Olympus E-M5III and E-PL10 officially announced!

Olympus E-M5III at BHphoto, Amazon, GetOlympus, Adorama. In Eu at WexUK.
Olympus ECG-5 External Grip at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama.
No Olympus E-PL10 preorders yet!

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Press text:
E-M5III press text on 43rumors. E-PL10 press text on 43rumors.


Official introduction videos:

Sony releases the new 47MP and 8k30p MFT sensor fact sheet

Sony released the full presentation of the IMX492 sensor with 23,1mm diagonal (the MFT sensor has a 22.5 mm diagonal). The sensor has following key specs:

– 47MP multi-aspect sensor (41MP in 4:3 mode and 35MP in 17:9)
– Exmor R tech with electronic shutter
– Has 8k30p recording (in 17:9. In 4:3 it’s 25p)
– 2.315μm Pixel Size for both the Bayer and Monochrome sensor version

It’s obviously only a wild guess if that is the sensor that Panasonic will use for the GH6 (or Olympus for the E-M1III). But one thing for sure 8k on MFT has become really close today!


For the record: Techinsights had confirmed the IMX299 sensor is used  by the GH5s

(FT5) E-M5III will be announced on October 17 and feature the “same” 20 MP sensor

Image on top shows the current E-M5II model

I now have learned that the E-M5III will be announced on October 17 and feature the “same” 20 MP sensor of the predecessor. Of course there will be a new processor that will improve the IQ. But it definitely sounds like this camera is going to be an incremental evolution of the current E-M5II model.

And unlike what reported by some the E-M5III has not a “surprise” new feature. Don’t trust those sites :)

E-M5III rumor summary:
Announcement on October 17 (99% certain)
Same E-M1II sensor with 121 cross-type phase detection pixels. (80% certain)
New processing engine (90% certain)
Lighter, more plasticky but still weather sealed body (60% certain)
Same BLS-50 battery of the PEN and E-M10 camera series (60% certain)

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Olympus says they are developing a new 500mm MFT lens!

The Japanese website Newsswitch interviewed Shigemi Sugimoto from Olympus:

  • In 2018 we couldn’t launch new products  because of the factory relocation
  • The policy is now to announce multiple lenses every year from this year.
  • We will continue to launch cameras in three areas: entry, middle and high end level.
  • A super telephoto lens that reaches 1000mm in FF terms is under development, and it will reach 2000mm with a 2x teleconverter
  •  True value of MTF lies in scenes where mobility, image stabilization, and tripods cannot be used. It is possible to provide photos with a high degree of freedom that cannot be achieved by other companies.
  • E-M1X has introduced many of the world’s first technologies.
  • The PEN series has been highly acclaimed by women. The point is how to fight in the mature mirrorless market.
  • We are considering automating lens production. There are many areas that require high-precision work and are difficult to replace with robots. Combination with hand action is also difficult.