Mirrorless market share in Japan (Panasonic leads)

Image courtesy: Megapixel

Last week Olympus stated that DSRL will become a niche market in 5-10 years. The future is mirrorless or as Olympus says the future are “Pen-type” cameras :)

There are two data that do confirm the increasing mirrorless popularity. Almost a quarter of all interchangeable lens cameras sold in the UK during January are mirrorless (That’s a 160% rise on the same month the previous year). In Germany 80.000 of all 960.000 system cameras sold in Germany during 2010 are mirrorless. And In Japan almost 40% of all sold system cameras are mirrorless.The market is lead by Panasonic 38.7% followed by Sony 32.2% and Olympus 29.1%.

Olympus postpones the new product launch (Olympus converters)

Image on top: The fisheye, wide and macro converters.

Olympus officially postponed the launch of the recently announced products (Source: DC.watch). That includes the new compact cameras and the three Micro Four Thirds lens converters.
We all have understanding for this!

If you want to make a donation to help the japanese people click here: http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html

Reminder: The other two PEN accessories are already on market:
– MAL-1 Led Light at [shoplink 20217 ebay]eBay[/shoplink], Amazon US, Amazon Deutschland, Amazon UK, Amazon France.
– PenPal bluetooth module at [shoplink 20218 ebay]eBay[/shoplink], Amazon Deutschland, Amazon UK, Amazon France.

(UPDATE 2) Fuji X100 on eBay (but X100 factory has been damaged and production stopped)

[shoplink 20939 ebay][/shoplink]

UPDATE_2: The X100 is in Stock at Digitalrev (Click here).
UPDATE_1: BHphoto now takes X100 preorders (Click here). They will ship it soon (so they told us).

Right now you can find one single [shoplink 20939 ebay]Fuji X100 on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. It’s a unique chance (and I bet it will expensive also) to get the camera also because Fuji officially announced that they had to stop the X100 production! The factory that currently produces the X100 is in Taiwa-Cho (Miyagi) which is 30 km from Sendai. Good to hear that there were no injured people!

Other (Micro-) Four Thirds member like Sigma and Cosina/Voigtländer had no or very little damages in their factories that will not affect their current production. Reminder: Cosina makes the [shoplink 15659 ebay]Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 for Micro Four Thirds[/shoplink].

A little good news. No injuries in Olympus facilities

On picture: Olympus facility in Japan

I just got good news from Japan. All Olympus employees are safe, nobody was injured and all facilities are secure. There will be of course some problems with the current activities and production but that’s just a temporary and not so important issue in those days.
Meanwhile Panasonic made a 300 million yen monetary contribution and in-kind donations of 10,000 units each of radios and flashlights and 500,000 dry batteries to aid victims and support the recovery of areas affected by the strong earthquake that struck Tohoku area on March 11.
P.S.: Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Panasonic: Energy supply limitations will affect production (and probably delay the new product release)

Image on top: The Panasonic Fukushima plant

In an official press release Panasonic announced that Fukushima factory activity have been stopped. There is a lack of electricity, gas and water that forces them to shut down the production (Source: DC-watch).
Panasonic said that: “A few employees working at the Fukushima factory, the Sendai factory of AVC Networks Company and at the Koriyama factory of Panasonic Electronic Works received minor injury. Some part of the ceiling and wall were damaged, but there has been no fire or collapse. As regards the impact on our business operations we are in the process of investigation.” (Source: AP).

I guess this will cause supply problems with current cameras (they are made in Fukushima). Also the future new product release could suffer from some changes and delays. Reminder: The Panasonic G3 should have been announced between late March and late April.

P.S.: I didn’t hear anything about Olympus (don’t recall them to have their factories in the affected regions).

a little bit of everything…

Sun Flares taken with the GH2 and [shoplink 20857 ebay]C-mount Canon 35mm 1:1.2 (Click here to see that lens on eBay)[/shoplink].


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E-PL2 at [shopcountry 18844].


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GH2 + wide C-mount Cosmicar 12.5mm 1:1.4 (Vimeo).
GH2 at [shopcountry 16254].

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GH1 for $399 + Adobe brings XZ-1 and E-PL2 support + Olympus lens converters coming on March 18

Right now you can get the Panasonic GH1 body only for $399 at Amazon (Click here).

Adobes new Camera RAW 6.4 and Lightroom 3.4 release candidates bring support for the newest Olympus’s XZ-1 and E-PL2 cameras:
Click here to download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3.4 release candidate
Click here to download Adobe Camera Raw v6.4 release candidate
You can order the XZ-1 at [shopcountry 19904].
and the E-PL2 at [shopcountry 18844].

And Olympus Japan just announced that worldwide shipment of the new Olympus lens converters will start on March 18. The Fisheye, wide and macro converter do work on the new 14-42mm II lens, and on the 14-150mm and 40-150mm lenses. P.S:: The Japanese website DC.watch.impress (Click here) tested the three new E-PL2 converters a few days ago.