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Olympus Q&A on Facebook (says E-M5 has a new sensor, new 43 lens coming, fast m43 zoom too?)


Hurry guys! There was a live Question & Answer session from Olympus on Facbeook (Click here). The next Q&A session will take place next Thursday at 3:00pm ET. Here are some of the most interesting answers from Olympus:

First news: Olympus says the E-M5 doesn’t use the same G3/GX1 sensor. It uses an “entirely new sensor“. But(!) keep in mind that Olympus marketing could have a different interpretation about the meaning of the word “new”. Maybe in their opinion small tweaks are enough to define a sensor as “new” :)

Second news: Again about the sensor: “The sensor is more similar to the sensor from the PEN P-3 but with an increased refresh rate or readout of the image off of the sensor. Means the black out is virtually non existant and you can shoot at a much faster frame rates.

Third news:Olympus has recently stated that they are studying a successor camera to the E-5 and another lens.

Fourth news:regarding adding the OM-D to the Pro Service program, we are studying that point now. No official word yet.

Fifth news: “ISO 100 has been removed as ISO 200 has the same low noise performance, but better sensitivity.

Sixth news: “Our in-house testing has confirmed that the E-P3 and E-M5 are faster than the V-1 or J-1

Seventh news:Currently we are focused on fast primes but it would not surprise me to see some fast zooms down the road.

That’s it!


For my european colluegues:
Silver E-PL3 with 14-150mm lens,
Black E-PL3 with double lens kit,
Silver E-PL3 with 14-42mm lens,
Red E-PL3 with 14-150mm lens,
Silver E-PL3 with double lens kit,
Silver E-PL3 with 14-42mm lens,
Silver E-PM1 with 14-42mm lens,
Silver E-PM1 with 14-150mm lens,
Silver E-PM1 with 14-42mm lens,
Black E-PM1 with 14-42mm lens,


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