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(FT3) New rumor about a Ricoh GXR Micro Four Thirds module.


Image courtesy: Photoscala

Mobile01 went to the GRD 5th Anniversary Party in Tokyo and they interviewed many RICOH employees and photographers. Unofficially they got the information that RICOH will launch the new Micro Four Thirds sensor module for the GXR system during 2011. Their goal is to move Micro Four Thirds fans to the RICOH GXR system.

This is not the first time we hear that RICOH is preparing a Micro Four Thirds module. Ricoh has already shown a “mysterious” Expansion Unit on their road map but without specifying what kind of mount it will use.

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  • Honestly. Who likes that Frankencamera?!

    • CRB

      Actually the question for GXR users is: who likes panasonic sensors? the APS-C inside the 50mm module is much better than m4/3….

    • Indy

      The GXR has to be the gosh-awful-ugliest camera in production. It is so aesthetically unpleasing it’s hard to believe. I know how a camera works is supposed to be the most important part, but even that is questionable to me. The GXR is the answer to a question nobody asked.

      • usp

        Perhaps a gf1 or ep2 look better for some people, but i bet the GXR with the new 28mm will mop the floor with each of the above with pana 14mm ; not to mention the evf, the 920k-display and the perfect user-interface.
        If the expansion-modul will be mft this will be my first mft-cam and it will probably be the best so far !

        • isoleaf

          @ the naysayers, Ricoh cameras are some of the best. held in extremely high acclaim by photographers and draws a cult following in Japan.

          as for the competition, i’ve handled all the cameras mentioned and they’re laughable compared to Ricohs. anyone who’s a naysayer obviously has never actually handled the Ricoh or used it for regular shooting. if you did, you’d laugh at the competition and shake your head at their shortcomings and lost opportunities.

          also, Ricoh APS-C is about 10x better than all that mft crap. lens sizes aren’t that much different, and the UI is 100x better. if price isn’t a problem and you want the best camera that is. the ONLY thing any competition has on Ricoh is one of the MFT cameras has over a 920k dot EVF. that’s about it.

          try actually USING stuff before you trash on it. at least HANDLE it in store or something. speculation like that is like getting dating advice from a guy who’s never had a girlfriend.

      • Catastrophile

        never thought or heard that GXR is the ugliest, that honor goes to the Sony A900/850.

  • It would be much more interesting if they could come up with a Nikon F or Canon EF mount module. They would have no competitors on that market segment…

    • Miroslav

      Unless they come up with on sensor PDAF, they can make modules for mirrorless mounts only. So, we can expect either m4/3, Samsung NX or Sony E module. All other mounts would be without autofocus and would require thicker modules.

      • Chris

        I’m guessing Sony will be out of the question. I have a feeling they’ll charge a ton of money to let Ricoh use their mount.

        • JRK

          I thought that Sony was opening up the e-mount spec for anyone to use?

      • What if they are waiting for that?

    • Jules

      How do we know it will be APS-C ?

  • CR102

    Note that the “expansion unit” drawn in the roadmap does not have a lens, but a mount instead. It means you can mount any m4/3 lens on it, which makes it a lot more flexible. Actually, it’s the first interchangeable sensor system in the world. I wonder whether the mount will have contacts to support AF and aperture control.

    • Greg

      Ricoh’s business model is the summum of wild consumerism: come on, buying a sensor AND a lens together? Jeeeeze…

    • Miroslav

      Maybe they’ll cooperate with Olympus on modular cameras?
      Is this module the heart of 4/3 modular system?
      Oly could make 4/3 PDAF and m4/3 CDAF modules with GXR electrical contacts. Why not?

      • CR102

        Not a bad idea, but I’m sceptical about it. Ricoh surely HAD to negotiate with either Oly or Panny (probably both) to be able to use the m4/3 protocol, but having a cross-manufacturer system is probably a bit far-fetched for Olympus.

      • Alfons

        Olympus is too proud for that. They will always do stuff in their own stuborn way.

        Nice idea though. Dann it would be fun to mix every manufacturer like building a PC. “I have this Canon body and Sony sensor with 4/3 mount and Leica and Zuiko lenses!”

        • Miroslav

          Hmmm. Just read again and I think there may be a chance for Olympus – Ricoh cooperation. Both systems are scheduled for 2011 and if Olympus gives up on “mount should be modular but separated from the sensor module” with some careful wording in the announcement both companies could stay “proud” :).

          Admin, any new rumors on modular Olympus?

          • admin

            Hi Miroslav. I am working on it. I confess that this is the hardest “rumor” ever. Becuase on one side many trusted sources know about that system but on the other size ther eis nothing real at the moment. Will post an update next week ok?


          • Admin, you can share the conflicting views with us, after all its a rumor site, we want to have the FT5 rumors as well as FT1’s!!
            Thanx :)

          • Miroslav

            admin: Thanks, looking forward to the rumor.

  • ljmac

    My initial reaction was “what would be the point?”, but if it has a different sensor from the Panny 12MP, then this just might be interesting.

  • Miroslav

    It would be great to have a third manufacturer. In the roadmap, the sensor in the module looks like 4/3, so it is likely. On the other hand, Ricoh has put APS-C ( probably Sony ) sensors in some other GXR modules, so it is weird for them to make a deal with another sensor supplier and double R&D. Or do they intend to make modules for some other mounts as well? That would be even better.

  • Has anyone bothered to measure/estimate the diameter of the lens mount and the diagonal of the sensor which is visible inside the mount ?? We know the dimensions of the module itself, so it should be easy enough. If, of course, the shown mount and sensor corresponds to the ones that they are planning to produce. But this *is* a rumour site, no ?? :-)

    • Miroslav

      It’s small and squarish, so it looks like 4/3. Find a picture of m4/3 mount, scale it, and you’ll see. But they can draw whatever they want…

  • Thomas

    Where is the Leica M module (with FF or at least APS-C sensor)? ;-)
    The GXR system would make a lot of sense with more of these (rumored) mount-only modules.

    I wish Leica would pursue a similar strategy: high-quality body (like what they offer now) with interchangable sensor/mount/processing module. Who wants to drop $5.000,- on a body that becomes obselete in 2 years? But it seems they are more interested in becoming a luxury brand at the moment…

  • Alfons

    \o/ Ricoh! Maybe my wait for Ricoh style mirrorless is over.

    However, I would prefer M-mount even with 1.5 crop.

    I hope Ricoh will add a good mf feedback to the camera. Like a box around the sharp areas on viewfinder?

  • George

    Ricoh is a joke. Check out dpreview sample shots. My LX5 can easliy outperforms it

    • kesztió

      “All in all the Ricoh’s combination of sensor and JPEG engine is doing a very decent job. Its high ISO performance is on par with some of the best APS-C DSLRs (although those usually offer a higher maximum sensitivity) and amongst the very best mirrorless large-sensor cameras.” (Ricoh GHR/A12 F2.5/50)

    • CRB

      I hope you are talking about the S10 and P10 modules…otherwise to tell that the LX5 matches the 50mm APS-C module is the real joke…

  • Darren

    Why not go extreme (they always do) and get an M-mount with a full frame sensor in it? Will be Leica + micro43 killer at the same time.

  • Scarka

    Hm… but we know, the all APC-s formats is proprietary.
    m4/3 also proprietary, but Panasonic and olympus let the other companies inside the standard

  • hold your equines. Zooming into the above picture (is there a better quality one somewhere?) and that shiny rectangle in the mount looks like its 3:2 not 4:3….
    Feel free to tell me I am wrong and point out the flaws in my theory; and if its the sensor, why is it shiny? Of couse it could be a made up or simulated image.
    Ricoh have made k-mount cameras in the past. Maybe its K and not µ4/3rds. All we know is that someone out there knows for sure.
    If I am wrong I take no responsibility and blame the quality street I have just been eating.

  • gekopaca

    Don’t care if the ultimate M43 camera is a Ricoh, an Olympus or a Panasonic one, or whatever; I just need a M43 camera with a rangefinder! That’s will be the ultimate camera!

  • Achiinto

    Turned out to be a Leica M-mount module….

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