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It’s official: Nokton 25mm with De-Clicked Stepless Aperture Control.


Voigtlander officially announced a new version of the 25mm f/0.95 MFT lens. it has the same optical design but adds De-Clicked Stepless Aperture Control. The image on top shows the new lens. Price will be the same of the current Nokton 25mm (here one Bay). The new version will ship from March.

I got the press text in German if you want/can read it:

Nachdem sich die lichtstarken Festbrennweiten mit MFT- Anschluß immer größerer Beliebtheit erfreuen, gibt es eine weitere frohe Kunde. Das erste Objektiv dieser Reihe, das Nokton 0,95/25mm, wird ab März 2014 auch mit der selektiven Blendensteuerung ausgestattet sein.
Dies erlaubt dem Benutzer zu wählen ob er die traditionelle Vorgehensweise der Blendeneinstellung oder ob er eine stufenlose Blendensteuerung bevorzugt. Besonders bei der Anwendung im Filmmodus lassen sich hier sehr effektvoll dramatische Einstellungen erzielen, zumal die stufenlose Einstellung auch absolut geräuschlos vorgenommen werden kann. Alle anderen technischen Daten bleiben unverändert.

Thanks Thomas for finding this!

All search links to Nokton f/0.95 lenses:
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  • Don

    I hope you mean a selectable Click or De-clicked Aperture control.

  • PLI

    It’s a shame there’s no basic electronics for Exif.

    • It’s not a big deal. I use a free Lightroom plug-in, LensTagger, that let’s me add lens info… lens name, focal length, aperture, etc.… to a photo’s, or batch of photos’, EXIF data. It saves this info for as many manual or adapted manual lenses as you might have, regardless of when a lens was manufactured.

      It does add an extra little step, but at least the EXIF data is there and I can tailor the info to my taste or tweak it at any time, too.

      • would be nice if there was an inbody solution for this like with the Ricoh GXR, where you could create EXIF presets for your lenses.

        • That’s an interesting concept.
          How does it work when you swap lenses? Do you have to “tell” the camera what lens you’re using, like when manually setting IBIS?

        • Michael

          Yet another reason that an Android-based camera would be great — I could write up a custom EXIF app in an hour.

      • ssgreenley

        This is an interesting concept. How do you deal with aperture? I guess it’s not the most important of EXIF info, but what’s your system? Do you tend to just shoot at a certain aperture and remember it?

        • Steven ell


    • Bob B.

      It would be great if these lenses functioned the way a Zeiss does on my FF camera. Manual focus but auto aperture, exif data, focus confirmation (that is a big one)….the thought of having a totally manual lens in 2014 on a modern MFT camera body is probably not a place I would go…too many other choices out there…..but I do concede that some of these Voigtlander lenses are quite special.

  • Jamesathon

    I wonder where the clicks and steps went.

    • On vacation?

      The click stops are still there. You can switch between clicks or no clicks. It’s a pretty cool feature.

  • dau

    Hey guys, ive got an off topic question here. Im trying to use the oly app to email pics from my smartphone, but due to their large size they wont send. When reduce the size of the pics they do send but look awful and pixelated. How do i get round this?! Thanx!

    • JJ

      Swap Oly for Panny :-)

    • narutogrey

      Get a Dropbox, Box, or photo site account. Most are free with some storage limitation. Upload the photos directly to those storage/photo sites using your phone (they all have iOS/Android apps). You can then easily share the full size photos with people.

      • Be sure to have a PILE of extra batteries for that!

  • lol

    Excellent just what we need another all manual over sized overpriced lens.All in the name of chasing shallow DOF when you look at the equiv on FF A 50mm F1.9 doesn’t sound that special , luckily there is a sucker born every minute

  • I’m sure it’s a pleasure to use with the hand but I’m kinda sad they didn’t use a manual focus ring that’s more follow-focus-gear friendly.

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