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(FT5) New pics of the 45-150mm lens. Comes in Black and Silver!


An anonymous source (Thanks You!) sent me the pictures of the Black and Silver 45-150mm lens. As you know the lens will be announced along the new G5 and other compact cameras this Wednesday (July 18th). I am not sure about the price yet but this lens should be cheaper than the 45-200mm lens ($230 right now at Amazon). Click on the thumbnails below to view the full size image. Reminder: Be sure to be online at 43rumors live on Wednesday morning (5am London time). And follow us on facebook (Click here)!

  • Bob

    So I guess we can assume the G5 will come in both black and silver models.

    • gummyrabbit

      or Panasonic wants OM-D E-M5 users to be happy too!

  • Elf

    Lens has a metal mount by the looks of it….. And Panny will include the lens hood and a bag, I’m thinking.

    • Narretz

      Is there any m43 lens that doesn’t have a metal mount?

      • Marck

        Yes, my Oly 14-42 (first version).

      • Fish

        Both Oly kit lenses. 14-42mm even the most recent mIIR, and the 40-150mm.

      • akx

        Yes, Panasonic 14-42 mm (non-PowerZoom version)

  • Bronica

    Where is the O.I.S.-Switch?

    • Marck

      Pics are only from above and from the left side. We could hope that it is on the right… but I guess there won’t be a switch (to save money). You might control this function via camera menu I guess.

      • avds

        I don’t think it has the switch.

  • Kenneth Ludviksen

    And I just ordered the Olympus 40-150mm (with plastic mount) :-(

  • JF

    A slow silver zoom ! so boring…

    • Elf

      Yeah but I have five bucks says this cheap consumer zoom comes with a hood and storage bag.. Unlike my Oly €1049.00 75mm f1:7.

    • safaridon

      Maybe its repeated comments like this that are getting a little “boring” and wearing thin. I guess you also consider the Oly 12-50 f3.5-6.3 lens to be boring? Nobody is forcing you to buy this lens and after all you are free to buy the 12-35/f2.8 lens if you can afford it.

      • Elf

        Not at all I have the 12-50 with my OMD I wanted it for the weather seal. And I already paid extra for the hood for the mZuiko 9-18. Happens to fit perfectly on the 12-50.And I have bought the 12_35. Theres still 10 of them on And my boring comments are purposely wanting response from folks like you…..who don’t find it odd that this cheap consumer zoom will come with a hood???

        • Spunjji

          Safaridon was replying to JF, not you… :)

  • Seems to be around 70-75mm long/short. If I’m right with that and weight (160-220g?!) and price (<250 €) are low, I might give it a try.

  • Peter F

    I was expecting that it would have both black and silver on the same lens. The fact is that you can buy it in black OR in silver.

    • GreyOwl

      The silver lens is in fact silver and black…. :-)

      • safaridon

        I think they retained black around the front element to reduce flare to improve IQ rather than to make a fashion statement.

        • GreyOwl

          You are, of course, correct A good matt black lens hood would be even more helpful. I wonder if one will be included, as with other Panasonic lenses.

  • yo

    Silver with black front. meh

  • Olympius

    Well, as long as it includes a lens hood, and one of those nice little pouches that Panasonic seems to include with all their lenses, then I might be very interested in this lens, having had an excellent experience with Olympus 40-150 zooms for 4/3.

    However, the lack of an external OIS switch coud be a deal-breaker–believe it or not–as there is no way to control Panny’s lens based IS via an Olympus camera menu function, at least not that I know of.

    Shame, as otherwise a small, cheap, compact zoom like this would be very useful.

    – Olympius

    • Bob

      Since the Oly has IBIS, and OIS defaults to off, this doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker to me.

      • Olympius

        You’re probably right Bob. At the worst, I just keep using the Olympus in-body IS, which I’d have to do with the Olympus 40-150 anyway. But at least Panasonic has sense enough to include a lens hood with their kit lenses! (At least they have up to this point.)

        I’ll wait until the “official” announcement to get all the details, but as long as it has a hood, and costs the same or less than the Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150, I just might end up getting one. Bonus points if it’s smaller than the Olympus, which looks like it might be possible, and for having what seems to be a metal lens mount.

        As a long-time Olympus fanboy, I have to say I’ve been very disappointed with Olympus’ complete disregard for providing hoods with their micro 4/3 lenses. Some don’t need it obviously, like the 9-18 and the 12mm f/2, but for telephotos, those hoods can really make a difference.

        – Olympius

  • Miroslav

    Nice one Pana, it’s good to have a choice! Since there’s no standard 14-42 in silver, I hope that one will be discontinued and that 14-42 X will be the only wide kit zoom.

  • Miroslav

    BTW, it looks small for 45-150 mm lens, smaller than Olympus 40-150 and as big as Panasonic standard (non X ) 14-42 mm.

    • avds

      Yep, it’s that small.

      • Duarte Bruno

        This is just GREAT!
        Smaller, cheaper and impossibly not better IQ than the 45-200mm.

        This is what the second kit lens should have been from DAY ONE!!! :)

    • Boooo!

      The filter thread is 52mm. Measuring the pixels, the width of the lens is about 61mm, and the length is about 65mm not including the lens mount.

      The 4/3 version is 72x65mm (not sure if the lens mount is included in those dimensions, too lazy to count pixels), so not a big difference there.

      • Olympius

        Since you bring it up….

        The Olympus 40-150mm f.4-5.6 for 4/3 is 65.5mm W x 72mm L and weighs in at 220g.

        The M.Zuiko 40-150 for micro 4/3 is 63.5mm W x 83mm L and weighs 190g.

        Olympus might have decreased the weight of the M.Zuiko version by 30g, but extended the length by 11mm???

        It will be interesting to see what the spec’s are for the Panny version.

  • Anonymous

    Ok…look…I don’t mind OM-D is silver…I have the Oly 12mm & 45mm…I chose a silver Pany 45-175mm…which I think is quite smart looking…and I have an Oly 75mm pre-ordered (which I hope is going to be shipped ANY day now!)…I even think that the 75mm looks cool on the black OM-D body… silver is OK with muntil silver is not going to stop me from buying a lens or a camera..until now…because that silver lens is just BUTT ugly! LOL! …AND super cheap looking…ugLY. Puuuuulease…somebody cover that sucks up…NOW!

  • Mike


    • Duarte Bruno

      Yawn at your yawn…

  • maxter

    my guess:
    Pana finally found a way to implement IS in the body and therefore threw it out of their lenses so that they can be made a lot cheaper. So we will see a ‘ultra’ (kind of) cheap 40-150 and an G5 with IS in the body, which would make the choice between oly and pana more even than ever. For me that doesn’t sound too bad, so I hope it all goes down that way.

    • rombo

      It says OIS on the lens…

      • maxter

        oh it does…
        obviously a bad case of wishfull thinking then :)

  • Oh Fuck! is a bad omen to GH3…

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