(FT4) Leaked image of the new Panasonic MFT cine camera?

UPDATE: I have been asked to remove the image. Anyway, what matters is that it proved new Panasonic Cine MFT camera will be released soon.

Here was the original leaked text:

Leaked new Panasonic M4/3 body from XXX Panasonic User.
He is a user operating video shoots with Panasonic and Sony, and Panasonic gave him the opportunity to try out the product before released it. He has also worked with Panasonic on S1H.
He claims: This is a product aimed at the pro, not for everyone, but for a few.
He says that there seems to be no one feature he desperately wants to get into this camera.

If you have any info on this camera drop me a message at 43rumors@gmail.com. Thanks!

Will Panasonic transform their MFT product line to focus on vloggers?

I got this from a very reliable source:

  • They will change strategy here. MFT will focus on the V-Logging segment. They don’t see a huge market for a GH6 anymore as most people are moving to Full Frame. So the upcoming GH6 may be more a “Pro Grade” G100. It’s more of an upgraded GH5 in a new body with enhanced mobile integration. Or to make it short – a GH6 may not come with the desired specs and the story of the Pro Video MFT will end with the GH5.
  • G9 is now selling well in India. There are discussions about a Mark II which then also the successor of the GH5 with an additional Video Package to buy (similar of what Nikon is doing). But do not expect a “Big Bang” here.
  • The future of MFT is not yet decided – they are very careful because of the Olympus Imaging Carve out happening soon.  And again to mention – Sigma wants them to focus on L-Mount

Don’t know what to think about this…my guts tell me that this strategy is very lame and probably wouldn’t pay off in the long term. Therefore I hope this time this well known and reliable source is wrong…or Panasonic migh change mind after reading the comments on this post :)

Nikkei reports: Panasonic might do restructure the LUMIX business

Nikkei has posted an interesting “rumor” about Panasonic plans with the Lumix camera brand.

  1. Because of the difficult environment Panasonic plans to do a “structural reform” of the business.
  2. Nikkei writes that this could end in a “collaboration with other companies“.

Panasonic also told at Sankeibiz that their focus is now on attracting video customers. This is a market that is growing and that’s where they will focus their product development.

What I know: I have been told that in NO WAY Panasonic plans to do what Olympus did: It means they will not sell their Imaging Business.

Interview with JIP manager: We will mantain the Olympus brand and focus on video and high end business

JIP director Shinichi Inagaki has been interviewed by Toyokeizai. Here are the main takeaways:

JIP will not sell :
They said there have been no cases of bankruptcy in their past 30 investments. They are confident they can regenerate the business and definitely do NOT plan to sell the business to the best bidders. The hope is to achieve a profitability in the first year. After that, instead of selling it to external companies, they will search for a way to revive it under JIP company.
This self-confidence is underpinned by the success of the PC “VAIO” business. It returned to profitability in the fiscal year ended May 2016, and has continued to increase profits every fiscal year. EMS (manufacturing outsourcing) business for robots has also started, and the core of the business is increasing.

JIP will maintain Olympus brand and not withdraw from overseas markets:
The Olympus brand will be maintained for the time being, and the maintenance of the sold products will be continued. Unlike the “VAIO”, there is no plan to ​​withdraw from the overseas market, and they will continue to sell overseas such as in Europe, which is their “main market”.  They also plan to keep using the new fab in Vietnam.

JIP plan to regenerate the MFT business:
Key to success is “focusing on unique features and technologies. They plan to shift from consumer-oriented market to the business-oriented market where “its features can be maximized”. JIP also plans to focus on the “video business” which so far Olympus hasn’t really focused on: “we are considering various markets such as consumer products specialized for video and business such as surveillance cameras

The issue with human resources:
It has not been decided whether all human resources in the video business will move to the new company. JIP is negotiating with Olympus to acquire talent along with acquisition

What do you think about this?

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Panasonic might change their mind and do APS-C L-mount cameras afterall

This info is from trusted sources that shared many correct rumors in the past. So I am 99% confident it’s true. This is what they said:

  • Sigma is very, very unhappy with the progress of L-Mount. They are urging Panasonic to focus much more on this system
  • They are really thinking of an APS-C entry level system based on L-Mount
  • They now see Canon as biggest competitor in Video segment

Panasonic stated a couple of times they do not plan to make an APS-C L-mount camera to not cannibalize the MFT system. Well…they might change their mind soon enough and it would be bad news for the MFT folks.

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Panasonic director says “we will continue to develop products for Micro Four Thirds”

CineD published a full interview with Panasonic’s Director of Imaging Business Unit. The English translated text of the interview can be read on their site. A couple of highlights:

Strong G100 sales:
We are targeting traveling Vloggers with the G100, yet, right now it’s quite difficult to travel, so we were worried before its introduction. But many Vloggers are releasing their own home videos, so the actual sales are much better than expected. We think it’s the selfie mode or the OZO Audio function, which supports the creation of videos, that are well accepted.

GH5 successor:
Nearly 3.5 years have passed since the launch of the GH5, and many customers are still purchasing GH5, but many creators still shoot movies in a Micro Four Thirds format. As I have assured many times, we will continue to develop products for Micro Four Thirds as well as Full Frame to meet the needs of a wide range of creators. Regarding the replacement model for the GH camera that you asked about, I will inform you but the information may be spread. Of course, we are considering it, and we look forward to seeing you there.

We are currently exploring the future potential and marketability of 8K, and continue to develop technologies for the future and the expanding needs of the market. I feel like the needs of the market are a little behind from what I thought 3 years ago.

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