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October 19, 2009
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Rumors summary

Good morning!

Before I start to post new rumors I thought it will be a good idea to list all rumors we recently have collected from trusted sources only!

1)  Olympus will soon announce the next MicroFourThirds camera. It should be very similar to the E-P1. It can use an external viewfinder. No new lenses are expected.

2) The E-3 successor will not be announced now (maybe early 2010). The E-5 will not be an “upgraded” E-3. It will be a completely new camera.

3) Two trusted sources do confirm Fuji is close to announce a new MicroFourThirds camera (expected in early 2010)

4) No more new Panasonic camera/lenses this year

Keep in mind that we are a rumor site, this are not official Olympus-Panasonic-Fuji news. A “rumor” is “a statement or report current without known authority for its truth



October 18, 2009
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UPDATED-> Fuji employees denies Fuji making m43 camera.

I received an email from an anonymous sender. He had a small talk with a Fuji employee and the Fuji man denied that they will release a m43 camera soon.
I haven’t classified this as rumor. Fuji employee will never tell you when and if a new camera is coming!

I post you the email text:
I was just at the Henry’s photographic show in Toronto today and was speaking with one of the employees at the Fuji booth. I asked him about Fuji making a m43 camera and he said that they are part of the consortium (which we already know), but he said that there is no product ready or even near ready at this time. Does not sound like Fuji will have anything soon for m43; assuming his info. is correct.

I also spoke with someone at the Sony booth and they said that a major announcement to the product line will be made in 3 months. They would not confirm or deny if it would be a mirrorless, interchangable lens camera.

Thanks anonymous sender!

UPDATE: Our trusted sources still do confirm Fuji will join MicroFourThirds (probably with the release of a new camera by early 2010).

October 16, 2009
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Samsung NX camera shown again!

Since almost one year we are waiting for the Samsnug NX System which is aimed to compete against the MicroFourThirds system. The NX camera has now been spotted in Korea:

We have no specs about that camera but the lenses probably have IS options (you can see the covered part in the picture)

More infos here:

October 16, 2009
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Panasonic GF1 Field Report (TheOnlinePhotographer)!

The Online Photographer falls in love with the ! “…this Panasonic GF1 may be my favorite digital camera ever.

October 15, 2009
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(FT3) Epson will also release a mirrorless compact camera for PMA 2010?

Soon MicroFourThirds will get competition also from Epson? Epson could work on their own EVIL System that may be announced for PMA 2010.


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