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Setup Your GH3 Like a BOSS – Part 1 of 4 Function Buttons. Other three parts on Discovermirrorless.

Our friend Amos Chapple just sent me a message: “The Atlantic photo blog have just gone live with my pictures from three trips to Iran, with the last one finishing up a couple of weeks ago. All photos shot with a GH2, hopefully I’ll be getting a new GH3 soon!

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JR:I just wanted to share a casual low-light test I’ve done with the new SLR Magic 25mm T0.95: https://vimeo.com/61443115

I had just finished posting my article on what the Nex-FF camera might be, when my mind finally clicked at it all makes sense. Sony is going after Leica. Now the pricing and feature set makes perfect sense. Just updated the piece on http://preferredaperture.blogspot.com/

Lawrence sent me that link to his E-M5 monkey shots :)

Andre:I’m from Brazil and together with my wife, we left 11 months ago on a RTW trip on bikes that will take 3 years more. I sold almost all my pro Nikon gear to buy a GH2 system, a GoPro and a Sony small camcorder.
We are working hard to feature our content on TV and we have pretty good chances since I’ve already photographed as a still photographer for some major TV channels and there’s also a new law that’s good for us. A foreign channel must have at least 50% of content shot by brazilians or about Brazil.
9000km so far I’m loving my GH2 despite it’s poor performance on highlights, noise/shadow banding and continuous AF… I just don’t care anymore but it was a little bit disappointing in the beginning. I carry a 14-140 kit lens, a 20mm f1.7, a 45mm f1.8 and I gave myself a little (heavy) treat that I use for a portrait series about people that help us… a Voigtlander 17,5mm f0.95 that I love. Always shooting wide open using a Heliopan Variable ND.
You can check some pics at www.facebook.com/BikesAndSpices
There, there’s a nice clip featuring our first 3500kms. Now we are heading to Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia.




Patent: Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8!


As I told you weeks ago Olympus may introduce a contsant f/2.8 lens soon. Specs are yet unkown but Egami spotted a new Olympus patent that may describes exactly what’s coming. Basically the patent is about the sam lens but in two different variations:

1) 12-40mm f/2.8-40 lens:
39.100mm – f = 12.247 focal length
Fno 2.88 -. 4.08
31.11 ° – 2ω = 88.03 angle
BF 18.407 – 27.202mm
133.86mm – 136.25 Length
Mod 0.35m
15 sheets of 13 group lens configuration
Three six-sided aspherical
3 ED glass sheets

2) 12-40mm with constant f/2.8 aperture.
39.081mm – f = 12.249 focal length
Fno. 2.88
30.85 ° – 2ω = 85.27 angle
BF 16.194 – 16.192mm
131.16mm – 140.24 Length
Mod 0.35m
13 images in 11 groups lens configuration
5 three aspherical surface
3 ED glass sheets


That lens will be certainly weather sealed and a real competitor of the Panasonic 12-35mm X lens.


SLRmagic 25mm f/0.95 lens now shipping!


Bradford at night – An hour at T0.95 from PThirteen DigitalMedia on Vimeo.

Richard just sent me the following message: “I ordered a SLRMagic 25mm hyperprime CINE for MFT on March 12th direct from their website. Even though it says Pre-order on the website, it was in stock in Hong Kong and shipped on the 13th, and I am getting it today! I am in California.” And as I told you before there is a rebate of $150 if you preorder it now (you will pay $650 instead of the original $799 price).

You can order the lens at http://slrmagic.com/products.php


The new GX1 price drops. LX7 sells well.


If we look at the recent GX1 deals than a GX2 may be really coming soon! Today we have some new price drops (again):
1) GX1 with 14-42mm X lens for $489 at Amazon (via third party reseller).
2) GX1 with 14-42mm lens (non -X) and a huge amount of accessories for $454 at Amazon (via third party reseller).

That said the LX7 is Panasonic’s bestseller according to Amazon Ranking (Click here).

P.S.: The GF5 with 14-42mm lens for $399 at Amazon (Click here).