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(FT5) UPDATED: Full leak of the new Panasonic 45-150mm lens!


An anonymous source (Thank You!) sent me the link to a canadian website named Photoprice (Click here). It shows the Panasonic Lumix G Vario 45-150mm f/4-5.6 HD OIS.

This is the fourth “normal” zoom lens after the 45-200mm ($240 here at Amazon) the 45-175mm ($290) and the Olympus 40-150mm ($280) lens. And I honestly don’t see the reason for that new release. I was hoping for a sort of very compact zoom lens but as we see this is not going to happen. And it’s not even a fast lens. So either this lens is incredibly cheap, either it is expensive but with a superb quality or either Panasonic simply did something wrong :)   Let’s see what happens on next Wednesday (July 18th) when Panasonic is officially going to announce it along the G5 and LX7!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • matt

    bravo panasonic, my grandma will be happy for another new cheap slow zoom

    • Not bad to have a happy grandma :-P

      • MikeH

        Exactly, A happy grandma is good! Besides, what is all the hate for this lens? If it is cheaper than the 45-200 and has marginally better optical quality then this lens is simply a better replacement for that. Sounds like a good plan to retire one affordable zoom with another.

        I know we were all hoping for a pancake 1-1000 constant F1.2 lens with perfect optics that costs $99.99 but it isn’t going to happen.

        • MicaSbg

          can’t be cheaper than my Panasonic 45-200…. I paid $196.16 (USD) on Amazon ;-)

        • JimD

          MikeH, $99.99 That must include caps and shade/hood. No shade, no buy. And, must be free post.

  • st3v4nt

    Wow they did it…perhaps they will discontinue the 45-200 since most people complaint about the quality over 150mm as too soft?

  • om-4

    New trend for Panasonic? Next up might be 45-125mm.

    • admin


    • AHAHAA lol

    • E-1

      Until they reach the 35-100 ;-)

      • admin

        No, 35-36mm is their final goal

        • Geoff

          Don’t be silly, it will be a 35-40 f8-f11

          • spam

            Unless it ends at 35-35 and everyone will be happy for the new prime.

    • zapatista

      I think Panasonic is currently putting the final touches on a 45mm macro lens that passively supports IBIS.

  • Miroslav

    Well, they probably wanted to make something smaller and cheaper than 45-200 mm and 45-175 mm to be able to bundle it in two lens kits…

    Not that I’m going to buy this.

  • Elf

    I personally believe they are merely Staying true to m4/3 policy. Release a slow zoom then keep releasing variants with every caqmera. Like the 14-42’s Panny and Oly. the oly 40-150’s.

    What is a real hehehe is that you Oly fanboys make out like Olympus doesn’t follow this pattern…….. “HELLO”….. they do. So stop with the underhanded brand bashing already. My OMD has turned a bright red being associated with this nonsense.

    • Fish


      Who’s brand bashing (underhandedly)?

      • Elf

        Guess your new here Welcome!

    • Will


      • Elf

        Not at all…. embarrassed by the childish behavior here sometimes …. Oh yeah.

  • onlyme

    It does look smaller than the 45-200 so if it’s cheap as well I think it will sell OK.

    Good find Admin and source. Fingers crossed you can find information about the G5 and LX7 on that site :)

  • E-1


    And we have the Olympus 40-150


    • acfan

      Any of these tele zooms weather sealed?

      • 35-100 should be, just like the 12-35

    • JimD

      we clearly need a 36-44 zoom to fill the gap.
      Oh, I found an old 37.5 filter the other day, I therfore want all lenses to be made to use this filter.

  • The Real Stig

    That lens just looks SO wrong with it’s comparatively tiny front element.

    I have lenses with rear elements that are bigger than that.

    • Mr. Reeee

      That’s what SHE said… ;-)

  • Boooo!

    This is terribly wrong. They should have made another 14-42 zoom.

    • E-1


  • I guess it’s there to try and match the Olympus 40-150mm but with OIS for panasonic shooters.

    I can’t be the only one completely unexcited by a secret photo of a panasonic lens? Anyone could have made that in photoshop by getting a old photo and changing the sticker on it.

  • ashwaniman

    This is nothing more than a cheap to produce telezoom kit lens to go along with the G5. It will replace the 45-200mm as kit lens, since this one is too bulky.

    • jim

      Agree – they are probably going to stop the 45-200 and this is the replacement.

      So you will have this as the cheep tele, the 45-175x as the HQ tele, and the 100-300 for the real zoom!

  • nobody

    Surely the LX7 seems to be the most interesting item of next week’s announcements. I wonder whether it will be able to compete with Sony’s seemingly excellent RX100.

  • If this lens has an excellent optical quality, improved OIS, and cheap price, why not?
    I might be wrong, but for me this lens looks smaller than the already compact Panasonic 45-175mm.
    I’m waiting for 35-100 f/2.8, but if its price would be too high, the 45-150mm lens can be a good alternative,
    particularly if it comes as a second kit lens for G5.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > If this lens has an excellent optical quality
      Highly doubtfull with that small size of front elements.
      More exotic design choises allowing some degree of size decrease aren’t cheap.

  • Keith

    I might buy one for as a shooting range target. Smash it up with high velocity lead. Would be quite fun!

    • jim

      I thought that was what DSLRs are for?

  • wayne wong

    i think pana will discontinue the 45-200mm lens. this new 45-150 tele zoom is compact & light weight & cheap

  • Keith

    Very much looking forward to seeing Lx7
    If it has a 20mp multiple aspect 1″ sensor I will be sold.

    • Why not to ask for 36Mpix and Nokia Pure View technology? Considering that Panasonic started to sell they Eluga smartphones outside of Japan, add to LX7 a possibility to add Android apps, add Wi-Fi, GPS, … and here you have a real competitor to RX100. The market teaches us that in order to compete ones need to create the better product, not the copy of the existing one.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > The market teaches us that in order to compete ones need to create the better product
        Not better product but product with bigger numbers in something… usually in bullshit in consumer products.

        Just like you drooling for high MP counts for sensor size which sacrifices DR and noise performance because of resulting small pixel size.
        Sure Nokia’s Pureview improves from usual cellphone level but that’s really not so much because of its high MP count but because of sensor’s size allowing those pixels to have reasonable size.

        • I’m sorry, I made mistake, Nokia Pure View is 41Mpix camera, which are interpolated to 8Mpix R, G, B image. I should put “:-)” more often ;-)

          Regarding your other comment.
          >Highly doubtfull with that small size of front elements.
          >More exotic design choises allowing some degree of size decrease aren’t cheap.

          The narrow opening of the front lens actually helps with imaging quality. It helps to cut off the light entering optical path at large angles, while the pay off is the total amount entering light. Look, for example, on Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm F2.8.
          The lens barrel of Panasonic 45-150mm on the presented figure is actually 52mm (the same as 45-200mm
          zoom) while 45-175mm has 46mm. Should I also mention that Oly 45mm f/1.8 has 37mm filter size?
          So far we know nothing about the imaging quality besides the focal and 1/f ranges. In terms of imaging quality, so far all the Panasonic lenses are very decent.

  • I’m assuming this will replace the 45-200mm. If it doesn’t get bigger just like the 45-175mm, I might get it over the PZ considering it might not have the same shake issues.

  • It looks like Panasonic is progressively downsizing their lenses as the technology becomes available. Their lenses need to be smaller so they can compete with manufacturers using larger APS-C sensors. Hopefully what they’ve learned in miniaturizing consumer zooms they can also apply to faster, high grade lenses.

    When competing with mirrorless cameras using smaller sensors, Panasonic can use the same strategy adopted by Sony when they designed the RX100. That effort delivered a much more compact camera than Nikon’s 1 system. Like Igor says, the LX7 needs to offer something more than the Sony RX100. I’m hoping it’s in the area of lens design.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > It looks like Panasonic is progressively downsizing their lenses as the technology becomes available.
      Technology known as lower optical quality…

      They can use aspherical elements to keep some aberrations under control with fewer number of elements, but those cost lot more than standard spherical elements.

      High refractive index glass (probably more expensive) allows slimmer/smaller element, or single element instead of multiple, to have same optical power. But higher refractive index glass has also higher dispersion increasing chromatic aberrations basically needing more CA correcting elements.

      Low dispersion glass elements used to keep CAs controlled again have lower refractive index than high dispersion glass causing need for bigger or more elements for having same optical power.

      And revolution of computer aided design for handling all complex calculations already happened years ago so there’s no help from that.
      Surely there’s also no doubt slow development in glass materials for higher refractive index with low dispersion but those usually exotic materials might have major problems in price.

      Lens design is still as much balancing between various factors all which have been known for long time.
      So you shouldn’t expect any miracles of high quality, small size and cheap price optics.
      Just getting only two out of those three would be major victory.

      • Bob

        Actually, now that molded aespherics are commonplace, they cost very little more than standard elements. Combine that with improved designs and digital correction and you can probably shrink the lenses quite a bit without significant performance compromises, especially if you keep maximum apertures low.

  • Ad

    Well, maybe Panasonic will offer a trade program to exchange all 45-175mm lenses with faulty OIS…

  • scooby70

    “And I honestly don’t see the reason for that new release.”

    Neither do I. I’ve given up on Panasonic making anything I want to buy. They’re good at bringing out endless slow zooms and cosmetic or pointless (IMVHO) changes to average performance cameras but interesting products are few and far between. I hope that changes with future products as at the moment I feel they must do better.

    • Yes, that has sort of been the case with Panasonic lately. But, to be fair, they have brought out a number of higher end MFT products, including the 7-14/4.0 ultra wide zoom and a pair of Leica branded primes.

      I think the system is now fleshed out enough, with enough users that we will start to see more high end products. I think Panasonic is aware that they need to provide an upgrade path for serious shooters and have hinted that a high end camera is coming. If that doesn’t arrive this year, then they will have a problem competing with the likes of the E-M5 and NEX-7. But I think we will see a high end body, probably in the form of a GH3; the new F2.8 zooms point to an enthusiast/semi-pro body.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Panasonic indeed started well in releasing lenses but lately has appeared like not knowing excatly what to do and started iteration cycle of mediocrity to satisfy quarter year economy.

      Lumix G 7-14mm was the foremost reason why I got m4/3 camera before there was any actual high ergonomics camera.

    • Bob

      I suppose you’re deliberately choosing to ignore the 12-35 and (forthcoming) 35-100 lenses because they would kill your argument.

  • Conrad

    The filter thread is 52 for this lens. This lens is surprisingly small, probably the same size as the 12-35. If it replaces the 45-200, this would make a lot of sense as a cheap double lens kit zoom together with the 14-42 (the non X that is). This is where the money of the mass market is, and this is the way Panasonic can differentiate from all APS-C offerings.

    Panasonic has then three double zoom options: the 14-42 + 45-150 (low end); the 14-42X + 45-175X (mid range); and the 12-35 + 35-100 (high end).

    The only thing missing in the lineup is a high end tele above 100. But isn’t that exactly what is rumoured, a high quality prime tele? Something like a 180 f/4 would fit nicely, wouldn’t it?

  • Until we really see the size/specs of the lens…I’m hoping for the best. I am dying to get my 12-35mm and already anticipating the 35-100mm. Panny has done well by me w/ the 20mm, 45mm & soon to be 12-35mm on my Oly bodies.

    Let’s see how it shakes out…

  • I subscribed to many blogs and I was shocked everyday I most anticipate blog posts from a RUMOR site! LOL.

    Yes Panasonic, I do need some good tele that is not sub par. Please give me L quality on m43 form factor!

  • Narretz

    Maybe they just want to release some lenses so it doesn’t look like they don’t have anything new to offer. 2012 has been a slow year for lenses in m43 land (when you consider actually available lenses)

  • Lil Jerk Kid

    Who here is a member of Panasonic’s Consumer Input Focus Group?

    (sound of crickets)

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Or more importantly has anyone ever heard about any way to contact their imaging division for giving feedback, comments and suggestions?
      All I can find is that usual consumer supports for those who can’t read user guides.

      Olympus and no doubt other camera makers have one.

      • Achim

        It’s the same with me. All I found is that you can issue a product request.
        Panasonic obviously does not seem to be very interested in the feedback from customers…. :-(

  • Panasonic are giving me another reason to stick with my 14-140 lens that came with my GH1 a very long time ago.

    • ChrisL

      Too true – it’s a workhorse of a lens – it may not have the apertures I need all the time, but it certainly isn’t being bested by many u4/3 zoom lenses out there.

  • Michael

    This is obviously a replacement for the 45-200, wich will then be discontinued soon.

    Pana obviously wants to have three standard and three tele zooms available:
    – low-grade (kit lenses)
    – x-zoom
    – high-grade 2.8 (the 35-100 not available yet)

    I dont know, if this is really the best strategy. they could have just canceled the 45-200 with the x-zoom being the “replacement”. On the other hand, the 45-175 might be too expensive for cheap camera kits…

  • For me, the Panasonic 45-175 on the E-M5 hits a number of sweet spots.

    This combination strikes a wonderful balance and makes it fun to use.

    I would like to see a optical improvement, weather-sealing, and para-focal capabilities——without this last, the power zoom doesn’t make sense.

    There seems to be a slight reduction in length as well.

    And it’s missing the power zoom——is Panasonic moving to a camera-based zoom controller?

  • Bob B.

    I am hoping for a PLASTIC lens mount!

  • Thurin

    I don’t know why you lot are bickering about it. It looks as the smallest tele so far, it has ois (vs oly), it’s not a power zoom and hopefully doesn’t have 45-175 issues. I might actually buy it.

    • Bob B.

      45-175mm is fine after the firmware fix. Small and light too.

    • It looks like it has Mega OIS and not the Power OIS inside the X lenses. So we shouldn’t have that issue I am gussing

      • Bob B.

        Good call!

  • safaridon

    Why all the negative comments? As already stated this very small lens is intended to be the replacement for the 45-200 lens which incidentally has been one of the best selling 4/3 lenses for a long time.

    What most are missing is just how small this lens is. Judging from the front filter size of 37mm the overall length is just a little over 2″ long or by far the smallest m4/3 tele to date and probably a good kit match for the small m4/3 cameras and only slightly larger than the std zoom. From best I can make out from the picture the lens speed is F4-5.6 but not sure given the small size of front element?

    • tomas

      You think its 37mm? It looks like 52 to me, just like the 45-200, isn’t the 45-175 46mm? Not that 52mm makes a lot of sense, if this is a new design. Either they just cut down the 45-200, or this is a fake.

      • safaridon

        Likely I got the filter size wrong but if 52mm as you say then the length is still only 3″ and 1.5″ shorter than the 45-200 lens and the shortest tele to date and also makes the small front lens element size more believable.

    • pdc

      +1000. You are so right.
      The Panasonic G5 with 2-kit lens will sell well at a low but still profitable price point – to new users, of course. We, the initiated, want the the higher end gear, and we will get it in a new weatherproofed GH3, the new weatherproofed and fairly fast 12-35 and 35-100.

      Micro 4/3 needs lots of new owners to provide a solid foundation for the long term, and cheap but optically capable kit zooms create brand recognition in the mass MILC market. That will help Panasonic continue to expand the top end of the m43 product line.

      The LX7, if based on a 1″ sensor, is going to go head to head with the Sony RX100, which has clearly shown the way forward for capable compacts. The July 18 announcements are setting the stage for a very good Panasonic showing at Photokina.

    • Boooo!

      The filter size is 52mm. Says so right there on the photo.

      • safaridon

        Sorry my mistake, to my poorer eyesight looked like a 37mm but on further examination 52mm is likely.

  • funny…
    Is there any clue that 45-200 mm is discontinued? (no delivery date for 45-200 order on Amazon, etc…)
    Pana should not waste the development power for such trivous things…

    • Elf

      @Zetton. Small lenses are the battle ground of mirrorless. The point where Physics will dictate which sensor lens combination is optimum for practical useage and excellent quality. In the war of mirroless supremacy diminuitive size will be a positive asset. Not a trivial waste of time.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Positive for Canon and Nikon.
        Blind obsession to only small segment isn’t good long term strategy for beating Canon and Nikon whose stronghold of DSLRs is still intact simply because mirrorless hasn’t offered anything with similar ergonomics.
        And at current pace they don’t have to worry about mirrorless attracting away their high end users who give them brand name/recognization to push consumer DSLRs/their eventual mirrorless replacements.

        4/3 DSLR system lacked same brand name strength as established systems of Canon and Nikon which along with time taken in diversifying body/lens line up and not so good sensor caused failure to get good market share.
        Coming shift from still semi-analog (D)SLR to fully digital mirrorless is second chance for 4/3 sensor which should be utilized. While small bodies/lenses have their big place in mirrorless system they shouldn’t dominate m4/3’s development as completely as now.
        But you are so determined to make sure that m4/3 won’t be challenging Canikon’s general control of system camera markets.

        • Achim

          Spot – on analysis, Esa. I fully agree (sadly)!

      • JimD

        When the e-p1 came out the laws of physics were given as a reason that the sensor would not improve and the lenses would never be better than bottle bases.
        Now have the laws of physics changed? Or did the writers not have a clue of their writings or were they applying a law for one thing to the properties of another. (a bit like endowing canon APSC with 135 properties, when they are in fact closer to m43)
        Because, along came the e-m5 and the Voigtlander 0.95 lenses. Woops, something went wrong with physics.

  • Mr. Reeee

    WTF? WHY?

    • Elf

      Please mr Reeee. WTF is it about “micro” you don’t understand. Or do you just want to argue?

      • Mr. Reeee

        There are plenty of slow, crappy zooms from both Panasonic and Olympus already. So, yeah, WTF are they releasing another slow zoom for? Okay, it’s small. BFD.

        • Elf

          Well aren’t we full of WTF’S an BFD’s this evening. Perhaps you shouldn’t be here with the common folks ….. I mean you should have a Leica. With your thousands of dollars of manual focus sub f1.4 lenses. I mean really why should one so arriodite and superior have anything good to say about anything that isn’t absolutely First Class….. Just like Mr Reeeee. Check your ego at the door bucko and don’t let it hit you in the @ss on your way out.

          • Bob B.

            Saying a product is great because it sells well is quite laughable. Kind of like Pet Rocks, Big Gulps, and Ford Pintos, right?
            The Pany 45-200mm is a mediocre lens. It lacks contrast and is moderately sharp. Yes, I owned one. Good for the masses..not a tool for crafting a fine image. Just because a lot of them sold, it doesn’t make them anything special. Quite the contrary.

            • ssgreenley

              Whoah, whoa, whoa, say what you will about product quality vs. sales, but don’t you tarnish the Big Gulp! That shizzle rocks.

          • Mr. Reeee

            My, we’re getting rather apoplectic over a rumor aren’t we? :-P

            @Bob B. +1000! Right on, buddy!
            Better cameras (EM5, GH2) and lenses (12-35mm, 7-14mm, 75mm, 12mm) ENHANCE the system. A pile of mediocrities add little or nothing and can actually detract. There’s certainly a place for junky lenses, but not in MY bag!

            • Bob B.

              You forgot the Olympus 75mm f/1.8….the BEST MFT Lens built! ( I hope)… H and B DiGital will be sending me one…any day now….

              • Bob B.

                Oh..U did mention the 75 … bad!
                AppaRreNtly I will not know. Anything about that for at least 30 days, though….WHAH!

                • Mr. Reeee

                  Think just how WORTH the wait it’ll be once you actually get it! I waited over 5 months to get my Nokton 25mm, but it arrived just in time for my b’day, so a nice little giftie it was. ;-)

                  The 75mm f1.8 is looking like a pretty damn spectacular lens from the images I’ve seen it produce!

                  • JimD

                    I just want to see how thin/narrow the comments get.

                    • Bob B.

                      That is sooooooooo funny!And my comment is thinner than yours!LOL!

                    • Mr. Reeee

                      ROFLMFAO! ;-)

                      I was hoping…
                      we could push it…

                  • Bob B.

                    …but the oly 75mm is PHAT!

                    • JimD





  • at first this lens is a WTF but looking closer it seems very compact, one might imagine it replaces the 45-200

    the 45-175 ‘X’ lens is then positioned as clearly better, having slightly longer reach and non-extending design

    • Bob B.

      It is also slightly sharper and has better contrast…..

  • safaridon

    Admin – Thanks for showing the photo of the 45-150 but no thanxs for the slighting comments on same. From the picture this lens is likely the smallest m4/3 tele zoom lens of this focal length to date yet you say it is too big or not compact enough? Faster lens as you wish does not equate with smaller size. The HD on the lens indicates that at least it is designed to use with video without excessive noise. In SLR days some slower teles delivered higher IQ than fast ones because the latter had more compromises and more difficult to design With the good high ISO performance of the latest m4/3 cameras and good EVFs there is less need for faster lenses then in the past. So Pany is “doing something wrong” with this lens as it did with 45-200 which is a best seller? Pany is only copying the success that Oly has found with its double kit lenses. Pany also does have a fast 35-100mm in the works.

    People should bear in mind the earlier rumor that Pany will also be announcing a fast tele prime.

    • Elf

      Excellent post…….

  • Bob

    The owner of posted a scaled pic showing how it compares to other similar lenses. It’s a LOT smaller than the 45-200. Since it’s being announced with the G5, my guess is we’ll see a kit with the G2, the 14-42 (or maybe a 12-45-ish replacement for that, too) and the 45-150. For the typical buyer, that will be a small, light, reasonably high quality kit that meets all their needs. Imagine the size of a DSLR with lenses covering 28-300mm.

  • avds

    If I see it correctly, it uses 52mm filters (same as the 45-200).

    Judged by this, it’s about the same diameter (62mm) as the 45-175 and Oly 40-150 and slightly slimmer than the 45-200, which looks logical since the 45-200 must be somewhat brighter at 150.

    At about 65mm or a little more, it’s also much shorter of them all, including the Oly which gives a very similar zoom range (both collapsed). It’s 35% shorter than the 45-200 (both collapsed).

    This lens seems to be very compact. It says HD so I presume it must be as good as the 14-140 and 45-175 optically, which is not bad at all.

    • Boooo!

      Looks about the same size as the 4/3 40-150.

      • avds

        Yes, indeed, and even a little smaller than that one still (but then it also offers OIS and faster CDAF).

        If it’s priced the same as the 45-200 which is larger, non-HD and reportedly a little too soft at 200 anyway, it could be a good addition to m43.

  • This is going to be an inexpensive zoom, probably replacing the 45-200mm lens. As such, it is probably quite ok. Notice the front lens element: It is small, indicating a cheaper production. Just like the Lumix G 14-42mm.

  • SteveO


    • Bob B.

      + 1000

  • avds

    Taking bets at how low these will sell on ebay when they get ripped from camera kits, similarly to the 14/2.5 which sells for some 40% off US street price :) (while the kit sourced Oly 40-150 sell for 30% off).

  • Pasukun

    This is kind of appearing to me.
    I know there is 45-200, but its size just didn’t grab my interest.

  • Davey J

    My thoughts are that this new zoom is weather sealed to go along with the new weather-sealed body they haven’t released yet. With the 12-35, and this lens most likely weather sealed, it would make for a nice double kit – as some people have suggested.

  • Achim

    I’m getting really frustrated with Panasonic’s lens “strategy”. 4 lenses in the range of 12 – 45 mm and now the 3rd in the 45 – 200 mm range?? That certainly makes very little sense. Sorry, it may does for some grandmothers as I can read…..
    In the light of the fact that Pana is neither offering a single fast tele lens nor a tele converter nor a longer makro lens I will probably have to lay my GH2 in the corner though I like it very much. Even the best camera is worth nothing without good lenses and Pana doesn’t offer products for nature and amimal photographers.
    So far I have worked with the 100 – 300 mm zoom but that lens is just too slow and the optical quality not the best at 300 mm.
    So I hope for a surprise at the Photokina but probably move on to a system that offers the products I need.
    Come on Pana, don’t shoot yourself in the foot!!

    • scooby70

      “So I hope for a surprise at the Photokina but probably move on to a system that offers the products I need.”

      I think that the problem for Panasonic is the frustration that Panasonic users feel as other systems move things on in image quality and features (although maybe all systems have their faults… Fuji AF/MF focus… Nex lens choice…) but Panasonic seem to be treading water.

      Personally I’m on the verge of switching but will probably give Panny until the end of the year to bring out something that I actually want to buy.

      • pdc

        Sounds like you don’t own any Panasonic m43 gear at the moment.
        Having been invested in this system for nearly 4 years, I can tell you that you are wrong to consider switching your buying priorities. I have 19 lenses that I use with my G system cameras, of which lenses 4 are by Panasonic. The cameras are very competent, and the sensors are getting better all the time, so really cannot agree that Panasonic is not making progress.

        • Achim

          Who said Panasonic is not making (some) progress? It’s about the products they don’t offer.

        • scooby70

          I have a Panny camera and Voigtlander and Panny lenses.

          My point is that other manufacturers seem to be moving on and IMVHO Panny isn’t, or if they are it’s not fast or sexy enough for me. YMMV. We now have Fuji, Nex, the new Oly and several other smaller systems and I’d like to see Panny being the stand out choice. IMVHO at the moment Panny isn’t.

          PS. Sensors getting better all the time? There haven’t been that many or that often and at the mo they seem to lag behind the latest Oly. Personally I’m hoping for new and improved bodies but if the G5 is just a warmed over G3 and the GH3 can’t match the Oly I will not be at the counter to buy anything Panny branded anytime soon.

          • pdc

            Panasonic is conservative, by their own admission, so they are unlikely to put their latest technology into their products until it is really proved up in R&D – there is nothing worse than a product recall to tarnish a brand. However, their products are very reliable and very reasonably priced, so I for one will still be buying Lumix cameras and lenses.

            The GH2 and G3/GX1 sensors are definitely improved over those of the older G/GF/GH products, and the GF5 sensor is supposed to be “new” too, so we should expect incremental improvement in the GH3 sensor – although the G5 sensor may still be the same as the G3. They have 18 m43 lens products available now, and we know that there will be at least 3 more entering distribution in the next 6 months or so.

          • dau

            Until a few months ago the g3/x1 sensor was the the best and latest on the market. Andif everyone on these boards were honest, they would admit that they thought the omd had the same sensor, with more advanced image processing. In othe words there wasnt much between the two. Give panny a little credit!
            Also the main reason why we all choose micro 43 is because of the large lens selection. Im pretty sure if panny wasnt on board and hadnt released the 20, 25 etc, i would have definitely be tempted by fuji, sony etc

            • scooby70

              “Until a few months ago the g3/x1 sensor was the the best and latest on the market.”

              No, it was arguably the best Panasonic sensor, but GH users may disagree. My point is that being the best “Panasonic” is no longer good enough as the competition has moved on.

  • Anonymous

    Wow ! the lens I was dreaming about ! :p

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