Peter Forsgård: Olympus Was Sold – [I Was WRONG!]

Peter Forsgård:

Olympus announced that it has sold its camera business to Japan Industrial Partner. In this video, I will explain what it means to photographers who use Olympus gear.

Peter still feels positive and believes that JIP has to develop new products to make profit. JIP also had bought the Vaio laptop brand from Sony and to be fair…they still keep making them today! So let’s hope my personal pessimism is misplaced.

a bit of everything…

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Odd Olympus UK statement: “Don’t panic. As far as we are concerned it is business as usual.”

In an interview released at Amateur Photographer Olympus UK’s Mark Thackara issued some odd statements:

Nobody can promise that Olympus will be here in 100 years time, as you can’t say that about any brand. What I can say is, we have seen the product road map, including the new lens one, and it’s very exciting. The company wouldn’t be bringing out news lenses if they didn’t believe in the system. We are quietly positive.

Don’t panic. As far as we are concerned it is business as usual. Businesses change hands and flourish, so there no reason this won’t be the case here. I have been through all sorts of ups and downs in my 35 years with Olympus. Our basic technology and core proposition are still very good.

Olympus just decided to sell their imaging business and he says “we are quietly positive“…”Don’t panic….it is business as usual.”….really? If you believe in something you don’t sell it…period.