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Dan Pocock‎
M31 Andromeda Galaxy
Only 2.5 million lightyears away…
Olympus E-M5 MkII
Samyang 135mm f2
iOptron Skytracker Pro
20x 60s, ISO 800 @ f2

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Sirui 50mm F1.8 Anamorphic Lens for MFT

Interview with Sonny Lui who is European marketing director at Sirui about their new unusual product. Sirui is known for astonishingly good monopods, tripods and other similar products. So, it is quite unusual to see afforable, but high quality anamorphic 50mm F1.8 lens from them. Lot of people are ready to kill for such a lens and shooting anamorphic is still very attractive for many amateur shooters and small teams as it allows they production to stand out.
It will be interesting to test the lens in full and check how it perform in the real filmmakers tasks.

New Laowa 4mm lens is now in Stock at BHphoto

Venus Optics announced that the new 4mm MFT lens is now shipping out.  It’s in Stock for $199 at BHphoto and directly at Venuslens.net .

And DC.watch posted the images of a factory  tour at Venus Optics. Here you can see a Stock of 4mm lenses:

DC.watch also wrote:

By the way, the current best seller is “7.5mm F2 MFT” for Micro Four Thirds, and the second is “9mm F2.8 Zero-D” for Micro Four Thirds. In both cases, the lens body is very small and light, and features a super wide-angle lens with a filter attached to the front.

a bit of everything…

Meike 35mm f1.4 Review // fast and affordable!

Today Gold Box deals at Amazon US, BHphoto, eBay, Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.es.
KIPON start to deliver top quality lineup adapters for pro cine&video purpose
Panasonic Lumix G95 – Any Good? (FutureShockDigital).
Panasonic 10-25mm f/1.7 close up resolution test at Asobinet.
The B&H Guide to High-End Lighting (Explora).

Plenty of news on the facebook E-M1II group, Panasonic FF and the GH5 group.

Unexpected aid: Stefan Daniel from Leica says

Mizuwari interviewed Stefan Daniel from Leica. And he made quite a strong  statement about the MFT world. When asked:

So, for you, the fear that some have about abandoning the Micro 4/3 after the launch of the Lumix S 24 x 36 mm by Panasonic is completely unfounded?

ANSWER: Yes quite. I can not speak for Panasonic, of course. I do not know their plans either. But I can tell you that at the level of use, formats smaller than the 24 x 36 mm still have good days in front of them, with very strong assets in terms of size. This is why we also offer CL and TL in APS-C …

Moreover he feels good about the digital camera market as a whole:

“If we look at the market in the long term, the number of devices sold today is higher than the best times for film.

we are seeing growth, and even, very strong growth in 24 x 36 mm hybrid, and a decline in SLR cameras.

Even if the 24 x 36 mm is the fastest growing segment, I’m not sure it will sign the death of smaller formats such as APS-C and Micro 4/3. Because a 24 x 36 mm autofocus camera, be it SLR or hybrid, will necessarily be larger in terms of optics than a device using a smaller sensor.”