(FT5) New bits of GX1 info (surprisingly good image quality)


As you know the Panasonic will not record motion jpeg anymore. But the new info I got says that it can do AVCHD / MP4 movie recording, including MP4 1080@30p (20Mbps), which seems better than AVCHD 1080@60i (17Mbps).

But the bets news I got from two sources says that they tested the image quality of the GX1 and the jpeg high ISO quality is visible better than what you get from any other m43 camera. And one source said it’s actually surprisingly close to the Sony NEX-5n jpeg quality. Let’s hope this is true because the Sony really shines in that aspect!

  • Joey

    What about 24p?

    • MJr

      1080@30p is great. 20Mbps is nice, but should really be a bit more to handle re-encoding after editing. Actually tho AVC is not meant for editing and re-encoding at all, but hey can’t have it all. At least it isn’t 60i@17Mbps.

      ps. Joey, that doesn’t matter much, it will be 24fps when you upload it to youtube or the mediaplayer on your pc can do it, or your tv even, 24/25/30/23,976 it really doesn’t matter because this isn’t the 80ies. Devices just handle it.

      • ProShooter

        /facepalm !

        • MJr

          Not very useful is it !

  • Gabi

    I sincerely wish it comes true! In this case, I might reconsider my decision to wait for a rangefinder style camera with built-in EVF. ;-)

  • Robbi

    “surprisingly close “means still lags behind.


    • Andrew

      I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect MFT sensors to lag behind APS. There is it the size difference after all.

    • Alex

      wow, it amazes me how whinny people can be on this forum. Picture quality is already pretty damn amazing on my GF1…so an improvement is most welcome. However, I doubt that most people’s pictures would be an ounce better even if the sensor was 100x better ;)

    • dj

      thats ok coz the current Sony lenses are lagging behind so it all evens out–ha!

    • MJr

      “surprisingly close “means the performance per cubic inch/cm of the sensor is much better.

  • John

    Hopefully the RAW files are better too.

    I’m really hope that this is a multi-aspect sensor as that is something I really like using on my Panny LX5. If it does have the multi-aspect sensor this may be just enough to make me overlook the lack of a built-in viewfinder.

    • Delooloo

      Of course it will be slightly behind – simple physics…

      To be surprisingly close suggests they are making better use of what they have and given the advantages in full AF lenses both in choice and size and weight, this is a good thing.

    • Gabi


    • MJr

      If it was it would have surely been rumored, because that is quite something, but i doubt it is because that’s something for the GH range, and by putting that in the simpler EVF’less GX range too would kill sales for the GH, the just wouldn’t do that, that’s how companies work :(, and that’s why the Nikon 1 for example is so far from SLR performance or controls. Only sony was brave enough to go all out with the NEX-7, but that really did kill a lot of sales for the A77.

      • Zaph

        If their net profit is higher on the GX1/NEX-7, I really don’t think they mind if someone buys one of those instead.

    • Put on a nice prime like the new 25mm f/1.4 lens and the image will be ahead of the Sony..because it will actually be razor sharp and have GREAT bokeh!!!!! :-)

  • Sure, great looking JPGs are something good, but ultimately the quality of RAW files is what is more important.

    If they improve the processing in the camera, does that benefit RAW files as it does improve the generated JPEGs?
    And if this is only a processing improvement, it might be the same sensor as the G3. Then one has to wonder if such improvements could be broght to the G3 with a firmware update.

    • kesztió

      “Then one has to wonder if such improvements could be broght to the G3 with a firmware update.”

      Not sure, as the processing hardware engine is also improved.

    • Right on. “Great looking JPEGs” is quickly becoming marketing code for “looks exactly the same.”

      They’re lying about it, so they know that it matters. Why not change the reality of the situation and not just the marketing?

      Of course, it might be that only the marketers know that this matters, and the people running the company have no clue.

      • dumbo

        exactly, same old sensor, just more noise reduction added with software.


        • bilgy_no1

          What do you mean? The 16mp sensor has been around for only 6 months.

        • I am happy to know with such authority that its all noise reduction. No improvement on the connections, no alteration of the AA filter, no improvement on the sensor itself…


  • anonymous

    for 999dolar, bet it do.

  • Thom

    liking the 1080x30p in a mp4 container – will make it so much easier than the nightmare that is avchd importing..
    still.. i have my doubts raw files will be any different to the g3 ones.. also, why do people start drooling over multi aspect sensor? i thought it’s confirmed that it’s using the g3 sensor? not gonna happen then! :(

  • spong

    ‘… the new info I got says that it can do AVCHD / MP4 movie recording, including MP4 1080@30p (20Mbps), which seems better than AVCHD 1080@60i (17Mbps).’

    What I am hoping for is 1080/50p, preferrably at 28Mbps. This is now offered on some quite modest cameras such as the Sony HX9V – this camera’s video has impressed some quite demanding videographers. I assume MP4@30p and 60i AVCHD are not the only options, but will have to wait until 8 November to find out.

    • MikeS

      Will probably have to wait for a hack for higher bitrate video.

  • I figured the quality would be excellent. The GH2 has tremendous quality.

  • Henrik

    the jpeg high ISO quality is visible better than what you get from any other m43 camera. And one source said it’s actually surprisingly close to the Sony NEX-5n jpeg quality.

    I am sure this is the case indeed – it might even surpass 5DII – till the day it can actually be tested by independant people.

  • I hope that it will have 720@24p for low light videos

  • mahler

    Who cares about JPEG quality? I don’t. Hopefully raw IQ has been improved as well.

    • I am hoping for better RAW quality too, (um..I can make my own jpegs), but I think in one of the earlier posts Admin said that there was a new jpeg engine on board…so it may just be the G3 sensor in this camera with better jpeg production as was mentioned with no change in RAW. Guess we will have to wait until Tues. to find out …but I am not sitting on the edge of my seat.

  • Same statement as for the E-P3… which didn’t proove true.

    • admin

      Actually, I believe this time it is true. Have some good reasons to believe that :)

      • admin, I think you need to make those log-in maths problems more difficult to stop some of these idiots getting through.

        • admin

          LOL :)

        • ggweci


        • Mr. Reeee

          ;-) :-)

  • This most likely sounds like rumors driven marketing bullshit™… every single piece of soon-to-be-released camera and we got the same “better than what you get from X”… What for?

    Enjoy your current camera. Go out shooting. Enjoy grain, dark shadows, burnt highlights. Keep your money to travel a little bit more, a little further.

    • Alex

      “Enjoy your current camera. Go out shooting. Enjoy grain, dark shadows, burnt highlights. Keep your money to travel a little bit more, a little further.”

      Funny thing is once people are done PP their images from Leica M9s or other full frame camera by bumping up contrast, adding a little film grain, etc. the images end up looking no different than those out of m43 cameras ;)

      • dj

        WELL SAID ALEX-!!!–ive traveled to Europe three times and id sell all my current equipment to go there again!

    • Neicila


    • Brod1er

      Well said!! A travel $€¥£1 is worth much more than a gear €$¥£1.

  • raw?

    raw from E-P1/GF-1 still looks the same like on GH-2/G3/E-5
    depressing! at least one step further would be welcome

    • Daemonius

      Not possible, cause they would need to drop their “Live-MOS” technology and go via regular CMOS. Pretty much as Samsung did with NX200 (unfortunately, they bumped resolution too high too soon..). And seriously upgrade circuits/amplifiers in camera, which would result in very expensive cameras for m4/3s.

      Simply put, unless they prove they can do something like Sony did with their APS-C 16 mpix, they are pretty much dead..

    • Gianluca

      @raw…you are completely wrong!!!
      I have a epl1 and i played for one week with a pana g3 and i can assure you that g3 is really really better than epl1.
      And I’m speaking about raw files.

    • Frederic Hew

      I upgraded from G1 to G3 and can assure you the G3 RAW files have much less noise at high ISO than the G1’s – over 1 stop difference IMO.

  • Daemonius

    I think someone needs eyes examined, cause NEX-5N output (RAW not that bleh JPEG) is close to Nikon D7000 and similar cameras with Sony 16 mpix APS-C sensor. And theres no way GX-1 could go close to this.

    Plus really, who cares about hi-iso with m4/3s? I want clean photos at base ISO at least..

    • Jason

      Nikon D7000 images are garbage

    • Mr. Reeee

      GH2 images are supposed to rival D7000.

      • spam

        They don’t for technical quality at high Iso

        • Daemonius

          Not even at base ISO. DR is much higher, SNR is lower, colors are more accurate and you have a lot more color information per bit. Live-MOS is dead end for still photography. Although its absolutely great for motion (eg. video), GH2 movie quality has amazing performace/price ratio. It has its market, its just not photographing one..

          • spam

            I agree with better DR and better SNR, but more accurate color and dead end for still photographers? Both GH2 and D7000 are low to mid level amateur models. GH2 give excellent results in most conditions, indistinguishable from D7000 images for most users in most cases. You can certainly get better IQ from D7000 in very high contrast light and/or really low light, but that’s the exception for most users. Personally I’d select GH2 over D7000 for photo use any day – it would be an easy tradeoff of form factor and convenience over IQ for some types photos.

      • Jason

        I didn’t say anything about the GH2. The overall experience of MFT, if you purchase the right lenses and bodies, is not better than the D700, of course, but it is more compelling than a D7000. Isn’t that why you bought the GH2 and a collection of top lenses Mr. Reese?

        • Mr. Reeee

          Absolutely. I really WANTED a D7000, being a long time Nikon user, but when I picked one up I laughed at the size and weight and couldn’t pull the trigger. The GH2, for me, is just so much better because I carry it almost every time I go out and don’t need to carry a big bag. I carry 2 to 4 lenses and barely feel it.

          Okay, the D7000 has better DR and high ISO, but I bought and inherited several excellent fast primes (Nikon, Voigtländer and Pentax SMC Takumar) and rarely need to shoot above 800 or 1000 ISO. I almost never use the flash.

          Yes, I wish I didn’t have to fight with blown highlights with the GH2. For me, it’s a fair trade-off given the huge size and weight advantage of the M4/3 system and the penalty I’d pay EVERY TIME I picked up a D7000. But when you look at it, EVERY camera involves a series of compromises. So, pick your poison. ;-)

          As far lenses are concerned, I learned years ago that it’s not worth bothering with just any old lens. I’d been given a couple of SLRs with not very good kit lenses and a couple of Tamron zooms. I sold everything and bought an FM2 and some good Nikon lenses, that I still use today. What a difference good glass makes on so many levels. When I jumped into M4/3, I read tons of reviews and tried different lenses and only got better ones. If I’m going to carry and use something, it better be good and I better really like using it, too.

          • Jason

            Yes, the Nikon has the higher absolute resolution, but if you shoot prime glass and low ISO, with a flash for certain situations, you can get quite a bit out of the MFT equipment. The Nikon D7000 is just too expensive and heavy, and if I am going to carry that much gear and spend that much, then I might as well go full-frame.

      • I own and use both the GH2 and the Nikon D7000 – they are very, very close, image-wise. I often carry both cameras but honestly, I prefer the GH2. The GH2 is so much easier to carry and I like using the articulated touch screen. I can understand how some people may prefer one over the other but they really are very close in image quality.

  • ggweci

    Admin, will they be bring back Dynamic B&W like the GF1 had? GF2, and GF3 I believe, do not.

  • Jason

    IMHO – This is more appealing than any of the Panasonic bodies to date. Seems a bit overpriced, but I might pay it if the lens and sensor IQ are good enough.

    • ypocaramel

      Well we know the X lens has some distortion but it’s supposed to have some fancy coatings to cut down on the flare. Haven’t looked at sharpness yet.

      Of course if you want compactness there’s no rival yet.

  • popeye

    20 better than 17 ? obvious :) but i can shoot now with 40 mbps with my GF1. it works just fine and very stable, hacked with this patch http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?251353-Reliable-In-Camera-Playback-Patch-V2-update-for-all-GH1-amp-GF1 . anyway like i’ve said mjpeg it’s better than AVCHD, has 4:2:2 color ( hacked ) . so GX1 sounds like a crap camera so far . i’ll wait till an real upgrade from GF1 with better sensor .

  • dj


  • D

    I was hoping for 1080/60p. I’ve been spoiled by the Sony HX9V. Does it at least have 720/60p?

  • The G3 sensor is really good news!
    Panasonic is here using a more modern architecture than Canons new 1D X sensor. This is about as good as a sensor can be for a Four Thirds sensor. If doing any better, you need a larger sensor.

    You are already rivaling Sony’s sensor with the G3 sensor technology, even passing the Sony SLT Alpha 65 & 77.

    Also, with better & brighter lenses on the G3 sensor camera, you can reduce the 3/4 stops difference to the Sony NEX cameras.

    Conclusion, no need to worry about a Sony, if you’re shooting with a G3 or the upcoming GX1 cameras.

    According to http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/DMCG3/DMCG3A.HTM

    ” And while shoehorning the excellent EVF and the articulating display into such a small body was a notable engineering achievement, it’s the Panasonic G3’s dramatic improvement in image quality that truly impresses us. Micro Four Thirds sensors have long been discounted because of their smaller overall sensor area when compared to APS-C cameras, but the quality we see in the Panasonic G3 turns that criticism on its head.”

  • Nelson

    Current gen M43 have 720P60 mode, which for action packed scene (dancing for example) is definitely more smoother than P30 mode.

    Gh2 with 720P60 is already pretty close to 5N 1080P60 at retaining detail lol

  • Yun

    Yes , admin this is what I waiting for .
    Best image quality among MFT cameras .
    Since GF2 & GF3 failed to beat EPL2 & EPL3 in jpeg image quality , if GX did it on EP3 ,
    I’ll regard it . a magnificent camera .

  • mma173

    No 60p (AVCHD 2.0)??!

    • Sean

      I find it pretty hard to believe that they’d put true 1080p60 into their US$500 FZ150 superzoom camera and not put it into an €1000 M43 camera that they’re positioning as a “high-specification” model…

      • mma173

        They don’t want it to compete with higher models– acting if there are no competitors as usual.

  • andy

    no 28mb video…no manual controls for video…no 1080 50/60p…no sale.

  • anon

    if they sell the body for a reasonable price, i’ll buy it.
    i like the concept of the pancake zoom, but its still slow, and price too high, i’d rather wait for the 12-35, or use primes.

  • infinity jr.

    If “surprisingly close” to NEX-5N @ ISO 6400 or 12800 isn’t good enough for you, you really need to get a life.

    Still wish it had swivel screen. If so, I’d buy two, or three…

  • bilgy_no1

    ‘Surprisingly good IQ compared to APS-C’ are the exact words of DPReview about the G3. So it’s an easy statement to make for th GX1.

    Like I said earlier: great competitor in the E-P3, NEX5, NX200 arena.

  • andy

    I bought an E-PM1 recently on the basis that it is smaller and lighter than the E-P3 yet has exactly the same sensor, AF etc. Regardless of cost, I see no reason to put up with the extra size and weight just for a few extra bells and whistles.

    I will be tempted to get the GX1 however if the image quality and high ISO performance is significantly better than the new olympus trio.

  • Edvaard Wu

    I loved the GF1 but hated the viewfinder resolution. That is why I got rid of it. (I am an asshole. I kept the 20mm. And with the money I bought a used G2 plus the Olympus 17mm) I believe that the G is an underrated camera (with a sensor that size you get good low light movies compared to camcorders). I will eventually get the GX1 and demote G2 to second camera.

  • Edvaard Wu

    Sometimes I just shoot 1920×1080 still because I know I will only display in HDTV. They should make a G camera with m43 size sensor with 1920×1080 e.i. 2.1mp. It would have very low low light noise and be great for video and stills for the computer.

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