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(FT5) Ultr-small Panasonic MFT confirmed. Coming in 2014. Not a GF.


Three sources confirmed that the ultra small camera MFT camera form Panasonic will arrive in early 2014. And one source also said this is not a “GF” branded camera! There is no info about the specs yet and what’s more important…about the size. 43rumors reader amweber (Thanks!) made the smallest possible mockup design. Don’t know how easy it will be to hold a tiny camera like that :)

IN summary, the GX7 with built-in tilting EVF, 2 axis stabilization and new 18 megapixel sensor will be announced in late August. The camera coming after the GX7 will be that ultra small compact and it will hit the stores in early 2014.

Ok, now it’s time to work on the Olympus camera and lens roadmap…

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
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