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The Samyang 85mm f/1.4 Lens for MFT is for the first time in Stock at BHphoto (Click here).

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Japanese magazine E-P7 is coming and has integrated EVF.


A Japanese magazine is speculating about a soon to be released new PEN camera with integrated viewfinder. Well it’s possible this will happen and Olympus certainly needs to create some buzz on the PEN system after the OMD system did “steal the show”.

As you know for the latest Olympus financial reports (Click here) PEN sales were lower as expected and they need to clear the confusing PEN strategy. E-Pl, E-PM, E-P, are three small different PEN lines really necessary?

Would you consider to buy an E-P7 with built-in EVF as shown on the Japanese Magazine?

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Great deal! $504 off on the reconditioned Olympus E-M1 directly sold at GetOlympus!


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And so on….

That said the E-M1 sells for $1299 (new) via third party resellers at Amazon US (Click here).

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(FT3) New firmware coming for all Olympus OMD cameras with a viewfinder surprise?


A source just told me the following:

Olympus is preparing a small firmware update to the 3 OM-D cameras as well as the E-P5. To be clear, this update will not bring focus-peaking to the E-M5. However, it will add several new features when shooting through the viewfinder (VF-4 only for the E-P5). These features will…. surprise.

And as I reported on Saturday a new E-M1 firmware update is planned to improve audio recording levels of 3 steps up to 21 steps.

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