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(FT5) More E-P5 specs (and improved 5 axis stabilization)


A source told me that the new E-P5 has an improved 5 axis stabilization. Compared to the E-M5 this means that it has a new IS-Auto mode that automatically detects the camera’s movements.
And here are some more E-P5 specs:

– 16 Megapixel sensor (same as E-M5)
– TruePic VI image processing engine
– improved AF (compared to E-M5)
– improved 5 axis stabilization
– 5fps
– focus peaking
– Shutter 1/8000 sec
– built-in WiFi
– 1.04 million dot tilting touchscreen LCD (no more OLED!).

I am still not sure about the right announcement date. It could be May 9 or May 10. Would be cool if sources could send me a message to share the exact announcement date and hour and timezone. Thanks!


Rumor forecast: I am also working to collect rumors on the new Olympus and Panasonic cameras that will be announced in late August- early September. Will post first rumors after the E-P5 announcement. Stay tuned!

  • Narretz

    1/8000 = good. But isn’t 5 fps slower than em 5? Btw I guess the new omd will have a fully articulated screen.

  • Bromo

    1/8000th shutter. Gee that would be nice on the EM5.

    • Much prefer the partially articulating screen, actually. I hate to have to pull it out to the side to angle it up or down. I hope they keep the screen the same as it is now.

  • Jay

    1/8000 shutter, that’s kick-ass!!!! Wish my OMD would have it. Great cam!

    • I think 1/8000 is necessary if ISO doesn’t go down to 100!

      • It’s 1988 all over again.

      • Boris

        Olympus’ stated ISO200 is indeed closer to ISO100 (see DXOMark’s score)

      • Damn Oly

        either 1/800 or low ISO 100 is good,.concerning on day time,.using F2.8 glass already overexpose on ISO 200,..and i don’t like to use ND filter on my glass

  • 1/8000 sec! Excellent! 5 fps burst is a bit of a letdown, but let’s hope it’s 16 MPx with AF. Maybe it can do more than that in a lower resolution.


    Take a look at a link Nelson left in one of the previous topics:

  • ObviousTroll

    The only weakness against the E-M5: can’t use PocketWizard alongside EVF!

  • ople

    This is great, Olympus fixed all I missed in the other models! To me this makes it operable like a real camera:

    – Two control wheels, hopefully can be set to one for aperture and one for exposure correction. And they are _actual_ wheels in locations where fingers may naturally occur.
    – Swivel EVF. 80% of the time I use the VF-2 EVF swiveled up at various angles . I’d probably get very annoyed with the fixed EVF of the OM-D (if I had bought it).
    – Is that a Myset 1/2 switch on the record button? That is 1) beautiful and 2) the reason I’d use it – to switch to a different Myset for video recording.
    – An on/off _switch_, without light.
    – The more sturdy swivel screen as could be found on E-P3. I.e. when it is swiveled up for TLR-style shooting the camera body provides shade on the screen, better viewing. And it is more robust mechanically.
    – A function button for e.g. AEL
    – A very good lens bundled with it, instead of an average zoom

    – It has Flash
    – The menu control wheel looks too smooth to turn.

    Hoping for:
    Discreet shutter sound

    • Don Pope

      Why is having flash a disappointment?
      I think a built-in flash is the one thing missing from the OM-D. It is a tremendously useful feature.
      If you don’t like it, just don’t use it.

      Also, there is no menu control wheel anymore (same as the OM-D).
      You get the two wheels on top instead.

      • ople

        I understand why many people find a flash useful, however personally I don’t need it – technically I have enough light without it, I find it an annoyance to use and detrimental to the style of images I want to achieve. In musea and live shows I can tell people my camera does not have a flash, so they won’t forbid me to take photos (Actually I like my camera to not have AF lamp or LED indicators either. I switch them off when possible). Besides, a flash adds to the height of the camera and probably drains the battery as it pre-charges. And it will not come for free.

        It is great the m43 offers so many different camera options, I am just very happy that this one seems to tick all the boxes for my preferences.

        • adaptor-or-die

          +1 I was happy to see the OMD w/o flash, just as the OMs and my e-P2 has [for me] meant a better model than the e-P3. Stronger build; the best mode dial I have ever seen, tack on pop up flashes are for PM and PL models. They are never very good, flimsy and as above just add to cost and complexity provide more holes into the camera and drain the battery’s life. If you need a flash a hotshoe and and so many good accessory flashes exist.

          I can see the demand adding the flash on the e-P5, but it doesn’t really belong. That is what the PL-5 and PM-5 are for. Pop up flashes and Art Screens and all that trending crap.

          • The pop-up flash works as a wireless commander for external flash units, so I find it quite useful – especially since I’d always have the finder in the hotshoe.

    • Vlad

      There is no menu control wheel, unfortunately (judging by the pics).

      • ople

        Maybe it is for the better, as there will be no more accidental palm operation of said wheel…

  • Bobafett

    1/8000 sec!
    Can’t this be implemented to the e-m5 with a firmware update?

    • Sergey

      You should buy the E-M6. ;)

    • No, but with a screwdriver and some soldiering, you may have some success :). You’ll have to take apart an E-P5 as well, though :D.

    • MdB

      While they are at it they should do a 90MP foveon style sensor in the next firmware update too. That and a 4K EVF. Also why stop at 1/8000th? If it is just a FW update away of changing the maximum (or minimum should I say) number, why not go 1/16000th or 1/32000th? Can’t wait for that FW update ;)

      • poel

        Indeed, this is not like a cheap Canon that will get even faster shutter speeds with CHDK!

      • Anonytrackball

        And it make a cup of tea and wakes you at 6.30 No other time just 6.30 they don’t want to give away to much.

  • Me too was thinking about 1/8000 being great, but during a recent shoot i found out that when i set my strobe wrong and overexposed the model by more then 2 stops, i was still able to get it right while retrieving highlight detail, color was only minimal off. I did not expect that much headroom in raw. 5 fps is enough for my needs.

    • Why do you need such a fast shutter speed for strobe work?

      • Ross

        For fill lighting of bikini ‘babes’ on beaches! They do actually do that in case you thought I was pulling your leg. :)

      • You don’t need to school me on flash photography :) I get it.

        Maybe you both need to read up?

        Read this:
        And this:

        • Ross

          The links make for some good reading, but the beach ‘babes’ are easier on the eyes. ;)

      • sorry,my comment was not very clear. I always thought i needed 1/8000 in case i have too much light(i always prefer to shoot wideopen for modelphotography)in outdoor scenarios. I just used the strobe/studioshoot example because it was there where i got a few overexposed shots due to wrong settings; the photos were extremely overexposed, you could barely see the model, just her hair eyes and mouth. Curiously, i played with the highlight recovery/exposure settings in Lightroom and saw that at -2,3 exposure correction the picture still looked quite good. I cant remember i had that much raw lattitude when still using my canon 1Ds.
        Since OMD seems to underexpose around 1 stop, i always set exposure correction at +1,0 most of the time, depending on the light situation.

        • Flash photography is definitely an under-appreciated art-form.

          Plenty of trial and error. In fact the more error, the faster the learning curve!

          Sounds like you made an error, and I’ll doubt you’ll do it again!

  • jan

    Sounds great – wish my e-m5 had 1/8000 for the 25mm Voigtländer. But why did they change from OLED to LCD? Just because of the producing costs or is there another reason?

    • MdB

      Far better res than the old OLED unit, better (more natural) colour too. Guessing it is a Sony unit like the new EVF, that Sony money is putting pressure of Oly to use Sony components: Sensor, EVF, LCD… Probably even battery cells.

      • EVF is from Epson. But yes, Sony seems to be very much involved in m4/3 these days. I suspect that PDAF tech they’ll use on non-SLT A mount models will be the same as in the E-5 replacement.

  • aqasem

    any video specs?

  • Sören

    1/8000 is the best news. 1/4000 with base iso 200 sucks some times.

    • adaptor-or-die

      Impressed with 1/8000 too, hope it also has the “Live-Blub” feature of the OMD on the other end of the shutter as well … these are useable features

      • 1/8000 s was state of the art in 1987 (Nikon F-801). Not that I’m not glad that Oly has finally decided to include a contemporary shutter in their latest Pen. ;-)

  • sneye

    The E-P5 looks to be a true flagship, at least in the PEN family. I like its robustness, the fast shutter speed and the state of the art IBIS. To be honest I did not expect those features in a PEN. It will be a great photographic tool regardless of the gadgets it may or may not have.

    Improved AF = decent tracking of moving subjects
    Improved IS = auto detection of tripod mounting
    Focus peaking = critically accurate (unlike Sony’s implementation)

    • Mau

      Me too I was surprised by the amount of functionality that ended up in this iteration. And I want to add that this seems somewhat typical of Olympus, probably also because of their financial situation they seem to be trying harder to pour in almost everything they have ready (in terms of R&D) at that time in their latest iteration (of course when wise from a marketing p.o.v. like no 5-axis IBIS in E-PM etc.). Totally different approach than Panasonic where they design featuresets in a pinch-like fashion.. Only the flagship gets the “all-you-can-eat” treatment, any other model feels like “frugally spec’ed” Am I the only one thinking this way?

      • sneye

        I think that it’s more than that. The featureset indicates a special effort to make this camera a milestone. 1/8000 sec is not that easy to achieve. It requires expensive materials and R&D. Compressing the IBIS to fit into a PEN must have required a lot of effort too. The new VF-4 must be regarded as another important achievement to Olympus. Its managers have been talking about it for years.

        I agree that Olympus has always been generous with the features it poured into low end offerings, but the E-P5 is hardly the case. This camera is designed to stand head and shoulders above its peers. Olympus is celebrating the coming of age of the PEN. All this bodes well for the OM-D series too.

        • Mau

          Great analysis Sneye. I agree with your points. Well said. Thanks.

          • Sneye but I remember you said before you didnot understand why IBIS is needed for video in a camera like the EP5 because it was not really a camera someone would use for videography. I assume for you were talking about serious production shooting, but still wondering about that.

            • sneye

              It was a cheek in tongue comment. I don’t have an interest in video, but then IBIS is helpful in shooting stills too.

        • adaptor-or-die

          1/8000 with LiveView and EVFs kind of stuns me, doesn’t this mean they have to close and then open and close the shutter, from LV status to exposure? So in effect 1/16000?! Or even faster …

        • And also E-x series too, @Sneye

        • Making a shutter that can do 1/8000 s is not that hard to do. Achieving the required precision, accuracy and repeatability was possible with the use of electronics, advanced materials and manufacturing methods already in 1987.

      • viewfinder memories

        What about the bl00dy viewfinder? Gave us a flash instead.

        • Ross

          That’s because you can have a PEN or an OM-D! ;) It’s one or the other. Take your pick. :)

  • joey jo jo

    if it is a may 9/10 announcement, when can we expect availability?

  • OMDowner

    Sounds good, but no EVF is disappointment – NEX-6, Fuji XE1 and Xpro1, Nikon V1 have EVF in small body.

    When will be next OMD? With all EP5 improvements, and something new (maybe better sensor) and in-build EVF (and flash). And better connection with smartphones (NFC like in Panasonic G6).

    • X-Pro1 is anything but small. It’s just boxy, so looks small.

    • Sqweezy

      Give up the dream. The integrated EVF is never coming to the PEN line. If you need integrated, get the OM-D and deal with the faux-SLR body design.

      Olympus Imaging Company

      • Anonymous

        Please stop with this nonsense. Have you seen the EP5 and the OMD side by side? the only real differnece is the hump, that’s all. Why on earth would you want a new camera line that differentiate only for the hump?!
        This has been stated by various people before, but here we go again. we are mourning over 5 mms or such?! And with that giant new VF4 how tall do you think the OMD6 will look like?

        • You are right

          Exactly… I will prefer camera (no matter if it has name PEN or OMD), with EVF and EP5 size. With EVF and in-build flash, and tiltable LCD (or OLED, no matter). OMD is nice, but it can be smaller – like NEX-6. Like DSLR shape is not necessary. This hump in OMD is usless, if there is possibility to build in small body EVF (like NEX-6). Maybe Oly can put EVF in body like EP5, and in hump add something else (better flash, GPS, or something more).

          I’m using OMD, but if next version will be smaller – I will be happy.

    • The V1 has no built-in flash, the Fujis aren’t small and all have no IBIS. That said I don’t mind the shape of the OMD, just wish it had a built-in flash. Maybe the E-M6 would have one where the E-P5 has it and move the mode dial to the other side where the PENs have it.

  • The G

    There was a lot of negativity before the E-P5 was announced, but looking at these specs and the overall look of the camera, Olympus have made a piece of real quality which. If you really, really want an EVF though, just wait for the new OMD. The EM5 is great, but the few little improvements in this camera bode very well for the next OMD camera.

  • jeroen

    Can we assume that this a metal housing?

    • Ross

      I think we can be pretty sure on that (I think).

    • Based on all previous E-Px models, definitely yes.

  • reggieandtfe

    Where’d they put the IBIS mechanism? I thought the “magnets” were in the viewfinder hump on the OM-D.

    I had no plans on buying this and simply sticking with my E-PL5, but the 5-axis IBIS is interesting.

    • safaridon

      Hopefully the better 5 axis IS means a smaller one?

  • peevee

    5 fps maximum? Or 5 fps with AF?

  • OMega

    Personaly speaking I’m not sold on the idea of integrated flash units, ok they might have their place on low budget point and shoots, but for myself once I get to a serious piece of kit, I like to know my flash is going to kick some ass if needed, therefore I consider the FL 36 as basic minimum, it might be big but has the light when needed, especially if I’m tilting the head to a ceiling for bounce. Saying that I do occasionaly use a T-32 on my E-P2 in manual mode.


      I used a T-32 on my GF-1 with no issues. Then used it on my OM-D and shorted the circuit! Fortunately Olympus were gracious enough to repair it under warranty!

      Also, integrated flashes are necessary for the Olympus wireless flash system. I hate using the FL-600R on RC mode because I have to use that stupid add-on flash. I wish it had an integrated flash!

    • I use the FL-CB05 for off camera flash (unless I’ve set up a studio).

    • You are right

      I have OMD, FL-36R and FL-300R (which is underestimated – it is small and powerfull like bigger FL-36). And I miss in build flash. If I want to use external flashes remotely, there is necessary to add small external flash to fire it. It is not comfortable – in-build flash (even weak) will be much better for remote control of external flashes.
      And we can see it is possible in EP5 – to have the same amount control wheels like in OMD, and in-build flash.

  • kl

    1/8000 is just biutiful, clearly in the ‘pro’ league now and think it may be the only mirrorless cam that offers 1/8000.

  • David B

    I like the look, I like the built-in tiltable flash.

    I wish the display was 4X3 like on OM-D, and not 16X9. Not everyone is in movie making, 16X9 essentially leaves you with 2.5 inch or smaller display for photos.

    Focus peaking is good, but how about including phase af on sensor? Everyone else did already.

    5fps vs 9fps is irrelevant, Olympus pens are not good in AF tracking at this point (need phase detection points) so who cares.

    • Based on these photos, the screen doesn’t look like a 16:9 to me at all. It looks like it’s either 4:3 or 3:2 (I’m guessing it’s the former).

  • safaridon

    Thanks admin for all the pictures and specs on the EP5 but why in comparison so little similar information beforehand on the Pany products? I do hope you post us something about the GX2 and its EVF coming in Sept?

    • admin

      Ther eis a personal reasons. I was very busy and had little time to work on the G6 info (althaugh I posted some of them). About the August Spetember announcement all I cna say is that I started to work last week on that and I already have good info to post soon.

      • Wen eed an ed it functoin!

  • David B

    Admin, so is Olympus moving to 24MP in the next OM-D?

    • admin

      ? how do you come to 24MP?

  • Geared

    Will it have silent shutter function like the G5/G6? I am all over it if E-P5 has a silent shutter.

  • Stephen

    Does the EP5 have weather sealing as good as the EM5?

    The SH-50 has similar IBIS, so obviously they have shrunk the mechanics a good bit.

    I will be buying a new system in August or September. I would love the fast quiet operation of the EM5 but only if there is proven PDAF on board. Birds and insects in flight is my thing.

    I think the OMD would be more welcomed in public places that the EP5 looking at it from the front, just my impression. Either way I would have to build a screwed on additional weight to get the majority of camera and long lens closer to my body while swinging about my body doing fast action. I may have no choice but to go with D7000 or the mythical 70D. Full kit EM5 and lenses vs the DSLRs is the same cost, about $2700.00 USD.

  • Justin

    Sure it’s been mentioned plenty, but this just dumps cold water all over the justification for the big “hump” in the OM-D line. 5 axis stabilization does NOT need a hump. Case closed. Bring a stinking humpless OMD with corner viewfinder. Complete and total BS.

    • That sounded a bit frustrated.

  • Farrukh

    I’m liking the wi-fi!

  • Daniel

    Hope it’s true they are switching from OLED, the screen on my OMD – screen colors are very artificial and the text is jagged looking

  • O

    AF speed for some of the high grade 43 lenses are faster as compared to E-P3.

    • jimstirling

      Is that a statement of fact, or perhaps a wish , I have a 50-200 and would like a body with much better AF for it

      • O

        Statement. Expectation will varies among users of course.

  • jazzcrab

    I am glad that I saved up for this camera already. 1/8000 plus an even improved IBIS are probably worth the wait (instead of buying the E-PL5).

  • AMVR

    So Admin, what happened to the PL6 ? any leaks on that ?

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