(FT3) Will Olympus launch a new 20mm f/1.4?

I got this from a new source:

there will be new lens announced this year: 20mm f/1.4 (it will start new future series of f/1.4 lenses)

this is a new source but he also shared me some other info I know it’s true. So this may become true indeed!


OM Digital manager says: Expect new products but also new “projects” to be announced in autumn.

a mockup of a possible Olympus-Samsung phone

OM Digital Manager Nils Häussler dropped quite a teaser. At the very end of this interview he said we should:

“Expect new products but also new “projects” to be announced in autumn.”

The new project might or might not has to do with the “WOW” camera. There are also rumor about a possible Olympus-Samsung partnership around smartphone. Anyway, don’t expect too much for now…

Some more tidbits from the interview:

– There is no info about the release date of the 100mm macro lens
– We have some more lenses in development
– Every year you can expect a minimum of 1 new camera and 2 new lenses to be released.

So, what to you hope those new “projects” will be about???