(FT5) The GF2 is a perfect camera for beginners.

A fake GF2 image created by Blog.livedoor.jp.

Those who tested the camera said the GF2 is a very easy to use camera. The usability of the GF2 is much better than the current Sony NEX cameras (we compare the GF2 with the NEX because of the similar size). There are no big design changes (it’s thinner and less high and has a different button layout than the GF1). I guess Panasonic goal was to create a minimalistic, easy to use, tiny and cheap Micro Four Thirds camera to appeal beginners (maybe the GF2 is the reason behind the recent Panasonic LX5 price drops on Amazon).

We have not many specs now. We know it has the same G2 sensor (12 Megapixel) and faster AF.
P.S.: Touchscreen (not confirmed yet but highly probable).

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(FT5) HOT!!!!!! New Micro Four Thirds camera within the next few days! Follow 43rumors!

I really didn’t expect that but three of my very trusted sources just contacted me to say that we will see a new Micro Four Thirds cameras very very and very soon! I was ready to get on vacation this weekend but they told me to stay at home because I will have a lot of work to do soon :)

The first thing I can tell you about the new camera is that the announcement date have been kept very secret (more secret than usual) and only a few person seem to know what’s coming. One of my very good sources also said that it will be almost impossible to get a picture of that camera because of that. I got some info about the new product but I am currently double-checking the specs with other sources. If you know something feel free to contact me at 43rumors@gmail.com!

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HOT: Get the Voigtländer 25mm Micro Four Thirds lens on eBay (shipping worldwide!)

Hurry up! If you want the new Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 Micro Four Thirds lens click on that link on eBay! An irish store has two lenses in Stock selling for EUR 749.00 and shipping WORLDWIDE!. 749 Euro is a very good price (the best price I have seen so far).

The deal will not last…so hurry!!!

Once the deal is gone you can click on that link to check for other Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 auctions on eBay.

New Bluetooth module for Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras spotted!

Engdget just spotted the new Olympus Bluetooth module at FCC: “Exactly what it does isn’t clear, but it looks to be a match for the accessory port below the hot shoe on Olympus’ PEN series cameras, which could open up a number of interesting possibilities — a geotagging GPS module, perhaps, or even a file transfer device?

(FT2) Is the Panasonic GP1 going to be announced soon? First MFT weather sealed camera?

A few months ago I posted a rumor about the Panasonic GP1. The rumor said the camera should be announced in November. I have no confirmation from our sources about such a camera but there are a few shows coming soon and I will try to find out if there could be a surprise annoucement by Panasonic (and of course Olympus).

Those were the rumored specs:
– The GP1 is a pro camera, weather sealed, all in metal
– 14 megapixels, 12 effective, all ratios, new BL Live MOS sensor
– Iso up to 6400, with true clean 3200 iso, Hi setting to 12800
– Touch screen like the shoplink 14834]Panasonic G2[/shoplink], New Venus HD III engine
– The design is like the G1 and G2, the EVF is better
– Video Full HD 60 frames at full resolution
– New feature is multi spot metering
– 6 FPS, and a new Pro Manual mode

I am repeating that since a long time. Panasonic give us a Micro Four Thirds camera which is built like a tank…like the Panasonic DMC-LC1! That’s an order :)