(FT5) E-P5 and Black lens announcement on May 10 on 6am London time.



Mark that day and that hour: Olympus announcement i scheduled for May 10 at 5am London time. That is:
– 10pm on May 9 in Los Angeles
– 1am on May 10 in New York City
– 7am on May 10 in Berlin
– 2pm on May 10 in Tokyo

As usual be sure to be online at 43rumors on that time as I will follow live the vent and continually update you with new links to reviews, first image and video samples, test and so on. To not miss any rumors and join out community like us on facebook and follow our tweets.

  • Anonymous

    So no rumours about the zooms?

    • Nic

      That would be a no, it would seem

      • That’s not good… Why can’t Oly do what Fuji did? It’s frustrating…

    • Al

      The early adopter are probably existing M4/3 users, so putting their new 17mm in the hands of enthusiast is good PR. They will report their feelings about that lens.

  • Anonymous

    I think the announcement is kinda over by now.

    • Cheetos

      I agreed. I will just sit back and check off the list of all the already known info about the camera. Of course, there might still be surprises, like the price.

      • KennyH

        “”might still be surprises, like the price.””

        For those of us in the UK/EU that is more likely to be shock than surprise lol

        • Andy

          $ == £

      • +1

        Video specs are still unknown and some details such as lowest ISO value, flash sync speed, inclusion of time lapse, stop motion, HDR and panorama modes, flash bounce, … I’d like to have those in E-P5 as well, but they are no deal breakers AFAIC.

  • Andrew

    I don’t get why they can’t make the E-P5 8 FPS as they did with the E-PL5 and E-PM2? Does it cost more? It shouldn’t seem to require more processing power since it’s the same sensor producing the same 16MP images.

    • Anonymous

      1/8000th means different shutter.Could that be the reason?

      • Sunny

        I think so. And I don´t like the PL5 shutter. It´s fast, ok, but it´s also rather loud and “hard”. I´d like it softer like the M5 shutter.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          My thought. I asked about the sound of shutter some posts ago: I often take photos in theaters where discretion is a must, and I need the quiter sound possible. OMD-Em5 is almost perfect. If this has the sound of other PENs, then to me is another reason not to take it into consideration.

          I’m looking for Sepember announcement concerning next OMD.

        • Anonymous

          Oh no, damn it. Bloody olympus. No epl5 off me. Had enough of the loud shutter.

  • Anonymous

    No FB!!

  • Johnny

    Ah, i just ear that we have a Non Announcement to make next month: nothing interesting on May 12, 25 and June 6.
    I’m just told right now there will be something in september, but nothing in stock before March 2014.

  • dgd

    Please tell us what you’re hearing about the video capabilities admin!!!!!!!!!

    • admin

      I swear I didn’t get info abotu that yet!

      • dgd

        It’s okay admin, I need to be more patient- thanks for all you do!

        • aqasem

          count me as well :)

  • Visionary

    That gives us time to see whether prices of lenses will be same or higher than silver version, and take advantage of current sale if it’ll be more expensive

    • Sqweezy

      Yes, very interested in the prices for the black lenses. If they come out to be the same, I will return the silver 45mm f1.8 I just bought and go for the black one. Unlikely, though, it will be starting at $349.

  • sneye

    It’s more than a week to go and most of the info is out already. Perhaps Olympus is helping spread the word? They can certainly keep their cards hidden when they want to.

  • So do we know anything more about pricing.

    will it be 1k for the 17mm combo ? Or what is the price for the P5 with 17mm.

    if the price is right, I might pick that one up and go for an OM-D in a couple of years.

    • sneye

      Ah. Here come the painful bits.
      I suspect the body only will cost $1000, the 14-42 kit will be $1100, the 17 kit – $1250 and the VF-4 around $350. The E-P5 is not designed to be a mass seller. More like a luxury item for middle aged men.

      • That’s exactly what I tried to warn about. Sometimes these are called camera for dentists, meaning affluent professionals.

        The only positive effect on price is if some company will split the kits and sell the 17mm separately for some 300.

        • Eosphoros

          Why Amalric ? Is there any universal rule or a law stating that anything produced should fit Amalric’s interests and budget and that anything outside of that range is either useless or destined to people with more money than sense ?

          Is Amalric the measure of all things ?

          Apparently Olympus manages to sell using this pricing and segmenting strategy, why should they do otherwise if it works for them ? Their primary purpose is to make money by producing not too shabby products, not to please some random stranger fancying himself a photographer on the net…

          • sneye

            What? The comment above is absolutely sensible. Why do you make it personal when it clearly isn’t?

            • maybe he is member of the AAL?

            • Oh, and the dentists haven’t been offended? :-P

        • I’m not a dentist, nor am I afluent, but this actually suits my needs and preferences more than the OM-D, and it may well replace my E-P3 when I can afford it.

          Anyway, maybe unsuccesful dentists or dentist wannabees buy PENs, but REAL dentists buy Leicas. Everybody knows that.

          • JimD

            How true David. But note, Leicas have a viewfinder and an LCD and they also have an optional plugin EVF. The EVF is optional because it is not required to actually make uses of the camera.

      • Duque

        Yeah 1200.- $ I’d still be in.
        above that, I rather go for the OM-D then

        • true homer

          You would buy a plastic, viewfinderless, 43s sensor camera for 1200?!

  • Camaman

    Nice improvements on this camera

    – 16 Megapixel sensor (same as E-M5)
    – improved 5 axis stabilization
    – focus peaking
    – Shutter 1/8000 sec
    – built-in WiFi

    Well worth the upgrade, IMO.
    Now if only one could get a good price on the used E-P3…

    • Sqweezy

      This is equally the most beautiful PEN ever created, and the ugliest… with that attached external viewfinder. *sigh* It’s a real shame an EVF will never be integrated in a PEN. I think there are better odds of Panny using IBIS!

      • The Real Stig

        There IS a Pen with integrated viewfinder, it’s called the EM-5, which is smaller than a Pen with attached viewfinder.

  • Pharque Moi

    SO Admin…..you got anything on the E-P6/E-M6?

  • Terra2

    For those hoping to get this for 1k in combo with the 17mm/1.8 ….FORGET IT !!!

    If Oly prices that combo at 1k they would basically be selling their most advanced m43 yet for $500. Sorry, not gonna happen.

    E-P5 & O17/1.8 combo closer to $1500 than $1000 is my guess. (…good NOT included)


  • Terra2

    “good NOT included” should read “hood NOT included” !

    But this is Olympus so you guessed that :)

  • ok…
    Next announcement E-7 pls
    It’s very simple, E-5 body and E-M5 heart

  • Sqweezy

    So what happened to the rumors for the E-PL6? I thought it was initially supposed to be released around the same time as the E-P5. Any word, admin?

    • beautemps

      The E-PL6 would interest me too. If it only had 5-axis IBIS….and a 4:3 LCD

      • “The E-PL6 would interest me too.”


        “If it only had 5-axis IBIS….and a 4:3 LCD”

        Probably neither. It will surely keep 16:9 LCD – admin said the shape won’t change over E-PL5. I’d like 5-axis IBIS as well, but it probably won’t have it in order to differentiate from E-P5. My prediction: E-PL6 = E-PL5 + new TruePic engine + faster AF + focus peaking + other E-P5 software enchancements.

        One thing would be wise, though: no E-PM3 for the foreseeable future. With E-M5 sensor, small size and IBIS, E-PM2 is already good value for money and will continue to be even better with further price drops.

  • MCB

    Can old model EVF VF-2, VF3 fit into the new E-P5?

  • Jens

    Is there any rumor about a HLD-6/7? I don’t really need the portait grip, but with a big lens the ergonomie is so much better. If Oly offers more or less the same grip on P3, PL5, P5 etc. maybe thirdparty manufacturers could come up with a solution for better ergonomie. That would be a hug selling point for former DSLR Users I guess…

  • Joey

    How long after an announcement does olympus usually release cameras?

    I’m travelling to europe at the end of June and was hoping to upgrade my epl2 for the trip and this looks like exactly what I’ve been waiting for :)

    • beautemps

      Why buy in expensive Europe?? I mean, if you would travel to Hongkong….
      Only food is cheap here.:-)

      • Joey

        Won’t buy in Europe, taking it to Europe, will buy in Australia or Singapore

    • sneye

      Judging from past experience it takes 40-50 days.

      • Joey


        Hopefully it’s available by June 30 :)

  • J white

    I feel sad for the direction Olympus is going.They have great glass, and their design is just up my alley, but for some reason Olympus is not willing to listen to their client base. I see what Fuji did with the X100s, and they responded to pretty much every complaint from the users. Olympus clients have been asking for an integrated EVF on a Pen since the E-p1, and still Olympus doesn’t deliver. Instead they offered a Dslr styled OMD and chose to offer an EVF as an accessory to the pens. Well, there goes the styling. The huge advantage in design that the pens have is gone with the addition of the external EVF. I cannot see an upside to this strategy at all. Fuji managed to get a VF in their whole range of retro styled cameras with no problem in differentiation at all, one would expect that Olympus would be able to do the same. I know this is beating a dead horse, but if the clients are not vocal, then what should we do? Just give up on the brand? I’m about to…

    • sneye

      Yes, Olympus can be stubborn. An integrated viewfinder seems out of question in the PEN line. This series is pretty much defined by size and there is simply not enough room for it. However, a camera complying to your requirements may appear one day. It will not be called a PEN, but those are only semantics. I’m sure Olympus is listening.

      • JimD

        There is room on the left for a flash and EVF. Use something other than the big trapeze for the flash and use a small prism make the flash button hole into a viewfinder. The flash trapeze takes up acres of space a slide up post with the flash on the top would only need to be 1.5mm thick

    • Sqweezy

      Sounds like you are obsessed with a dream. The fact is, Olympus would rather segment their product lines than placate a minority of enthusiasts in camera forums who favor a rangefinder-style camera with integrated EVF. I expect there are a good number of “non-enthusiast” consumers that like the PEN styling, but find a viewfinder to be rather “pointless” for their uses. Sales figures for the E-P line is probably sufficient enough for Olympus to keep things as is. Face it, it is what it is. Time to give up the dream and opt for an O-MD if an integrated EVF is something you really need. I myself would love if they added one to a PEN, but given that the EVF (and weather sealing) is the only thing that separates it from its bigger brother, not to mention the investment Olympus has made to its external viewfinders, I don’t see them EVER adding it to this line.

      There’s always the GX2…

      • I agree absolutely. That is the quandary I was facing a couple of weeks ago, when I decided that a discounted OM-D was a steal after all. It is also v.small so my fears were unjustified.

        Never say never, however. Panny might do a smart move and issue a RF-like. If success is good, Oly then will have to rethink. But in the meanwhile they have no incentive to do differently: the segmentation works v. well.

        In fact the E-M5 is the whistleblower to the coming OM-Pro. If it has hybrid AF 4/3 owners will love the dSLR, larger FF- Just like people love the GH3. Plus it will carry heavier 4/3 lenses.

        You want to go Fuji? Please do. Latest figures say it will stay a v. small actor, while m4/3 will stay dominant in mirrorless, hump or not.

        • J white

          Well, my problem is that as soon as the OMD was released, I raced to my local store to try it,and trust me I really tries to like it, but I don’t . It’s not for me, I think it’s ugly. I can’t tell what it is exactly, I look at it and I just don’t feel it. I gave it some time to see if it would grow on me and it didn’t. I just don’t like the style of it.
          I can understand that there is a lot of people that do not want an integrated EVF. That’s why there are 3 lines of pens. I do not think that it’s too much to ask that the line flagship has an integrated EVF, let’s face it, the vast majority of people that see no advantage in a VF are also the people who don’t really need manual controls ( I wrote majority, I’m sure there will be plenty that are not like that).
          I truly see myself moving out of m4/3 simply because of this. I do not like the SLR style and the only cameras with integrated EVF’s are SLR styled. Unbelievable.

          • napilopez

            While I somewhat see where you’re coming from, you also have to see that the majority of people that want an integrated VF don’t care about the SLR styling. There are people who hate the looks of the OM-D, but I’m pretty sure the general consensus based on professional reviews and popular opinion is that it’s a beautiful camera. I personally think it’s the best looking camera since film SLRs were the norm(and it looks better than many/most of those too). If it were some light brass-like allow rather than painted silver, it’s be pretty much perfect aesthetically. But others will hate it.

            That said, I still agree it would be nice to see a rangefinder styled camera for M4/3, since so far *neither* Pansonic nor Olympus has provided us with one. Sony can do it with an APS-C sensor and similar body sizes, why can’t we?

    • You said it yourself, if its really that important to you, just go for the Fuji. For me, I dont understand why keep complaining so many years and stay with one brand,I would have switched the moment I see a solution offered by another brand.

      • J white

        Truth is, I like the brand. I like the colors of the Jpeg engine, and I like the styling. If I move it would be with a heavy heart. Olympus was my first Dslr, it was my first ever film point and shoot camera when I was a kid, it means a lot to me as a brand. So it’s not like I want to ditch Olympus, I’ve been holding on because I really want Olympus to succeed and I want to support it, but in return I don’t want them to just plain ignore a lot of very vocal consumers- me included- that want a EVF on the pen range. I complain because I can and I want to vent some frustration, it’s not my purpose to annoy anyone. I feel aggravated by all these launches being pretty much focused on the same things, sensor, wi-fi, tiltable screen, Ibis, etc… all very fine and dandy, but before OMD nobody asked for IBIS and everyone was happy with the regular IS. Now that IBIS exists it goes to the E-p5, and the EVF that was an old request from a lot of users still gets a pass. It’s frustrating. The reason? Well, I guess IBIS can’t be sold separately…

        • i am not brand loyal, but Olympus should be greatful for having a user like you.

        • And then again, I, for another, would not buy it if it had an integrated EVF. I like the flexibility that the accessory EVF offers. It is the main reason I have never bought an OM-D. I have to say I find it pretty puzzling that anybody thinks that the eventual difference between a PEN with an EVF and an OM-D would be so vast, styling wise. But anyway, there’s always Fuji for those who put style as the top priority. Pity about the Raw processing, the operational glitches, the so-so AF, but, hey, who cares if it looks cool.

          • J white

            If the X-100s is anything to judge the new models by, then those issues are pretty much a thing of the past. As for not liking an integrated EVF, good for you. You have three Pen to chose from. I on the other hand have none. Does that sound a like a smart camera range line-up? One would think that when a company creates a range line-up like the pen range, they would like to cater for the wants and needs to their all their clients.

            • MarcoSartoriPhoto

              +1 I agree with you J White, with the difference that I like OMD style. And therefore I’m waiting for the next version of it. (If buttons lay out will be a lot different than current Em5, I will take into consideration next GX2)

        • Perhaps Oly made a convert of me, but I cannot but repeat that the E-M5 is so small that it’s dSLR shape is more style than substance. The small hump simply allows the rest of the body to stay smaller, so that it is rather esy to put in in a big jacket pocket.

          Besides menacing to jump ship to Fuji is rather childish. On average Fuji lenses cost twice as much and it has no IBIS, so it is a non starter. The bodies are also bigger. m4/3 lost wankers to Sony before and many came back, with Fuji the same.

          • J White

            I agree that the Em5 is not big, but it’s the style that bothers me. I prefer the pen style, but with the EVF it looks like crap and it certainly is not pocketable.
            Just to get something straight and you know were I’m coming from, Current sensor tech is more than I’ll ever need for my purposes. I don’t do large prints, in fact I hardly ever do prints at all. I see some improvement in DR but not enough to keep upgrading the camera, I upgrade due to GAS and if there’s something I’m missing, like an EVF. I shoot 28-50mm, this is my usual range, so I don’t really need Ibis. And as far as lens investment is concerned, my investment is pretty much 3 lenses, whatever the system I use: 28-35-50. I am one of the few that will openly admit that style matters a LOT to me. Thats because pretty much all of my needs in camera tech are met in almost every system available. Sensors, AF and lenses are widely available to suit my needs in any system I may chose. And I don’t think that most cameras realized this yet: IQ is good enough already. For 90% of the camera buyers, it’s more than enough. I can tell you what else is wrong with the pen: the on/off button. It should be a switch, way faster. I’m walking, want to quick draw to take a photo and I have to press the tiny button. :( I can live with it by having the camera on all the time, but I’d prefer a switch. EVF however… no go. It’s an absolute need.

            • drpump

              Like you, I would also prefer a rangefinder-style camera with a viewfinder, and I find the OMD hard to like. Yes the OMD is small, but it’s an awkward shape that’s hard to get in and out of a compact bag. The hump and EVF overhang are just a little bit too much for me.

              That said, based on my use of an E-PL1 without a viewfinder for several years now, I am happy to do without. I was hesitant at first but nowadays rarely miss it. Occasionally I’d like the extra stability of having the camera pressed against my face. So the E-P5 looks like a winner for me. Now I just have to find the $$.

              • I have just sold my E-P2, so far my best liked m4/3. Yes I learned to shoot easily by LCD, except on full summer day.

                But as soon as I got the E-M5 I reverted to EVF. For stealth reasons I can use the folding OLED, but there’s no comparison for COMPOSITION.

                People delude themselves if they think they can do EV and WB correction on a half faded LCD. Think again!

  • Mike

    The price of this camera bundled with the 17mm f/1.8 will be interesting.

    The potential price reduction on the OM-D will also be interesting.

    I don’t get people complaining about the integrated VF: they make one option with (OM-D) and one without (PEN). I for one prefer the PEN option where I can remove or add the VF as I please.

  • Oly

    No integrated viewfinder, no buy.

    • On a good note: if the inbuilt EVF breaks, you have to send your camera in, but if the external finder breaks, you can send it in without the camera. ;-)

    • Thierry

      +1 , and since Oly doesn’t seem to listen, I’ll probably go with the better price/value deal which is the G6.

      • Answey

        Yes, Olympus R&D meets here every time a new rumor is posted.

        • Some companies make the products their customers demand. Some companies, Olympus among them, make products they think their customers should be buying. This became utterly clear when Terada said Olympus E-XXX users should be buying Pens (and didn’t say that they should kiss their already purchased 4/3 lenses bye-bye).

  • true homer

    the problem isnt that it doesnt have a view finder, the problem is they want 1000$+ for it. And thats a hell of a lot of money for a camera you have to hold at the silly, “look at me im a tourist” arms length position. Its certainly a hell of a lot of money to ask for a camera that is basically a epl 5 with dual dials, or a OMD with out a vf. Im sure that if you get a epl5 with the 400$+ left over you can buy a nice nd filter that compensates even more than 1/8000 shutter

    • true homer

      and 1/8000 for the 22 photos in the year youll shoot at noon, on the beach, wide open at f 0.75

      • Anonymous

        It gives u more artistic freedom tho.

      • blohum

        Amazing as it sounds, some of us do actually go out in daylight when shooting… I’d love to see ISO 100 again too.

        • true homer

          And you shoot wide open at f.95 all day? If you do you dont need iso 100, you need AN ND FILTER! there, I saved you 400$

  • awaler

    In contrast to what some critics above have been writing, I can only applaud each and every design decision Olympus made with this camera. Pricing, is not a design decision, of course.
    If do not need an EVF, I leave it in my pocket or at home.
    Built-in flash? perfect. Many controls? Like it. Design? Nice, but to be frank, I couldn’t care less.

  • Ross

    Admin. You didn’t include Australian time! ;)

    • ssgreenley

      Tokyo and [part of] Australia are in the same time zone! I just feel bad for all the Oly fan boys in Kazakhstan!

  • MdB

    Can’t wait for all those cheap silver versions to flood the market as soon as the black ones are available, from all those people so obsessed by colour ;)

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