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(UPDATED) Schneider 14mm has AF and costs less than €1.500. Two more m43 lenses in 2013.


The German Fotomagazin (Translation here) and Photoscala had a chat with the Schneider Kreuznach managers.  The just announced 14mm f/2.0 Micro Four Thirds lens has autofocus and nano surface coating. It’s made of 10 lenses and four of them are aspherical. It’s made in Germany (a guarantee for top quality) and it will be priced at less than €1.500 ($1800). That’s a less than the price of the Angulon lenses made for Nikon mount which do cost over $2,000 at Amazon (Click here to see it – has T/S). The lens will ship in early 2013. And Schneider also said that they will announce two more m43 lenses in 2013.

Back to the 14mm f/2.0 lens. Don’t know if it can compete against the other lenses like:
Olympus 12mm f/2.0 (Price check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay). 2mm wider but with high image quality I doubt Schneider will beat it to justify the price difference (if my guesses price is correct).
Panasonic 14mm f/2.4 (Price check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay). Slower lens and certainly the Schneider will have a much greater image quality. But the real advantage of the Panasonic is the pancake size.

Anyway, thanks Schneider for joining the system! It’s great to have so many wide angle lens options!

  • If it’s in the same range as the m.Zuiko 12mm in Germany I will most likely save the funds to buy it. It costs up to 700€ in some shops here.

    Let’s see until the item is listed and reviewed.

    • DonTom

      It will be in the same price bracket as Leica ‘Crons, surely. If the quality is there, it’s like getting Leica quality, with the AF thrown in for free!
      I can see their reasoning with this focal length, too. 28 equiv for m43, complements the PL 25/1.4 and the Olly 45/1.8 as a higher end set of classic primes.
      S-K is a boutique lens builder, they’ll sell plenty of these in relation to their production capacity.

    • LeeT

      Well, you scrolled down this far – time for some education!
      I have the OM-D, and my last camera was the 5d2. With 20 years photo experience behind me, and a degree at that foundation, I feel I can competently state that the OM-D shows the future is firmly in mFT. I use the Oly 12 and 45, and the Pan 25. These lenses are so good they will leave you totally satisfied in every way. Yes, you do need to know what you’re doing, and master your workflow, but once your fixed, you’ll never look back. The OM-D is so usable that the only flaw I can locate is the lack of direct control over Kelvin, as in assigning a dial for instant access.
      Image quality is formidable with this combination, and see little point in the Schneider optics other than their wish to dominate the pinacle of the format, and their understanding that it is the future. And why not? Think of the prestige this brings to the brand, now and into the future, and the business repercussions this will create across their business (cell phones, etc). Furthermore, the lens research needs only happen once, and then you’re fixed for years. As mentioned, the OM-D is superb, but what will it be like in 2 generations time?
      So non-believers take note: I’ve had your gear, and dropped it on ebay. Price can be handled, within reason, so it’s not such an issue. What matters most is functionality, capability, and quality. And in that, I find I have no option but Olympus. Studio work is now Nikon, as is sport. Medium and Large format are rentals.
      Olympus takes the crown. Grab an OM-D, set up a test bench, and tune it up!

  • I much prefer the 24mm FOV to 28mm, but this is great to see. I bet the image quality will be out of this world, and the fact that Schneider is making AF lenses for m4/3 and most importantly NOT having them simply be ports of NEX lenses is frankly awesome. Hope to see it continue!

    • ginsbu

      This is a port of an NEX lens. That’s the only way it makes sense. Too close to the existing WA offerings on m4/3, but perfectly positioned as fast a 21mm equivalent on NEX. Boo!

      • Arnold

        Admin, do you know if they would also release it for NEX ?
        Thanks !

      • Nick

        According to your speculation, or do you have a source?

        • ginsbu
          • Raines

            Actually it states that they’re making an E-Mount Version- not remounting an E-Mount lens.

            • ginsbu

              They can make a version for E-mount because they designed it to cover an APS-C image circle. OTOH, they couldn’t take a lens designed for a 4/3 image circle and make a version for APS-C.

              • Sqweezy

                Still, it’s possible both were developed independently…

              • Chez Wimpy

                Oh I see, so now we have the privilege to pay for 50% extra image-circle projecting goodness intended for the Nex crowd… and all we get in return is an oversized, underFOVed, overpriced lens. $1500 = 28/4 or 21/2.8

                Nex5n here I come. :(

                • Steve

                  I don’t recall that they are forcing you to buy it.

                  And you are talking about a different camera system completely because you don’t like one very specialized, high-end lens? You are a strange person.


    “Addendum (14.17 clock):
    In Super Angulon 2,0 / 14, it will be a fully-compatible Micro Four Thirds lens, autofocus and aperture control of the camera would be so available. It is to be presented at the Photokina 2012, the public and in the first quarter of 2013 will be on the market. The aim is a price less than 1500 €.”

    1500 euros = 1883.4000 US dollars


    • hlbt

      >1500 euros = 1883.4000 US dollars

      Greece, Spain, and Italy hold the key to the actual conversion rate 6 months down the line :-)

  • Guest

    I hope they make a tilt shift lens!!!

    Like, a real one, not that silly lensbaby crap..

    • Mike


      Best a 12 TS but even a 14 would do. And hell, a 14 TS might be the most useful compromise for most needs

      • rubits

        yes. I don’t think this is a necessary lens. If it were a t/s, though, I’d be singing a different song.

      • c.d.embrey

        A 14mm T&S is way too wide for tabletop photography. A 45mm T&S would be much better, it would gave the same field of view as the Canon EF 90mm f/2.8 TS-E that I now use.

        Too keep everybody happy, they’ll need to make three T&S lenses. :)

      • Pavlo

        +1000? Mike, do You mean +€1000? Just kidding :)

  • Bronica

    Admin: Price is less than 1.500 Euro – they said (fotomagazin).
    10 Lenses, 4 of them are aspherical.

  • Yun

    Yes , the image quality is the most important .
    If it can’t make it at least on par with M.Zuiko 12mm then it will not have good selling point .
    The design of the lens is wonderful but IQ is everything .
    Just like Pana-Leica 25mm F1.4 , I dislike the rubber element surrounding the lens’s body but I love the IQ from the lens . If anyone know how to replace the rubber with something else , please let me know .

    • wonderer

      a failure from the start or DOA

      twice the price of excellent metal build Oly, which is true wide angle (not 28mm joke) without too much distortion, HALF the size, HALF the weight (just calculate number of SK glass elements) and HALF the price…

      managers at Schneider really needs to get a clue…

      I never felt the need for 14mm, I feel like I’m shooting void with it (when compared to 20mm) for what my mind want to see. And for architecture and landscapes, the wider the better so a magical 10mm would be fine but distortion would be unberable even with correction (which affects image quality due to low MP of current sensors), so once again

      we have Oly, half priced!

  • Wow… Sounds like it should be great!

  • Bronica

    With B+W Nano-Surface-Coating.

    They are also thinking about a version for NEX – according to fotomagazin.

    • ginsbu

      Another APS-C lens ported to m4/3 — LAME!

      • bilgy_no1

        Uhm… it would be the other way around this time! A m4/3 lens ported to APS-C. 21mm equivalent (on APS-C) is not a very regular focal length.

        • Anonymous

          21mm is the perfect focal for Architecture and landscape, much better than 24mm. If they make it for the Nex I will sell my m43 gear just to have it. 28mm is better for street.

        • ginsbu

          Nope. 20mm or 21mm-equivalent is a *very* common UWA focal length:

          The larger point is that between the Oly 12/2 and the Panasonic 14/2.5, this lens is not desperately needed by m4/3 users. OTOH, primes in the 18mm to 21mm-equivalent range are needed on all mirrorless systems — NEX is getting theirs, m4/3 isn’t.

        • reverse stream swimmer

          A 14mm lens for MFT has a diagonal field of view: 75º
          A 14mm lens for APS-C has a diagonal field of view: 92º
          A 21mm lens for 135 has a diagonal field of view: 92º

          I don’t expect the curvature of the front lens to be able to cope with the change from 75º to 92º, if this same lens is adapted from MFT to APS-C (suiting Fujifilm, Sony & Samsung).

          It would be a waste of glass for the intrinsic MFT user, if the lens actually was originally designed for APS-C.

          • ginsbu

            Look at the front elements of various 20mm or 21mm 135 format lenses and you’ll see they don’t have very heavily curved front elements.

          • preston

            reverse stream swimmer – You are stating that the lens design would have to change to go from 75 degree to 92 degree, which isn’t true. The angle of view is only measurable by the amount projected on the sensor, so if the sensor is smaller then the angle of view of that lens becomes smaller.

            So if you put a 14mm lens designed for APS-C on a MFT body then your angle of view just changed from 92 to 75 – with the exact same lens design, not a more bulbous front element.

        • On the contrary 21mm is a very popular fl with German manufacturers and the Zeiss 21mm biogon is reputed to be the sharpest camera lens available.

  • Less than Euro 1,500.00 for a Lens made in Geramny, comparable to a Leica-Lens or to a Olympus-TopPro lens. This is not cheap at all, but it is OK.

    But I also need a 2/50 in the same Quality!

    • Tom

      Unfortunately – because the Lens has to be much bigger than necessary for mft!!!

    • jake

      it is cheap for a Scheneider lens.

  • twoomy

    *yawn* If it was a 10mm or 12mm wide angle with perspective control, I would have all been over that even at a high price. Welcome Schneider to m43, but an expensive 14mm is a bit boring to me.

  • Bronica

    Ähem – Admin: 10 elements – not lenses – my fault. I’m busy.

    But: a wow-lens! Waiting for the others.

  • chronocommando

    This lens needs to be soooo sharp that you can not touch it …
    In other words it needs to be an ultra high performer or it does not make any sense at all.

    12mm f2 is great and wider and 14mm f2.4 is good and smaller!
    Where is the benefit of this lens? It is not the price that’s for sure.
    It is not weather sealed, which would be great!

    It is like an Audi A1. It is a great small car but it is not worth the money based on the features.

  • I must be the only person to love 28mm equiv. field of view!

    I would think about buying this lens if it wasn’t TWICE AS EXPENSIVE AS OLYMPUS 12mm!

    • Brod1er

      And six times the Panny 14mm which is actually a great lens for mft.

    • Miroslav

      I love 28mm as well, but “less than 1500 EUR” ( 1400 ? ) is outrageous. F2 is too slow and for around 1500 EUR I expect F0.95. 14mm F2 is 500 EUR territory.

  • Scott

    I am sure they made this lens with video in mind, which means it doesnt compare with lenses designed for still images. Video requires that the lens does not breath while focusing. Even the best lenses from Olympus, Canon and Nikon have a loth of breathing when they focus.

    • I too am a fan of the 28mm FoV. This bodes well for the m4/3 format. If boutique lens makers are willing to put out high quality glass, this is a format that has a strong chance of enduring. Pros do not shoot with crappy glass. I am willing to save up for this to put it in front of my OM-D.

  • “But the real advantage of the Panasonic is the pancake size”

    I’m going to go with the real advantage of the Panasonic 14/2.5 is it is 1/10 of the price on ebay =)

  • reverse stream swimmer

    “Das lichtstarke Weitwinkel (Kleinbild-äquivalente Brennweite 28 mm) besteht aus zehn Linsen mit vier asphärischen Oberflächen.”

    It translates to a total of 10 lens elements, with 4 aspherical surfaces. One lens element has two surfaces, but the press release doesn’t tell how these aspherical surfaces are distributed.

  • JF

    less than 1500 euros ! 300 euros ? :D
    It is surely not in my budget…
    If I would have to put more than 1000 euros in a lens I’ll take the panny 12-35 f2.8.
    For what I read the oly 12mm f2 is not so sharp (good but not excellent) and this lens can easily be better. However, I prefer the 24 mm equivalent FOV…

  • kesztio

    Still cannot understand how it can even compete with the much cheaper and already excellent Oly 12/2. I have the bad feeling that it’s merely a high quality boutique lens…

    • DonTom

      Of course it’s a high quality boutique lens. S-K are that kind of lens builder. The C-V f0.95 lenses are both well over $1000 in most markets, and they don’t have AF. This is the Leica market they are going after. Think of it as a Summicron with AF…..

      • Miroslav

        Yeah, but C-V f0.95 lenses are that expensive for a reason – f0.95. 14mm F2 for more than 1000 euros? It has to be video orientated, but even so it is priced way over its specs…

    • jake

      it is made in Germany, that alone makes it extremely special.

    • RSilva

      I have the 12mm/f2 and it is not that good compared with for example, the Contax G 28mm.

  • Promit Roy

    This has got to be a cinema spec lens. There’s no other way it makes sense at that price…unless Schneider is attempting to position themselves as Zeiss glass for m43, I guess?

    • ha

      They’re looking for new markets.

      P&S (compact) market is shrinking, mirrorless is growing…

      • bilgy_no1

        Yes, and the interesting thing is: Schneider-Kreuznach was making lenses (or just selling its brand) for Samsung compact cameras. But they make their first mirrorless lens for m4/3, talk a bit about NEX, but no mention of Samsung NX…

    • Matt

      Cinema specced lens for under 1500 euro? I hope you’re joking.
      Schneider Kreuznach IS on par with Zeiss glass, in fact, compared to Zeiss glass available for DSLRs, they’re way ahead considering DSLR Zeiss glass isn’t actually made by Zeiss. Schneider has always been one of the highest end lens manufacters around.

  • Olympus 12mm is wider. In these area, 2mm is very different. That’s why I prefer 12mm.

    Panasonic 14mm is in F/2.4 and that is less than 1/2 step slower ( nearly 1/3 step ).

    The key must be the image quality.

  • And I don’t want to hear the plan for more than one year future.
    Do you want to hear ’13’s Intel PC? or ’13’s iPad ?
    NO I don’t. I want anything right now.

  • a 12mm is quite different than a 14mm.

    I hope that we will at least get further announcements at Photokina. It would be VERY surprising not to have annoucements of a german Manufacturer at this Mega photo fair in Koln


  • hp

    Pfff.. What a joke!

    Euro 1500 * 1.26 = USD 1890

    So instead buy –

    Oly 12mm F2 = USD 800
    Nokton 17.5mm F0.95 = USD 1250

    Total = 2050

    Just additional $150-to-$200 give you two AWE-friggin-SOME lenses.

    • I did just that. I got the 12mm f2 last november and the Nokton 17.5 f0.95 a couple of month ago. I’m very, very happy with both lenses. The Schneider, I’m very sure it’ll be a superb lens optically, but is not as wide as the Oly 12mm and not as open as the Nokton. I have three view camera lenses by Schneider, and they are superb, but this one doesn’t fit well my focal length sequence.


    • Mr. Reeee

      SLRMagic Hyperprime 12mm T1.6 (f1.4) = $550
      Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm = $1250

      Total = $1800 with $90 to spare.

      • Miroslav

        My choice as well. Just need some better MF aid in my camera…

  • > and it will be priced at less than €1.500 ($1800).

    OK. I will ask it: why they bother?

    How much better the IQ of the lens has to be to justify the price of the FOV??

    Unless, of course, the price also covers life’s supply of peanut butter waffles.

  • physica

    Come on Schneider, introduce the 12mm tilt shift , 25 t/s and 45t/s for m43 please

  • physica

    Come on Schneider, introduce the 12mm tilt shift , 25 t/s and 45t/s for m43 please.

  • physica

    Schneider,… introduce the 12mm tilt shift , 25 t/s and 45t/s for m43 please.

  • physica

    Schneider,… introduce the 12mm tilt shift for m43 please.

  • Spent the same money and you can get 12/2, 45/1.8 and 20/1.7 :)

  • c.d.embrey

    For those trying to move M43 into Pro Photography, this will be a great lens. For things like Fashion and Editorial, a 28mm is much better than a 24mm.

    If you walk into a studio with a E-M5 and this lens, no-one will think you are shooting with a toy camera. The words Super Angulon will give you instant credibility (of course you have to have the talent to back it up).

    Now where’s the 67.5mm (=135) lens ?

    • pdc

      Studio work is probably the niche for this lens (AF).
      For video, I prefer the fully manual CV Noktons. There is room in the market for both Schneider-Kreuznach and Voigtlander as long as one is fast AF and the other super-fast MF. I am hoping that there will be a 65mm m43 Nokton with very close focusing ability – needed for nature video. A m43 SK AF lens of this length would have a good market in portraiture. Quality glass keeps, so such lenses are actually “investments”.

    • I see. So this is why the lens has this huge “SUPER 14 ANGULON” inscription.

    • Does the talent backup fit on the top, front or back? Or does one carry it in the kit bag and wave it when required?

  • wildbild

    hey schneiders!
    make it a shift lens!
    no shift so far is the only thing that still keeps me away from seriously investing in MFT.

  • DrDave

    The Panasonic 14mm has slightly better IQ than the Olympus 12mm, and therefore that will be the challenge for Schneider to beat in terms of IQ.

  • Tom

    Scott and Roy hit the nail on the head, this is a cine lens, specifically designed for narrative video work that eliminates or minimizes the “breathing” that one sees when changing focus on a scene. I’m hoping that the focus mechanism is still mechanically linked to the focus ring, even though there is auto focus capabilities, so that a focus puller can still use a follow focus and make manual marks on the puller (the excuse for not having distance scale on the lens itself, since it wouldn’t typically be used anyways). It could have theoretically been made faster, given the size, but compromises have to be made when you make a non-breathing lens. Although I’m sure it would work fine for stills photography, the price difference from other excellent similar length lenses would make it hard to justify the purchase. This is a great alternative to the $4K Zeiss CP.2, which are much larger and heavier, since they are adaptable to pretty much any system. The US price will likely not simply be a conversion of Euro to dollar, as often times US maker products are priced accordingly for the buying power of the US market, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see street prices here much lower than currently estimated.

    re: pdc / nokton / nature video… your probably the exception, where nature shooting requires high speed natural light capabilities, and you don’t change focus during a shot as a cinematographer would in a typical narrative shot, so your lens choice is good for you. For the typical cinematographer, this will be a must have lens for the owner / operator. For rental houses, Zeiss CP.2 will still be king as they can rent it out to any joe who needs to rent a lens for any number of different cameras.

    Panasonic’s dedication to the videographer market is the likely reason that Schneider chose m4/3 over NEX or Samsung for this introduction. The GH2 is currently the only non-camcorder body really suitable for cine applications. The NEX-7 is compelling, but Sony not allowing clean HDMI output, overheating sensor and limited shooting time shoots itself in the foot. I’m sure a NEX variant is in the works, though, to meet demand from the NEX FS camcorder shooters. I see a GH3 and all of the upcoming Schneider lenses in my future…

    • c.d.embrey

      I don’t know about that. Lots of Pros shooting the Sony FS100, and lining-up to buy the FS700. Do you think that Panasonic GH2 and AG-AF100 Pro users outnumber them ?

      BTW, my experience with the NEX 5n, is that it is equal to or better than a 5D2.

      • Tom

        Hi c.d., I did say non-camcorder body. I think the FS100 and 700 are great products for the price. I would see that market being more swayed to go the route of PL mount solutions, such as the CP.2 give the costs of the bodies. It is the more affordable realm in m43 where Indies could be more swayed by a sub $2000, hopefully closer to $1000 priced lens IMO.

      • Tom

        Just to add my own little experience as a cross-section of jobs I’ve been involved with…

        75+ RED One or Epic
        50+ Canon DSLR of some sort
        15 Sony Cinalta
        10 Panasonic HDX
        10 Sony HDCAM
        2 Panasonic AF100
        1 Genesis
        0 NEX, Nikon, Pentax, or any non-AF100 m43

        Personally, I was highly interested in NEX-7 and still am, for my own personal home / entertainment use, but am holding out for what might come next from Panasonic due to the downfalls of the NEX system. I think that the NEX-FS700 will gain a lot of traction for its high speed abilities, and will likely be a pretty common 2nd cam or special purpose camera just for this reason alone.

  • MK

    my guess would be the two new lenses in 2013 will be a 14mm f2.2 (less than $1100) and 15mm f2.8 (less than $1300). cant wait; just peed meself :)

  • duy

    so beautiful

  • GetReal

    Give me close focus pancake primes under 500 EUR and I might buy, but this is too rich for that crappy little sensor, even if it’s good.

  • Camaman

    “It’s made in Germany (a guarantee for top quality)”

    HAHA! If anything it sure is a guarantee of a top price…

    • Jeff

      Made in Germany. The only guarantee is that the lens will be German… and even that is a guess. I’d pay upward around $1200 for an awesome prime. 30mm f1.4 maybe. More than that and I likely won’t care. MFT lenses are smaller so smaller aspherical elements are cheaper to manufacture.

  • Even though I am a bit puzzled about the choice of the 14mm focal length, the entering of Schneider Kreuznach the micro four thirds with the AF lens is a great news. The quality of S-K lenses is well known, and hopefully the increased competition would benefit the MFT system.
    Let’s now wait and see what kind of lenses Tamron and Tokina are going to develop for the MFT.

  • kww

    Was hoping for a 7mm super wide angle prime…

  • TomR

    I hope they get rid of that blue band.

  • avds

    The presence of AF and supposedly excellent IQ are very exciting developments. Thanks for bringing this news, Admin :)

    I wonder though how many of these are they going to sell at that price when competing with the existing mFT AF wide primes and zooms, most of which happen to be quite good and way cheaper. Call me cheap, but I’m staying with my great little $170 Panasonic 14/2.5 :)

    • Yes, the AF is considerable step forward. Maybe now we will start to get more 3rd party lenses with AF. The idea that users of high quality lenses only want MF is simply just not true. Also, the idea that the only good lens can be a prime is not true.
      There again, cost v suitability for purpose v quantity v market trends will determine who will make what, or avoid making it.

  • Frederic Hew

    I don’t see the market for this lens, I doubt the posters who are drooling over it will shell out the asking price.

    Questionable move for Schneider.

  • awaler

    If this project makes sense for Schneider Kreuznach?
    That is of little concern to me.

    The important thing is, if I buy into the m34 world today, I can be sure to have choices. Including choices of very high quality glass, not only cheap and optically mediocre kit zooms.
    Availability of such alternatives gives the m43 system a giant push in long term credibility.
    Maybe I cannot afford or justify shelling out 1500 Euros today just for a lens with outstandig IQ, but I may be able to do so in the future.

    Btw, was it a questionable move by Porsche to build sports cars?
    Some say yes, because they cannot now afford one. I do not subscribe to this pauperistic view.

  • Jojo

    From what we’ve seen so far I would describe myself as an interested observer. I like the idea of the 14/2, but it would need exceptional IQ to make me go for it.

  • Lars

    way to much money to put it onto a body with a tiny m43 sensor.

    if i pay so much for a lens i want a big and good sensor for maximum image quality.

    • I would imagine that Schneider, who have been making lenses for years, would have a different view if they have invested a large amount of corporate funds and effort in joining m43.
      It would seem that your ideas are not embraced by many, other than those who who try making a nuisance of themselves with juvenile remarks, intended to offend, or, maybe, to display their intolerance and lack of understanding of things in this world.

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