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(FT3) One of the Schneider lenses may be a 14mm f/2.0 high quality wide angle.

The Leica-R version of the Schneider 28mm f/2.8 lens.

It’s 10am here in Germany and in 1-2 hours Schneider will announce the new Micro Four Thirds lens (or lenses). I just got a possible spec about one of the lenses. It’s a 14mm f/2.0 Super Angulon (the specs are unconfirmed so there is a 50% the info is correct). It’s a completely newly designed lens. Schneider made some similar lenses in the past for different Full Frame systems. It’s a 28mm f/2.8 (See them here on eBay). You see an image of the Leica-R version on top. I don’t know if it has autofocus or not. But I have been told the new lenses are all very top notch high quality lenses. Be prepared, there will be no cheap lens :)

Stay tuned on 43rumors! And let me know if you find some last minute leak!

  • Sunny

    Hm, we have a 12/2 and a 14/2,5 – I hope they´ll bring something we´re really missing at the moment!

  • Bronica

    Right – I have already the 12/2 and the 14/2,5…

  • zf

    Any 17.5mm?

    • Ryan

      Yep. A 17mm f1.4-f2 pancake would be welcome. Any word on AF?

      • admin

        no :(

        • Ryan

          We can only hope! I’m rooting for af! Even if it costs 300 more! I already have mf glass.
          The current pana 14mm is pretty dang good(not great, but good). I got it for 165. Hope they really impress with there lens quality to justify the price difference.

  • physica

    Be prepared, there will be no cheap lens ………so……I no need to prepared………

  • The image above is a shift lens. A 14 mm µ43 version would be great, and a 12 mm phantastic. I used my 28 mm PC Nikkor so much it finally wore out …

  • I have the 12mm Oly, and as much as I like how sharp it is and the beautiful colour (of image, however I seem to be the only one here who loves the silver lens barrel too), I think I’d rather a 14mm f/2.

    12mm is either too wide for my photography (and smears corners to “keep straight lines straight”) and doesn’t provide the immersion that wider angle lenses provide.

    14mm lenses are more practical for me and have less distortion. So if this new lens has the good qualities of the 12mm Oly, I may sell my mine for one and either wait for a 10mm or go for a ulra-wide-angle zoom.

    inb4 buy pana 14mm.

    Also, OM 28mm f/2 is a fav of mine. But OM is an orange to the µ4/3 apple.

  • Yun

    If the info is correct , hopefully the price for the lens would set below the Oly 12mm F2 .
    I’m not a landscape regulars but willing to invest in wide angles lens . Right now , I rely on Pana 14mm for my shoot & quite happy with it .

  • reverse stream swimmer

    From their website, maybe this might give a clue after all:

    “More lenses with different focal lengths will be added soon. The lens range will be continued with lenses with focal length of 14, 18, 115, 135, 180 mm and two high performance zoom lenses.”

    • reverse stream swimmer

      1:2.0 14mm Super Angulon introduced today.
      Perhaps the next will be 1:2.0 18mm?

  • See the problem? There is nothing really missing from the m4/3 wide angle lineup. A TS would be nice, but too specialized and expensive to appeal to the bulk of users.

    • Miroslav

      A really fast wide angle is missing. A F1.4 like Nikon and Canon FF systems have. If this indeed turns out to be 14mm F2, I’ll go for Oly or SLR Magic 12mm.

    • There is a bigger difference between these wide angle lenses than you might think. I think a high quality 14mm f/2 will fill a gap.

      There are distinct differences between a fisheye an 8-10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 17.5mm.

      Micro Four Thirds may cover these focal lengths but I’d rather spend less on some focal lengths that I have little use for but upgrade to high end lenses for focal lengths that I use a lot, or have higher demands.

  • Cynops

    12mm tilt/shift please !

  • <=10mm good quality prime anyone?

  • +1 for tilt/shift. Will help M43 become a fully fledged system.

  • I owned a 90mm Schneider Super Angulon for my Sinar P2 years ago and loved it and of course my enlarger lenses were Schneider and Nikkor. I love the Schneiders as they are very close to Zeiss glass. What I wish we could see is a 14mm f/2.0 Super Angulon Shift lens for tabletop work. That and a 20mm TS would be my bread and butter for stills. For Movies the upcoming Lumix fixed aperture zooms are ideal and the better glass is not worth the extra money.

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