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Black E-M5 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Silver E-M5 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here)
Black E-M5 body with 14-42mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Black E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Silver E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
FL-600R wireless flash at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
MMF-3 Four Thirds adapter at Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here)
HLD-6 power battery holder at Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here)

Reviews, previews, interviews…

Click on ISO number to see the image sample: ISO 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600
Adminringlights and Gakuranman thoughts on the E-M5
75mm and 60mm lens info at Photographyblog, Quesabesde (spanish) and (japanese).
Hands-on at Quesabesde (spanish).
Hands-on at ePhotozine.
Hands-on review at Techradar. And E-P3 versus E-M5 again at Techradar.
Pekka Potka
Hands-on at Engadget (with video)
HOT! The official OM website!
HOT! Preview at Dpreview
Super HOT!Full interview with Mr. Terada from Olympus at Clubsnap.

Interesting info

Olympus Australia says the new 75mmf /1.8 and 60mm f/2.8 lenses will be available by end of the year. What the hell???
Mr. Tarada (Olympus) said “The new 16mp Live MOS image sensor produces lower noise at High ISO and boasts Dynamic Range that is a 1/3 improvement over current sensors” About a possible future peaking feature: “I feel that magnified focusing is still better“. About future lenses: “Yes, we can consider the possibility of faster and wider prime lenses.
In Japan (Click here) yo can order the body or kit and get either a free MMF-3 or 32Gb Class 10 SD card.

Image samples

Super HOT! Official Olympus image samples at Olympus Japan.
Sexy pictures of the camera at Kineda.
Hands-on pictures at Cnet USA.


Attaching the grip on the E-M5 on youtube.
Hands-on video review by Dpreview.
french E-M5 presentation on youtube
Olympus OM-D E-M5 hands-on video preview at TheVerge
Hands-on by Photographyreview on youtube.
HOT!Hands-on and speed test by ThePhoBlographer on youtube.
First video hands-on on youtube (by RedDotPhoto).

Press release

Imaging Resource (japanese)
Focus Numerique (french)
Olympus Japan (japanese)
Photoscala (german)
Quesabesde (spanish)
Cnet US
Visual Science Lab
PDN Pulse
Amateur Photographer
Olympus Australia
Olympus Australia E-M5 press release (.pdf).
Olympus lens press release (.pdf)


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  • Ace

    Some pictures and previews at Gizmodo.

    • Nawaf

      “It’s the first mirrorless camera with a magnesium alloy body”

      Are they serious? Nex 5N & Nex 7 didn’t come to mind..

      • Ace

        I think the statement was right. It reads “magnesium alloy+weatherproof+dustproof”. I think that’s what he meant by “first” on any mirrorless cameras.

        “It’s the first mirrorless camera with a magnesium alloy body—weatherproof and dustproof, yo!”

      • Anonymous

        Very serious CAMERA , dont compare sony NEX with even epm1 , thats awfull, NEX are cameras for only point and shot, imposible to work in manual, with a simple stabilization system,and the only good thing is the ISO , but i hate the colors of the nex TOO INEXPRESIVE COLORS !!!
        I have one , and im really crazy to sell it , i dont like at all !!

      • I think the Nex-7has “just” a magnesium top/front around its internal frame(back/bottom is plastic). The E-M5 however is built like the E-1/3/5 which means a full magnesium body/frame, which is much more rigid. I remember it was demonstrated during the release of the E-3 or E-5 by standing on the body with your full weight.

        • Nawaf

          Why do people get offended when we talk about other brands? I’m torn between the Nex 7 and E-M5. I need ISO 3,200 on occasion, I will have to wait for the tests. Weather proofing was the best decision Olympus made and is a huge plus.

          Anyway, thanks for the clarification guys, but this does prove that the reviewer was mistaken, as Ulli states that the E-5 has a magnesium body and I did a search and seems it’s weatherproof too.

          • ange7

            E-5 isn’t mirrorless.
            PS People aren’t offended…they’re just correcting you.
            Nex-7 is great cam but will look more tempting this time next year. Apparently Sony will offer 6-7 new lenses through out the year. Right now the lens line up for nex system looks thin.

          • Well, I for one, am not offended. And for the record, I think the NEX7 is an excellent camera, just not one I’m interested in.

        • Alan

          I bet the E-M5 doesn’t have a full Mg body like the E5. I have seen 5 clips and pics of the E-M5 Mg frame and all they ever show is the top and the front (as 2 separate pieces). Seems strange that it never occurs to them to show the back section, like they always do with the E3 or E5 Mg frames.

      • Berbu

        Magnesium body of NEX is nothing but a marketing hype. There is a reason that DM-D has a magnesium body. – outdoor usage. The best backpacking camera ever with many wide angle lenses. Does NEX has any good wide lens? No.

  • Fish

    Even though this camera was hyped up, I’m not feeling any of the let-down I felt after the E-5 release. This looks like a solid upgrade but the two new lenses are what I am really excited about

  • Droboe

    I preordered. Anyone wants to,buy a GH2?

    • ange7

      wait to see some hands on reviews at least.

  • Scot

    Nice camera look forward to some image reviews. Will be interesting to see what Panasonic comes out with in the GH3 and if I can hold on to my cash long enough to find out.

  • Order mine already:)

  • I’m sold, especially on the weatherproofing and the size. Love the black and silver. This will sound trite, but will go really well with a Rolex Submariner! My kids are getting better at skiing now, and I really want this on my shoulder in NZ by July. The controls look to me like I can handle them with gloves on. I think a microphone purchase is coming as well. The new kit lens will be great on a ski field, plenty of light around there!

    Gonna plan a side-trip through Singapore on the way to get it, if I can wait that long……

    • Checked out the different ISO images. Looks useable to ISO6400. Currently I limit my E-PL1 to ISO1600, or ISO800 if I want to do prints. This will make the kit lens quite useful!

      • ange7

        yep and the IBIS might be good for an extra stop versus the e-pl1…ie on top of the better sensor.

      • Narretz

        Even 12800 did not look too bad. But 25600 was definitely just an afterthought.

  • OM-4ever

    Pre-ordered black body and grip.
    I’ve been waiting for this since I put down my OM-4T and Motor Drive 2 after 20 years with the OM system………..
    Since I first used an E-10, my first digital camera, this is the camera I knew Olympus could make.
    Olympus, thank you so much!


      Indeed … they took their sweet time though!!
      I better start redeeming those mountains of aluminum cans I have here, ME WANT, drool drool drool drool

    • how much is the grip?

      • Klunsford

        $299 listed for pre-order at Amazon and Adorama.

  • yukonchris

    Generally speaking, it looks like an excellent small camera. Having said that, I am really interested to see just how much better dynamic range will be with the new sensor – that’s the big one for me. Unless it is considerably better than previous sensors, I’m not interested. Other factors of lessor but still considerable importance will be just how well it handles higher ISO, low light shooting and how well it focusses in low light situations. If Olympus has ticked all these areas then I’m certainly interested!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      If it’s only 1/3 EV improvement over old 12MP sensor then it’s below G3/GX1 sensor which has half EV better DR.

      • He didn’t say EV or stops. Maybe he meant the improvement is 1:3, so 1.5 stops then.

    • Camaman

      about 3000 redeemed aluminum cans… :-P

  • Jorge

    I’ve just seen the preview in dpreview and the size comparisons with the G3 and the EOS 1100 are revealing, it’s actually very small! I love my GH2, but at this point I would probably prefer the E-M5

  • pete

    it will be interesting to see if this delivers autofocus that can track birds in flight…. I know not important to all but …….

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Wouldn’t hold my breath for anything faster like birds.
      Contrast AF is still iterative trial and error focusing.

      Thom Hogan did recently article about few mirrorless cameras:

      • Du you know for a fact how the new tracking AF works?
        It has been said that it recognizes patterns in the subjects and track these. It can even track accelerating motion. And it analyzes how the patterns change size to track motion towards or away from the camera. I don’t think conventional CDAF does all this.

        • Narretz

          However, none of the wuick previews even tried to track something moving. Maybe Olympus didn’t give permission to do that? Honestly, this focussing on a static object while the camera is perfectly still too – doesn’t make sense as a test.

          • I suspect that there will be some demos at CP+, and of course review units should be available shortly. We’ll know more soon.

  • JimD

    I think there will be an E-30 on ebay very soon. Mine. There may also be an ep2.

  • Jon

    Those leaks we saw in prior weeks are awfully similar to the official photos of the E-M5…curious…

  • Dee

    Sorry Panasonic you just didn’t get it and wanted to spread out your technology to different series of cameras and not putting it all into one. RIP GF1 hello Olympus.

  • Iovis80

    I LOVE IT, i need to find an excuse tu go in usa and buy one!!!

  • Drazick

    Intervalometer at last!

    I hope the bracketing shooting was implemented right this time (One click to shoot them all).

    • anonymous

      are you using sequential drive mode? it is one click (keep button pressed) to shoot the brackets. That doesn’t suit you?

    • One click to shoot them all, one click to find them.
      One click to expose them all, and in Photoshop, bind them.

  • mountainwalker classified the E-M5 to be at “enthusiast level”. Obviously they see it one level below professional. Show me, please, one single professional photographer in the whole world who is not characterized through some kind of enthusiasm!

    Maybe the E-M5 is the ideal tool for full-time professionals such as dedicated wedding photographers and reporters of all kind of coverage. What really matters is weight. If the equipment is too heavy, you are not going to use it. What really matters is the sound level of the shutter. Gizmodo (see link above) tells us the shutter of E-M5 is more silent than NEX cameras, and very silent “even at machine-gunning” .

    I would not be surprised if the MMF-3 adapter (ZD lenses on mFT bodies) had been the very last component to be ever announced for the FourThirds system. Any rumors about the future of non-micro FourThirds?

    • James

      There was some controversy about their categorisation of certain cameras as “enthusiast” and others as “pro”, I think their logic is; any pro will be using FF, so the M4/3 camera that a Pro would buy would be a very compact one (GX1 etc) and they have categorised all Built in EVF M4/3 cameras as enthusiast on the basis that they are a whole system, not a “spare camera”

      or something

      I would argue that weight (to a point) is not a concern for Pro level photographers.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > I would argue that weight (to a point) is not a concern for Pro level photographers.
        Yep, some 150 grams more weight is meaningless if it gives built in proper size grip (+high capacity battery inside it) and proper controls instead of those crammed into left over space.
        Actually because of oversize LCD for body size (decide if you want camera or travel TV!) high end body itself would have to be wider.

        That specified battery life of 650 shots with TWO batteries is awfully low for enthusiast/high end use.

    • Its shutter is quieter probably because of all that magnesium and weather sealing… this is great as my PEN is quite loud.

    • JimD

      Dpreview sees all 43/m43 as at least 1 level below. They are one of the few sites I will not be visit for full reviews. They must hate the fact that people buy them and many pros use them. I think they are stuck in an anti 43 paradigm. They and some others who will write as if 43 m43 is below them. These sites could not understand live view, articulated screens (Look at the E330 reviews) and even mirrorless! Horror of horrors and EVF, or OVF only covers 95%. They are dragged yelling and screaming into reality. I don’t know what they would have said about my old SR7 and SRT101!

      • JF

        I read the full GH1 review on dpreview before bying it and it didn’t give up because of the review, to the contrary…

    • The Real Stig

      Mr Terada is quoted in an interview linked at the top of this article as saying:

      “We continue to be firmly supporting the E-system”

      • Narretz

        They always say this. But they never say: “We will be developing the E-system”!

        You can probably hope for an E-7 with the EM-5 sensor, and that’s it.

      • I think that they are supporting the E-System in the same way a noose supports the hanged man.

    • Berbu

      I think wedding photographers need a lot larger camera to make them LOOK professional.

      • ange7


  • I think this is a great camera! No disappointment here. Although I would have liked to see the kit with the 14-42 available here in NL as well. It would have saved me some money for prime lenses. But I guess the 12-50 has its advantages (12mm, macro, weather sealing).

    Looks like a great user! :D

  • James

    Looks nice. the Lumix G3 side by side shots on DPReview assuage my concerns about bulk

    As for the cost; Weather sealing is certainly worth something although you’ll need to be using a weather sealed lens I guess, I’m not totally convinced about the controls though, will need to handle/fondle one to see. Styling hits the target for me (ex OM10 owner) but I’m still not convinced that I’m going to pay twice the price of my (already great) G3 for the difference between the two … once prices have dropped towards the end of the year though I rekon Santa may put one of these in my stocking, along with the 60mm macro! Rumours of a scuba housing are also welcome to me.

  • DPJ

    I have only had a quick shufty, but does anyone know what the X_Sync will be for this body? MY E-PL1 is down to 1/160 second and even this is not fast enough when using off camera flash to capture BMX and SK8 photos. TIA, DJ ;)

  • Don’t miss Pekka Potka’s preview of the camera. It’s a lot more informative than DPreview’s and even better than Image Resource’s.

    • JimD

      As I posted earlier.
      Dpreview sees all 43/m43 as at least 1 level below. They are one of the few sites I will not be visit for full reviews. They must hate the fact that people buy them and many pros use them. I think they are stuck in an anti 43 paradigm. They and some others who will write as if 43 m43 is below them. These sites could not understand live view, articulated screens (Look at the E330 reviews) and even mirrorless! Horror of horrors and EVF, or OVF only covers 95%. They are dragged yelling and screaming into reality. I don’t know what they would have said about my old SR7 and SRT101!

    • DPJ

      Thanks Ulli :D

  • OMG, back in the ’70! I like it!

  • ISO samples in 0.35 MP? Don’t they dare more?

    • JF


  • Cteve

    Any video samples yet?
    At the time it was rumored to be FARRRRR better than the GH2, which I seriously doubt.

    • jendabek

      If there is no big firmware update planned for higher bitrate and 24p, the GH2 will be still better in this area I think. I also doubt there is a fantastic GH2 crop mode (ETC) available on Oly.
      Another disadvantages for me are:
      – not fully articulating screen (can’t shoot pictures of myself)
      – capacitive screen (cannot use with gloves)
      – 30 min limit
      – don’t see any 14-140mm comparable kit

      But the big advantage for me is the body image stabilization, sealing and two dials.
      Still think the GH3 will make a bigger step in m43 technology.

      • anonymous

        the m.zuiko 14-150 is comparable to 14-140:
        it is msc (movie still compatible) – smaller and lighter and cheaper (without OIS obviously)
        not a bad lens at all, it comes as a kit with most if not all pen models. Might not come with E-M5 though…

        • jendabek

          Thanks, I returned one GH2 when found the issue with horizontal line/bar that appears with high ISO in dark areas of movie … now finding the good one :-)
          OM-D looks ok but the crop feature and overall movie quality on GH2 keeps me from looking at Oly :-)
          And the GH2 stills quality is good for me – it limits me much less than my own shooting abilities :-)

  • hannes

    Why not magnified view AND focus peaking Mr. Tarada?

    Afraid of selling less AF lenses?

    • Steve

      Because that costs more money.

    • Mat


      Me too. I really hope to see somethink like focus peaking on EM-5. I have lots of manual focus lens. For now, I should stay with NEX, at least until Oly offers an assisting tool for manual focus system like NEX, Nikon, or Canon.

      • JimD

        Mat there is on I use it for my legacy 35mm lenses, works well. Try it.

      • Steve

        They do offer this, it’s the zoom magnification. It works great and I use it with my old Contax G lenses and my Voigtlander 40/1.4 all the time.

        • It will work even better with a stabilized EVF.

    • napalm

      I was hoping it was able to super-impose a magnified view on the frame… but looks like that didnt happen. It’s a bit hard to shoot on the street with a legacy lens and only the magnified view seen on your screen

      • Narretz

        that doesn’t work? bummer.

  • Ralentizer

    As I’m a 3:2 shooter, that’s big news (if true!) OM-D seems to have MULTI APSPECT SENSOR, SO rather a modified GH-2 sensor, not bad!

    kirk tuck wrote today:

    “So I asked a few probing questions. As you can see from the specs the sensor is 16 megapixels. I wanted to know if, similar to the Panasonic sensor in the GH2, you could use other aspect ratios such as 16:9 and 3:2 without losing resolution. The answer I got was “yes.” All but the 1:1 aspect ratio. If this is true (and I have no reason not to believe it) this will make me happy.”

    • Don’y you think it would be in the official camera specs if it really was true?

  • Steve

    Preorder up on Amazon Japan AND a release date – March 30!

    Black/Silver Body – 94,000 yen
    Black/Silver Lens Kit – 117,000 yen
    Accessories – HLD-6 26,000 yen

    I’m about to preorder the lens kit!

  • bli

    New words in English?
    * the Hump = E-M5
    * humping time = quality photographic time with the Hump

    Ok — although I personally would like to see a much reduced size of the hump, I have (quickly?) reconciled myself with it for the following reason: I accept the explanation that the new IBIS system takes so much space that it was (for now) not possible to reduce it — and keep the hotshoe.

    Still, I think it should be reduced in the future! It is towering like the Paramount mountain in the intro of Indiana Jones movies!

    • It’s really not that big. Look at the preview from Pekka Potka and the picture of the E-M5 side-by-side with the E-P3 + viewfinder.

  • om-4

    On the OM-D site you can see some see-through renderings of the hump/EVF.
    I think there is clearly enough space to have included a built in popup flash.

    Otherwise they could have used the wasted space to put in a bigger EVF or some nifty folded design with real prisma to magnify the view to 1.2 maybe even 1.4 or so.

    Will Olympus ever support 25p/50i. The world isn’t just NTSC. We need PAL compatibility too. Guess I’ll need a GH2/GH3 for video however I do like E-M5 styling and all that.

  • I love that highlight correction function as seen here (at 0:35):

    Unfortunately, the sample pics available so far are not full size. I guess, though, that we will see full size samples soon.

    • spong

      Just checked the Olympus UK website and no PAL framerates shown. However I’ve noticed that specs on camera manufacturer websites are not always reliable for the first week or two – they get updated and corrected. Nevertheless, if this camera is not offered with 25p/50p then I can’t buy it. Bitrates are not great either but need to see some video before making a judgement.

  • gzo

    Hmmm… It’s smaller than a E-P3 + VF2 in almost all dimensions! …and it’s weather sealed. I’ve bought the E-P3 for climbing, but now I’ll have to start thinking :)

  • jekins

    Not clear if new IS works in real time (video mode) ¿?

    • Balthier Bunansa

      read dpr preview – IS works in video mode

      • jekins

        thanks, good news. I think this the great advantage to Panasonic. Video with manual lens stabilised :-)

  • jekins

    Not clear if HDMI out works in live view to shot and record video ¿?
    or only playback same pen and E-5 cameras

  • Pendant

    Great design, I like the silver version too! Nice Leatherette!

    Thank you Olympus! Looks like a very interesting camera!

  • olivier

    any release date in Hong Kong?
    and where to buy? (I’m there for 3 months)

  • The Real Stig

    OMG – That 60mm macro goes from ∞ to 1:1

    I want, I want….

    • ange7

      yeah this lens sounds intriguing…bet it’ll be super sharp. The new 75mm sounds sexy and will get all the attention but this 60mm might be for me.

  • Rob

    I think the OM-D does look miles better than the Pens.. But Mr Oly man, please can we have lenses in black… I keep putting off buying the 45 1.8 in case it comes out in black! Same with the others.

    • OM-PRO

      Yeah, black, matt and no glittering chrome!

      BTW, fast f2.0 mFT Top-Pro-Zooms (12-35, 35-100) WANTED! All metal-build, PLEASE!


  • Alexander

    watersealed & bigger G3 – thats all

    • Anonymous

      weathersealed means a lot.
      i own a g3 and i like it, but this thing is sooo beautiful.

    • BornBad

      weathersealed means a lot.
      i like my g3, but this thing is just sooo beautiful.

    • It’s not much bigger and that’s definitely not all:

      1. It has 5 axis IBIS that works with all lenses.
      2. Dual control wheels and several assignable buttons.
      3. Tracking AF
      4. Acessory port
      5. Optional grips
      6. Magnesium alloy body

  • OLYMPUS E-M5 not for videomakers,
    but if I were just a photography enthusiast would be the right choice.
    I love the design, looks like a war machine!
    Next step: waiting for GH3!

    • matt

      videofunctions couldn´t been any worse
      all I wanted from oly was

      1080 50/60p
      28mbit/s or maybe a little more
      the stabilization they have could make the EM-5 better than GH2 in all areas.. but It´s just better for photographers..

      • Exact, peakingcould also not be strictly necessary, Tilting LCD is all right, EVF is so good, 5-axis stabilization is much throat, 20Mbit/s could be fine if the image quality was superior to GH2 (as read somewhere), but without 60p and 24p is not going anywhere

      • jekins

        yes, stabilization of all manual lens is a blow to GH2,
        I see difficult to IS integrate in body GH3 to counterattack

        • Vivek

          Why “counter-attack”? Are they competing with their own partners?!

          They better target Fuji or someone else. New batteries, PLEASE! ;)

          • Of course their competing with their own partners. That’s how business works, and we all benefit.

  • Questions that remain (for me at least):

    1. Somewhere I read: Pre-order SILVER body with BLACK 12-50mm. Instead of Siver/Silver. This seems odd… hope it’s a mistake and they don’t choose to always bundle the black lens and make the silver lens a separate purchase only!

    2. The Japanese deal mmf-3 or 32GB SD card. The page is only Japanese at the moment afaik. I’m really curious, though, whether all of us will have access to that deal or not. Bummer if not!

    • Pretty sure you need an address in Japan. I’ve done the deal previously for the E-P1 and E-P3. Pretty sweet, since you can pre-order the camera on a site like Amazon and then send Olympus your receipt and tab off the retail box when the camera arrives. Got myself the MMF-1 first time and a 32GB card the second. Assuming I pre-order the E-M5, I’m not quite sure what to grab this time. I don’t own any 43 lenses, so the new adapter, although weather sealed, isn’t that attractive to me.

    • marc

      Ya, you have to be in Japan to get that deal. And it’ll be under Japanese warranty with a Japanese only instruction manual. I live here, and I got my EP3 with the wooden grip special offer.

  • Rupert

    I think it’s really ugly and all the parts on the back just don’t look right. I have an OM1 and it’s nicer to look at the this!

    Dissapointed I avoided the Nex 7 for so long!

    • Sure, Nex looks more beautiful…

  • Lewis

    The VF2 viewfinder is shit. Anybody able to find anything anywhere to suggest that the viewfinder in this isn’t? No review I can find actually talks about response, colour rendition, etc. It’s as though reviewers are a bunch of scrubs.

    • TheEye

      You didn’t look hard enough, scrub. :-P

      120fps maximum EVF display rate in still shooting with 29ms display lag enables sequential shooting display with minimal viewfinder delay (default frame rate is 60fps, adjustable to 120fps).

    • Steve

      It’s not shit, it’s perfectly usable. I can use it as a quasi-waistlevel, too.

  • Anyone know where I can pre order this in the uk, it’s on the Olympus uk site but with no option to pre order.

    • Lewis

      sweet, thanks :)

  • Lewis

    Also. Also. The OM series aren’t considerably larger and managed to fit a roll of film in the back. And the Zuiko lenses were tiny, including the (excellent) zooms. Why can’t Olympus just recreate that small size body, huge viewfinder but with a digital sensor? I don’t really get it.

    • Balthier Bunansa

      did you see,at all, how small actually E-M5 is?

      also m43 zuikos can’t be the same size as OM zuikos because they have to fit focusing motor in m43 zuikos

    • Steve

      The OM series also didn’t have to fit tons and tons of electronics in the body. If it were as easy as “mount a sensor in a film body” everyone would have done that 10 years ago.

  • andrew

    I am impressed and will decide whether to buy depending on reviews.
    I think Olympus have continued their system camera tradition with this release and i think should be congratulated.
    I am also considering the Fuji Pro. But it is yet unclear which non-fuji lenses could be adopted and how to use manual focus with that camera.
    The Olympus system will be cheaper and offer probably very good image quality accessories and operability.
    The Fuji system will be expensive and also likely offer offer superior image quality.
    It all depends on time and money for me.
    Both are tempting.

  • Vivek

    I liked that interviews of Mr.Tarada. :)

    No blendtech, no bullshit!

    For the first time Olympus appear to be taking things more seriously.

    Look forward to using the EM-5! Everything is looking fabulous so far! :)

  • Bernd E.

    Seems to be a nice photo camera over all, but who messed up the video mode so terribly? 60i/30p/60p formats only even for the cameras to be sold in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or most countries of South America? Hey, we are 50Hz country! That’s a deal breaker.
    I never thought Olympus might repeat the mistake Panasonic made with the GH2: It needed a lot of protests from all over the world to make them rethink their ridiculous “No 25p” decision and finally the new firmware added it – better late than never. I really hope Olympus is going to offer 50i/25p/50p before the E-M5 hits the shelves. It should be noted that a lot of people are buying m4/3 only for shooting video, so this feature is much more important than digital effects for photos or other toy functions.

    • Entirely support

      • spong

        Yes, many video enthusiasts in PAL countries can’t consider this camera, nice as it is, until the appropriate frame rates are provided. I like it but Olympus must seriously consider a firmware update to allow 25p or even 50p if possible. Otherwise they will simply lose potential customers.

        • Different frame rates should be possible with a firmware update. Didn’t Panasonic fix the GH-1 frames rates with firmware? Alternatively, we could all pitch in and buy a couple of these for Vitaliy ;-).

          • spong

            A hacked E-M5, there’s a thought. 25p at 35mbps+ sounds attractive.

    • OM-4

      Amen. Will make for a excellent journalist camera. But the rest of the world needs PAL version.

      My editor likes the video from my E-P2 with PanaLeica 25/1.4 and 50/2.0 macro but hates the 30p. Will even hate me more if I get this over a GH2.

  • Noobkillweak

    Since I lost my 3 months old ep-3 in the Philippines I have reason to buy E-M5 new one!

  • Noobkillweak

    Since I lost my 3 months old ep-3 in the Philippines I have reason to buy E-M5.

  • jekins

    When is presentation of panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 and 35-100mm F2.8?

    • Narretz

      True! I hoped they would team up with Oympus and show the new weather-sealed pro lenses with m43 first weathersealed “pro” camera. Would be nice, but unlikely. And then they drop some tidbits about the GH3 …

      • jekins

        If waiting to photokina to present this lens, i think bad politic of Panasonic,
        if i have 1000€ to spend, i buy now 12-35mm now, if not disposable to buy lens i use this money to buy E-M5 and not possible buy future GH3.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Good question.

    • OM-PRO

      I would prefer Olympus faster F2.0 mFT-versions (12-35 and 35-100 mm) of their FT-Top-Pro-Line (14-35/35-100 mm)!

      And, I miss a F2.0 10 mm, too!

      Matt-black and all metal-build!

      PRO = pro-camera + fast pro-lenses!

  • No reviews and large sample pics yet? :-(

  • Gusnana

    Found video on youtube, showing E-M5, splash proof

  • For more info about Zuiko OM lenses, here´s a great site:
    Also a lot of info about older Nikon and Canon lenses.

  • Miroslav


    no built in flash
    no focus peaking
    no PDAF ( via sensor or adapter )
    no proper grip ( with addon grip, camera’s much larger )
    no ISO 100
    no articulated screen, just tilt
    no high speed sync ( my E-PL1’s 1/160 ISO 100 is better than E-M5’s 1/250 ISO 200 )
    no AVCHD
    no HDR
    no in camera panorama
    no buy

    I didn’t expect revolution – organic sensor, magic viewfinder, etc. but I expected flagship model to carry older models’ features and some other interesting functions competitors have introduced. Built in EVF, better sensor, IS and AF are nice, but my 1300 euros are going Nokton 17.5mm F0.95 way.

    I’ll skip E-M5, I’m keeping E-PL1 and looking forward to price drops of 2011 bodies and E-ML5 announcement in a few months time.

    • alexander


  • alienchow

    Looks great! I want to order one, but $299.00 for the grip? Yikes!

  • To buy or not to buy…..
    As G3 owner I see the EM5 tops the G3 in every aspect except image quality. My main reason to change camera is for improved IQ. Sure though that the EM5 is lots more pleasant to work with. The results will probably be similar, maybe a nudge better from EM5.

  • Camaman

    Many of those minuses listed above are just differences of opinions and need or just plain nitpicking.
    Only features one could miss on a casual occasion is flash, in camera HDR and Panorama. as that would save us from the need to do this in PP, even for less important photo occasions.

    Even HDR can be avoided since we now have a live curves feature that can eliminate 50% of my PP work. And it will probably be recorded into RAW, something HDR function is not doing.

    Do you guys think that we can bring down or pull up the midpoint on the curves graph with finger? :-)

    • The curves will be in the JPEG, not the raw. I plan to shoot raw+JPEG.

  • metalaryeh

    I would love to see some nighttime long exposure shots at base 200 iso.

  • BS Artiste

    I like this camera. My only quibble is the lack of a fully-articulating screen. However, with the extra-large LCD, I understand why the design had to go with a tilt-screen instead of a fully-articulating screen.

    • BS Artiste

      Paging poster Michael Meissner!

      How was it that you configured a remote viewing screen for Oly cameras?

      Given that the EM-5 does not have a fully-articulating screen, I’ll need some type of remote viewing mechanism to frame shots while holding the camera out over ledges, buildings, bridges, etc.

  • EddyKilowatt

    Wow, nice. I like the IBIS, improved sensor (I hope!), EVF, tilting LCD, and Oly JPEGs. Here’s hoping the test results are commensurate with the feature set.

    I think would’ve made the $$stretch for this over the G3, if it’d been out last summer. As it is, I don’t think I’ll trade in the G3, but I’m glad to see the scene staying competetive and I’m looking forward to where this might drive things when I’m ready to upgrade in a year or two.

  • om-4

    Olympus should strike the privileges of the PhoneyBlowgrapher and give Admin some cred by donating him a full E-M5 kit like they gave Robin Wong an E-5 for popularizing Olympus.

    Hands on “fondling” time??? I’ve seen kids showing Lego or Star Wars toys more respect on Ytube going over all the cool new features.

    The Phoneyblabber merely tosses the camera around and is joking with others about a conveyor belt? Get real or get lost man.

    • JimD

      “Olympus should strike the privileges of the PhoneyBlowgrapher and give Admin some cred by donating him a full E-M5 kit like they gave Robin Wong an E-5 for popularizing Olympus.”

      Yes. I concur.

  • jose luis

    Cuantas más quejas sobre los 24p y los 25p y que aumenten al bitrate a 35 mbps como mínimo seguro que los japoneses sacan un firmware lo mismo que hizo Panasonic con la gh2.
    Vitaliy no quiere hackear esta cámara porque no puede ya que el firmware se actualiza por internet, no como en la Panasonic que era un simple archivo.
    Además creo que Vitaliy no sabe nada sobre esta cámara. Tienen que ser desde fábrica la modificación.

  • jose luis

    The more complaints about 24p and 25p and increase the bitrate to 35 mbps at least certain that the Japanese take a firmware as he did with the Panasonic GH2.
    Vitaliy does not want to hack this camera because it can not because the firmware is updated online, not like in the Panasonic was a simple.
    Plus I think Vitaliy knows nothing about this camera. They must be from the factory modification.

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