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(FT5) New GX1 to be already announced tomorrow morning!!!


According to very latest info the new Panasonic GX1 should be announced tomorrow morning (7 November) at 6am London time and not on November 8! Don’t know why the date has now be changed  but I ask all sources reading this to recheck the announcement date and send me a confirmation. Thanks!!! UPDATE: Other sources confirmed the announcement date. Now there is a confusion about the exact hour. 5am or 6 am? Since the clocks have gone back one hour we have that trouble right now :)

UPDATE: Also be sure to be online on November 7th at 6am London time. I am flying tonight from one end of the world to another end of the world. I should have Internet connection via a new Panasonic-Lufthansa service Hotspot. let’s hope it works :) Otherwise excuse me if I will miss last minute leaks or the early 5-6am announcement news. I will arrive on airport at 8.30 am (Berlin time) and will certainly have Internet connection at that time.


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