Confirmed: Panasonic will announce the new Lumix GH7 on June 5!

Finally a trusted source confirmed it: On June 5 Panasonic will announce the new Lumix GH7! The source did not share the specs yet but I guess the “unconfirmed” specs I posted yesterday are likely to be true:

  • Most features of the Lumix G9II – >I guess this means same 25Mp G9II sensor?
  • internal RAW
  • new 32bit float recording methods via a new XLR unit
  • has large fan
  • Lumix LAB app support
  • in Stock in July

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I hope to be able to get some more specs and maybe images soon…Sty tuned!

(FT3) Panasonic Lumix GH7 to be announced soon?

This week I got a rumor that a Panasonic NON-FF camera might be announced on June 5th. I still got no final confirmation this is going to happen. And I don’t know if this is going to be a new LX100 compact camera or a new MFT.

Fact is Panasonic has officially registered two cameras in China that still have to be announced. And in the past days I got some indication that we might get the GH7! Here are two messages I got:

Source 1:

  • Panasonic GH7 to be on market around July
  • has most features of the Lumix G9II
  • Has larger fan like the Lumix GH6
  • new 32bit float recording methods via a new XLR unit
  • Lumix LAB app support

Source 2:

  • Lumix GH7 is already being tested by “influencers”
  • This might be the camera announced on June 5 (but this is my speculation)
  • Testers feedback si that this is a near perfect camera for the MFT system
  • Shoots internal RAW

What do you think about these rumors?

New Panasonic (MFT?) Camera announcement on June 5?

Our reader Jakub sent me a link to a ‘leaked’ information about a new camera. Now, if I shared this link publicly someone would get in trouble and probably get fired. So I’m keeping it under wraps for now, unless some other website publishes it and forces me to report it. In essence, this ‘leak’ tells us this:

  • On 5 June Panasonic will announce a new camera.
  • This camera will NOT be Full Frame

I see three options:

  • It will be a new MFT camera
  • A compact fixed-lens camera (possibly the successor to the LX100).
  • It is an APS-C L-mount (I think this is very unlikely).

We know that Panasonic has registered three new Lumix cameras in China. One is for the new Lumix S9. The other two cameras have yet to be announced. it sounds pretty unusual for Panasonic to unveil a new camera two weeks only after the major S9 announcement. But the “leak” seems pretty accurate to me. I still don’t know what to expect, all I got is info from a new source saying this is a new MFT camera…but this is not a confirmed info yet.

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CONFIRMED: One more OM Digital camera announcement in 2024

One trusted source confirmed there will be ONE more camera announcement from OM Digital. Likely to happen in second half od 2024. The source did not share details about what camera we can expect. I can see three possibilities:

  • OM-10V
  • OM-5II
  • Pen-FII

I see no chance this being a OM-M1x…

Let’s see if I can gather some more info the upcoming weeks.

Super wild rumor: New entry level MFT camera coming in May too?

I just got this message from a reader that recently had a chat with Panasonic. He claims that a new MFT Lumix camera is coming in May too.

Sadly no trusted sources could confirm this yet so take this rumor with huge skepticism.

All I know is that:

  • Panasonic has NOT excluded making new entry level cameras
  • Panasonic actually has three new camera codes registered in China. So definitely a ton of cameras will be announced within the next few months!
  • Trusted sources confirmed one Panasonic announcement will happen in May with new “non High End” camera coming

Personal note: A new GM1 successor would make me happy :)

If you happen to know more about the Panasonic announcement drop me a message using this anonymous contact box or send me an email at


Confirmed: New Panasonic announcement in May

Finally I got some good news from a trusted source. But it’s not clear if this will be a MFT, L-mount or fixed lens camera. He told me this:

  • One new Lumix camera will be announced in May
  • It will be a completely “new kind of model”

The source has not yet provided any details about what this camera will be. Anyway stay tuned…I might be able to get some more details soon ;)