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Let’s have some fun: Look at Sigmas new DP series!


No guys, this isn’t a concept camera! This is a real new camera announced today by Sigma! It’s a DP series and if the designers goal was to get viral with it than they definitely achieved it :)

The full press release can be found at our sister site

I am still trying to figure out why the heck that design should be useful…can you think of some reason why such a large camera could be good for a photographer?

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I like it: finally a camera that unites design and handling. At least it does not look like a brick to handle.
    My concerns: will it have an EVF? I saw the optical one, but to me it’s almost useless (and again I like its design).
    How to work on its RAW files? I’d like Sigma to help Adobe in that, since its own RAW PP tool was (is) slow and crappy.

    It could be a landscape little beast.

    • Dave

      Sorry to disagree, but it looks exactly like a brick.

      • Rinaldo

        Bricks have no curves.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          :) maybe he lives inside an igloo: if so he has a point.

    • Matt

      Too angular and long. Very un-ergonomic.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        To me it is: when taking it out from a bag, without looking inside, you already know how to grab it. The bigger grip (it holds a better, bigger battery) looks nice. Not so many buttons behind it, they look all that I need. No bells, no whistles. And to me, the less the better, in design.

        Personally, the design is pleasant, something new.
        Of course performance improvement is important too, may e more, but for that I’ll wait for some reviews.

        • jim

          so a point and shoot with 1 button is the best design??

          No I want the rear of the camera to look like an 80s mixing desk! – give me all the controls!

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            Jim, unlike many readers here I do not generalize. I have never written that this is the best design. I have written that I like it. It’s a personal opinion ;) As a comparision, I think it handles better than a Sony RX1. Just to say.

            • rico

              How can you say ” it handles better than an Sony RX1?
              It’s a bloody illustration.
              I have an RX 1 and the thing handles fantastically.

              I don’t LOVE the Sony UI but I don’t abhor it either.

              Can’t wait to hear more about this Sigma

              I love that sigma and hopefully others are re-thinking the form of digital cameras.

              Sadly no EVF is a deal-breaker for me.

              • MarcoSartoriPhoto

                Rico, I say that it should handle better than a RX1 (great camera btw) simply because of this grip. RX1 has no grip at all. And to me it’s a con. You can add a thumb rest piece of metal, but you will loose the EVF hotshoe. Rx1 is a great IQ camera in the shape of a point and shoot (it’s a Cybershot, like it or not).
                I’m not saying that one is better than the other: that is subjective, and related to people needs.

                • Adrian

                  I must agree with “MarcoSartoriPhoto”. I like it. AND it is a small camera by the way. The body has actually less hight than the lens on it. Not to mention that it s a tool, not a fashion item. I would love to try it and perhaps buy it. So many times can hear people complain about that there finger is touching the screen while they operate the controls on the right side of the screen… Now here you won’t have this problem.

                • +1
                  I like it too, Im sure it should handle very well for me as opposed to many small cameras (including most m43’s) where there’s either no grip to talk of, or the grip and the lens are so close they don’t offer enough space to place fingers firmly, especially with larger lenses mounted. I don’t like that the convenience of the front surface of the grip has been sacrificed to aesthetic concerns though, also the balance of this arragnement could be questionable as others have already pointed here.

            • Totally agree with you Marco, it looks remarkable. I can practically feel it my hand already. Sigma are getting closer and closer to Insanely Great.

          • Tropical Yeti

            Can’t say about ergonomics since I have not hold it yet, and I’m sure it wil take good pics. But imagine:

            You enter a restaurant, and put this beastie in front of you on the table, together with your Raybans, Iphone 5 and Audi car keys…

            • Di Tie

              You’re so cool! Way cooler than the masses that like well designed yet popular items! Wish I was that cool! Someday, I tell ya!

      • Bob B.

        I guess none of us would know the ergonomics until we actually hold the camera with our hands and then determine what we personally think, and I think that will vary widely between individuals. Until then we are just imagining something that we really know nothing about? No?
        Same thing with the newer tech and the images coming from the camera. I think we need to see them before making any assumptions.

        • anonymous

          basic physics: the elongated body will work as a lever.
          I would suspect it to be very hard to hold steady with a single hand.
          bad idea if you ask me.
          and it’s about as sexy as… a brick!

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            Always personally speaking, I never take photos with just one hand. With two hands, the wider the distance between the hands, the steadier the camera. For those longing for a single handed camera, a Ricoh GR could be the best option.

            • Bob B.


          • El Aura

            Question: Why would ever hold a camera with a a single hand (if there is space on the device to place a second hand on)?

      • Michael

        In pron, “DP” generally stands for “double penetration” – I think I know exactly what this camera is for.

    • stringer

      Where is the OVF? I don’t see it. In regard to the EVF… Could potentially accept one via the hot shoe.

      Overall though I don’t see it as a practical design.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Look at the Mirrorless website linked above. The last picture shows it.

    • Boooe

      there are three basic shapes: handycam shape, pistol shape, and brick shape. and this ony is obviously of brick shape.

      • dancebert

        There were 3 basic shapes.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Actual versions of Sigma DP Merrill look like a brick with a lens on it. Leica rangefinders look like a brick. This is curvy. It reminds of a Nex shape, but with a grip facing the back of the camera. I’m sure the grip is bigger to accomodate a better battery, and they simply tried for this design. Honestly I find it nice. Looking at the hotshoe the camera main body looks thin. Before sinking it, let’s wait for some hands on preview.

        • Ant

          Excluding the lens, this looks like some SKorean/Japanese media players IMO. Not exactly the same, but have similar styling.

          If this is small enough, then fingers could support the camera from under.
          Part below the thumb (mount of venus?) can also be used to press and support the camera while the thumb go to that Focus button.

    • Markthetog

      Maybe they put more stuff inside it?

  • Linux Tuxfriend

    So much space for buttons and dials, but where are they? The space could have been used much better …

  • BdV

    I think it looks cool, but if you ask me why this design should be useful… I haven’t got a clue. I would like to know how it performs.

  • Michel

    I own all the DP Merrills and they are just fantastic and the quality of the files are unmatched by any other system. Period.
    I’ll buy the next three ones, and i think they look gorgeous and NO, I’m not working for Sigma ;-)

    The EVF is the accessory that I need, and like the other comment, I also think that OVF is useless for me.
    I like the SPP Sigma software, I export the Tiffs in LR and “voilà” !

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      I know you can export TIFFs, but it’s something that slows my normal flow of work. I really would like a LR compatibility for these cameras. Would you link some landscape full res photos, please?

  • SteBs

    What’s this, recent retro?

    When digital cameras came out there were quite a few odd shaped cameras like this.

  • Floyd

    Interesting to see what its like ergonomically.

    • Robbie

      Might be good for a selfie

  • Robbie

    I hope they make a 43 sensor for Olympus

    • fishtanks

      That would be sweet!

  • JWhite

    I think this will fit really nicely in the hand. Looks weird for sure, but I think that the palm of the hand and the part under your thumb are usually not able to connect correctly with the camera with the current grips. This could be a really good solution, in theory of course. I would need to handle it. But it does look weird.

    • I would disagree. Currently we grip cameras with our fingers, and brace them with our thumb. This reverses that design. The problem is this: what happens when you want to press that Focus button? ;~) Why, you lose your grip on the camera because you can’t squeeze the front curve.

      If you want to deviate from current, 50-year proven designs, a better idea would be to build a LEFT-hand grip, freeing the right hand and fingers to play with any control.

      • photoSmart42

        It remains to be seen how it handles of course, but I can see how you’d be bracing the camera with the thumb on the back, with the middle finger on the front curve, while pressing the shutter/focus with the index. The design also looks like it makes more generous allowance for the left hand holding the lens side of the camera. Probably meant as a two-hander anyway, not so much as a snapshot camera.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          This. Two hands to hold and use it. Probably that squared button moves the focus point on the screen, and the central button locks it. Something I would never do using the camera with just one hand.

      • JWhite

        @Thom Hogan, honestly I can’t you are wrong because I would need to handle it. But looking at the way I hold my camera I “think” it should be very easy to grip, as it will fit nicely in the palm. I can be totally wrong of course.

      • Ross

        I can’t see that it would handle well either as I would think the grip is just not tall enough at all to function well. OK, the weird design might work, but why not with a bit more height to make it just a bit more practical?

        Ah well, each to their own!

  • Uberprutser

    That weird thing won’t hardly fit any pouch.
    Sigma should just start making conservative looking and priced m43 bodies. Bet those would sell.

  • bousozoku

    It looks very comfortable, and it seems as though it would be stable without IBIS.

    If they’ve fixed their user interface, I might consider one, but then, FujiFilm is calling me lately.

  • Tim F

    I like the general design, but think the body could be a little shorter. Just cut of the 1cm on the left side of the screen, and it would be perfect. and I don’t think those are big, just a little wide- like the I phone 5 ;-)

  • The distance between the hands and the large thumb rest make this design very stable to handhold. I bet 1/10s will be easy.

    • Except the centre of mass is probably somewhere near the lens axis, and the hand grip is like a lever rotating about this. If it had on sensor rolling stabilisation, this would help.

  • D

    I love it. Good on them for having the balls to try something different.

  • C. C.

    I just shit my pants! But that’s what always happens…

  • It’s both film and digital camera – there’s a space for a film cartridge in the grip :).

  • mahler

    Not sure, why Sigma constantly spoils its innovative sensor concept with horribly designed camera bodies, which never included a finder (except for their DSLRs). Somebody should prevent Sigma from designing camera bodies and make them license their sensor to other vendors.

    • Bob B.

      Yes, The Camera Police.

  • dancebert

    When ergonomic tools first appeared, people laughed – until they tried. Ask a pro from another field about his hand tools and sooner rather than later he’ll say something like ‘it just feels right’. Except for the insecure ones, how the tool looks, or looks to others is waaaaaaaaay down on the list.

    Bravo Sigma.

  • ricochet

    Innovative design.Other manufacturers should take a closer look.

  • Noiret

    Excellent ergonomics! Function over looks.

    • See my reply above. I’d say that it is design over function.

      • I think you’re wrong, Thom. It’s not a DSLR. And Sigma designers are not stupid. But one thing is almost certain, it’s going to divide opinions. Me, I’m missing a DP1M to keep my 2 & 3 company, and it looks like the OM-D E-M1 savings fund is going to take a serious hit :-)

  • Will

    After shooting medium format 6×9 with GW690 and GSW 690, these are great, the quality is amazing, and that’s what you buy these for. I’ll pick up the DP2 straight away.

  • whatever

    I think the design is bad for anyone who might want to shoot with one hand. Since the camera is so long, it will feel pretty heavy when held this way.

  • RedTrumpet

    Maybe it will ship with a new Sigma belt holster ;)

  • \if designers want to make an impact should they not consider left-handed options also? I think the first to offer this option may create a new and loyal following and some increased sales.

  • ED

    Why fixed focal lengths???! Isnt the Foveon thingy what Panasonic was supposedly working on? Sounds interesting, and thought I haven’t yet seen images shot with it, the description sure is exciting hehe.

  • Koebi

    I reminds me of the 120 / 220 roll film magazine for the Mamiya Press 6x9cm camera…
    As Miroslav wrote: i guess there is enough space for two film cartridges “135” ;-)

    • marco

      yes true ! and the calumet 6/7 that u put inside linhof or sinar :P i love the battery on the right u can add a grip on the left and changing the battery without troubles…sigma ADD tethering with cable for studio work!!!

  • The body looks interesting, the ergonomics look promising…
    But 3 fixed lens cameras? Seriously?

    What would it have taken to give the thing an interchangeable lens mount?
    Something like the NEX or Sony EF (A7?) mount that has lens adaptors readily available.

    Sometimes thinking “outside the box” ends up trapping one inside an even smaller box.

    • Doug

      Leaf shutters and lenses tightly paired to the sensor, and smaller lens sizes, I think. Definitely not a mainstream idea. Odd how some of these fixed lens cameras get lots of love (Fuji X100s, Sony RX1r) and some, not so much. The earlier Sigmas are claimed to have medium format level quality (although I can’t personally attest to that), but look like a user experience nightmare (handling, battery life, menu system, post work flow), but maybe this addresses some, if not all, of that. We’re just about to see decent Lightroom and ACR support for XTrans. I can’t imagine what it must be like for Foveon shooters… Still, Sigma’s glass has been getting crazy great lately for other platforms. These cameras could be really special.

    • Boooe

      Sony does not allow anybody to make cameras with their “open” (according to idiots) E-mount. It’s unlikely we see Sigma E-mount camera, Sigma even does not have a m43 camera (which is much more open).

      • I was just using Sony mounts as an example. I figured a Nikon F or Leica M mount, which would be preferable, wouldn’t make much sense.
        The LAST thing we all need is yet another lens mount!

  • Doug

    These are popular with landscape / tripod shooters. The wide odd shape looks like both memory card AND battery is easily accessible. Sigmas eat batteries like nothing else, so maybe that big handle holds lots of power? I love the 3 fixed, leaf shutter, small primes concept. I wish that Ricoh GR would do that too. But I’d prefer i if Foveon would go M43 instead of these! ;)

  • Can somebody please please confirm today is not the first of April?

    • Doug

      What, you worry?

  • Berneck

    While my first reaction is WTF?! I’ll hold judgement until I hold it in my hands. It’s a little bizarre to say the least, but it might not be as big as it appears to be. Sort of like when people freaked over the “enormous” hump on the E-M5. Turned out once you saw it, the hump was just fine….

    There does seem to be some ergonomic thought that went into this. Hard to say how comfortable it will actually be..

  • Tulio

    Is it 1st April yet?
    Why the hand grip is at the back? don’t they have hands to test it?

  • Berneck

    And Admin, you might want to change the name of your site. Seems to be more and more non-43 news here….

    • admin

      On 1116 articles posted here the last 12 months this is probably the tenth non m43 related post I write just because I think it’s a funny camera. But you Berneck have nothing else to do than try to spread some :)

      • AMVR

        Hell yeah! Admin is on fire today! this is awesome (I’m not being sarcastic, this is really good).

        It’s nice to see you take some action on these trolls for once, sorry to be blunt but I’d really like to take the chance to once again implore that you implement some sort of troll filtering on this site, I really love m43rumors, it’s part of my weekly routine but the conversations have turned really awful because of the mass infestation of trolls. Please get some sort of wordpress plugin or comment rating system, It should take more than 30mins, I’m not saying that you have to do all the work but please gives us, the community, some sort of tool to filter these trolls out of this site.

        Thank you for all your work and for this space, I really appreciate it.

        • AMVR

          hehe, I meant ¨it -shouldn’t- take more than 30 mins¨ , sorry.

        • Berneck

          Haha last thing I am is a troll. Sorry, meant it as a joke, should have added an LOL or something. If anybody knows any of my posts, none of them are to stir people up by making crazy claims, racist remarks, etc….

          But that being said, now that I look at it, I guess it could be construed that way… I respectfully appologize…

          • AMVR

            I am gormlless, I need smileys to understand jokes. I also have no clue about photography but love overpriced plastic toys. I play with them in my special moments, then I write crap in the internet, to show off my ignorance.

            • AMVR

              Just what I needed, a troll impersonator, guess that’s the price to pay for not having an account. Am I hurting your troll feelings ? Did I get to you ? boohoo, poor little troll… Let me guess, which one of the 3 resident loosers are you ? Gosh, these guys have gone soft since the old days, how pitiful. Next time level up your game, 12 year old remarks are not enough to play on the big leagues of 43rumors.

              Also, @Berneck, I didn’t mean to point the finger at you personally, I just commented to Admin’s reaction, it’s really a rare sight to see him react that way, specially as of late, I was trying to encourage that level of pro-activism, this site, as demonstrated by my trolling doppelganger, is infested with childish soulless trolls and such attitude from Admin can only be taken as a good sign.

              • Berneck

                Yeah, i was kind of surprised myself, considering some of the much crazier comments in this forum… Haha. I do appreciate the work that goes into running a site like this, and I get that he probably took it as a personal attack compared to some of the other ignorant comments. Either way, it’s still one of my favorite sites.

      • Doug

        +1 Admin! I love that this site focuses on M43, but also keeps an eye on other platforms, framed in the context of how they relate to M43. You’ve got the perfect mix. This is my go to site each day. Then I look at Fuji to covet their design and make sure that their focus is still not as good and their lenses are still bigger and heavier! ;)

        • + a ZILLION!
          Great site!!!

          Admin, PLEASE put a HOME button at the bottom of every page. It’s really irritating having to scroll back up to the top, especially on iPad. Thanx

          • Andy

            You know if you hit the top bar on an ipad it’ll scroll to the top anyway right?

    • Ross

      4/3’s (& M4/3’s) might be (is) great, but lets not have a closed mind. We need to get a glimpse of other systems to have a broader outlook & then come back to our (M)4/3’s gear knowing where doing OK with what we have. For some, this might be an area of more interest.

  • Farrukh

    Maybe the extra space is for an additional processors and memory so that photos can be taken faster than a snail ;)

  • noway

    That design is not going to sell well.. it just looks too silly to be taken seriously.

  • AMVR

    I really don’t know why but I freaking love it!

    It kinda looks like a cross between an Alpa and a Braun Nizo, not literally but it has that kind of no nonsense design aesthetics. I think the Sigma DP cameras with their Medium Format output and small size are the absolute best complement for m43, no need for APS-C or FF, pair one of this Foveon marvels with a reasonably versatile m43 setup and you’ve got the ultimate convenience+IQ combo.

    Sadly Sigma sucks at the whole user experience thing, but hopefully this new release is a sign of a renewed effort to improve those aspects. I really, REALLY, wish Sigma would join m43 so that we can actually use other lenses on their cameras, something like a Tilt shift lens on one of these beauties would be a game-changer for architectural work! Maybe someone could make some weird adapter for the RhinoCam, that would sweet.

    • Ross

      “I really don’t know why but I freaking love it!”

      Because you have a freaky streak in you? ;) :D

      Ah well, using this camera can’t be as bad as those strange people holding up an ipad at events & even stranger at tourist sights. It really does look silly! ;)

  • Whatever. At least they are innovative regarding imaging sensors and deliver good image quality. Wish Olympus/Panasonic could do that too.

  • wow – how many of you actually know enough about ergonomics to judge if this is good or bad, without using it? I can certainly imagine how it might be really comfortable, especially if the weight is balanced right. Rotating it from portrait to landscape could be a breeze. With lighter lenses anyway. Dunno about heavy lenses, but I sometimes feel like I have to close my hand too much on the grip of my Lumix G2, and I especilaly never liked how my thumb has to point 90° horizontally out and push the camera forwards into my closed fingers for the grip to work . The human thumb is far more comfortable pointing away from your body that to the left.

  • Uncle_Pix

    So they want to improve ergonomics. What about a tiltable screen? I own a DP2 and that would be a simple and more important improvement. Fortunately this is camera for landscape, so it doesn’t need a nice design. But when you use it for street and people photography I think you would get bad pictures because this camera is too flashy.

  • photoSmart42

    I have a DP2M right now, and to be honest with my large hands it’s sometimes difficult to hold one-handed without fear of dropping it. This design looks like it would solve that issue.

    Besides, for a camera destined to live on a tripod the ergonomics are not that important. As long as the IQ is the same or better than the current DP’s, then people will buy it. If they’ve managed to increase the pixel density it should make for an interesting rash of comparisons between it and the A7R/800E.

  • After reading all I think Doug might have it right: ergos might be down to big battery, and tripod use. More Mpx, more tripod for Landscape. Is that button on grip for AF? That completes it.

    On a separate consideration I already shoot Sigma, since 19mm is my main lens for Street and Landscape: it tells how good the resolution is.

    Perhaps I’ll get the old model, as complement to m4/3.

    Also, think of the new one as complement to Smart Phone. Some people have more than one for different reasons. This is not unlike it.

    • james

      I agree, it very much looks tripod optimized. I hope the design proves itself well in the field. Sigma certainly deserves it for such a bold move.

      I hope they succeed and make an interchageable lens version.

  • john

    Looks like sin :) I think we all or pretty much most of us like to own a good looking cameras – something we are proud to hold – and that is why Fuji for example has done so well in their retro styling etc.
    I do not think to many will be proud to hold the new Sigma – for some reason Sigma and Pentax/Ricoh come up with these ugly looking cameras now and then – and sales will support the fact that they where flops as far as looks regardless how good the insides where – there will be few that will buy this but I think most will not –

    • james

      I won’t argue about the design of Fuji cameras but as a matter of fact, the X mount cameras are not profitable at this point (but they seem to be gaining popularity very quickly).

    • The Japanese are not totally westernised, and Asians are the main target of the camera.

      Think of it as a samurai sabre, and it starts to make sense. Also what is the sensor format – Native 16:9?

      Despite all it might be interesting as a complement to m4/3 for landscape. My gripe is only that it might need a permanent tripod.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Too often people stare at me because I took a good picture with my “tiny” camera and a “tiny” sensor. Guess what, I don’t care if people like the look of my cameras, as long as they deliver good photos.

      Now Sigma, please work with Adobe or some other to offer a better way to work in post production.
      Add an EVF as option, so people can take photos under bright sun, and I’ll get one for my landscapes.

  • AustrianGeek

    VERY nice concept and shape.
    At least something new (also looks comfortable to hold).
    But I still hope for a micro 4/3 body. Would be great to see.
    (And would be a strong “seller” …)

  • MFiftysomething

    Take a slim camera, make it longer than others, make the grip awfull and make it’s widest point so wide -that there was no point in making other bits slim at all.

    I think drugs were involved in this somewhere?

  • AMVR

    I really don’t know why but I freaking love it!

    It kinda looks like a cross between an Alpa and a Braun Nizo, not literally but it has that kind of no nonsense design aesthetics. I think the Sigma DP cameras with their Medium Format output and small size are the absolute best complement for m43, no need for APS-C or FF, pair one of this Foveon marvels with a reasonably versatile m43 setup and you’ve got the ultimate convenience+IQ combo.

    Sadly Sigma sucks at the whole user experience thing, but hopefully this new release is a sign of a renewed effort to improve those aspects. I really, REALLY, wish Sigma would join m43 so that we can actually use other lenses on their cameras, something like a Tilt shift lens on one of these beauties would be a game-changer for architectural work! Maybe someone could make some weird adapter for the RhinoCam, that would sweet.

    * this is a repost, I don’t know why my first post attempt was moderated for some weird reason.


    I just shit my pants! But that’s what always happens…

    • Ross

      There, there. We already know you have some little problems. ;)

  • Fotoman

    Sigma should stick to their brilliant new optics and introduce them into a broader spectrum of cameras like M43. Stop floundering with camera bodies no one is going to buy…

  • kiki

    Great and innovative design.

    Are foveon sensors good for dynamic landscape?

    • AMVR

      You bet!

      The DP series features near Medium Format output, it’s really awesome. Couple one of these beauties with your m43 kit and you’ve got the best of both worlds: m43’s mobility and MF’s IQ. the only downsides are the awful user experience (slow camera, only good up to 400 ISO, pretty much a tripod camera) and the non-existent raw support. I’m hoping Sigma has addressed most of the previous generation’s shortcomings (with new processor I’d hope so), if so these cameras should reach a new level of awesomeness (if only the DP1 was 24mm wide U_U).

      • kiki

        what’s better DP1 24mm or GX7 + 12/2 for landscape dynamic?

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          I haven’t tried Sigma products, but I have read some reviews. I owns Em5 and Em1 and Zuiko12mm. This lens is sharp, but I must say that Pana 7-14 is sharper. At f2 you gather more light than the Panasonic (ultra) wide lens.
          I would say that if you’re into landscaping and you already own a camera+lenses, I would go for this Sigma (first try it or at least read/watch some reviews).
          If you don’t own any system I would go for GX7 (or what you prefer) and some lenses.
          I see these Sigma cameras as complementary tools, as I don’t see myself walking around with three cameras.

          In every review it’s mentioned its Medium Format quality. This should be enough to catch your attention if you like “slow” shooting such landscapes or in studio shooting. AF has always been on the slow side, compared to m43 system.

          • kiki

            thanks for your reply, it helped me a lot

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      It is. I would say it’s its best use. On current models the “limit” is 400 ISOs, you can go higher but I have read it’s better to shoot it in black and white.

      Hopefully the new sensor offers a better noise control.
      I’m really curious to see some reviews. At least it’s something different and new: I hope it works.

  • Random_Avenger

    This will look good inside your trousers.

  • Ahmad

    Sometimes, trying so hard to separate your self from the crowd, is not the right thing to do.

  • narutogrey

    You got to hand it to Sigma sometimes.

  • robfi

    is sigma still bringing out a systems camera this year
    hopeing that it will be MFT but its unlikely

  • burdickjp

    This looks like something Ricoh imaging would come up with…

  • Please, please, if they can get 19mp on an APSC sensorm put one of these on m43rds for studio use… Squeeze 14mp on a 43rds sensor with a base ISO of 50 (to pISO of 400) and market it as the studio m43rds…

    Would be nice.

  • mike

    Wow, awkward to say the least and still fixed lenses. That sensor in a CSC that handles and is sized like an OM-D would be amazing but this? I don’t get it.

  • ever hopeful

    Very bauhaus.
    Attractive in a freak sort of way, but I can imagine its balance is way off – and cameras are very tactile pieces of equipment.
    I would love to handle one out of interest if nothing else.

  • Mike

    It looks like it might actually be able to be used with thick gloves. THAT would be very handy.

  • Looks nice, should handle pretty well – I hope mirrorless manufacturers will note as this could help solve the ergonomics nightmare of mounting thicker lenses on small bodies. That’s all just judging by the pics fo course.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Just for fun, read this, about these new Sigma cameras :)

  • tyabjia

    its hasselblad-vu all over again

  • fishtanks

    I like the unconventional form factor too. Could be nice in the hand, except that strap eyelet looks kinda uncomfortable… Not sure how big this camera is. If it’s G-M1ish small, maybe one eyelet would be enough.

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