(FT5) STUNNING !!!! Voigtlander will soon announce the new 29mm f/0.8 Micro Four Thirds lens!

Folks this is simply stunning! This news alone may keep the Micro Four Thirds system alive and kicking :)

Nokishita reports that Voigtlander-Cosina will soon announce the new SUPER NOKTON 29mm f/0.8 Aspherical Micro Four Thirds lens! As far as I can recall this would be the fastest production photography lens of the world beating the (low quality) Ibelux f/0,85. The only faster lenses are actually made for X-ray or other industrial use (see them on ebay).

Knowing Voigtlander I am sure this lens will offer a surprisingly decent image quality at max aperture. Can’t wait to see how big this lens is too! Stay tune on 43rumors for more info soon!

(FT5) Sony has one newly developed MFT sensor ready for early 2021

Very solid sources told me that Sony has one very new MFT sensor that will be available for production in early 2021. I hope to get some specs soon but it’s really a major step forward from what I heard. I have no idea if this sensor will be suited by the next Panasonic GH6 camera or in some other new model.

But I promise you…I will work to get you details as soon as I can ;)

RUMOR: Panasonic will definitely focus on the High End MFT cameras while low end will not be priority

The past weeks we got info from solid sources saying that Panasonic wants to focus on the vlogger market for their m43 cameras.

While this is definitely true it may sounded like MFT would be “downgraded”. A trusted source assured me this isn’t the case! He added this:

1) The High end MFT market (GH line) is definitely a BIG focus for Panasonic.
2) Unfortunately the low end would definitely be less focus in the long term.
3) The GH6 will NOT be mainly targeted at vloggers. There will be some very good upgrades coming (that’s why it takes so long to create)

I hope this sounds good enough for you :)

Olympus Europe manager Albert Marti confirms focus is now on “high end MFT cameras”

Photolari had a chat with Olympus Europe manager Albert Marti. Here are some key takeaways:

  • OM Digital will still use the “Olympus” name
  • He confirms to Photolari the commitment to the medium and high range. It is not clear if that means forgetting about the Pen range – focused on simpler models, except the Pen-F – and raising the bar in the field of video, as has been hinted at on occasion.
  • The purchase includes the Olympus factories as well as its repair centers, including the technical service in Coimbra (Portugal) that deals with a large part of the products in Europe.

Sorry folks, the Panasonic GH6 is not coming any time soon…

Reliable sources confirmed to me that while there will be definitely a new GH6 this camera won’t come any time soon. Definitely not this autumn or winter. The best we can hope is that Panasonic might start to tease about this camera early like they did with the GH5.

Small good news at after this bad news: Panasonic confirmed they are developing the GH6. So it’s definitely coming!

Will Panasonic transform their MFT product line to focus on vloggers?

I got this from a very reliable source:

  • They will change strategy here. MFT will focus on the V-Logging segment. They don’t see a huge market for a GH6 anymore as most people are moving to Full Frame. So the upcoming GH6 may be more a “Pro Grade” G100. It’s more of an upgraded GH5 in a new body with enhanced mobile integration. Or to make it short – a GH6 may not come with the desired specs and the story of the Pro Video MFT will end with the GH5.
  • G9 is now selling well in India. There are discussions about a Mark II which then also the successor of the GH5 with an additional Video Package to buy (similar of what Nikon is doing). But do not expect a “Big Bang” here.
  • The future of MFT is not yet decided – they are very careful because of the Olympus Imaging Carve out happening soon.  And again to mention – Sigma wants them to focus on L-Mount

Don’t know what to think about this…my guts tell me that this strategy is very lame and probably wouldn’t pay off in the long term. Therefore I hope this time this well known and reliable source is wrong…or Panasonic migh change mind after reading the comments on this post :)

Nikkei reports: Panasonic might do restructure the LUMIX business

Nikkei has posted an interesting “rumor” about Panasonic plans with the Lumix camera brand.

  1. Because of the difficult environment Panasonic plans to do a “structural reform” of the business.
  2. Nikkei writes that this could end in a “collaboration with other companies“.

Panasonic also told at Sankeibiz that their focus is now on attracting video customers. This is a market that is growing and that’s where they will focus their product development.

What I know: I have been told that in NO WAY Panasonic plans to do what Olympus did: It means they will not sell their Imaging Business.