Olympus E-5 fake image?



Of course it is a fake or not? Yes it is fake! ..?

P.S.: Thanks Jakob for sharing the image!

Just for fun…compare the fake(?) image with the E-3 image:

Do you see important differences? Oh yes!


Pentax K7D is definitely coming!




Pentax Austria confirms the release of the new Pentax K7D. It will be announced the third week in May.

There are a lot of speculations, 1.3 cropfactor, square sensor, video recording, new autofocus system… :)

What is certain the K7D is not a K20 successor but a completely new line of Pentax digital cameras.


UPDATE: The pentax K7D should have a pirce of 1.500 Euro and be able to use the new DA* lenses.

UPDTAE2: Probably with video recording? We will give you more information soon….
UPDTAE 3 ! Probale specs: 100% viewfinder, kind-of-metal-housing, hd-videomode, better, faster and more accurate af, 5-6fps, many little changes in order to improve ergonomy…”

UPDATE 4: French magazine “Réponses Photo” confirms new Pentax DSLR release for may.

A poster in a pentax forum writes “pentax is late comapring to canikon so this new item would be a DSLR that will “jump” a generation and will bring something new”

Then DA* 60-250 launch date is 24th of April!!!

UPDATE 5: There seems to be a Microphone hole opening on the head of the camera in front of the Hotshoe, which implies it is a video capable DSLR!

UPDATE 6: It is the May 21th!!! This is the day the camera wil be launched!

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New Picture:

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(FT 2) Olympus E-5


The picture has been sent to us 3 weeks ago. The anonymus sender believes this could be a REAL! Olympus E-5 picture. To bad it is to small to judge if this could be true.

Some funny joking 43rumors visitor was claiming this will be the E-5 specs! So, take it easy, relax, this is probaly a fake rumor ok?

The Olympus E-5 will be the first camera to breake the 12Megapixel barrier!

-15 Megapixel on a slightly larger sensor (similar to the GH1 sensor which is bigger then the G1)

-3.0 AMOLED display (this would be a BIG surprise). Panasonic has the tecnology to build AMOLED screens. They have the advantage to be bright and clearly visible even in outdoor shootings.

– NO Video recording

-Usual stuff like Body IS, Art Filter,….

P.S: The only 100% real rumor is that the camera will be released in 2009 ;)


Olympus micro four thirds rumors reaction


When you have a website like this you sometimes receive heavy critique. And that is normal. 34 days ago we announced that the Olympus E-450 will be released soon (See https://43rumors.com/ft-5-new-olympus-dslr-is-coming-the-e-450/ to have the proof ) I remember few people blaming on us. They accused us to announce false rumors to make money! This kind of reaction is completely understandable and human. Now that the Olympus E-450 has been announced I hope you will give us some more credit ;)

I bet with you the micro four thirds specs given by us are for 95% real. I expect Olympus to make some minor changes that’s why I say 95% and not 100%. And I can’t wait until summer to see your reation when the camera will be shown to the world ;)

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New Pentax DSLR? Pentax K7D?


Sorry if we publish some news from other brands. But it seems something interesting is coming from Pentax. May you want to know more.

From what we know three Pentax cameras are expected for 2009. This could be the right time for the K20D successor. It will probably have video and we hope they will make it better than Nikon and Canon! Again we hope they will not follow the Canon (EOS 50D) Megapixel race.

P.S.: You have to wait for 2010 to have a mirrorless camera from Pentax :(

http://tekade.de/ lists the camera


More pictures here: