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a bit of everything…(with GH5 test by Pier-Yves Menkhoff)


Gründ Luxembourg 4K from Pier-Yves Menkhoff on Vimeo.

Today Gold Box deals at Amazon US, BHphoto, eBay,,,,,
Preferred Settings for Panasonic Lumix GH5 (Naturalexposures).
A Peek Into the Future of Storage (Explora).
Filmpower Orvi Crane (Personal View).
Plenty of news on the facebook E-M1II group and the GH5 group.

Daniele Donati: First work I realize with the GH5. I did a test using only free-hand without stabilizing supports … try to see it directly from facebook without opening Vimeo, it is a link with just direct access, it is not free
Passion // wedding in Venice

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