Weird rumor: Panasonic to revive the Lumix G7 lineup

The Chinese rumor site CameraBeta wrote this strange message:

Over the past two years, cameras have become more and more expensive, and flagships have become even more difficult to obtain. Personally, I want a compact and lightweight camera that can shoot 4K.

Recently, there are rumors that Panasonic wants to revive the G7 in China.
A 4K flagship that costs over 2,000 yuan and includes a body and lens kit.

The camera weighs 360g, has a micro four thirds mount, supports 4K video, and has a 12-60mm lens that can meet most of your daily needs for street snaps and daily video shooting.

CameraBeta believes that some sort of G7II camera might be coming. I have no hint about this yet.

The only “evidence” that this might be true comes directly from Panasonic manager Yamane. He recently said that more affordable Lumix MFT cameras might be coming soon.

via Asobinet

Yosuke Yamane manager CEO hints that the first Lumix MFT camera with phase detection might be announced soon!

The French magazine Phototrend interviewed Yosuke Yamane, director of the Imaging Business division at Panasonic Corp. And there are a couple of interesting news:

First they asked him if Phase Detection will be implemented on future FF and MFT cameras:

We will consider adding phase detection AF to our cameras depending on the model characteristics, not only for full-frame cameras, but also for Micro Four Thirds. And on this last point, I invite you to stay tuned for our next announcements.

So it’s super clear that a new MFT camera with phase detection is coming VERY soon!!!

When asked about possible G9, G90 or G100 successors he answered:

As for the next Micro 4/3 box, we are thinking about it while monitoring the evolution of demand. Again, I invite you to stay tuned for our next announcements.

So to me this sounds like a G9II with phase detection could be the hottest candidate for a Spring release. What do you think?

Panasonic hints at a “rapid progress” of the Lumix camera lineup

S5II at Bhphoto, Adorama, Amazon US&EU&CA, Fotokoch, FotoErhardt, WexUK, Ipln. interviewed a bunch of Panasonic managers. They made it clear they plan to rapidly expand the Lumix portfolio. I am curious to see if they will launch an “Updated GH6” with Phase detection AF!

About the Lumix future:

We recognize that we are not yet a strong manufacturer in the market. We believe that the S5II this time is a product of a very high dimension, and we believe that this is the next phase of LUMIX. Please look forward to the rapid progress of LUMIX in the future.

On Why Phase Detection AF is only coming now on Panasonic cameras:

This is because we place the highest priority on image quality. When using focal plane phase detection AF, pixel defects will inevitably occur. LUMIX gives top priority to image quality, so we have been developing from the perspective of how far AF can be enhanced while still producing the highest image quality. In such a situation, we have refined contrast AF and DFD (spatial recognition AF) without pixel defects.

About the new IS system:

The main feature is the significant improvement in the image stabilization effect when shooting videos while walking. Conventionally, when shooting movies, the vertical, horizontal, and rotational correction ratios were allotted at a fixed rate, but with Active IS, for example, in scenes where vertical blur is large, the vertical correction ratio is increased. For example, the correction ratio is adjusted according to the state of blurring. As a result, we were able to greatly improve the correction effect for walking shots. In addition, the camera shake correction effect can be fully demonstrated even with fixed shooting.

Mr. Yosuke Yamane of Panasonic says they are working to launch a camera that is “small, mobile, and affordable”

PHILE WEB interviewed Mr. Yosuke Yamane of Panasonic The key info here is that Panasonic is aware that it needs to make affordable cameras too. They say they want to attract the younger generation. I surely would be happy if they somehow would continue the GM line :)

.Digicameinfo made this summary of the interview (google translated).

  • The GH6 received a great response, with orders greatly exceeding our expectations immediately after its announcement. The high-sensitivity shooting and dynamic range have also been highly evaluated, and the reduction of concerns about image quality has given rise to a sense of security, allowing users to concentrate more on shooting than ever before.
  • For the GH6, we started to review the core device and camera system from scratch. One of them is the image sensor, and the new technology realized during development is “Dynamic Range Boost”. Development was a series of hardships, but I am proud that we were able to create a camera that can render beautiful gradations, overturning the image of Micro Four Thirds.
  • The GH6 is equipped with a new engine that uses an extremely high-performance CODEC in order to meet creators’ expectations for video expression and editing flexibility. In order to realize this, we were forced to further improve our heat dissipation design, which is also our know-how. , making it possible to shoot with peace of mind.
  • We are confident that Micro Four Thirds is the best balanced format for video production where depth, depth and breadth are required.
  • Development of the “LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm/F1.7” was initially started with the theme of “a compact and lightweight ultra-wide-angle lens”, but the engineers decided that it would be “small and lightweight, yet close-able” as part of its new expressive power. ‘ and ‘half-macro shots’ were proposed.
  • At the beginning of the year, we are planning to hold a real CP+ for the first time in four years. & Considering trials, exhibitions, and seminars.
  • When it comes to taking videos and stills and taking action to share them with everyone, the best cameras are probably smaller, more mobile, and more affordable. Currently, the focus is on cameras from a fairly deep world, but we want to target the younger generation, who can step up to such a field, to have a solid understanding of LUMIX, and to have something that they will be happy to use. I have to prepare.

RUMOR: Panasonic and DJI jointly testing a new LIDAR based focusing method?

CameraBeta reports:

It looks like Panasonic and DJI are jointly testing a new focusing method. The new system is said to utilize the LiDAR focus technology released with the Ronin 4D. If this technology can be introduced to Panasonic’s mirrorless camera, we can expect a significant improvement in video shooting. It is currently undergoing in-house testing and will be available in the near future.

Panasonic MFT and S cameras are yet not matching the performance of companies lie Sony. But if this partnership is real, than we might get a new MFT camera with superb AF soon!

via Asobinet

New Sigma patent discloses the design of two new MFT lenses: 20mm and 14mm f/1.4

Asobinet spotted the design of two new Sigma MFT lenses:

Example 1

  • Focal length: 20.59
  • F-value: 1.45
  • Angle of view: 57.90
  • Image height: 11.15
  • Total length: 70.00
  • Back focus: 3.6679

Example 3

  • Focal Length: 14.65
  • F-value: 1.47
  • Angle of view: 74.12
  • Image height: 11.15
  • Total length: 65.00
  • Back focus: 3.9367

Not sure if Sigma will launch those lenses or if they will let Olympus/Panasonic license this design. But it would be certainly nice to get this 14mm f/1.4 lens!