… No matter how much we love the olympus gear, The 4/3rds system will struggle if they don’t start playing the game. I don’t necessarily want oly to become a canon or nikon, but they must increase their market share, which will increase the liklihood that they will begin to produce…
    -fast prime lenses (even if they don’t sell many, a larger market share will make it more likely)
    -more frequent release of their semi-pro gear…

    I will stick 4/3rds til oly forces a self-destruct…which might be sooner than we would all like for it to occur.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      that would be a sad sad sadddd day
      such good glass gone to waste

      They invested so much in that glass, I hope they would never let such a thing happen

  • jeff

    guys olympus cant compete with nikon and canon because the 43 sensor is too small , this was known along time ago

    does this matter ?

    does 1080p video matter?

    Does taking good image stablized images with ANY lense matter?
    yes and thats what olympus is doing and we should be grateful.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      oly can compete with canikon
      GH1 blows ways 5Dmk2 in some areas

      everything is not about DR and ability to take clean photos at 3200iso

      FF clearly wins there.. at the moment at least

      but FT can match there sensors just not at the same MP count which is what oly realized, thats why they are staying at 12mp
      and 12 for many people is perfectly fine

      lenses…. oly is better then canikon hands down especially for telephoto and fast zooms

      body build… oly better hands down, & weather proof

      built in IS = IS on everylenss (yr right)

      olys problem is sensor and they have man’ed up and taken a stand not to engage in MP race and improve DR and ISO at 12mp which is a good bold choice on there part

      so yes you are right in the sense that 43 sensors cant compete with FF sensors in MP if it wants to have good DR and hi-ISO

      But that does not mean it cant compete with canikons pros
      not everyone needs a gazillion MP for good photos

  • loic

    one question : who’s gonna buy this E-5 if a modular come on Q1 2011 ?
    a lot of great lense come on m43 , and nothing on 43 …

    • patrick

      swd update for some shg lenses would be nice, but great lenses for ft are already there…

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      Good point
      maybe those who have a e620 and need better right now
      (e30 not that much better)
      those who HATE mft
      those who have to have a mirror no matter what

      I am 100% sure if they put this e5 with above specs out its not meant for E3 owners to upgrade to. That would be hard to believe

      unless the sensor is amazing

  • A friend, very close to Olympus, confirmed me that the new camera 12mp sensor is a new, much improved chip regarding DR and noise figures. That’s it, did’n want to say anything more.


    • Inge – M.

      PuuuH, This is very good!

    • Tim

      This is what I’ve heard as well. I like all of these people on here jumping to conclusions before they know all of the real facts. Olympus doesn’t want anybody to know what’s going to happen, including 4/3 rumors.

      Wait and see what this thing brings before you jump off the ship. You just might be surprised.

      • napalm

        actually the last they would want to know IS 43rumors hehehe. unless its a controlled leak ;)

  • Scott

    I think this is going to be a great new camera. Its not going to be a glorified e-30. They could have put that out a long time ago. They have something they are not telling us. People are disappointed because it doesnt have 40mp. Olympus already said they were stopping at 12. No surprise here. If the noise and image quality is as good as the 7d then why complain about that. Oly has the same focal lengths as FF and better glass than Canon so the E5 system with SHG will be as good as the 5Dmarkll

    • Rob

      I wouldn’t say better glass than canon, value wise yes, but Canon has amazing lenses. (their cheap lenses are pure junk though).

      • ANGRY Olympus Owner

        Your right
        but the direct competitors of the canikon to oly SHG and some Hg glass, oly is better and even some canikon owners admit it

        300mmf2.8 vs canon 600mmf4
        zuiko win

        150mmf2 vs canon 300mmf4
        zuiko win

        35-100mmf2 vs canikon 70-200mm2.8
        zuiko win

        50mmf2 vs canon 100mm & 100mm macro
        zuiko win

        50-200mm2.8-3.5 vs can100-400mm4.5-5.6
        zuiko win

        Not only are ours faster, but many times they are sharper with less distortion and CA then their counter parts
        canon has more lenses yes, they have lenses we can even reach in focal length, true (800mm).
        but there are some zuiko lenses that out perform their canikon counter parts in every field and the 50mm is one of them and its not even SHG glass

        • Bill

          This is so funny to see how Oly fanboys are always speaking about paparazzi lenses. Hello, there is so many other discipline in photography. Where is the equivalent of “put whatever FF body manufacturer here” 50mm f1.2/1.4 in the olympus lens line ? The panaleica 25 f1.4 ? 20 years ago, a 2.8 DOF was a P&S feature. And still, even with a whatever blabla olympus glasses, an analog contax point and shoot from 20 years can still compete in IQ an enlargement quality with a 12mp oly.

          Come on, wake up, a 4/3 tiny sensor is a nonsense for a pro camera in 2010.

          I’m really sad because M4/3 is so great, i’m really happy that now you can put a decent digicam in your (coat) pocket, but sticking with 4/3 for pro line is really missing the train.

          I found this picture in dpreview that really reflect what i’m thinking of oly pro line: http://uppix.net/f/a/5/5d48839cd434778991b49f41f9cff.html

          • four thirds photo

            Well Bill, part of this is true. My conaxt high end compact camera can compare with anything in 12 MP on big prints. Also D3.

            Just put good slide film in it and one battery that lasts atleast 6 months.

          • John

            I hope that 6-300mm F/0.62 would become reality soon. LOL

            >Come on, wake up, a 4/3 tiny sensor is a nonsense for a pro camera in 2010.

            Larger sensor formats can have higher limits on maximum resolution given a current technology. But saying that the 4/3 sensor is nonsense is being “anti-4/3”. Especially if the concept of “pro” is always linked to using the “best” possible gear available, instead of being fit for a particular job. The sensor size, together with the HG line of lenses can accomodate a lot of “pro” uses.

            Heck, this guy is a professional just using E510 and kit lenses:

          • Scott

            Ha ha nonsence? Appearantly you dont sell pics for a liven. Try to make an 8×10 with a traditional 35 mil format. you have to crop a fortune off the picture which means all those mega pixels you bought arent even being used (wasted) oh and you cant zoom in as far so your background isnt as blurred out as much. People that dog the olympus 4/3rd system dont shoot for a liven

        • four thirds photo

          Olympus has a slight edge in lens performance (wide open), CaNikon are miles ahead of Olympus in sensor performance and AF. They have the better system and I would vote for them in noise and high iso performance too.

          The question is what is Olympus offering us with their new E”?” camera. Are they closing the gap on AF and sensor performance?
          12 MP is enough, but for the rest Olympus should offer us an equal or better cam as CaNikon 7D and D300s. Better or equal resolution, DR, AF and low noise. And I am not sure if that is going to happen.

          We will probably know soon.

      • tom

        @Scott “E5 system with SHG will be as good as the 5Dmarkll” Are u on crack? I have never seen a blind fan boy like you? SHG that is all you say SHG, SHG, SHG. Get real, Oly has Nothing that can compare to the Canon 85mm f1.2. Buy all the SHG glass you want, and you can never get to 1.2, SO what is the answer to f1.2 glass made by OLYMPUS not an off brand? Oly does not make an f 1.2 e an f1.4. F2 is th fastest I have ever seen from Olympus. You stroke the SHG like it is you own personal member, what SHG glass to you personally own? Please show mw your final work. Wake up man, No Oly camera will ever touch a 5dmkII in IQ with an 85 1.2. Lay off that pipe sir! Oly as a DSLR PRO platform is doomed! They are going thru the paces, they could care less for a market of less than .005% of their total volume is from pro shooters. All the rest are shooting Nikoncanon

        • Dummy00001

          > Nothing that can compare to the Canon 85mm f1.2.
          > F2 is th fastest I have ever seen from Olympus.

          Canon has nothing comparable to 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 at its price of $800. Just saying.

          And who the hell cares about f/1.2 (or faster) primes? The two guys who do are a puny minority. Oly would love to care about that, but alas they are not as big as Canon/Nikon is. Oly is after the mass market.

          Availability of such excellent all-around lenses like 14-54 and 12-60 is what makes Oly kicking in the market.

          • Scott

            I know one thing for sure. if Tom owned an 85 1.2 he wouldnt be bragging about it. Yes it is a nice lens @f 2.0 you cant shoot it at 1.2 it wont focus. Yes if you put it on a tripod and your taken a pic of a flower. at 1.2 you have to hold your breath to get anything in focus. Nobody has ever bragged about that lens that owns one. Do I use that lens Yes for detail shots of a bride at a wedding then i put it back in my bag. Do I use my 5dll yes if i have to go above 1600 with my e3 at f 2.0. I am a photographer I use the tools I have. But if I go outside i always always pick up my e3 35-100. My preference

        • John

          They guy said he also shoots 5DMkII and L Glass. Go figure.

          The problem with the world is that you get shot all the time for not using Canon or Nikon.

          And guess what? The 14-35 trumps your 85 1.2 on resolution.

          1DsMkIII + 85mm F1.2

          E3 + 14-35

          This is even with the fact that:
          1. 85 is a prime, 14-35 is a ZOOM.
          2. 14-35 beats it WIDE OPEN at F2.0, with the 85 STOPPED DOWN MORE THAN 3 STOPS at F4.0

          Each system has its advantages, and professionals have different needs. For example, a professional shooting in a studio for a magazine don’t need extremely shallow DOF and High ISO.

          And what are these fanboys doing in the 4/3 rumors site always telling people that their sensor is crap?

      • Dummy00001


        I picked Oly solely because from reading reviews I could deduce that they have decent cheap lenses. Canikon reviews were overflowing with bunch of tech info and do’s and dont’s.

        Both Canon and Nikon has some very unique lenses. I judged that if I got addicted to the photography (unsurprisingly I did not) and need the special glass, I can always switch to Canon or Nikon, as the new glass costs would dwarf my Oly investments anyway.

        Think of it, year+ later after buying my E-520, I still thought that vignetting was an effect in PhotoShop. I might be unsatisfied with the sensor, but otherwise, 43 spared me a lot of time and money for I didn’t had to get to all the nitty gritty details about lenses. I came to peace with my sensor – while my Canon friends still hunt for more/better cheap glass.

  • Jac

    Spoken like a true Olympian …

    I think it is much ado about nothing. My E-PL1 already has better resolution than my 7D, using the same top Canon lens. Of course, the 7D has instantaneous, I mean instantaneous, AF, in good light. That makes the major difference, and of course ISO above 400.

    18MP is great for sports, where pictures are often heavily cropped in this photographic genre.

    Olympus better glass ? Subjective, maybe to you. Too sweeping and general. Maybe qualify it to excellent zoom lenses ?

    Anyway, I am open-minded, no Zuiko or Canon or Leica cult thinking here. If it’s good, it’s good; if not, so many others to go to. Heck, the best pictures on Deviantart and Flickr are made by the cheaper cameras handled by superb artists. One can count on one’s fingers those with top cameras that can actually make art.

    • Rob

      Why are you comparing an Oly 300 to a Canon 600? Why don’t you compare it to the Canon 300? Same for all the other comparison’s you’ve made–they are simply not valid, as the magnification is not the same (field of view is not the same as magnification).

      You Oly guys need to get a life. If Oly cameras and glass were really as good as Canon and Nikon, pros would buy them. Right now, the vast majority buy Canon and Nikon, and it’s not because you are smarter than they are.

      • the other Rob

        Its a good point, if you crop a 300mm photo on a 21mp camera, don’t you get almost the same image as a 300mm on an E-3?

        I don’t see how you can compare those two.

        Besides, you need an olympus lens to be sharp wide open in order to get a decent DOF.

        Zuiko is good, I just think its ludicrous to say Canon lens are so far behind. Also, with olympus producing 1 lens every 2/3 years and Canon producing 4-8 lenses each year, I am much more hopeful for those systems.

    • napalm

      i think the better way of putting it is Oly has better value glass than competitors. both have good lenses though Oly seems a bit less expensive and more compact

  • Scott

    When I say better I mean sharper wide open. I mean its not my opinion. Look at the MTF charts. But being able to go down to f 2.0 and the image is still sharp is awesome. i also shoot with a 5dmll with L glass. I cant go below f 4 for most of my work. So I end up using a higher ISO to compensate. When I shoot with my E3 I can go all the way down to F2 and get awesome images.

    The Canon lenses do focus smoother but I have noticed they are not any better at locking focus.

  • Chris

    I think Scott is talking about the Olympus 14-35 F/2 zoom lens? Indeed too generic a statement. Gotta get to actual lenses, but the Canon 24-70L needs an update badly when it comes to sharpness.

    Luckily, most 24-70L users are Wedding Photographers and they don’t mind a little softness (I don’t). My friend’s Nikon D3 and 24-70 F/2.8 is crazy sharp wide open, I mean CRAZY(!!!) sharp, he actually complains that it’s too sharp for wedding photos LOL (and I agree).

    I don’t know anyone personally with a Zuiko 14-35 F/2 zoom, but maybe I’ll try it out with the new E-5.

    But as a Photographer, I gotta say that Canon doesn’t have amazing lenses. If you are a pixel peeper (I’m not) you’ll tend toward the new Nikon’s zooms, they are really sharp, canon can’t hold water next to them (24-70, 70-200). Or if you’re talking about Primes, you’ll have to bring the Zeiss’ and the Leica’s and Schneider’s of old where they made awesome saturated shots with excellent micro contrast. But now with digital and post processing those can be achieved with a little more photoshop/lightroom/aperture work. There are even plugins that replicate actual FILMs (Agfa 800, Trimax, Fuji Velvia, Kodak Porta, etc) CRAZY!

    For fun I just carry around an Epson R-D1 that has dozens of dead pixels, and ONLY 6MP. People who talk about “sharpness” and how one lens is better than another “most of the time” are hobbyist (aka prosumer) and not really bringing the bacon full-time with the camera. Those people usually just buy and use what works and makes sense.

    bah, who cares, stop checking out pixels, go out there and shoot!

    • Dummy00001

      > bah, who cares, stop checking out pixels, go out there and shoot!


  • Neonart

    Here is some logic:

    Oly is releasing a Camera to replace the E3, but according to the rumors from “confirmed sources” it’s basically and E-PL1 in an E3 frame. Even the body will be completely unchanged.
    They’re also having a marketing event to show off this magical wonder.

    This is insane!

    Yes, the E1 was underspecd, but it was a new camera with many interesting new features. Yes, the E3 was underspecd, but it also was a new camera with interesting features. Solid ones.

    Olympus can’t afford to release a camera that’s identical to the one it’s replacing with minor improvements like +2 MP, a better LCD, and outdated video specs. They’re not stupid. They’d be slaughtered by the media and consumers alike.
    This camera needs a much better sensor, and some new features. Why is the “photo” of the E5 only of a corner? Whoever took or found that photo must have had the whole picture, or the whole darn camera in front of them! Why leak a tiny corner unless your hiding something?
    Why release an almost complete spec list, but not have anything on sensor manufaturer?

    It all seems fishy. Like we’re being fed this stuff on porpuse, or these “sources” have limited information and are going to be fired soon for leaking it.

  • kman

    I wish Olympus would try to compete with someone other than themselves. Though they might meet our needs today, they can’t survive unless they do things significantly differently. If these specs are true and relatively complete, there is no incentive for anyone that does not have Olympus equipment already to come to olympus. We need new co-olympians. We like what we have for the most part, but we won’t get what we die-hards have been asking for if they can’t come close to competing on the general photography market. We say to each other that pixel count is not very important, but the reality is that it is the #1 reason most people (again, not us!!) choose a certain camera at a certain time. As I said in another post, Fantastic Lenses, and a more realistic 4/3 sensor format is simply not enough to convince enough people to come to our side. 12mp is enough for me, but simply not enough to convince others that this system is worth considering. Oly doesn’t have to match these competitors specs exactly, but they should understand that in order to get more customers (or keep us as customers), they are gonna have to start ‘puttin out.

  • alex

    god some people love to compain…. no camera – bad…

    not know specs yet – baaaad……

    wait a few days for it boys…… waiting – bad…

  • Inge – M.

    Easy E-5 have new 12mp sensor at maybe 12 stop DR and more.
    But E-30 successor use GH2 sensoren on 16mp.

  • food for thought

    who knew the Gods Of Olympus are Japanese! hehe this might be the new Kraken! the E-5

    anyways we’ll see. talent and skills makes a good pic. not the camera. but sometimes the gearhead in us want the latest and newest stuff. personally I’m already happy with the E-PL1

    but give olympus some credit. back then. the E-1 was the only camera that could do 3200ISO during it’s hayday. heck they also was the first with the sensor cleaner, live view, in body-is. everyone just copied them, if they were smart they should have been thinking like the Pharmacy companies. whenever they do something innovative they would not release a generic until they make money off of it to cover for the cost of research and profit. imagine that. Olympus would be the only company to have sensor cleaner, live view and in-body IS from 2003- to who knows.

    but since they’re nice guys and (probably bad business men) they let others borrow their hard earned research

  • Neonart

    Here is another interesting note about the sensor in this nearly identical camera to it’s predecessor. According to these “sources” that have been giving us these leaks, “Early samples of photos taken with the E-5 shows that the picture quality is almost on par with the D300s and 7D.”

    If this is the same sensor found in the E-PL1 or EP-2, then the above comment is not true, or that person is blind. Check DXOMark. The GH1 gets close to the 7D, but thats it. The E-PL1 sensor rates worse than the E3! It’s not an upgrade. No DR improvement at all. (We all realize that DXO is not real world, but their findings do match what the real world sees. Highly rated high ISO cameras take great low light shots, like the D700 for example. This alone does not make the shot. They can’t see great lenses and good composition, etc. But it matters.)


    • Inge – M.

      You saye, Olympus come by water por E-30???

  • Bookervrk

    I think I’ll participate in the meeting,though. Many Olympus fans in Taiwan would like to ask Mr. Ogasawara
    why did they delay so long for E-?. I think there will be an oral argument there.
    By the way, Olddo & Simon are famous photogher, which use the Olympus , admin could watch their activity in facebook, because they usually try the new stuff first.
    You know what I Mean.:P

  • Dirk

    I am living in Taipei, just sent a email to my Olympus/Taiwan friends and will be there at the Howard hotel to see, feel and try the new E-x

  • I agree

    yup. second the suggestion about Olddo and Simon!

  • Dirk

    The telephone number in the teaser belongs to Howard Hotel, Taipei.
    If you want to get Olympus Taiwan, try +886-2-87515055-260, Mr.Lyn.

  • Olaf

    I feel we are all insane, including me! Its only a camera. I’m sure wa all can take fine pictures with the one we got….

    • Dowe


    • marilyn

      im getting my head bang the wall is this going to be a joke or what… cant take it anymore i want to see the camera and why after 3yrs… or more…

  • four thirds photo

    Already two years ago there was a guy from Olympus stating that the E3 successor would have 12 stops dynamic range.

    They might have worked on iso performance as well or found a new 12mp sensor with very low noise. If you combine 12MP, no AA filter (or low AA filter), noiseless iso 800 and excellent iso 1600 + good iso 3200 + 12 stops DR + improved AF + zuiko top pro lenses I think we have an excellent system. No one on this forum should have one reason to complain!

    I will buy that immediately to stick it on the 150/2.0 and 300/2.8 and other great Olympus glass.

  • Vlado

    End of 4/3 ….

    Realy whats the point of buying SHG lenses (witch are top match) whan you can’t buy a good body to it, neither a specific lens for special use. (macro, portret lens &&&&&)

    If you are pro you realy need lots of good lenses for each sytuation, buying a SHG lens is nice but is it realy so good that you can have a diferent system just becouse of tham??? No …..

    What you need is a complex system for profesional use and olympus doesn’t bring it and whan’t do it. Thay will never make a lens like canon 80 f1.2 or a macro lens with internal focusing system (sigma isn’t a choese here …. only the 150mm has internal focus and it’s too long for many shots), if you don’t have a complex system there is no point to enter thayer profesional line with SHG lens even if thay are a bit better than other’s….

    Now lets look on no-profesional line:
    Olympus was great for thayer great low cost lenses and mid-cost lenses, yah that are realy realy good. The bodies are weaker but still as package thay where a good choese.
    But this sector is ending …. m4/3 and the new sony systems are bringing system witch are small (realy important for no-profesionals) and have usefull speed of AF… so there is simply no reason for no-profesional to buy the more expensive DSLR witch doesn’t bring any usefull advantige.
    + add to it the lenses for sutch systems are smaller and easer to make especialy the wide one.

    The main reason why I both e-3 +12-60 +fl50R becouse of the price … and it’s fine for me as non-profesional.
    But be sure I whould never buy a SHG lens.

    If e-5 is heading against 7d it’s pointless … thats too expensive…. realy for sutch body price as 7d you need lenses for specif use as profesional and zuiko whant bring tham.

    e-5 can head against 60d as the last best non-profesional camera of canon and the price must be on that level, else I don’t see any reason to buy e-5 a flag ship of ending system.

    • Olaf

      Dont you know that the mega pixel race has ended! At least for me it has. There is other parameters to a great photo than pixels!

      • kman

        I agree that the mega pixel race has ended for me as well, but in order for olympus to stay in business, they must do something different. 12 mp is enough for us, but not enough to sustain the company. 12 mp will not get them any new customers, especially if the camera is +$900 usd (with a kit lens. The world thinks that the main consideration for digital photo is pixel count. So, it’s up to folks like us to “convince” interested photographers that what they read and see on the market (higher and higher pixel counts) really is not the only thing to consider. I’ll admit, I’ve never been successful convincing a person to go with Olympus instead of Canon or Nikon. I agree that we should strongly support our Olympus brand, but Olympus has to help as well, by pushing their own envelop.

    • Dan #2

      Learn how to spell and take some grammer classes while your at it.

      • Chris

        It’s grammar, not grammer.

        Enough with the infighting, everyone. Go out, enjoy your weekend, get some solid shots in, and do something worthwhile to occupy your time for the next 4-5 days.

  • nug

    The E5 12 Mpix is enough, provided…
    The sensor has better sensitivity/lower noise (1-2 EV).
    There are some gains in dynamic range. 12 stops? oh my, that would great.
    The Zuiko pro glass is actually capable of 70-80 lppm. That would give the final resolution at par of 24Mpix FF (36×24).

  • jay

    I’m living in Taipei as well. From a very reliable source, in the teaser you won’t be able to “try” or “touch” the “E-?.” The teaser is only an announcement and an experience sharing. However, you are going to see some elegant pictures taken by the E-?. The price is much more friendly, compared to 5D II. Orz….

  • Jay

    Hey, anyone tried to “save as” the picture? You can find the name is “E-D1” Cool!!

  • doug

    Do you guys ever find time to take any photos???
    Reminds me of my days at a camera club, no photos just gear talk.

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