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February 21, 2010
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(FT5) Sony disappoints. Only mockups of mirrorless cameras at PMA!


SonyAlphaRumors just found the official Sony press release.

Here the important part of the text:

“New concept α products being shown include an ultra compact model with interchangeable lenses”.

Very disappointing for Sony customers…and very good news for Panasonic and Olympus market shares!

– Body price under 1000 USD
– 18-200mm Lens about 900-1000 USD (very expensive but similar price of 14-140mm Panasonic)
– 16mm f/2.8 (confirmed)
– Mirrorless cameras do have in LENS Super SteadyShot!

February 20, 2010
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(FT4) UPDATED: The Panasonic G2 and Panasonic G10?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I read your comments and I admit I missed to give you one more very important detail. I didn’t found the video for myself but my trusted sources sent me the link to them! That’s why I believe the names on the title could be true!
Don’t focus on the fact that everyone can change the title of a youtube video, focus on the fact that we PRECISELY received that link form our sources!!!
IMPORTANT UPDATE 2: Both camera will be announced in March (probably early March)

Our sources just sent us the link to following youtube video! Over the Panasonic advertising video you can read the name of the TWO new Panasonic MicroFourThirds cameras! (The video itself is just an old advertising video and you won’t see the new cameras in the video).

The new MicroFourThirds cameras will be the Panasonic G2 (probably the Panasonic G1 successor) and the Panasonic G10.

Just my speculation: The G2 could be a very “cheap” MFT camera (without video?). But what about the G10? Maybe it is the High-End waterproof MFT camera we were waiting for? Share your thoughts by commenting this post! I tried to google around but when I search for the Panasonic G10 I mostly get results about the Canon G10 :)

Just my wish: I would be happy with a Panasonic LC1 styled High-End camera!

P.S.: 43rumors is working on a new forum. Next week it will be online!


February 20, 2010
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Rumors form others: The Panasonic LX3 gets competition from Samsung, Sony to show the NEX mirrorless cameras

The Samsung TL500

Just a little update about interesting rumors form direct competitors.

1) The Panasonic LX3 competitor:
The Samsung TL500 has a 1/1.8 CMOS sensorm f/1.8 lens that starts at 24mm.

2) The MicroFourThirds competition:
Samsung is ready to launch five more new lenses for the NX system (via
SonyAlphaRumors will make a live coverage of the Sony announcements on Sunday (New Sony mirrorless cameras are expected to be shown)

And once let me say again that I am surprised to not see any interesting stuff coming from Nikon and Canon (but Canon has a press conference on FEB 23).

February 19, 2010
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Rumors summary (and message for all anonymous rumor sources)

First off: Thanks for sending me rumors! Every rumor you send helps me to get closer to the real Panasonic and Olympus intentions.

During the last weeks I received many anonymous rumors sent trough our contact form. Many of them I didn’t post because I am asking my trusted sources for more informations. Sometimes I want to write you back but if you don’t share your email address that’s impossible. If you want your rumor to be posted try to create a fake gmail account I can use to answer you and make you some questions. That would help me a lot. Thanks!

What kind of rumors did I receive? Some about the E-5 some about the next Olympus PEN some about the Pansonic MFT series and some about Sigma (yes Sigma). Maybe in one of our next posts I will post all this rumors under a “FT2 value” (from unknown and unreliable source).

And now the summary:

I expect an announcement for early March, probably during the first week of March as I expect the new products to be shown at the Panasonic UK event. As you know the Panasonic G1 has been officially discontinued in Japan. Honestly I can’t imagine the G2 to be just a little upgraded “G1”. That wouldn’t be enaugh. With the recent release of the Olympus E-PL1 Panasonic needs to add a Low-Budget MFT camera in their line. And I expect Panasonic to fill the gap. A new compact camera (LX5?) could also be announced.
We will definitely see new Panasonic MFT lenses. There is no secret here, they already announced them a while ago.

After receiving a storm of E-5 rumors it has been really quiet since two weeks. This made me a little bit suspicious and I am trying to understand what’s going on. Anyway the latest info I received from a good source was that there will be a High-End FourThirds camera soon (probably late March).
Today we received some info about the next Olympus PEN camera. We still need to check the rumor with known sources but I believe Olympus could unveil one more PEN during the next 2-3 months.

I finish saying thanks to all of you supporting our website trough your shopping. If you start your shopping using our links to the affiliated shops you help us because we receive a small commisison for it. That’s a clever way to support us because you don’t need to give us any penny to enjoy our website!

Have a nice day!

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