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a little bit of everything…(Olympus SH-1 compact and Panasonic cloud ready videocamera)


Brokenman teaser 3 from Gami Orbegoso on Vimeo.

Have to catch up with two small non MFT related news-rumors:
TVBeurope reports that “Panasonic is set to launch its first handheld ENG camera with wireless connectivity, enabling recorded content to be shared almost instantly and accessed from anywhere.”
ePostel unveils that Olympus will launch a new SH-1 compact camera. The fact that it has been listed on that site means that Olympus has still one more announcement coming within the next few weeks. Maybe something else is coming too?

And here are more MFT news:
GM1 review by Tyson Robichaud.
The ultimate minimalist bag for M43 cameras review at Qamera.
Revisiting the past: the 2003 Olympus E-1 (Ming Thein).
Panasonic GX7 Owner assessment – Part 5 (Soundimagesplus).
Panasonic Won 19 iF Product Design Awards (

Video on top by Musgo: “First sensations of “Brokenman” (Gh3) a movie in filming process,I hope to finish soon.

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