(FT5) New leaked product images of the E-M1X. Will be priced at 365,000 YEN (around $3000)

One of our Asian Sources (Thanks!) sent us these three product images of the E-M1X. And for the first time we also got an info about the pricing. In Japan the E-M1X will cost 365,000 YEN. Rough conversion in dollar is $3350 or 2900 Euros. Keep in mind that usually the prices in USA are lower which makes it sound the final price might be $2999.

Rumored E-M1X specs:

Name: E-M1X OMD camera
Sensor: 20MP (not global shutter)

Frame rate: 18fps
7.5+ EV stabilization
2 TruePic VIII processors
2x the processing speed of the E-m1II
Autofocus: Adaptive and expandable focal points. Two examples. If you are shooting a person, then shift to shooting a car, the number of focal points will automatically expand. If you are shooting a basketball player, you will get a vertical series of 5 focal points.

Body Size: 144.37 x 146.765 x 75.345mm (body with a built in vertical grip)
High Res: Can shoot handheld High Resolution images (around 80MP) at 1/60s
Photography focus: Sports and Wildlife shooters
Same batteries as E-M1 Mk II
Live electornic ND filter
Larger EVF
Price: Close to $3,000
Launch: January 24… along “2 tele zooms, 1 wide angle zoom. speedlight. zuiko binoculars”
Availability: February

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Previously leaked images:


Sharp has developed the new 30+ Megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor and the camera might cost around $3,000

Our friends from Personal View had a chat with Sharp at the CES. They managed to squeese out some more info:

  1. 8k30p but they are checking if it’s possible to make it 8k60p. Well that would be nice!
  2. aim is to have a $3,000 price point. This is very good price point particularly if it has 8k60p
  3. Sharp says it has developed the 30è megapixel sensors. Usually this means Sony made it and Sharp might gave them a couple of design tips :)