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(FT5) New E-P5 pictures (via Mobile01).


Mobile01 posted this E-P5 pictures. As you see the camera comes in Black, Silver and White. And of course the 17mm, 45mm and 75mm Black lens rumor I posted last week is correct. You can see the Black 17mm lens on these pics. Click on the thumbnails to see the large size image:

  • Kay

    Beautiful cam, but why does the white one have to have a beige grip????? Hideous color. Only old people’s hearing devices have that!

    • Khm, that’s the target audience :D. At least from the design standpoint.

      • Hardly. The target demographic is likely young people (20-35) who are fashion sensitive and loves retro looks in high-end electronics. Old people tend to care more about functionality than looks.

      • Pharque Moi

        I have pen envy.

    • Anonymous

      The grip cover is made from the flesh of real babies! :-)

      • jeroen

        I laughed.

    • Fafhrd

      It matches those wonderful white moccasins with the tan shoelaces that some booth rat left on the table while he soaked his feet.

      What? What? That is how the booth was setup by Marketing? Never mind.

      • Well, and i need a white Pen bage now soon, FOR MY NEXT PEN. :-(

    • ssgreenley

      Hipster chicks love the look of the white PENs.
      I love hipster chicks.
      I own a white PEN.

  • novaoz

    Hey Admin
    Nice work, can you confirm the 17,45 & 75 are not Limited Editions…?

    • Anonymous

      Look…the whiners (who never buy the lenses anyway)…REALLY need something to whine about….so now that the have their little black lenses….please let there be a premium price tad…please….as this is the only route to true happiness for them! :-)

      • He He

        He He He He!

      • Incessant Troll

        i don’t have the feeling that m43 is “pro” anymore now that all the plebs will be using the black lenses like me :( black is an expensive color, because black paint absorbs all colors in the visible wavelength and therefore it costs more $$$!

        hopefully olympus will still not provide a lens hood with their $800 lenses. hopefully i can continue to pay $100 for a “pro” hood made out of material that is recycled all around the world every single day with a value of $0.05 that is manufactured in china for $0.10

        • ISO 1638400

          You should start up a political party or something. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of followers. “Campaign for the Standardisation for All Black Olympus Cameras and Lenses Plus Olympus Lens Hoods and Cases Included with Every Olympus Lens. Join now for a voluntary fee of 10 cents, 10 percent of which will go to your nominated charity.”

          Meanwhile, the world goes on, and users can choose to ignore the Olympus options and buy less expensive third party options from a variety of sellers.

          Maybe one day Olympus will realise their awful mistake, motivated by corruption and greed of the highest order, and remorsefully plead mercy from its countless loyal users and henceforth include their award winning lens hoods with all their lenses, while destroying the factories that manufactured their silver coloured products as punishment for such a crime against photography, and afterwards, proclaim a worldwide public holiday to mark the historic event.

          • Incessant Troll

            you raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sarcastic commentator. bravo!
            olympus… a company where executives have been indicted in a multimillion dollar scandal, that offers overpriced limited options and accessories to blatantly screw consumers, and yet gets defended by fanboys / paid bloggers online like its the next coming.

        • UFFFF, dike di di die DIKK, incessant for of all Troll. :-P

      • novaoz

        How is that whining..??? Pull your head in Jerk! stop trolling pages and get a life

    • The 12 mm limited edition had it printed to the right of the alignment dot. Can’t see the same on the samples above, so fingers crossed that black will now be a standard option! Bet we don’t get lens hoods though…..

  • Black 45 & 75 are also in these pictures. The black E-P5 has 45mm lens on, while the P5 in the back is with the 75 mm. With hoods, of course.

    The grip is useless, looks glued.

    The flash mechanism is different from the one on E-P3 and E-PL1. Let’s hope it can be tilted up as the ones from PL1 and PL2.

  • All black will be nice too, with the black 17mm. The most discrete option.

    Comparing the size of the new EVF to the E-M5, one has to wonder what the hell of an EVF that must be!

    • Anonymous

      The size of the optional view finders are probably a result of them being tiltable. The VF-2 makes any PEN taller than an OM-D and yet it seems to be the same tech inside of the OM-D finder as the VF-2.

  • Tim F

    it looks like the grip is not replaceable… that would be a pity, why cant we use the old grip (E-P3/E-PL5/XZ-2)

    • MdB

      A poor choice if you ask me. One of the best things about the E-P3 and it’s siblings.

      • Completely agree. A bit of DIY will be required: .

      • Tim F

        they added it to the E-PL series, because customers started to glue the MCG-2 to the E-PL3 ;-)

        And now it looks like they replaced a good idea with the old version again :-/
        Wonder if they didnt want the extra Money for custom grips?

        In germany its 30€ extra, and everybody i know who owns an E-P3 got that Grip as well. I even expectet JJC to produce a cheaper copy of it-like with the lens shade ;-)

        • pizza4D

          Anyone know what thread or gauge the screws for these optional hand grips have?

          I’d like to try to add it to my GF2 instead of having to use the leather case that is blocking off the battery and SD card door.

          I guess I could just glue it on, but maybe it would be possible to add a screw thread to the tiny GF2 grip. Pretty sure it is hollow – just not sure the screw thread could be added at the necessary angle for the Olympus MCGs.

    • Matt Jones

      Agree about the lack of screw on grip, that is a blemish on an otherwise awesome camera.

  • Oriol

    Yesterday I said this was an ugly camera… Well I must say that in these pictures it looks much better!

    • Bob B.

      The silver & black one is quite smart…although…after seeing it with the new VF (can U say B.I.G.?) next to the OMD…one has to ask one’s self “why?” would one pay a premium for this set-up…just get a discounted OMD, no?

      • I would say handling and design, Bob..

        • true homer

          What handling? Does it have more buttons than the omd?
          And paying a premium for a camera because its pretty…the days we live in…

      • Anonymous

        Because of modularity. Pocketable and great EVF when needed.

    • Fafhrd

      That is a relief. I can sleep better tonight.

  • joey jo jo

    ready to order a black 45mm as soon as its available

  • ermahgerd!

  • JimStir

    Looking at the size comparison to the E-M5 with the EVF on board { a necessity for me } the E-M5 looks to be an even better buys as the prices start to go down a bit. One thing is certain we are not short of choice in mFT .Well apart from the RF style body with built-in EVF that many of us are looking for.

    • MdB

      Well until you add the cost of the grip so you can actually hold/use the thing ;)

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        MdB, I have medium/large hands, and I have never had any problem in handling OMD-Em5. I bought the grip (I use only the vertical part, not the lower) simply because I use a lot Voigtländer 17.5mm, that it’s quite a heavy lens, compared to other m43 native ones. Also 75mm is fully usable without grip. Of course one hand should be under/around the lens, as always.

        • true homer

          Thats the point, without the vertical grip you have to do finger circus.

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            True Homer, I never felt like I was doing acrobatics with my fingers, I bought the grip only to feel more balanced when using Voigtlander 17mm. It’s a fact though that the added wheelis a good improvement.

            What I really miss on E-m5 is another (almost) completely customizable button like Fn.

            • JimD

              Marco, they were going to put on another programmable button. But there was a mix up in the drawing office and it got put on the lens. I have heard that the viewfinder for the EP5 was also handled by the same office but they lost it. It eventually turned up as a hole in the floor giving full color images of the basement carpark.

              • MarcoSartoriPhoto

                LOL :D good one Jim!

  • Sqweezy

    So its basically the same size as the OM-D. With the added viewfinder attached, it’s even larger! This is how Olympus sees the PEN line for the foreseeable future. It is their street camera with an optional, removable EVF. Expect Olympus to NEVER integrate it into the camera. If you want integrated, your only hope is the OM-D line… where you trade an on-camera EVF and weather sealing for a pop-up flash!

    All said though, the silver E-P5 is gorgeous!

    • mahler

      Remember that also the E-PLx and E-PMx cameras belogn to the PEN line. These two bodies are much smaller.

  • Don Pope

    My only problem with the E-M5 is that it doesn’t have a built-in flash (I hate the clip-on flash).
    My only problem with the E-P5 is that it doesn’t have a built-in viewfinder (an even larger clip-on accessory).
    I guess you can’t have everything.

    • I know what u mean. G6, NEX6, XE1 etc. have both but no IBIS. Though I’ve gotten used to my E-PL2 + VF2, I’ve almost lost the EVF many times.

    • Taran Morgan

      Unless you want a NEX, which has all the features you describe.

      • AG

        My E-PM2 takes great pictures that competes with an SLR; however, the NEX 5N and F3 just give me shots like a point and shoot on a good day.

        I’ve convinced myself that there no more comparison between NEX and m4/3 as latter has cemented it’s position with great lenses as the perfect 2x crop complement to a full frame SLR system for enthusiasts and pros.

        While this new one looks great, I wish we could get an Oly built like the Lumix G-series.

      • true homer

        Omg nex cameras have ibis?!

        • stickytape

          He didn’t say he wanted IBIS now, did he? hehe

  • Fellow

    I bet they made sure it bands with the Panny 20mm just like the OMD. That kind of laziness on firmware is goin to hurt them.

    • Ross

      Maybe you need to blame Panasonic for their lens design!

      • Yes, it must be Panasonic design if it has worked fine with every other Olympus camera…

        • Do

          Probably the Sony sensor is more prone to interferences, and the 20mm on the other side causes more interferences than other lenses. So I guess the problem cannot be solved completely unless Sony makes a mere sensor design.

  • bobthewrecker

    1/8000 w00t! Now where are the fast Oly zooms?

  • Jack LeBoul

    Does the flash bounce?

    • Anonytrackball

      Off a wall in front of the camera. Or if you drop it.

      • Jack LeBoul

        Good one.
        Do you know if it “bends” backwards?

        • Anonytrackball

          Of course it will. But its not supposed to. Oh Dear.

          • Jack LeBoul

            The Ep-3 did not.

            What’s up with the “oh dear”.

            • Anonytrackball

              Lots of things can be made to do things that they were never designed to do. Its just making them work the way that was intended afterwards. Oh Dear, pass the pliers please.

        • bobthewrecker

          More importantly, does it bend over?

    • John Silver

      Try a piece of aluminium (aka aluminum) foil. Works for me.

  • Looks sexy. And specs too. E-M5 was always too big for me.

    • Ross

      I think you need to take a closer look at the last photo above.

      • Hm, thanks. Did not pay attention.

    • true homer

      THEYRE THE SAME SIZE! Heck the pen woth the clip on finder is bigger. The idiocy of people who cant even do asimple google search is astounding

      • Wow, wow, we have a badass over here :) keep calm, dude, life is nervous anyway :)

      • stickytape

        Need to get your eyes checked. They’re quite obviously not the same size.

  • Hm

    I preferred a LF1 drawing style

  • The new PEN looks nice though I’m more keen to see the E-M6.

  • Vlad

    The camera looks nice. Not as sexy as the E-P3 though. And for those complaining about the size of the VF, wait until you see how it performs.

  • Ming Dang

    Very nice body, very pretty and nostalgic but I can’t shoot with a camera with no viewfinder. Only people with iPhones and iPads do that. Real cameras have viewfinders.

  • alexander

    cool but why nop EVF ?…

  • Does it have the 5-axis IBIS?

    • …ok, I just saw the previous story says yes!

  • cameras like a cat

    Why can’t cameras with this small sensor smaller? Smaller than APS-C Evil? Smaller than a (fullframe;) Minox 35. Why is the VF-4 sitting on top of the camera like a tennis ball? I would prefere a lowered approach, may be through periscope style construction?

    • Pixel-peeping killed me

      E-PM2 and GF5 are smaller, so it’s certainly possible. But what’s the point of making things as small as possible just for the sake of it? At a certain point, a camera becomes too small to handle comfortably. I think the E-M5 and E-P5 are almost too small already.

  • Yun

    Since is EM5 sensor , is fine . Can’t ask too much .
    Design wise as per my prediction , OMD style .
    Improve 5 axis & 1/8000 is great .
    What about focusing points ? This is important .
    Now is Pana’s turn to come out something to impress .

    • Damn Oly

      I think panasonic,.has different approach and stand point with their camera line,.i had GF1,G3 and GX1 in the past all of them are gone,on ebay,.specially post OM-D released,.i have the E-M5 and & E-PL5 plus Fuji XE-1,.but ,when I played the G5 and GH3 @ B&H .i still really like the lay out button from Panasonic,.i mean more easier and familiar for me to access the menu since i had GF1, GX1 and G3 in the past,.IQ wise,.the Oly has done better than with E-M5 ,.i wish that it has more beefier without the add on grip and very tricky button menu/not well place
      my wish from panasonic is ,PLEASE .just contribute the excellent lens,.for M43 community ,.and make the NOCT LINE,.like the upcoming 42.5 mm Noct

      • Damn Oly

        also i really like the shape form of the upcoming G6,.,.if panasonic can make The L1 style sibling with built in view finder,.even though they can not have the 5-Axis IBIS ,.I think it gonna make a hit,.just like they did with GF1

  • PannyBoom

    Hey guys, do you think Olympus will discontinue the OM-D E-M5?

    • admin


      • PannyBoom

        Thank you admin

    • bobthewrecker

      Not after the E-P5. I think it will depend on what the next OM-D is. If the next OM-D is pro grade top of the line stuff (new line above E-M5), they won’t do it yet. If the next OM-D is a merge of E-M5 and E-P5 so a replacement / continuation, they will.

  • Sweet, so one could almost guess this will be the shutter that will be used in the next E-X or E-XX, and could even be the EVF if they can go the mirrorless route…

    We could be seeing the pieces come together for their next body :)

  • Gorgeous camera, right up there with a Leica, but they could have put the EVF in and still had a good looking camera. I had the EP-3 and liked it but, I love my EM-5 and 14-150 so much more useful. Am buying the Lumix LF-1 for my second camera.

  • Anonymous

    I wish we could see a side shot of the black 75mm in the background. The 12mm has a round hood? Thanks Administrator.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Both 12mm and 17mm have the same diameter: you can use the round hood of 17mm on 12mm as the rectangular one of 12mm on the 17mm. In the pic they show the round one.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Ouch! Not true: 17mm has a slightly larger diameter (1mm). You can only put the round hood of 17mm on 12mm. The 17mm won’t wear the 12mm hood. (Just tried to be sure ;) )

      • JimD

        You did not think they would let you get out of paying another $50 for a hood did you Marco.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Jim, I paid 450 € for lens (17mm) and hood. Basically the hood came for free, so I don’t complain about it. But there are also other third parts (JJC brand) that produce the (almost) same hood at 1/10th of the original Oly one. I bought that for 75mm for 5$ if I’m not wrong.

          Today I’m going to ask for 60mm for 418 €. But I’ll order a JJC hood, not the 50€ original one. And again it’s identical except for the brand name.

          • JimD

            I have a couple of JJC hoods. The first one I got was for the 14-150mm zoom. It fitted snugly but now seems to be a little loose I think the plastics they used were a bit stretchy, but the other is fine.

  • Anonymous

    so more than one week before announcement there are countless leaks, while the g6 had one leak two days before announcement. are there good secretkeepers or does nobody care for panasonic?

    • It’s the Oly way vs the Pana way: Olympus marketing likes to leak a picture or two several days before the announcement.

  • gs

    I know everyone is saying the silver is beautiful and all, and it is (sort of)– but am I the only one who finds the “painted silver” really tacky? They never look as beautiful in real life as in the pictures, I find…

    Dual dials is good. I hope they improve the manual video modes on this or the EM-5 successor– it’s frustrating that the good features are spread out between Panasonic and Olympus (GH3: video and quality of buttons/controls, OM-D: IBIS and size).

  • Anonymous

    It seems that neither Panasonic nor Olympus will ever make a RF style camera with built in VF… And why can’t we have ISO 100? I suppose it’s some sort of trade off for having ISO 64 million squillion?

    I suppose ISO 64 million squillion is something that the marketing department can shout about but ISO 100 and even 50 just aren’t sexy numbers?

    God I hate the direction photography is going in.

    • Robbie

      It took them 5 to 6 incarnations to include focus peaking so I guess we can see whatever you have wished for after another 5 to 6 models

    • true homer

      Gh3 has iso 125

      • Anonymous

        “Gh3 has iso 125”

        But 125 isn’t 100 and I just want to queston every step away from 100. Why lose 100? Please, give us 100 and 50 too just to make the people who want lower sensitivities happy :)

        We have all these nice fast lenses and the cameras can’t keep u with them :(

    • JimD

      If there had been a viewfinder since the ep1 they would have captured a very large segment of the photography market.

      • Anonymous

        Even if it was a “special” high end model with a price tag to match they’d sell lots to enthusiasts… but they wont make it…. WHY????

        • JimD

          Must be all the new oly people are from apple and other phone companies. That’s how they work.

  • beefcake!!

    but.. but… fast zoom news? I’m guessing the “new” black versions are all that will be announced with the EP5? Admin – do you know if the Fast Zoom will be announced too?

  • Cheetos

    I don’t care for a built in EVF, though I am curious if it is possible to do a pop up EVF in place of the pop up flash??? Will that be a first if it is even possible???

  • Anonymous

    What beefcake said. Where is our black fast zoom?

  • Although I just got an E-M5, and won’t buy another camera soon BUT I am pleased to see how confident Oly has become releasing outstanding cameras.

    Such fast progress in a (new) system happens very few times in a lifetime because companies tend to iterate over and over their past successes, often withholding features from one model to the other.

    Oly does the opposite it always gives the latest technology. So although I have been disappointed in the past, I am now very happy to be carried across technological innovation by a sure hand. There must be a unique combination of young and old engineers at work, which are passionate with photography.

    Even if I prefer a built in EVF I must remind that in the film era, both Rolleiflex and Hasselblad (R.I.P.), pro cameras, had folding VF, which were the equivalent of the E-P5’s. So no shame there, it’s only a matter of taste.

    Oly s strength is the right format (Wides are better), IBIS, small size, and now an outstanding sensor. No maker has such a unique combination.

    • hlbt

      Wow, a straightforward positive-reading post from you? What a change! (a very welcome one, and written all in jest, of course).

  • ggweci

    E-P5 looks great.

    Now the real question: for the rumoured $1K price, will that be with the 17mm 1.8 or the cheap 14-42 zoom. I sure hope it’s not the latter.

    • Why not a big good EVF(VF4).

  • What a cracker of a camera, looks wise. Shame they designed it with a built-in flash rather than a built-in evf.

  • jose_e

    well, if you thought the OMD’s hump was bad… don’t look now… that VF4 is a monster

  • kmhb

    VF4 und alle anderen aufstecksucher haben den big vorteil, dass sie bis 90 grad abgewinkelt werden können. für die OMD könnte ich mir einen variablen buckel vorstellen. unter mehreren design-studien zur GX von panasonic war diese möglichkeit schon mal im entwurfstadium zu sehen. wer dslr-like vorzieht nimmt die OM-D, der messucherfan die neue PEN-karosserie.

    mbg kmhb

    • I am froh to see you know one English word.

    • Narretz

      Problem is that an internal, tiltable viewfinder needs even more space. Probably the n1 reason nobody has done this yet.

      • troopftt

        i am not so sure the actual Epson EVF is pretty small/thin and looks like it would not be hard to mount it in an articulating mount it is very common on video cameras and would be rather useful.

        EVF stripped down from casing

        • Answey

          The panel is small. Maybe they should have just a built in panel with optional looking glass. Just for you.

        • The EFV display may be small, but a high quality eyepiece (not like the one in the GH3), with long eye relief and decent magnification can’t be miniaturized beyond a certain point.

          • JimD

            Putting the EVF against the side or better, under the top with a small prism and then a viewing lens would require very little space and give depth and tiltability. With room for a flash in front.

            • JimD

              That’s upside down under the top with the image facing down.

          • KennyH

            I have a pair of GH3 bodies and have found the eyepiece excellent. I think that the issue for some is that it requires one to use optimum technique regarding centering ones eye, this is exactly the same with binoculars, telescopes, and microscopes. This does not mean that there are not genuinely faulty models just as with the E-M5 problems ,alas no camera is perfect.

            The complaints about the GH3 EVF have gradually dried up in forums other than from the tiny percentage who may genuinely have a faulty body, and of course a good sprinkle of complaints from Olympus fanboys who will never have touched the camera. What cameras do you use lol?

            • If you have to center your eye carefully, the exit pupil of the finder is small. That’s why high quality optical devices have a large exit pupil. The exit pupil of the eyepiece should have a diameter at least equal to the pupil’s diameter. If the exit pupil is smaller than the eye’s pupil, you have to tediously center the eye.

  • tbunny

    This looks like an extremely nice piece of photo tech but I guess I just don’t understand a market that would want a camera that nice without a build in VF.

  • tbunny

    This looks like an extremely nice piece of photo tech but I guess I just don’t understand a market that would want a camera that nice without a build in VF.

    • Answey

      You clearly don’t understan the market. Only small minority are like you and me, viewfinder users.

      • hullyjr

        And you do? Please point me to the data that shows the market size of potential users that want a built-in VF? You may be right but I’ve never seen any such information, nor have there been any surveys from Olympus (I have two register m43 cameras + 6 lenses) asking those kind of questions.

        • hlbt

          “Top seller” lists from research firms (not Amazon) have been covered here countless times, and not once has there been a trend of EVF models outselling non-EVF models: NEX-5N/R over NEX-6, or DMC-G3 over GX1.

          • JimD

            Never seen or heard of any such research.

            But I do see lots of complaints about lack of integrated viewfinders.
            Anyway who can take a picture without a viewfinder? Don’t tell me the LCD will substitute. I live in Sydney. There has never been an lcd made that will work properly in Sydney most days of the year during daylight hours.

  • c.d.embrey

    With the OM-D E-M5 available, why would you pay more money for an E-P5 with the optional viewfinder?? Doesn’t make much sense to me, but I’m not the intended market.

    • I can think of three reasons:
      * If physical footprint is important to you. I currently own an OMD E-M5 but I always curse that hump when trying to squeeze it into my thin briefcase. I never had this issue with my previous cameras (E-PM1, and prior to that E-P1).
      * If weight is important (though this is a stretch reason!). The E-P3 weighs 56 grams less than the E-M5, and I know the VF2 viewfinder weighs something like 20 grams. So, you would shave off 30 grams! ;)
      * Perhaps the strongest reason to many: all the improved features. Better/updated IBIS, built-in wifi, better auto focus, etc.

      All this said, I’d be very surprisd if many current OMD owners would “upgrade” to this. The primary purchasers of the new E-P5 are likely current PEN owners.

      • You put your camera in a briefcase? Are you James Bond?

        • JimStir

          James Bond’s briefcase is the camera with a handy tranquilizer dart function for those uncooperative subjects..

        • stickytape

          James Bond wears his on his wrist.

  • alexander has NO panorama function :-(

  • This camera could have been so nice – with a viewfinder.

    • Answey

      Yes, and a lot bigger.

  • OM-4ever

    In addition, that appears to be the black 75mm f1.8, complete with black lens hood, in the middle rear of two photos..

  • edr

    We still don’t know about the video capabilities: 24p, 60p?

  • edr

    Headphone jack, mic jack?

  • AG

    Was thinking about the new 17mm that is currently on sale. Anyone think the E-P5 will be in a kit with the 17mm f/1.8 lens?

    • Answey

      I guess there will be various kits with 17mm and VF-4.

  • adriaantie

    He look: X-E1 rip off with no evf but with tiny sensor. Pretty sad.

    • gs

      Exactly what I was thinking– why buy this when I could get an x-e1?

      Other than the m4/3 lenses I have… maybe it’s time to switch…

  • CanonUser

    I am selling all my Canon gears to get into m43 world. Still can’t decided whether to go with Olympus or Panasonic. I think now I am more towards G6 / GH3. Oly is making too much “sacrifices” like someone mentioned OMD has no flash, P5 has no view finder… wth… but I like the black/silver E-P5 looks awesome but I guess I will try G6 and GH3 if I can sell my Canon body as well.

    • Photowang

      As one who has owned an OM-D, currently owns an E-PL5 and E-PL2, spent shooting time with the XE-1, NEX 5N and G5, I say get the G6.

      • CanonUser

        Photowang but have u used any of the pana cameras before?

  • Photowang

    Are any of you out there like me that as soon as you see a comment that contains the phrase “I own/have/had/want/like/prefer/rather have an OM-D”, you immediately skip on to the next comment?

    Clearly, the E-P5 is making the OM-Ders a little nervous about their investment choice as evidenced by their repeated mantras of “my OHHHHHHHHHMMMM-D is better…”.

    • JimD

      You can awaken from these strange dreams daylight has come to rescue you. Very strange dreams you have.

    • Fish


      I thought the Panasonic vs Olympus fight was silly enough – but are you actually trying to start an OMD vs Pen conflict???

      • +1

        Even Sony is more a collaborator than a competitor. Canon and Nikon are a real threat.

      • stickytape

        I think the issue is people asking why Olympus would make a PEN with an EVF in it without thinking about what they’re saying.

        • Anonymous

          I think the ussue of having a pen with no viewfinder is showing t

        • Anonymous

          No viewfinder is showing contempt for users of cameras.

    • digifan

      Woohaah ROTFLMFAO. A pen vs omd fight.
      Man wake up those Oly only owners with OMD also have Pen’s as second … camera.
      Even Panny vs Oly is silly I own both brands camera’s AND lenses.
      Pen E-P5 will just get the latest and greatest of the moment. And that’s something that hasn’t happend at Panny which is a let down for me, but hey they still have great lenses too. Maybe at Panny they decided they can get away with not using the latest and greatest in their latest camera.
      For Oly owners it’s a good sign that E-P5 is getting all the new and latest stuff, it bids well for the future.

  • GetReal

    I think you are the only wang out there who thinks that way.

  • Part-time troll

    What? No white lenses? This is an outrage!

    – Cue howling, gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair etc.

  • nikku

    I have a gear boner.

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