Panasonic displaced a new 35-megapixel 8K organic CMOS sensor

At this years Japanese 4k8k-expo Panasonic displaced the specs of their new 8K organic sensor. Panasonic officially writes:

The “organic CMOS image sensor” is an image sensor with a completely different structure from the conventional image sensor. Simultaneous realization of high resolution, wide dynamic range, and global shutter performance by taking advantage of the unique “laminated sensor” that has a completely independent structure of “organic photoelectric conversion film” that performs photoelectric conversion and “silicon circuit section” that stores charges. Is possible. At this exhibition, we will introduce the “8K high-resolution organic CMOS image sensor” that realizes these features.

A couple of years ago Panasonic already teased about this new kind of 8K organic sensor. But I doubt we will see it on a GH camera any time soon :(

OM Digital has made the official “New Brand Announcement” and teases a new OM camera with “computational tech”

The “Olympus” brand is gone and cameras will be branded as “OM Digital”. What do you think about this?

OM Digital Solutions also teased a future new OM camera that will leverage “the use of computational photographic technology“.

Press text:

Announcement of The New OM SYSTEM Brand

Delivering unparalleled experiences with the OM philosophy and the development announcement of a new interchangeable lens camera to bring photography to the next level

Bethlehem, PA, October 27, 2021 – OM Digital Solutions is pleased to introduce the OM SYSTEM brand for our lines of interchangeable lens cameras and lenses, compact digital cameras, audio products, binoculars, and other services. We are proud to share that going forward, Olympus imaging- and audio-related products will be released under the OM SYSTEM brand. Additionally, we are currently developing a new interchangeable lens camera compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard that will embody the OM SYSTEM concept and bring photography to the next level.

The new OM SYSTEM brand

For more than 80 years, since the release of the Semi-Olympus I in 1936, our business (formerly the imaging business of Olympus Corporation) has received tremendous on-going support from our loyal customers for Olympus imaging products. During the film camera era, we achieved an unprecedented compact, lightweight design with the OM series of 35mm SLR cameras, and this development philosophy emphasizes that design lives on in our new company and brand. Looking to the future, we pledge to establish brand value and growth through building the new OM SYSTEM brand.

What we want to accomplish with OM SYSTEM

OM SYSTEM expresses our determination to continue to deliver unparalleled experiences to our customers through our mission of always challenging convention and a philosophy of continuous product development, which we have adhered to since the establishment of OM Digital Solutions. Through our products and services, we hope to create exciting experiences that bring joy and inspiration. Going forward, we will strive to be the brand that customers will treasure for a long time to come, devoting ourselves to craftsmanship that demonstrates a commitment and fulfills people’s lives.

The development of a new interchangeable lens camera

Compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard, the interchangeable lens camera that we are now developing combines our industry leading manufacturing capabilities and cutting-edge technologies to significantly improve performance and provide an unrivaled photographic experience. We are leveraging the Micro Four Thirds System standard to make more compact and lightweight systems, strengthening the photographic support functions that broaden the field of photography, and accelerating the improvement of image quality and photographic expression through the use of computational photographic technology. We want OM SYSTEM to be a partner for the adventures of each and every person. We hope that you will look to our Micro Four Thirds system to bring photography to the next level.

OM SYSTEM brand statement

“Break Free”

Time does not stand still.

It does not take excuses or do repeats. The sun won’t ask for your permission to set, a smile comes and goes, and a Falcon won’t wait for your go-ahead to take flight.
When a moment comes, one that makes you feel, you should be ready to capture it. Those moments of beauty are meant to be shared, feelings to be remembered, and images intended to be captured.

We are passionate about providing creators with the tools necessary to fight time, outsmart the odds, and break free to go on your adventures, sunshine, rain, or snow. We build uniquely compact and dependable imaging systems with creator-centric innovations that allow you always to be ready to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Make it last forever.

Defy the moment, with OM SYSTEM.

Press text from Panasonic Japan: LUMIX celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021 and shares the thoughts about the future: GH6 development taking longer than expected :(

Panasonic Japan has launched a special 20th anniversary website here:

This is the Google translated text from their final segment where they talk about the future of Lumix:

In the future, we will evolve into an attractive system with a view to cine lenses, and at the same time, we will continue to provide unique value such as developing lens groups according to the workflow of creators, and creators around the world will be able to work more freely. We plan to focus on the development of full-size mirrorless cameras that can expand the range of expression.

Then LUMIX might have thought that they had given up on Micro Four Thirds, but that’s not the case. While there is the option of full size, some creators dare to use only Micro Four Thirds machines because of the total mobility of the system, cost performance, and the depth of field they are looking for. In the future, we will continue to develop in both the Micro Four Thirds G series, which has both mobility and high image quality, and the more professional full size S series, making the best use of the excellent characteristics of both Micro Four Thirds and full size. I think

We are also challenging new camera shapes that give creators more freedom in video production. The BGH1 released in 2020 is a box-style Micro Four Thirds system, and while inheriting the video performance of the GH series, it can be freely customized according to the shooting style and is active in a wide range of shooting sites.
In October 2021, we also announced the BS1H, a full-size box camera that condenses the same image quality and functions as the full-size single-lens S1H in the body size of this BGH1. This will further expand the range of expression in video production.

The GH6, which is currently under development, aims to achieve both the mobility unique to Micro Four Thirds systems and a variety of video expressiveness. Both the sensor and engine have been newly developed to support 4: 2: 2 10bit Cinema 4K60p video recording, and we plan to achieve unlimited video recording time within the recommended operating temperature. I’m really sorry that I can’t tell you in detail, but please look forward to what kind of camera the GH6, which is still under development by engineers, will be finished.

LUMIX is the youngest camera brand born in the digital era, but we have been able to celebrate our 20th anniversary by walking with customers who love cameras. I am full of gratitude and gratitude to all the customers who have used it.

From now on, the culture of photography and video will continue to be diverse and diverse as the times change, and the way it is expressed will change in a complex manner. LUMIX wants to continue to be the one and only brand that always stays close to the creators’ thoughts, supports their creative activities, and moves forward together.

And I pray that the future that I have projected will be wonderful …

October 27, 2021