Reminder: Panasonic announcement on Wednesday July 18th. Follow us live!


For those of you coming back from a weekend of vacation I re-post the leaked image of the Panasonic Lumix G Vario 45-150mm f/4-5.6 HD OIS (leaked via Photoprice). I have no info about the price yet but it will be a very cheap lens. For us 43rumor readers this may not be an interesting lens but I have been told the lens is made for the consumer market and average consumers do love zoom lenses. This is a lens that will be bundled with the new G5 coming out this week.

The G5, the new zoom lens, the LX7 and some more compact cameras are going to be announced on Wednesday (July 18th) at around 6-8 am London time. As usual I will follow the announcement live and give you an easy updated list of all reviews and image samples. The G5 will be a reshaped G3 with same sensor and some new (minor) functionality. My highest attention goes to a non m43 products, the LX7 which is rumored to feature a larger sensor, maybe a 1inch sensor like the super good seller Sony RX100. It may be great alternative of mirrorless system cameras because of the compact size and compact zoom lens. Let’s see.

Oh almost forgot, nope there will be no dead time after that announcement. On July 23th Canon could announce their APS-C mirrorless system, Samsung will announce more stuff and you can follow these rumors and news on And than in exactly one month and one week from now Panasonic and Olympus will announce the new super intriguing and “heavy” m43 stuff. GH3, Pen cameras, prime lenses and more…Stay tuned! And follow us on facebook (Click here).

  • fuck_off

    you’re not first

  • Mr x

    Hi admin,

    Any details on the LX7 lens specs?


    • admin

      Not yet. Working on it right now…

      • Zonkie

        It seems that this time Panasonic really did a good job at keeping the details. It’s strange that 2 days from the announcement we still have no specs at all or reliable information (that rumor about the sensor size was from an old interview and just a possibility, as I remember).

        What about the XZ-1 successor? Also very quiet in that front….

  • GreyOwl

    Plastic mount, no doubt.

  • come on pana

    it is sure about GH3 15.5mp ? if yes nothing about moire amelioration ? it could still have same or better resolution then?

  • n457

    I hope, Pana will make in-body stabilization in m43 cameras one day. I hope…

  • Anonymous

    Heavy m4/3 stuff? Like, a camera body with more size and weight than a newborn kitten?

    • Ash

      Why? You can just use Panasonic OIS lenses if stabilization is what you want. I’m pretty sure that Panasonic would also prefer that you buy their lenses.

  • jim

    Can’t wait for the new super intriguing and “heavy” m43 stuff!!!

    I hope Panasonic don’t pull their punches with the GH3… not only must it have 1080 60p but if they want to stir it up a bit and try and take some light from Oly they need 120fps 1080! that would give a clear video advantage (over nearly any camera) to panasonic while Oly would still be in a strong photo place! I don’t expect much sensor quality increase but I do expect the electronics and options controling that sensor to be cutting edge! 3D, HDR, timelapse, 120p, Panorama, etc etc.. just needs to have every bell and whistle if they are gona sell big time!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      I doubt we’ll be seeing 1080p120 video any time soon in consumer products.
      That would also require quadrupling data transfer rate between sensor and processor and to memory and require at least as much more processing power to do compression.

      But HDR and panorama modes probably could be realized without hardware changes considering processing hardware’s capabilities in GH2.

  • Cheap?

    How cheap?

    I need a tele lense for the winter, but don’t want to spend that much…(Because I really just need it for the winter in Russia)

    PS. Deutsche oder Russische Preise;) (Linsen hier sind ja nicht ganz so billig wie in den USA;) )

    • Esa Tuunanen

      If you have Olympus body (with IBIS) and don’t need fastest focusing speed but would use lens just for photographing objects farther away there might be other options.

      • Yes, I do not need OIS, and I could also used my attached 40-150, but in Moscow a really fast lense would be fine..But, in the end it is not that important:)

  • I hate to say it, but Olympus seems to be half a generation ahead of Panasonic these days. It used to be “sensor vs. IBIS & processor”, but now, assuming the E-M5 sensor will find its way into the next iteration of PENs, all Panasonic is left with are a slightly improved video implementation and the mini-DSLR ergonomics (for those who prefer a built-in viewfinder in an affordable body). It’s no wonder Panasonic is concentrating on increasing the value of its mid-range offerings by bundling an extra lens with the kit. Olympus utilized the same tactic during its grim DSLR years.

    Panasonic HAS to show substantial progress with the GH3. Better still, it should really introduce a new class of cameras, aimed at stills photographers and worthy of the “high end” mirrorless club currently hosting the X-Pro 1, the NEX 7 and the E-M5. It’s a cruel environment of fierce competition and It’s time for Panasonic to move forward (especially with Canon – its greatest competitor of all – looming on the horizon). Sponsoring the Olympics might not be enough.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > worthy of the “high end” mirrorless club currently hosting the X-Pro 1, the NEX 7 and the E-M5.
      Those aren’t high end except in compact, fashion gimmicks and retro.

      Ridiculous how those cameras are called as advanced high end when best fixed lens prosumers from time before cheap DSLRs are ergonomically lot better.
      But nowadays makers can just slap lens mount to Canon IXUS class camera and it suddenly becomes worshipped advanced camera…

      Panasonic used to be m4/3’s leader with Olympus iterating only PENs but unless Panasonic can better match E-M5’s sensor their high end camera sure has to up the game considerably in other features.

  • Henrik

    More interested in the LX7 and XZ-2? than the rest. Will also be interesting to see what kind of sensor Olympus chooses for thier new Pen line.

    • brudney


  • Ruud

    No GH3 perspective? Then I’ll buy the E-M5 soon!

  • nik

    lx7 with articulating lcd pls.

  • arnaud

    I’m following the rss feed of
    that’s what I got last week, the link included goes to a 404 page.
    the specs seem to be those of the lx7.

    Panasonic Lumix G5 : le remplaçant du reflex ?ouvrir l’article original
    Lun 9 Jui 2012 à 12:30 depuis Le monde de la Photo par Laurent Katz

    EMBARGO 18 JUILLET A 6 H 00 Titre 1 Titre 1 La visée Le menu principal Les touches de fonction Les effets L’autofocus Les réglages vidéo

    Fiche technique Prix : xxx € Capteur : Cmos 1/2,3 e de pouce, 14 Mpxl Définition maximale : [4/3] 4 288 x 3 216 [16/9] 4 320 x 2 430 pixels Vidéo maxi : 1080p (30 im/s, AVCHD ou MP4) Format de fichier : Jpeg, Mov Zoom : F1,4-2,3/24-110 mm, éq. 24 x 36 Mode macro : 3 cm Mise au point : multizone, détection de visages, (…) – 100. News

    • Cedric L

      Bon boulot!!

      Good job!!

    • Zonkie

      >Cmos 1/2,3 e de pouce, Zoom: F1,4-2,3/24-110 mm, éq.

      That means they made a smaller sensor and a faster lens? It does make some sense, but probably it won’t be enough. I know that some people hate equivalence, but it’s the best way of seeing what a camera can do:

      Panasonic LX5: 24-90 mm. f/9.4 – 15.5
      Panasonic LX7: 24-110 mm. f/7.8 – 12.8
      Samsung EX2F: 24-80 mm. f/6.5 – 12.6
      Sony RX100: 28-100 mm. f/4.9 – 13.4
      Canon G1X: 28-112 mm. f/5.2 – 10.7

      The f numbers tell the capabilities regarding both control over DoF and low light performance. So they have improved the LX5 in zoom reach and brightness at both ends, which is good. But specially at the wide end the other cameras are still a bit better. We’ll have to wait to see the size and price, to compare that too (the RX100 and G1X are rather expensive, and the latter too big).

      • 1/2.3″ is a standard compact format. 14MP doesn’t sound right either. Those specs would belong to a more basic model, despite the interesting lens.

        • safaridon

          This would appear to be a new model and I wouldn’t call it a more basic model necessarily given the recent improvements in sensors of all sizes but should be quite affordable. Thus the Pany will have the FZ150 for tele, ZS15 for travel, and fast XX for street or indoors all using the same very good sensor. I hope that Pany goes the same route with new FZ150 increasing the lens speed rather than focal length. Given the very good performance of sensors these days I don’t believe the majority of P&S buyers even would know or notice the difference between a 1/2.3 and 1/1.7 inch sensor. This model makes it more likely that the new LX7 will have a larger sensor.

          • Yes, I hope you are right. I would love to see this as a small and cheap model, while the LX7 would have a bigger sensor, like the Sony RX100 (with a bright zoom) or even a 4/3 one (in this case maybe a fixed focal length lens with fast aperture?? Something like a 17mm f/1.4 to compete with the Fuji X100, but being smaller and faster).

      • Mr. Reeee

        f2 is f2 is f2 is f2

        The difference in DoF is one of the things one takes into account when choosing a non-135 format camera.

        f-stop equivalence means nothing unless all you care about is DoF or you’re desperately seeking something to bash cameras with sensors smaller than 135 format.

        We’re on to that BS trick around here… ;-)

        So what are the specified aperture ranges?

        • Zonkie

          Mr. Reeee, I know that some people dislike equivalence, as I said. But as long as we know what we’re talking about, what is the problem?

          It is not equivalence of DoF, it’s general equivalence. Of FoV, low light capabilities (how much noise will an image have) and also DoF.

          Sure, when you choose a compact camera you know that high ISO performance won’t be like a full frame camera. But you might want to know how many f-stops you lose. so you make an equivalence and find out. Same goes for DoF control.

          So if you still dislike equivalence, I’m ok with that. Let’s just agree to disagree and not call BS other’s opinions. I’m not calling anyone names for repeating like a parrot that f2 is f2 is f2 is f2 without taking into account the sensor size (and therefor the light gathering abilities of said aperture).

          • Incessant Troll

            we got ourselves an equivalence wizard on our hands. there is no problem. this one knows “what he’s talking about”

          • Mr. Reeee

            You will find that a majority of M4/3 users simply DO NOT CARE about equivalence. Sure, it’s an interesting factoid, but little else. Many of us come from the worlds of shooting film and DSLRs.

            I’m not saying there’s no value in being aware of equivalence, but if you insist on dragging out that dead horse, at least state both the actual aperture range and the equivalent range. Equivalence alone means next to nothing without knowing the actual apertures in question. It’s also a guarantee to get you snarky responses. :-P

            • Zonkie

              I am fine with people who don’t care about equivalence. It’s only those snarky responses that make me feel uncomfortable.

              The only new data about aperture was the leaked specs of a possible LX7. Those are f/1.4-2.3, as I wrote in my post. The other cameras are known.

              For me it’s more practical to have the equivalent values than the real ones without the sensor size. For example, if I post that the LX7 will have a focal range of 4.3mm to 19.8mm, most people will get confused. If I say it has an equivalent range of 24-90 mm. all will understand it easily.

              There is no need to get upset about it. It might be a factoid, but it’s a useful one.

              • Mr. Reeee

                As I mentioned, it’s only useful when viewed in direct comparison to the actual aperture range. It’s important to have a point of reference and not everyone can remember specs.

      • arnaud

        I hope they’re not the lx7 specs as well…

        • admin


      • avds

        These cameras can’t blur, so why bother. Being a bit better than nothing is still nothing in this regard. Artistic background blur needs special lenses.

        • RetiredDP

          I prefer the greater depth-of-field of the m43 cameras. I Photoshop the daylights out of my images, and with the new background blur functions in Photoshop CS6, it’s easier to blur the BGs in post-production to the exact level of blur that I want.

  • Stitch

    No news about the stabilized upgrade of Panny 7-14 mm?

    • Mr. Reeee

      A stabilized 7-14mm lens may lie in the realm of myth, not rumors. ;-)

    • JimD

      I cannot understand why anyone would want to pay for stabilisation on a lens of this focal length.
      It seems that Panasonic agree with me. Or they would have done it.

  • safaridon

    No rumors or news of a GXPRO or GX2 with EVF for Olympics or August Photo show? I think such a model would have greater demand & appeal than a GH3 based on the respective sales of the GX1 and GH2 and fill a gap in m4/3.

    • avds


      • Ash

        Agreed. The GX1 with a nice little viewfinder in the corner would be perfect.

        As it is already a best-selling camera, imagine how sales would take off with an integrated viefinder? Panasonic wouldn’t know what to do with all that dosh.

  • Any news RE the 35-100 x lens?

    • admin

      Coming in late August!

      • Boooo!

        How about the E-7? Any leaks? We know the prototype is out there.

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