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(FT5) HOT! Panasonic GX1 video and pictures leaked!


The upcoming new Panasonic-GX1 has been leaked at Panasonics website (Click here). You will see the introduction video plus some videos shot with the GX1. Hurry! They will probably remove it soon.
UPDATE: The video is now on youtube (you can watch it on top of this post).

As you know our sources told us the camera will be announced in Japan on November 8. The video shows some of the camera specs. Here is what we know so far:
– 16 megapixel sensor (should be the same of the Panasonic G3).
– New Venus engine
– camera has a grip and our sources told us it is a bit tinier than the Panasonic GF1 – ultra fast 0,09 second AF with X lenses.
– built-in flash
– new 1.44 milion dot external viewfinder.
– Silver and Black body
– 460k and 3 inch LCD screen

The GX1 will be announced on Monday 7 November at 5-6am London time. Be sure to be online at 43rumors! I will update you with all news and reviews. And I want to remind you that we now have a new Facebook fanpage (Click here) you should join!!!

  • V4Vendetta

    I made a screenshot of the GX1.

    • come on pana

      yes i heard about a 20mm x lens pancake in previous post ;) hope it will come in photokina if is not coming the 8th november

  • Boooo!

    Why is everyone excited about the G3 sensor? While it’s not that bad, it’s also worse than the GH1 sensor, which was the best m4/3 sensor made so far, and the only one that could rival some APS-C sensors (not the 16 Mpx Sony sensor, as it lags about two stops behind it, whereas the G3 sensor lags three stops).

    Also, good luck using a touchscreen in winter.

    • Anonymous

      What are you basing your statements on? Every real camera review of the G3 is saying how the sensor compares very favourably to the best APS-C. Go and check out the comparison tool on DP Review, compare the G3 to NEX-5N and some other cameras out there. You’ll see it does a great job.

      Oh, by ‘real camera review’ I exclude DXO-mark, just so we don’t have to get into that conversation again…

      • Boooo!

        “What are you basing your statements on?”

        Raw files downloaded from the internet.

        Once you start actually editing files, the difference is night and day. Stupid studio comparison scenes are, well, stupid. They tell you absolutely nothing – in fact, they tell you *less* than DxOMark.

  • Jon junk

    Boo is right the gh1 multi aspect is the one to beat in ft size….

  • I dont why people keep trying to convince themselves that the 16megapixel panasonic G3 sensor i “rivaling” aps-c sensors. Have you checked dxomark? The G3 sensor lies 2 steps behind in dynamic range on lowest iso compared to my extremely outdated D5000.. Hm, ad around 1 more step of dynamic range to the D5100 and the G3 lies around 3 steps behind the competition..
    Then try to download G3 raw-files and try them and compare them to a modern Sony made aps-c sensor raw-files. If you cant see an extreme difference, then you dont know how to work with raw files.

    And then, I would like to know why ALL reviewers that are going to review the “low-light” capability of a camera shoot scenes where this will not be a problem?
    How come they:
    1. Underexpose say a night street scene, but then DONT brighten the shadows to show the noise?
    2.Overexpose and shoot high iso shots in well-lit situations? Even my LX3 has good iso 1600 if I underexpose at night, and overexpose in daylight..

    God Im so tired of this industri.. And everything gets worse with every new model released, almost without any improvements compared to the model before..
    Just bought myself a Yashica Mat.. Now back to photography.

    • LiquidSilver

      I think Yashica Mat is a great camera with a great dynamic range… just because Dxomark doens’t measure it, and you can have fun taking photos instead of spending time reading things that maybe you don’t fully understand.

    • DXOMark is pretty irrelevant to me when I make decision to what camera I buy.

      It’s common sense that sensor IQ ranks in the order of the size of the sensor, I don’t need DXOMark for that. D’oh.

      What’s much more important is the usability of the camera body, its features and quality of build. That’s what determines whether I’m going to miss a shot or not.

      Let’s face it, IQ from most digital cameras selling the price class of an entry level DSLR is good enough for most requirements. Unless you don’t need the additional depth of field (or lack of) from APS-C or full frame sensors, there is no reason why not to buy any Micro Four Thirds camera, even when looking at the older models.

      And that’s why it’s just so frustrating to see that neither Olympus or Panasonic are moving the format of their bodies to something new and exciting, rather than re-iterating over existing standards, adding the occasional extra feature like a touchscreen.

      I’ll stick to my newly bought GF1 (very happy with it), sell my E-PL1 (the autofocus is too slow, the controls suck) and think about buying the E-P3 next year when it has dropped in price considerably.

    • Who is dxomark? A DJ names Mark?

      I dunno…
      I was happy with my G1.
      I needed at some point video
      I am now happy with my GH2.

  • Miroslav

    Nothing new, except the confirmation that it has a touchscreen. Oh, and the viewfinder looks better than the current m4/3 viewfinders. But it’s what’s under the hood that will make or break GX1, since most of us here are indifferent to its exterior.

    • Whether its the same sensor or its new or tweaked, you can reasonably expect all the comparison between G3 vs GF1 to hold. AF speed and ISO comes on top of my head.

  • nzemes

    The Panasonic video let me have a better understanding of the word “affectation” in English.

    By the way, I hope that is not the actual shutter sound of the camera. So loud and pretentious.

  • kesztió

    Based just on DxO mark DR results you can say that even a premium compact has a better sensor than the one from G3.

    Let me LOL

  • Yun

    I’m going to get that camera , give it a try .
    GF2 is good but no good enough in ISO performance .
    Hope GX will deliver with Summilux F1.4 !

  • safaridon

    Looking at the design and shape of the new EVF I can see Pany putting this very same EVF module into another camera body on far left side as done in their patent model with same tilt up ability. This EVF module looks smaller than those from either Sony, Olympus or the Nikon 1-V one.

  • Marcram

    I would love to see a gh3 have a design closer to this than the g3. Sharper edges rather than bubbly rounded ones. Also, why not extend grip material all the way to non grip side?

  • fgl42

    Wish they bundled it with the 20mm and not that zoom.

    • ggweci

      Yeah, I’d like a 20mm kit as well.

      They should offer both kit options. Like they did with the GF2: 14mm or 14-42 zoom.

  • Amator

    The g3 is an amator junk toy camara

    • Zaph

      And yoo are an amator junk toy speeller.

  • fgl42

    I hope this overpriced crap fails. It’s time the Japanese camera companies start paying a price for their strategy. First the upstart Red blowing the new Canon video camera out of the water. I want people to stop buying this junk and send Panasonic a message- start making the best camera you can at a given price point.

  • fgl42

    Panasonic deserves to lose money with this junk. Only the fanboys will buy this thing.

  • mcolacino

    Cat picture at end is astounding. Ingenious to pose it on a chair..creative genius. I will buy based on this.

    • well…at least the sea gull was VERY original……Yaaaaaawn…(no sarcasm intended) :-)

  • LiquidSilver

    It attracts trolls like bees to honey. This means that the design is a hit for Panasonic.

    • Shanti

      and love the detail in the kitty’s fur..must have been her purring that caused all that Noise!

  • andy

    all in all it’s looks nice .

  • popeye

    how g3 sensor is better than gf1 sensor?

    • reverse stream swimmer

      The G3 sensor is the current plateau for Panasonic sensors, up from 12 Megapixels to 16 Megapixels. Remember the G1 sensor lived for three years, anticipate the G3 sensor to live 2011-2014, another three years cycle before end of life.

      During its lifecycle expect ongoing minor hardware iterarions with regards to microlenses and successional A/D converters, as well as improved image processing (Venus).

      The GH sensors are mainly targeted for video, such as in Panasonic AG-AF100/101 video cameras, and reused in the GH series (GH1/GH2).

      If the GH sensors would perform better for digital still images, Olympus would have chosen the GH sensor over the G sensor. But Olympus has explicitly communicated that still images is the priority, hence the G series of sensors chosen.

      Accept the G series sensor is the best choice for still images in a Micro Four Thirds camera. If neither low light performance is satisfactory nor thin DOF is, remember there are larger sensor cameras available elsewhere on the market.

  • chobit

    Got the G3, it was an great upgrade from my GF1. If I need anything better, that’s when I use my 5Dm2 or 1DsM3 (Sold both already) I am now waiting fot he 1Dx with deposit paid already.

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