(FT4) Panasonics compact MicroFourThirds camera will not be called LX5


From two different 43rumors sources:

The LX line will not merge into the MicroFourThirds Sytem. Expect a LX3 successor for the Photokina 2010 and the first compact MicroFourThirds camera much earlier. it will probably open new nomenclature.

We are still months away from a Panasonic compact MicroFourThirds announcement. May I can give Panasonic some advise?

Make the camera even smaller as the E-P1! …with a nice OLED screen….and if you wanna become my personal superhero company find the place to put the EVF!

P.S.: Sorry no room for built in flash in my tiny camera :(


For potentially European Panasonic LX3 buyers…Pixmania pricedrop


Pixmania just lowered the price of the black Panasonic LX3! And they have it in stock!

Pixmania Germany
Panasonic LX3 schwarz 395 €

Pixmania Italy
Panasonic LX3 nera 415 € (seems to be a very good price in Italy)

Pixmania Belgium
Panasonic LX3 zwart 381 €

Pixmania Holland
Panasonic LX3 zwart 381 €

You have to buy from your local Pixmania shop! You can’t buy from Pixmania Belgium if you are from Germany.