Great news! Panasonic says new “revolutionary” MFT zoom and new MFT fast primes are in the works along the GH6!

Panasonic posted this long video chat for the CP+ online event. From around 51:00, Mr. Uno talks about the Micro Four Thirds system and says:

  • Yes we are “considering” to make the GH5 successor (which is just a diplomatic way to say “yes we are doing it”).
  • We are also considering to make a “Revolutionary” new zoom lenses and new fast single focus lenses for Micro Four Thirds.
  • He says “Please look forward to it”

Finally a big bold statement from Panasonic! This breathes some fresh hope into the MFT system believers :)

Chief Technology Officer of OM Digital Solutions says: We plan to launch many products this year including one that will make you “WOW” (in about 1 year)

Asahi published an interview with Chief Technology Officer of OM Digital Solutions Mr. Kataoka.. The key info here is that he said:

    1. They plan to launch multiple new products in 2021
    2. They will stick to MFT (of course)
    3. It’s possible they will make a PEN-FII
    4. There will be at least one product that will make you “WOW” sometimes in around one year.

UPDATE: A reader made me notice that something got lost in translation. That new “WOW” product will not be announced by end of 2020 but sometimes in one year from now. Which means it might be coming in early 2021.

Digicameinfo summed up the interview (google translated text below):

How did you decide on the company name?
In the past and now, the value of our products has not changed. (How did you decide on the company name?) The value of our products has never changed, and we thought that “OM” was the best way to convey the message that we will continue our business.

How long can we use the Olympus logo?
At least for the time being, we will continue to use “Olympus. (How long can we use the Olympus logo?) At least for the time being, we will continue to use the name “Olympus. I want to think about this carefully. In any case, we have no intention of making a brand change that will cause anxiety among our customers.

How did you launch the new company in the midst of a shrinking camera market?
Why did you start a new company when the camera market is shrinking?) It is difficult for Olympus to change the contents of the organization to match the changes in the camera market. We need to create a structure that allows us to more simply manufacture products, deliver them, and sell them to customers. In order to create a structure that enables us to do this, it would be better for us to become independent from Olympus and continue our business by allowing us to do various things at our own discretion.
The number of employees in the new company has been reduced to about half that of the previous division. The global workforce is about 2,000, of which 280 are in Japan. Since lenses are the key to the imaging business, we had a lot of optical designers come to work for us. However, we have reduced the number of people in the development division as a whole.

If the company doesn’t return to profitability, will it be sold by JIP?
We have lightened the structure of the company considerably and are building a system that can withstand the current fluctuations in the Corona disaster and the camera market. We are changing our business structure so that we will be able to turn a profit according to a plan that is not too unreasonable. I hope you can rest assured about that.

Isn’t it necessary to stick to the Micro Four Thirds?
The Micro Four Thirds system has achieved the No.1 position in the domestic market in 2020 in terms of the share of units by lens mount. I think this is a sign that the Micro Four Thirds system is needed, and we would like to continue expanding the system.

Is it possible to release a camera like the PEN-F at a price that would be profitable?
I think there is a possibility. (Is it possible to make a camera like the PEN-F profitable?) I think it’s possible. If we sell hobbyist products at a low price, we won’t be able to make a profit at all, so if we do, we will sell them at a reasonable price. If we do, we will sell them at a reasonable price. Products for hobbyists cannot be sold in large quantities, but the numbers themselves are quite large. I think there is a possibility that we can release them if we can properly identify them.

WOW products:
Within the year…… I can’t give you a time frame, but we are working hard on it. I get angry if I talk too much but, at the very least, we’ll continue to release products that will make people feel glad that we’ve continued to make cameras even after establishing a new company. Naturally, there will be more than one product (Akagi: Oh my!). Some of these are products that include such special features that you’ll say “ooh” and “ahh” over them.

(FT5) Confirmed: New Sony MFT sensor records 8K video

At the beginning of November I got solid info that Sony will launch one new MFT sensor in 2021. I now got the confirmation this sensor will be able to record 8K video and have a 30+MP resolution. Now I have little doubt this is the sensor that Panasonic will use on the GH6.

Aki Murata from OM Digital says there will be more lenses than teased on their latest roadmap

OM Digital presented their new online magazine (Click here). And inside you can find a statement from the operating chief Aki Murata. He also says this:

“We plan to build on the strengths of the Olympus system and will bring you exciting news as the year goes on – even more than we have already hinted at in our product roadmap.”

This was their last roadmap:

(FT5) Sony has one newly developed MFT sensor ready for early 2021

Very solid sources told me that Sony has one very new MFT sensor that will be available for production in early 2021. I hope to get some specs soon but it’s really a major step forward from what I heard. I have no idea if this sensor will be suited by the next Panasonic GH6 camera or in some other new model.

But I promise you…I will work to get you details as soon as I can ;)