Impressive in Japan: Mirrorless surpasses DSLR market share. M43 surpasses Nikon and Canon!


Our reader YouDidntDidYou (Thanks!) found some impressive slides from Olympus. It shows how the mirrorless market is growing all over the world. And in Japan the Mirrorless market surpassed the DSLR sales for the very first time! And Micro Four Thirds surpassed Nikon and Canon!!! Yep, that is almost a miracle :)

The first slide on top shows the interchangeable camera market share in Japan. Micro Four Thirds mount cameras are the most sold system in Japan and Olympus forecast shows a strong tendency upwards. And for the first time we can finally see the mirrorless market share of all most important countries in the world:

And this is the company market share in Japan:

Good news for us! But let’s see how the data will be in one year when Canon will have striked back!

Amazon ranking in USA (Click here)
Amazon ranking in UK (Click here)
Amazon ranking in Germany (Click here)
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  • The Real Stig

    Olympus and Panasonic better watch out. The others will be gunning to take over the mirrorless market segment any minute now.

    • it maybe too late for Canon to strike back and Nikon have already shown their hand :D

      • anonymous

        as Pentax has shown, they might not put all their eggs in one basket. Not sure if its the example to follow, but having introduced one mirrorless system is not a guarantee that no other mirrorless system from the same vendor will come around.
        With the Nikon V1/J1 aiming at the lower end of the market, it sounds reasonable that at some time in the future, another, higher end mirrorless platform from Nikon will exist.
        Also, if needed to defend their market dominance, Canikon have the clout to strike more than once. Dont expect them to get overrun and disappear without putting up a fight.

    • How in God’s name can you POSSIBLY spin this as bad news. If I won the lottery you’d say “yeah, but watch out, now all your friends will want to borrow money”. What does it take to get a positive remark out of you?

      • The Real Stig

        It is of course good news – very good news. I should have put in a ;) just so the humour impaired got the idea of the grudging accolade that was implied – sigh!

        Also my comment had a serious side to it. Do I need to explain what that was?

  • DonTom

    I guess that is the consequence of a joint system: market belief. I hope Canon takes note: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”
    Thanks YDDY for finding that!

  • not miracle, but mirror-less :-)

  • twoomy

    Wow, amazing. Nikon got really hurt by the two disasters last year with most of their enthusiast cameras and lenses in short supply. That could only help the swing. But Nikon is poised to make a full recovery and is back in the news with the D4/D800, so we’ll see what happens. (Yes, I know the majority of people don’t buy cameras like that, but high-end buzz turns into more sales for your consumer models.)

    • @twoomy
      most people will not bother to upgrade to the D4 or D800 I’m afraid. no reason for them to.

      • Wow

        Never underestimate the need to compensate of people with some sort of insecurity.

        • JimD

          Must be the Japanese are feeling more secure than the rest, they don’t need big ego boosts hanging round their necks. Or maybe they ignore the foolish pixel peepers and just enjoy taking pictures.

    • MichaelKJ

      Although Nikon did get hurt badly, its 3rd quarter results were better than I think most people expected. While 3rd quarter sales (report released Feb 3) where down 15% from last year’s third quarter, sales for the first 3 quarters of this fiscal year(which ends March31) were still 7.7% greater than the first 3 quarters of last year.

      For reasons that escape me, Nikon’s compact camera sales are 20% greater this year and are comparable to Canon’s.

      Interestingly, with the giant Japanese electronics companies (Panasonic, Sony, Sharp) all reporting large losses, Nikon, Canon, and Oly may be in the best financial position. While Oly has serious problems, its medical division is doing very well and the E-M5 could be exactly what is needed to make its camera division profitable.

      • JimD

        A company that can hide such massive losses in secret must have had a massive revenue in the first place to enable the hiding. That possibly means that Olympus has been making far more than they have been reporting in the past.
        Now the air is clear they will be able to put that now ‘unlost’ revenue into producing and marketing cameras.

  • On the unit share by area slide is that the US way down at the bottom? The colors they chose for the US and HK are so close I can’t tell which is which. If so that is shocking. They’re even selling better in Canada than the US despite the fact the US 9x as many people. m4/3’s really needs to work on their non-existent marketing here.

    • Atle

      The share is in percentages, there is no reason for it to be higher in a country with “9x as many people”.

      • Ah, ok, didn’t notice each country was broken down by percentage instead of by overall sales. That makes sense then.

        • Henrik

          My simple understanding of the American culture is “the bigger the better…” Maybe thats why m4/3 has such a hard time finding buyers in the states? ;)

    • twoomy

      @Eric. Absolutely! I’m the only photographer I know in my circle of friends who uses an M43 camera (GH2). Most people in the U.S. don’t even know the system exists. You barely see any M43 equipment at places like Best Buy and it seems that the U.S. gets new product last. Seems like they’re missing their chance to tap the market.

      • Pedro del Río

        I actually have the impression that Europe gets the new products last. But maybe the grass is always green on the other side of the ocean.

      • 1O1

        This is a widely-known 30-year old tradition in Japan, ever since the early Walkmans and Toyotas hit the world market: Launch first in Japan, smooth out the quirks, and then make a worldwide launch. This also means you never get products from the first production run. Seriously — consider yourselves *very* lucky!

  • Berneck

    Thom Hogan had some interesting insight. One being the Japanese market is small compared to Europe and US, and trends there don’t equal trends in other markets. Another being that the data cuts off right before the Nikon 1 started to ship…. I’m paraphrasing of course, but you can check it on

    That being said, the E-M5 is very exciting, and if this is an idication of what is to come, we may finally have true SLR alternatives. They just need to market them as such. The average person, as far as I can tell, still doesn’t know these alternatives exist….

    • @Berneck
      “One being the Japanese market is small compared to Europe and US, and trends there don’t equal trends in other markets.”

      Japanese people buy many more cameras than any other population.

      In the United Kingdom mirrorless is already at least at 25%.

      It’s only North America and some parts of Europe that are behind the curve and even in those places market share is now taking off…

      • Berneck

        Yes, they do, but the market is small, and doesn’t translate to trends in other markets.

        Also, while UK may be at 25%, all of Europe is probably lower.

        My point is, the numbers are good, but I think they’re being hyped a bit. I think it’s a matter of marketing. They need to get the word out to the comsumer better. Anyone disagree?

      • ckb

        What kind of english is this:
        “Japanese people buy much more cameras than any other population.”
        I don’t even know what that means.
        Japan has always been a strange country to do business in. Form over function has always been a important part of Japanese way of life. In Japanese electronics stores all the mirrorless offerings are shown by brand and it is difficult to compare cameras from different brands without getting a pushy salesman involed. The DSLR’s are grouped by price/features and are easy to compare side by side with no sales help. For mirrorless they are selling style and DSLR’s are selling features/price.
        (Note: I spent a couple weeks in January and over 20k in Japan explaining to Japanese buyer that if you cannot feel/measure a scratch its not a scratch).
        I actually like the charts, however based on Olympus accounting techniques I tend to think they may have left something out to show a better result. I did love the prediction in the first chart. I wish I knew what they based that on because it could not be on the present lineup. They would have to add a few more models.

        • @ckb
          In Japanese electronics stores all the mirrorless offerings are shown by brand and it is difficult to compare cameras from different brands without getting a pushy salesman involed”
          Guess you didn’t see the article “Why Best Buy is Going out of Business…Gradually” by Larry Downes on Forbes.

          ” I did love the prediction in the first chart. I wish I knew what they based that on because it could not be on the present lineup.” was based on my photoshop skills lol :D

        • nipponbasse

          So, since you have been in Japan a couple of weeks you suddenly know everything about how businesses work there? Reading between the lines, it sounds like you are undermining Japanese people a bit?

          FYI, the big Japanese electronic stores like BIC Camera, Yodobashi Camera, Yamada Denki etc presents the DSLR and M43-cameras in exactly the same way, so u are wrong on that one. The compact and powerzooms are a different story though.

          Whether its Canon, Sony or Olympus u are interested in, each brand has its own section, and if u’ve seen otherwise then u must have been in a very strange store. Of course, they may have display sections ( usually close to the entrance of the store) where you can find several brands on the same table, but you won’t find that in the main camera section of the store.

          I dont share your impression about the salesman/women being pushy either. The main difference if we compare to USA and Europe ( yeah, I have lived both places) is that there are alot more staff available, so that if you actually need help u can get it really fast. But unless they think you lost or something, they dont usually bother u.

          And one last thing on your first comment: Probably more than half of the readers of this site do not have English as their 1st language, so no reason to get all fuzzy about it=)

          • ckb

            I was at BIC Camera, Yodobashi Camera. It was how both were setup. My Japanese is poor, and excited sales people usually make it worse (I do get lost in Japan but usually someone does help me get to the right place). I was just stating that it was easy to compare DSLR models with no help. You would need sales person to help with the mirrorless but that is what they are pushing/have the most sales staff. Its like the DSLR’s are the ulgy stepchild that has to take care of itself. I also admit that Nikon and Canon had corners dedicated to their pro/semi pro equipment. I thought I was wordy already in my orginal reply.

            I been lived in Japan for 25 years. I like Japan however I get frustrated with form vs function. I deliver a product to Japan that works prefectly and meets all specifications however I spend a large amount of money and time fixing cosmetic problems.

            YouDidntDidYou is from the UK so I assume he can write something that makes sense. He usually does make some sense but I was not sure with that statement. Sadly I missed his “photoshop skills”.

            • @CKB
              if you had googled the term “Why Best Buy is Going out of Business…Gradually” it would of lead to to an article about how pushy American sales people are at BestBuy and how they often end up pushing customers away.

              Yeah I took the Micro Four Thirds line off the chart with bit of photoshop added at the end lol

              • ckb

                Preaching to the choir about the store that shall not be named.

              • JimD

                Its the difference in business/profit attitude.
                Some companies just want to make profit. Other companies want to produce/sell good product and service thereby making a profit. The latter are the ones who get past the first few years and you return to.

            • Steve

              I think you just went to BIC/Yodobashi at one store or something. Try going to a real camera store like MAP camera. Bring your own lenses and/or bodies to try with their gear if you choose. Easy as pie.

              Of course even a standard electronics store like Yamada Denki has all the cameras in the same spot, easy to compare. Personally I like the Yodobashi approach of having all m4/3 in the same spot – I am only looking for those and don’t need or want to mess around with the Q, or Sigma, or DSLRs, or…

              ckb I do wonder what your grip on Japan and the Japanese market is like if you lived here for 25 years but your Japanese is poor!

              • ckb

                On an off for 25 years(7+ years total). The longer I stay the better my Japanese gets but when I go back to the USA I have no place to use it. Yes its as embarassing as a Japanese person having ten years of English lessons in school. Remember most Japanese people I met and interact with will want to try to use their English on me rather than hear me butcher their language.
                I guess my observation was more to the for the large electronis store (BIC by Yurakucho Station, LAB by Nagoya Station). Where the average population buys electronis. I did not have much free time but I was able to walk to a few from my hotels. The camera stores I usually went to were further off the beaten path so I was unable to go to a pure camera store.

    • Frakus

      The only M 4/3 offering I have seen here in Greece is the Nikon J1.

  • Cteve

    Very interesting, but that is ONLY JAPAN and Japan is NOT representative of the rest of the world.

    • @Cteve
      2nd image is the rest of the world!

    • nipponbasse


      But, quite often trends in Japan reaches other parts of the World too, and given that Japan is a leader when it comes to producing cameras ( and consuming them) I wouldn’t completely ignore it.

  • Bob B.

    I don’t understand all of those graphs…but I think that they indicate that Canon will be landing with something big..soon! :-)

  • frank

    Wow! This means a large user base and so more incentive to launch nice lenses as the business case for developing them will make sense sooner, also for niche lenses.

    • HB

      New lenses is what i hope for too :-)

  • Brüno Banäina

    you could as well compare compact cameras to F and EF mount sales, so the differenc would be even bigger.. charts like that show that soccer moms and point and shoot upgraders are rather buying pens and lumixes than eos500s at the moment, it’s for sure expanding the whole photography market, but don’t think professionals will rely on mirrorless toy formats in the near future, not befor nex9 is out.

    • JimD

      Mirrorless and DSLR are in the same market as far as their output capability is concerned (amatur and enthusiast) the big hold back for mirrorless is the egos of the old guard who think ‘if it ain’t big, it ain’t no good’. The US leads this and some parts of Europe se it also. Where this ego separation does not exist the mirrorless sales are doing well.
      If you look at a good A4 print can you tell what camera took it?

  • PS


  • PS

    Dispite all the bad news….there is still good news

  • Daemonius

    Not that suprising, mirrorless is future. Just wait when there will be mirrorless full-frame and then Im very curious what Canon/Nikon will do.

    I guess first full-frame will come from Sony. Ofc theres tiny possibility that Samsung will come to senses or Ricoh-Pentax will try something else than hyper-ugly mirrorless camera (which doesnt have future just cause its ugly and almost big as K-5 .. yea and no EVF).

    • Berneck

      Yeah, it’s a matter of time before the mirror goes away in the vast majority of cameras. The mechanical shutter will be tossed out after that….

    • Brüno Banäina

      how much do you hate canon/nikon do you hate it becaus it eats your toy cameras, you should hate your m43 because it’s always 5 years behind instead..

      when the time is right for mirrorless, canon and nikon will present mirrorless EOS1’s and D4’s they have time to chew gum and see what sony pentax olympus is baking the small bread

      i don’t see any problem there.

      • Steve

        Mirrorless Canons with those huge DSLR lenses makes no sense whatsoever.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      I seriously doubt we’ll see mirrorless 24x36mm cameras. You would need a new and expensive lens portfolio for that, that neither Canon nor Nikon would like to launch. What would happen to their existing lens line up, EF & FX?

      There’s already Leica M9, if you like a mirrorless 135 system. Look at Fujifilm X-Pro1, which for long time will be the largest mirrorless new system, apart from Leica, and the X-Pro1 is just APS-C!

      • JimD

        Why a new lens portfolio? the light angle on the sensor and back flange distance need not change, I am sure that any thing else can be sorted out in electronics.

      • Carlos

        Look at what Pentax just did with their version of a mirror-less system. They kept their existing mount, stripped the OVF, got rid of the mirror, removed some buttons, made it to resemble a toy, gave it unusual colors, and called it the K-01. Regardless of how ridiculous the camera may look, it is still an mirror-less camera that maintains the same old K mount.

  • This may be off-topic, but on

    I’ve just read the following:

    “The black version of the E-M5 body and M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42 mm f3.5-5.6 II R lens will cost about US$1,100. Alternatively, a black version of the M.ZUIKO Digital ED 12-50 mm f3.5-6.3 EZ lens will be available with either the black or silver E-M5 body, for US$1,300.”

    Has anyone (admin ?!) found something similar?! It would really kind of surprise me if they bundled the silver camera with the black lens, instead of going black + black and silver + silver.

    • BLI

      B&H explicitly states silver E-M5 with black 12-50.

      • safaridon

        Maybe you haven’t been looking very close at the pictures. The body sides of the silver version are indeed black clad and in my opinion the black lens with silver body not only makes sense but looks the best.

    • Brüno Banäina

      right, black and silver, that would be typical olympus, in order to the the ‘colour correction’ sales too… i guess not even olympus is that dumb to do something like that

      • BLI

        That has nothing to do with stupidity. It has to do with what looks nice. De gustibus non disputandum est!

    • Darko

      That combination indeed looks the best: silver/black body with black lens

    • JimD

      silver body + black lens is the classic look. Silver lens for the exotics, to be used on silver or black bodies as per the 12mm
      If I can’t have silver body with black lens I ain’t gettin’ none ov it.

  • matt

    I wish quick death to DSLRs :D
    waiting for FF nex 9 or canon FF mirrorless with 4k RAW…. hope they´ll be afforable

    • Brüno Banäina

      you have a problem,

      does the mirror and pentaprism bother you? or does it bother you that the OVF is still better, or do you own a display semiconductor company?

    • Nawaf

      Affordable to a few maybe :P

    • if the Sony a850 is not affordable to you, no mirrorless FF ever will. Consider this, FF NEX 9 will be more expensive than APS-C NEX 7.

      It all boils down to the fact that “affordable” is a variable which is dependant on your capability to spend.

      • since FF mirrorless will still be large and cumbersome why even bother to wait for it, why not just get a FF DSLR now…?

      • JimD

        My capability to spend is boundless, but, my capacity to pay it back is the problem.

  • SWWT

    Is this the same presentation Thom Hogan was talking about on his site:

    Because he does point out some flaws:
    “This was followed by a graph showed the Japan market share by manufacturer, which purported to show the collapse of the Canon/Nikon domination. Well, okay, but the graph was curiously cut off just prior to the Nikon 1 shipping in Japan ;~). As we know, the Nikon 1 has been doing pretty well since it’s arrival.”


    “The caution here is that the Japan market is not quite like any other market, and certainly not like the larger American and European markets. What Olympus wants you to believe is that what happened in Japan will eventually happen in all the other markets. That’s not a given, though it certainly is in the realm of possibility. However, I’ll point out that here in the US, Olympus dealer marketing and Panasonic’s lack of inventory and promotion are huge hurdles, especially now with Nikon running around and producing printed flyers every week in almost every tangible market with Nikon 1 promotions. One reason why the Nikon 1 is doing decently in the US is that it is being promoted and marketed heavily. Olympus’ efforts have been not quite as strong, likely hampered by cost cutting at OlympusUSA headquarters. Panasonic’s efforts aren’t visible at all, and they keep failing to bring significant inventory into the US any time soon after launch of a new product.”

    • @SWWT
      thankfully there are so many flaws in the article you refer too.

      The parts you quote : the graph goes upto Aug 2011, Nikon 1 didn’t hit the shops till Nov 2011 and isn’t selling that well apart from USA (as stated by Nikon spokesman).
      Outside USA the Nikon 1 will be lucky to make 4th place behind Oly, Panny and Sony. Pentax Q sales have picked up in Europe and Asia so they might even push Nikon 1 into 5th place.


      The United Kingdom is already at least at 25%, with mirrorless doing well in most of Western Europe…

      The real reason Micro Four Thirds haven’t pushed in the USA is because the dealership next work is fragile and consumers are much too price conscious…

      • MichaelKJ

        According to BCN, the J1 double kit lens was the 6th best selling ILC in Japan in January, with the GF3 (4th) being the only mirrorless ahead of it. The single lens J1 was 10th.
        For the most recent week, the top mirrorless cameras in Japan were as follows:
        NEX-7 (6th), GF-3 double kit lens (7th), GX-1 (8th), J1 double kit lens (10th), J1 single lens (12th), GF-2 (13th), E-PL2 (16th), E-PL3 (16th, tie), G3 (18th-white and 20th-black).
        Looks to me like the J1 is holding its own against the other mirrorless cameras in Japan.

      • Carlos

        Nikon has been bombarding the televisions with ads for their V1/J1 system here in the U.S.A. Every mayor retail store carries the Nikon mirrorless cameras: Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sears… probably Radio Shack.

        I do know that Best Buy carries the E-PM1 (and previously E-PL2) as well as other mirrorless, but, not in all stores. The store in my area, which serves a 30mi radius worth of people, has the J1 and the NEX 5 in store (just like Walmart and Sears) but no other mirrorless. I had to travel over 60 miles to reach a city with a store that had the E-PM1 on display. There is only one m43 camera being sold in my area at the local Target, the GF3–which is not my taste.

        I have only seen one advertisement on TV for a m43 camera, it was the advertisement for the E-PL1 a while ago.

        The lack of advertisement on the part of Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, and Fuji here in the U.S. makes it seem as if Nikon (with the ad bombardment in all media) and Sony (with their large in-store displays) are the only two viable options for Mirror-less cameras.

    • flash

      I thought Nikon was promoting their mirrorless like crazy is it was just about the only thing they have to sell, due to the tragic weather in Thailand and Japan. This should be changing fast I hope and they will get their D4 and d800 out in quantity; both made in Japan.

    • bilgy_no1

      Could well be the same slides. But how you interpret them is of course subjective. Thom Hogan seems to be hired as a consultant by Nikon from time to time, which may colour his perception.

      It seems that Panasonic has improved supply of the GX1 in the US. Quite soon after release it is available in the US stores. It may have been a conscious choice to first focus on other markets before moving into the US.

      And no matter how your look at it, it is very clear that mirrorless, or actually only m4/3 and NEX, are really beginning to hurt the market share of the Big Two; first Japan, then Asia, parts of EU and plenty of other markets to follow. What is not clear from these slides is the total market development. I.e. the mirrorless sales might have come on top of DSLR sales, rather than instead of.

      • ckb

        “Thom Hogan seems to be hired as a consultant by Nikon from time to time, which may colour his perception.”

        I do not think that he could be a consultant for Nikon because he is not willing to sign a NDA with them.

    • olympique


      Fair enough, but what about the rest of Asia? The way I see it, thats where the future marketshares lies. These days more or less every single Chinese tourist has his own DSLR/mirrorless camera, and that’s a market that will only increase more as their economy gets better. And then there’s the rich arabic states with tons of money between their hands, and up-and-coming Indian economy ( thats a billion people for you right there) etc….

      Its hard to see USA grow much bigger than what they are by now, and although they will be a trendsetter for many years to come still, having a strong position in the American market isnt necessarily alfa and omega.

  • PS

    Slow and steady wins the race….

  • Jekins

    Where is new Panasonic lens? Rumours please…..

    • admin

      GH3 at Photokina. And next G camera in May.

      • Fan

        You mean GH3 at Photokina?

        • admin

          Yep sorry. I corrected it.

      • david

        I think Jenkins means the 12-35 and 35-100.

      • Pedro del Río

        Time to start with Panasonic leaks then. Activate your intelligence service! :-)

      • safaridon

        Hopefully this will be the GF7 with inbody EVF?

        Maybe the reason they are delaying full disclosure of the new X lenses as want to save for the new upgraded camera just in time for the Olympics?

  • attila

    man look at the first graph, there is many questions answered.. the most important..sadly..the 43 mount is on descending trend, hitting the flor.. so in my opinion the new OM-D line “replace” the E5, no future 43products from olympus.. so sad

    • PS

      That is not true.

      In one of the interviews from Oly they mentioned that they will be bringing new 43 bodies and even more surprising even more 43 lenses.

      Its still not the Dead End!!!

  • flash

    Nikon has a problem in the next flew years, in that they pride themselves with the longevity of the F mount, for good reason. They introduced a mirrorless that has a very small sensor dimension, which required a new mount. Their F back regestry mount is almost long as Pentax and you see how big the new Pentax mirrorless camera is. I think Nikon will have a big mirrorless camera based on the F mount, but only people who have a F mount system will be interested. I think this will preclude them from bringing another size mount to market anytime soon.

    Canon on the other hand will make a new mount for its mirror less offering, even if they do not have to; they will not have a super short regestry like the NEX; until the sensors are better in capturing light at an angle; maybe that is what they are waiting for. They will go it alone. They seem to know how to market and sell their cameras so they will be successful in this.

    What mFT needs is another maker of bodies, even if it is only high end models. They also need some dedicated video cameras that are reasonably priced, under 1,000 euros.

    So till Canon shoots, it is mFTs as the new an growing system. I suspect most serious people starting a system will start with mFTs right now.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, Nikon F register distance is not almost as long as Pentax K. At 46.5mm, Nikon F is actually longer than the Pentax K @ 45.46mm). Thats why you can’t use those awesome M42 lenses (without corrective monocle) on the Nikon system.

  • Fan

    Wow I read that the shutter is quieter than E-P3 and NEX-7:

    • reverse stream swimmer

      Most likely due to the robust build with Mg and weather sealing on top of that. The shutter is both silent and is really fast, faster then anything seen before from Olympus DLSRs/EVILs!

  • Duarte Bruno

    Don’t underestimate the powers of the dark side…
    SONY has already one big foot in the door!

  • Camaman

    This just sales figures, right?
    I don’t understand how something like lens mount info can decline? I mean a camera once sold or resold used doesn’t sees to exist. the lens mount is still there.

  • Sam Bennett

    Your math is apparently as bad as your spelling. ;)

    In terms of TOTAL dSLR sales vs. MFT, there’s still some work to be done. The first graph simply shows MFT eclipses both F and EF mount, but collectively they still have more market share. However, CSCs as a whole (E and MFT mount here) seem to be poised to eclipse dSLRs in the next year. With that said, it’s hardly surprising or cause for celebration. The CSC market has long been characterized as being a much LARGER market than the dSLR market, so if that’s true then CSCs should be running away with it by now.

  • Alexander

    canon & even Sony (smaler lenses) will strike back!
    Oly/Pana should even have a better place if they mad bigger steps. (e.g. like Sony, sorry guys)
    I think it is not enough to have the best system, I for myselfe would wish more features (remote, panorama,2 pics on 1, etc.)& more compact (hump vs nex-7)

  • Anonymous

    This links to a thread about the E-M5 presentation in Taipei. In the fourth image of this thread shows the mirror-less share to the ILC market up to Nov. 2011. Apparently the mirror-less share in the US and China (the two largest market I guess) rise steadily after August but UK dropped a lot after August closer to the rest of Western Europe. Also it past 50% in Taiwan in October…

    Oh! I think “mirror-less” in this PP include NEX and Nikon 1…

  • Jolyon Smith

    LIes, damned lies and statistics.

    What I do find interesting is that commentators talk about mirrorless market VERSUS dSLR market, but Olympus seem to consider mirrorless to be PART of the the dSLR market.

    Another thing I find interesting is that from the first chart mFT clearly hurt FT far more than it hurt any competitor SLR. mFT put FT into the ground, but Canon and Nikon merely continued a downward trend they had already started.

    Also timescales on these charts are crucial I think.

    An SLR isn’t something that someone typically buys every year or even every other year. An SLR body more often has a useful life to it’s owner that covers at least one new body release from the manufacturer and possibly more, waiting for a significant step-upgrade, not just keeping their body “current”.

    Compacts – and I think mirrorless for similar reasons – have always been a different kettle of fish, and consumers tend to upgrade those far more “aggressively”, so a sales chart covering 3 years will show more repeat (upgrade) purchases of mirrorless cameras than it will for dSLR bodies.

    It’s not the numbers, it’s what they mean, and what they mean depends on more than *just* what the numbers *appear* to show.

  • MGuarini

    Well, japanese people are known for being centered and having good sense. I have a friend that has a Canon 60D a 6D and a 5D Mk II, with expensive white lenses and only takes pictures of his family members, and doves that come to eat his dog pellets during the weekend. I have never seen a worth picture from him.

  • Miroslav

    Great news! We may not see the end of the world in 2012, but will certainly see the beginning of the end of DSLR. As for Japanese market being smaller than US and EU, I agree. But it’s the market all camera companies base their lineup on. So, when Canon and Nikon see their market share in Japan decline, they’ll shift focus to mirrorless regardless of it being relatively unpopular in the US.

  • One major phenomenon is overlooked here. The Japanese are good camera makers but bad photographers.

    Therefore, whatever they buy, be it mirrorless or micro four thirds, that is unlikely to have any bearing on world DSLR market. Remember, it takes the Europeans or Americans to assess the real strengths and weaknesses of their cameras. None of the pro photogs of the west has switched to those new systems trashing out his/her DSLR setup.

    So, while it’s good try by Sony, Panasonic or Fujifilm, loosening the Canon Nikon grip on DSLR market seems impossible in the foreseeable future. Those new toys may be good for casual shooting but when it comes to professional job, it has to be a good DSLR. At this moment, there is none other than Canon and Nikon.

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