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Photoshopped silver E-M5 and more user created images.


I guess you all saw the other E-M5 images which are floating around the web. Here is the truth about these images: A trusted source made that silver photoshopped E-M5 camera you see here on top of this post. It’s 98% similar to the real camera (and click here to see the black version). A 43rumors reader made this (Click here) where you can see the back of the E-M5 without the grip. And another 43rumros reader made this size comparison (Click on it to enlarge):

I got 544 emails to check now. Give me some time to see if there is a new rumor to post. Stay tuned…yes even on Sunday! I had to cancel my ski-day :(


  • Happy birthday EM5! you have a pyramid cap! :D

    • EASY

      Silver looks nice, but the hump is HUGE…

      • yes, i dont know how the design can get approved by engineering head of division. sound silly

    • G.W. BUSH

      honest i think it looks like shit.. but maybe it will be interesting for some old and near dead here.

    • Berneck

      I have a theory that this could be a removable hotshoe like the one on the OM-1. If you look closely, it looks like it could be removed. While this might be a stretch, perhaps there’s also a pop-up flash under the hotshoe.

      How cool would that be if it is?!!!

      I find it hard to believe that Olympus would approve that design without that “hump” having some serious functionality…. Then again, look what Pentax announced… LOL

      • if it is able to unattachable, this is a credit! i wont believe why need to make it in such way!!??

        pentax! you can read my comment about pentax in bottom comment :D

        • Berneck

          LOL just read it. I think somebody ar Pentax is smoking crack….hahahah

      • macymesser

        I realy like the idea of an removable hotshoe!!
        It can rest with the flash!

  • Narretz

    Admin, take a break! It’s Sunday and only 3 days until the announcement. You deserve some free time!

    • admin

      I will take a break after Wednesday. It’s really a lot of work now and I have to do it.

      • rest is for taking a longer journey :D

  • Simon

    The huge hump really annoys me.

    On the one hand I really welcome Oly’s commitment to create a flag ship camera. On the other hand: m43 is about size, and this size advantage completely disappears with this OM camera. Looks similarly sized to APS-C mirrorless and bigger than NEX 7.

    I’m getting bored of all this retro design hype.

    Why the hell didn’t they just slap all electronics into the E-420 body. It’s still a PERFECT body.

    • bilgy_no1

      @ Simon

      The beauty of this design is that it is a very compact camera that becomes usable with larger HG 4/3 lenses when you add the grips.

      On its own it looks modern retro, but with the grips it has a clear E-system Note to it. And I agree with you on retro, the way Fuji does it is way overdone.

      • kleijn

        still use my e420 and i am happy only i mis the flip screen but on the other hand it hold perfect in my hands it small but not to small and it look like a real camera. Not an to old retro thing.
        And i want to use my zuoko 4/3 d lensen

      • Anonymous

        If you disconnect all the grips it still looks like a pocketable camera to me. If there would not be that huge hump on top.

        If it´s not removable this oculd be a reason for me to postpone my plans to acquire a new body…

    • Maley

      The e-420 is bigger than this camera and does not have IBIS. So i cant see your Point

      • OllieS

        Not by much, but take your point on the ibis

      • OllieS

        e410 weighs 420g, this weighs 425 without the grips. So, this camera is a heavier bod, prob significantly more with grips (do we know the weight of these?). Lenses will make up for it I suppose but 43glass is better…

        Weight is pretty crucial for me as I use my 410 for climbing, great combo with the 9-18mm

    • maxter

      43rumors is really big fun, but in no way I would skip a day of skiing with this great weather (at least here in the black forrest, i guess the alps are not bad either)

    • OllieS

      Agree with the 420 comment. My e410 is the same weight as this, and it has ovf, a real advantage for me. I’m not a gadget person, give me the optics any day (and that is olympus’ strength!)
      However for mirrorless, manufacturers have lost sight of the fact that a balance is required, those nex things are too small for me to use and don’t get me started on the crazy lens / body parody. I realise size is v much a personal preferance, hopefully the OM-D hits the balance for me.

      • Robbie

        While I love the 420, the OVF isn’t that impressive at all. Other than the E-X series, most Olympus 43 DSLR suffers from a tunnel like OVF.

        • Agreed. Having looked through the VF-2, the G-{1,2,3}, and the E-420, and 420 has the least useful VF of the lot.

          A Good OVF may be better than a good EVF, but good OVF’s are thin on the ground.

      • excuse me but that 420 ovf is one of the worst ever i have seen

        • OllieS

          Its bad for an ovf I know, but i still prefer it to evf’s. Just the way an evf functions and the feel they give the photography. Takes the fun out of it for me.

    • @Simon: There are still the PEN-Cameras if you want a cam that is smaller ;-) So what’s the problem?

  • Eugenio

    Adimn! Go get some fucking fun! We can easly speculate with what we have until wed!

  • Melvin

    What about the price of the total package?

    Just guessing:
    Body E-M5: 1100 euro’s ?
    Grip: 100 euro’s?
    Batterygrip: 250 euro’s?
    Weather proof adapter: 150 to 200 euro’s?

    Package price estimation: 1600-1700 euro’s (at least)
    In same range as E-5

    Admin: please ask your sources if this cam will focus regular 4/3rds glass. It would justify the high price for the package to drive superb 4/3rds glass. If not… a lot of money for an m4/3 cam.

    • Narretz

      My speculation is that the autofocus is maybe a little better with the new adapter, due to some sorcery with the processor. No on-sensor PDAF and now mirror in the adapter. If at all, either of the two will come with the successor to the EM-5, so maybe in 2014. In the meantime, maybe Oly gets out the E-7 with a new sensor. The problem is that it is very difficult for Oly to get a sensor in 43 size with PDAF, since they will be the only ones using it, and only for their top of the line camera = very expensive to produce.

      • Robbie

        I think having a weathersealed adapter first isn’t a bad idea. At least for now, we have the form(or grips) for larger lenses. If the ergo really works well, a new sensor for PDAF will just do the rest.

  • The silver version is incredibly sexy. It even makes the hump look smaller.
    Admin, anything new about the adapter? Useability of 4/3 glass is the last big question remaining, and all those grips give me hope.

    • bilgy_no1

      @ Sneye

      Same here: those grips are needed for using 4/3 lenses, and MMF-3 new adapter… I’m hoping…

  • Shishio

    I like what they’ve done with the EM-5. It’s got everything the EP-3 ought to have! But, wow, that comparison image really points out how small the EPL-3 is in comparison. I can’t wait for the 16 megapixel Pen Lite and Pen Mini so I can pick up a “pocket/pancake” body. As for whether I’ll get an EM-5 or a GH3… only time can tell. I’ll probably stick with Olympus, though, even though the sensor probably won’t be quite as impressive. My EP-2 has been a helluva camera. And to get back to my original point, it’s note really small enough (compared to the Pen Lite and Mini) for me to consider size a big deal with it… having the electronic viewfinder permanently attached, and the VF-2 floating in a pocket for attachment to the pocket/pancake camera would be much better.

  • Well, admire it’s beauty and give the rein to delectation.
    It’s really beautiful, and I mean it!

    Then save 60% of money and buy the much smaller – thus much more portable and pocketable – G3.

    • “But, wow, that comparison image really points out how small the EPL-3 is in comparison.”


      The size comparison isn’t quite appropriate as the M5 on this pic still is equipped with the lateral(?) grip, that also adds to the height of the camera.

    • D3xmeister

      I saw an image that compared the E-M5 with tje G3, judgong by the LCD size. It looks like they are the samesize.

      • hard to believe.

        BTW, the LCD is larger on E-M5. At least the LCD has much more bigger margin.

      • Miroslav

        E-M5 is some 5mm wider. I guess the rest is similar.

    • Wurst

      Going for the g3 you will also have one of the worst plastic cameras money can buy close to the canon rebels, terrible design too

  • If I buy one of those it will be silver version. Waiting to learn more about IQ.

  • TheEye

    I don’t get the complaints about “the hump.” If the hump were the size of the finder I am showing in the below link, then yes, I would understand.

    • Berneck

      The problem is, the viewfinder is well below the hump. On the surface, it looks quite unnecessary. However, there has to be something in there, there’s no way this was for aesthetics…. I hope :-(

      • simon

        The accessory port seems to be the reason. Don’t think there’s anything ‘in’ there otherwise.

  • st3v4nt

    Guess that’s way they called it EM-5, it will fall into the same price as E-5 :-)
    EM-5 = E-5 mini :-)

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Only controls just fall far below that or even E-30 because of that retroism and P&S style way oversize travel TV in rear.

  • BA Baracus

    Considering the lcd may be the same size as the one on an ep-3, one could make a size comparison based on that. Anyone?

    • I tried to make a quick and dirty size comparison in Photoshop based on the LCD.
      The perspective was slightly off however… so the E-P3 is somewhat distorted. Considering the LCD has the same size… the comparison should work out pretty well however. Take a look yourself.

      Looks like what was thought earlier… based on the leaked dimensions, that the E-M5 is no bigger then the E-P3 is (except of course for the hump).

      • Thanks for the effort. They are practically the same size. Actually, I was hoping the E-M5 would be ~10mm wider, but the E-P3 has a good size too.

      • OlyFan

        Thanks for the comparison. I would think it should be the same size as the EP3 otherwise it would lose out on size advantage. Oly cannot afford it to make it any larger than GH series to retain the advantage.
        Although I’m not too perturbed by the hump, as someone mentioned here, i expect it to be something detachable or it could be a (pretty big) flash! :-D

  • dusty

    no 24p, no buy for me.

    • Rinaldo


    • Rayes

      Honestly what is 24p?

      • Neonart

        I think it has something to do with video. Since everybody now is a professional video producer that needs exact resolutions and codecs all cameras MUST have this stuff.

      • 24p means 24 frames/second, progressive scan. Basically the same frame rate and type of capture as a cine camera (video is generally associated with higher frame rates such as 25, 30, 50, 60 and interlaced scan). It is basically the holy grail for independent cinema producers, as it generates the same kind of motion blur and image “texture” as cinema.

  • Well it all looks OK but it is how it does it’s job is the only thing that matters. I’ll reserve all judgement until it’s in the shops and I can hire one to check out the performance with my SGH 4/3rds lenses etc.

    • Sorry, only FT lens by silver and blue ring on give good auto focus on M43 camera.
      (SHG lens is only DZ 14-35mm F2 SWD)

  • Roy_X

    I’m guessing that MMF-3 will be superbly more efficient to drive 4/3 lens by using it with a battery compartment grip. Doing so will increase the voltage and therefore supply additional power required for those lens.

    Another benefit of the battery compartment grip is to balance an EM-5 body along with 4/3 lens.

  • adriaantie

    I think the camera is very nice. A nice combination between old and new. The fact that the camera also is weather-resistant is super. I principle it would be my camera, however I doubt about the Four Thirds system. Is this system really much less than APC-S?. Will I really notice the difference in daily shooting?

    • Pete

      Yes you will, if you need high ISO and compare to the best APS like Pentax K5, Nikon7000, Canon D600.
      But if you have good lenses like the 1,8/45 or 1,7/20 you will be happy with MFT, and in a few years, MFT will be better than APS now.
      I love to carry my E-P2 & 2,8/17 & 1,8/45, it less then 600gr!!!
      If the pictures don’t lie, the M5 is not bigger then a E-p2 with EVF.
      And it will take great pictures, becouse it will not stay at home ;)

      • I wonder why most people assume iq = good high iso. Despite the fact that i’d love having clean ISO 3200, i’m more concerned about base iso performance. And there’s where the best APS-C sensors currently have like 2 steps of advantage in terms of dynamic range. That’s huge! 4 times greater range of tones that can be captured without clipping or shadow blocking.

        • S/N is a huge part of IQ, and high ISO performance is also related to S/N, so for a lot of people, high ISO performance becomes a useful proxy for overall IQ. Of course, this is a fallacy, but a somewhat useful one, at least for CMOS sensors. There is a “rising tide lifts all boats” element, the S/N curve of the NEX7 notwithstanding.

    • lorenzinonkatu

      I don’t know about this specific camera, but I have seen “large” printed pics made with ep3 that made me doubt about my attention over the hyper-sensors of the Sony and Fuji offerings. All in all, as the lens system is already decent, m43 may be a good choice, IF this camera performs as it promises to do…

      • Indeed, if you rate the sensors based on the way they look on large prints, there wont be much difference, except for some subtle variations in DR

    • bilgy_no1

      Look at the comparisons on DP review or Imaging Resource. Differences are really not that big. It depends on you specific use, and the way you publish your images.

    • Roy_X

      I’m not sure where you live. In some countries, you can hire cameras and lens. If so, you may hire set of one DLSR body with lens and another set of a M4/3 body and lens. Then go out and keep shoting photos, compare the results and your feeling, then you will know at last.

    • Roy_X

      And one more thing. Don’t forget to think about the lens that you may buy in the future. In my opinion, even though the M4/3 image circle is smaller than APS-C, the cost of M4/3 lens is not cheaper than that of APS-C.

      • You have a valid point there. In general, a good m43 setup will set you back more or less the same as an equivalent aps-c outfit.

      • anyway its wrong way of thinking that smaller image circle lenses are cheaper, especially if you talk about Olympus which is at least as good in optical performance as any other top manufacturer.

  • I think the camera will be more compact in the flesh than it looks in the pics. Even if it isn’t truly pocketable I’ll still have my trusty E-P1 for that. While I’m on, I’m seem to be missing something here, I just don’t see ‘retro’ at all! It just looks like a run of the mill DSLR-style thing to me.

    • GOD

      The Silver E-M5 is very different from the image above. It has a leather style body finish, more in line with the original OMs, and is very retro. And amazingly beautiful.
      The black version has the modern/chic look.

      • You sure about that, aka a source?!

        And yes, sorry for questioning God, but I don’t believe in him :D

        • GOD

          And I forgive you, my child!
          Saw the samples at CES, silver is gooooood!!
          You will see what I mean on 8th.

        • GOD

          And I forgive you, my child!
          Saw the samples at CES, silver is gooooood. You will see what I mean on 8th.

  • Boooo!

    I find it amusing how people think the grips are for 4/3 lenses…

    They are not. They are there for bigger and heavier m4/3 lenses, like the upcoming Panasonic zooms and the 75mm f/1.8.

    The camera itself is still very small and it looks like with both grips it will be the size of an E-4xx body, which is utterly inadequate for using (S)HG 4/3 lenses, being the smallest DSLR produced.

    The new adapter and the extra battery power have nothing to do with 4/3 lenses, simply because the PDAF vs. CDAF approach is fundamentally different in operation.

    I will once again refer to the words of a local Oly repairman who said not to use SWD lenses on m4/3 bodies because the driving mechanism is subjected to about a hundred times more wear and tear and will break down quickly.

    Forget about 4/3 until there’s a way of using PDAF on m4/3 bodies, one way or another.

    • Pete


      “Forget about 4/3 until there’s a way of using PDAF on m4/3 bodies, one way or another”?

      You don’t need AF to make genial pictures, you just have to learn how to take them without AF! Ask older people around you, we can tell you…

      AF won’t increase the optical quality

      • Bromo

        As much as i would hope and like this lil camera to have PDAF I cant see it happening. If it did…..look out. It would be a force to be reckoned with if image quality was good.

        The only hope we have is if there is something hidden in that “hump” as people call it or if the new 4/3 adapter has some kind of circuitry in it that send pdaf info (you know what i mean).

        I cant see either happening :(

      • Mr. Reeee

        You don’ t need a grip for “balance”, either.
        You hold the lens in you left hand and the camera in your right. That’s balanced!

        Holding the camera with both hands, the body becomes a pivot point and the lens will drop down.

        • T-L

          You don’t need a camera, either. You can use crayons to make a fantastic picture…

          • Yes, if Art-filter in camera not is enough. :-D

          • Everything I really need to know about art I learned in kindergarten.

        • Rayes

          No. In the DLSR case, a grip does help the balance greatly.

          I’m not sure about a EM-5 grip whether it helps the balance or not. People with small hands may get real benefits from the handling.

          • I happen to use a custom grip on the E-P2 and love it..its great if you dont use a strap and want to keep the camera in your hand for longer time

      • T-L

        Do not forget that older cameras were designed for manual focusing. Using a rangefinder or split prism focusing screen is quite different from using manual focus with LCD/EVF. There are features helping with that by zooming part of the picture or using “peaking”, but these are usable for static objects only.
        And if you want to use C-AF with 4/3 lenses… forget it.

    • The new adapter could be more than just an adapting ring with contacts. Maybe. Frankly, it’s a dim hope though.

    • Absolute agree Boooo!.

  • Bromo

    Priorities admin….priorities! Go skiing THEN report the rumors :) The forums (well dpreview anyway) are on fire with enough information to play around with for another day or two. GO out and enjoy yourself :)

    Then come back and tell us if it has good 4/3 lens focusing :p

    But seriously enjoy your time in the snow :)

    • @Bromo – 90% of the info about E-M5 on dpreview comes from here. Also, I find the comments on here are much more knowledgeable and insightful than on dpreview. 43rumors is a bit more civilized. Except when camerageek drops in. That guy…

    • +1

      There’s about 80cm of snow on my patio. The cat is most disconcerted.

  • Keith

    Looks like it is a great camera.
    The only thing i think is missing is some control wheels on the back.
    My hopes of controlling aperture and exp comp on the back like an ep3 and then iso on one of the top dials is dashed.

    Although it looks like there is a wheel under the shutter release button for aperture…

    • Mauro

      All the buttons will more than likely be fully customizable, don’t forget that!

  • It looks great! Still think the price is high, but at the end of the day it is a great high end m4/3 camera and the premium might well be worth it. Will go for the black though.

    The grip might be nice for the large tele zooms. I would like to get the 100-300mm Panasonic, some extra size and weight to the body might balance it much better.

  • Sevenor

    IMHO, Fuji X-Pro 1’s shape is more practical as its viewfinder on the top left corner so its LCD display won’t be smeared so much since our nose won’t be pressing against it when looking through the viewfinder.

    • Roy_X

      Film SLR and today DLSR bodies also have a viewfinder in the middle.

      • Sevenor

        But SLR of old did not have the LCD displays so such problems didn’t exist, but with the DLSR you have to wipe the LCD screen every so often. :-(

    • TheEye

      ODS? Oily nose syndrome? ;-)

      • Sevenor

        Why? You’ve got dry nose? :-)

        • TheEye

          Dry and cool to the touch! :-P

    • BA Baracus

      But not everyone has a dominant right eye …

      • Matt H

        Exactly. They should offer a left handed/left eyed version of the camera. With the viewfinder in the right corner and the grip and shutter button on the left. 1/3rd of people are left eye dominant according to wikipedia so it is practically discrimination to not to.

      • TheEye

        Central VF works exceedingly well for cyclopses.

  • Bob B.

    Admin…please step away from the computer…and go skiing!!!!!!

    • admin

      I discussed that “work-rumor” time with my girlfriend. We will do a nice vacation in Venezia and than on the Dolomites right after the CP+ show in Japan. I really need to take time for myself. After that I already have two friends that will learn how to work on my 43rumros and MirrorlessRumors wbsite to help me to work on daily news. But as i told you weeks ago, I will always be the only one having access on rumors. It’s a joy but also a burden I will have to carry alone on my shoulders. The ONE thing that gives me a lot of positive energy is a new project on my websites were I will involve some very professional and creative people I know from my real work as photographer and documentarist. They will test new cameras in a “creative” way by using them for real work. That will be exciting!

      • Eugenio

        Love it!
        I live in italy and I have a house near venezia, if you like i can tell you the most interesting place to visit!

        Enjoy your holiday!

      • That last part sounds really good. I look forward to some field testing of the OM-D system.

      • Congratulations! WOW!!!

    • Very nice admin.

  • MGuarini

    I like this new breed of metal cameras. Having a classic look or not, they give me the impression of fine products that keep functional over time. The melted polycarbonate bodies have always giving me the impression of cheap stuff, that after 2 or 3 years of use you recycle them as paintbrush handles. Don’t jump at me, it is just the impression they give me. Admin, get some rest.

  • Charlie

    This is going to be an ergonomic nightmare unless you have tiny hands.

    For this shape they have chosen, it’s more cramped than a D3100 ….. and that’s uncomfortably small for me.

    • Well it’s about time men with small hands had something go their way ;)

  • G.W. BUSH

    so tell me why should i carry that fugly with a small sensor thing around when i can take a 5D MK2 with me?

    im not some sick old man who can´t carry the few gramms more that a real camera weights……

    • MGuarini

      You forget the set of lenses.

      • G.W. BUSH

        for lenses i have to carry a bag anyway….

        and as long a s i don´t take a 400mm f2.8 with me im fine with lenses for FF. it´s not that a big deal… not for me.

        • OlyFan

          Ok, so this system is not for you. What are u doing in this site? Some of us here are ex-Canon users or dual system users. Obviously we decided on this system due to a reason. If u cant see it, this is not for u.

          • Charlie

            President Bush —

            Get the NEX 5N ….. comparisons all over the internet show 5N images are better than 5D MK2, and video is muuuch better.

            Plus you might be able to think more clearly without being fatigued from lugging that monster around. :D

        • fl00d

          Hey George – why not just fuck off into obscurity where you belong, like your real life counterpart?

    • Rayes


      Can you offer other choices for those who don’t want to carry heavy DLSR and lens?

      Can you offer other choices for people traveling and taking photos with their families?

    • “im not some sick old man who can´t carry the few gramms more that a real camera weights……”

      Are you one of those fat 50-somethings that I see walking around with a 5mkII around their neck? Do you have the matching straw trilby?…. LOL! Just kidding, I love trying to picture what people look like based solely on their comments. :P

    • Go ahead. No one is stopping you.

      Ansel Adams said, when asked what camera he preferred to use, said, “the biggest one I can carry.” Hence his early work was all 8×10, then he went to 4×5, 120 roll film, and 35mm in his later years.

      The 5DmkII makes wonderful images, in the right hands.

  • overall, as the mirrorless progress so far, we have seen these from each companies in their innovative developed such mirrorless imaging devices:

    Nex7 – 24MP sensor, 2.4mp EVF, manual peaking, high video spec
    Xpro1 – EVF+OVF, beyond FF SLR IQ, insane low light high ISO result
    EM5 – 1st body with stabilizer, weather sealer body+lens, free pyramid
    GX1 – MOST fastest AF! Such a joke :D
    NX20 – waiting to be launch
    K-01 – awarded the MOST ugly mirrorless camera so far have ever seen!
    1V – hybrid AF, 400-1200 fps slomo video spec

    what i can say we cannot rely on canikon, they are no ball and no dare to all in as wish to protect their mirrorless from caniballize/overlaping to their dslr market segment.

    so, guess who will be the 1st company release FF mirrorless camera soon? -Fuji? Sony? Place your chip and hand remove once you have done! :D

    • G.W. BUSH

      well i have a M9…. so no question for me.

      • you don’t waste anymore time at here rather shoot good pictures with M9 :D

      • Take a vacation

        Bagdad is a nice place for M9 shooting.

      • Swejk

        You have no M9 you are a liar and so shit like your nick …

    • Rayes

      Before thinking about FF bodies, each of them has homework to do first.

      Sony –> Should think about how to make smaller lens.

      Fuji -> How many lens do they release so far? Plus, they should figure out how to improve AF and MF.

      Olympus -> Do they have M4/3 pro lens like standard zoom with f2.8 and reasonable size. And when can we efficiently use our great 4/3 lens with M4/3?

      • you cannot blame on those companies, they are innocent :D consumers are the EVIL lol… try to imaging every day someone knocking your door and say i want compact body high IQ high MP, that how nex7 birth. same goes to Fuji, everyone knocking door ask for mirrorless with FF DSLR IQ, now you get!

        so the next thing, seem the thing are splitted into 2. one knocking door ask for pancake lenses and second are ask for FF mirrorless :D

  • G.W. BUSH

    so from 1984 to 2012 olympus designers made no progress.. great!!
    and some retarded will even call that innovation.


    • Balthier Bunansa

      what the heck are you doing here at all? go piss in your own pool

      • G.W. BUSH

        i would piss in your pool (if you had one you poor boy)… but hey how did you get internet access as a retarded criminal from bogota?

        • Balthier Bunansa

          poor man, you have lower IQ than your namesake

        • Camerageek II?

        • @G.W. Bush aka @CameraGeek aka @123 aka prob @Pablo
          you have some serious personal issues going on.

    • Raúl

      LOL , and you have a Leica. Most innovative designers in the world…. NO.

      • Claas

        in fact the M9 is a well designed camera. you can operate it in total darkness.

        not some small POS like the olympus.
        you need a child from china to operate these tiny controls.
        but maybe olympus will deliver one with the camera.

  • G.W. BUSH


    one thing everyone who things about buying one of the high price mirrorless system cameras is:

    the next big thing will be “sensor based phase AF”.
    nikon has shown it already and there are great things to come.

    what you buy today will be completely outdated (AF wise) at the end of 2012.
    a lot of money wasted on medicore products.

    so better think twice if you really need one of these cameras.
    or if it´s not better to wait until you can REALLY buy a mirrorless that makes sense.

    a fast AF is worth nothing for me when i photograph a static object.
    i have all the time i need when i photograph a static object.

    what i need is fast continous autofocus for moving objects.

    and whatever olympus is telling us… it still sucks at their µ43 cameras.

    • my goodness! you are declare war at here with the rest! good luck! :D

      • G.W. BUSH

        you are all part of the axis or rouge photographers. :)

        equipped with tiny sensors and no clue how to handle them you destroy the pillars of image quality.

        • So you need the best possible image quality or people don’t find your images interesting?… Revealing. ;)

    • Well, your M9 can clearly focus on moving subjects better.
      Thanks for the tip anyway.

  • dumbo

    Yawn. Any Panasonic news?

    • More like “any 12-35/35-100 news?”

  • d_man

    From the size comparison, it looks about the same as the Sony SLT-55. So other than the weather seal, what advantages does it have over the $700 Sony or the $900 Panasonic GH2?

    Seems neither here nor there.

    • Rayes

      Read the previous articles.

    • G.W.Bush

      the camera sucks.. in design and performance.

      • Likewise

        Then the camera is just like you.

    • Weather sealing means a lot to some, styling to others. Personally, I’m willing to pay some extra for sealing. Anyway, the price should drop about 20% by the end of the year.

  • Claas

    lets face it… m43 is for people who can not afford a FF camera from nikon or canon.

    99% here would love to have a FF cameras with a 85mm f1.2 but they are to cheap.

    and because they feel inferior they proclaim the end of the DSLR

    only so everyone has to use the same inferior products they use.

    it´s like the DSLR people would say MF will die… but DSLR users are mostly clever people, so they will not tell you such stupid things.

    • Richard_X

      I have D700 and some Nano lens. I use my D700 for specific situations and some important events. I also use M4/3 because of its lightweight and acceptable image quality more than enough.

      During holidays, I can carry my M4/3 gears and enjoy every minute together with my family. I also can carry M4/3 camera along a street, take lots of nice photos without serious attention from local people.

      Pros don’t depend on gears, but pros will make gears to be just tools for hunting great pictures.

    • bobw

      Sheesh, that’s some seriously weak trolling right there.

    • Abi

      Well claas, i guess everyone here is too excited to give a fuck to your blabbering…

    • BLI

      “…DSLR people are mostly clever people”
      You are probably right on that, but it is clear that you do not belong to the majority, because your “analysis” is totally off the mark and totally unclever. m43 is not for people who can not afford an FF — m43 is for people who are tired of lugging around a huge/heavy camera with a huge/heavy bag, and instead prefer a compromise in image quality with size and a camera that you easily can carry around your neck, and small good quality prime lenses that you can put in your pockets.

      With an m43, I and others take more pictures than we would have done otherwise. Isn’t that a good thing?

  • Claas

    oh and about this ugly olympus camera.

    the pyramid on the camera is so they can bury the owner when he dies because of focus hunting?

    • 43shot

      I agree. I sold $7K of gear to move to M43 based on the size. I actually take my GF1 with me places.

  • Jekins
    • Nice look without hump , but we can see AP(accessory port) logo print at the right side.

      E-PL2’s AP2 logo
      E-M5’s (bright tuned)

      • F. Gordon

        Isn t that just a diopter adjustment lever?

        • 4B12BRO

          Nahh I’d say more like the button to switch from EVF to live view

      • vdaffyduck

        I also hope, a part of the hump is detachable. In my opinion with the hole frontcover of the hump. If you look closer, there could be another frontcover under the first one. Perhaps you can either use it with inbuild flah??? OR with hotshoe attached…???

    • Swejk


      • + 100% – AP (Accessory Port)!

  • Camaman

    Check out these photoshops:

    The Silver+wood looks like an Arca Swiss creation! LOL! Very luxurious. :-)

  • Camaman

    Oh and I certainly am not crying about GX1 sensor. :-)
    Here is a quick 100% comparison with other models. Sure looks detailed and crisp even at 1600.

    I just hope that pyramid is still hiding a surprise or two for us.

  • jocy

    To me all the grips will be really weak with a heavy lens. This camera is not for 4/3 lenses. It is an attempt to screw the consumer with expensive add ons. When I buy a camera I expect it to come with all the parts to make it functional.

  • Dear Camaman,
    “I just hope that pyramid is still hiding a surprise or two for us.”
    I believe that there must be a hidden mystery too- probably you can remove the hot shoe if you do not use a flash – my 32 years old OM-1 has this feature too!
    Second possibility: there is an additional earphone output and an external microphone input for HD-video behind the “black sesam”
    Third possibility: Hides an accessory-port for all additional OM-D- and PEN-modules – for example GPS-module, communication tools, MAL-1 Makro Arm Light, SEMA-1, PENPAL PP-1 and so on.

  • Bimbo

    I’d bet $10 that the prism/hump is detachable. Either that or it’s got a pretty damn huge flash, which admin has reported to be a GN10 flash.

  • The Flash could be the same add on unit of the PL3, which has GN10.
    I wish the hump be detachable, so that the camera could be much flatter.

    It seems to me so strange that all that space is wasted on a mere port and hotshoe, that they could use it only when needed.

    • Jekins

      The E-PL3 have FL300R = GN28@ISO200 / GN20@ISO100
      i think GN10 of OM-D specifications = integrate popup flash
      The new FL600R i think only create for making flash for new OM design.

      Waiting ADMIN we clarify this theme…………………

      • BLI

        Admin stated clearly (a few days ago) that there is no built in flash. Personally, I wish this is wrong. We’ll see in 3 days.

  • F. Gordon

    It will be a gn 40 flash

  • Pei

    After spending half an hour comparing E-M5 with other camera, I don’t think it qualify as a pro camera. In Nikon and Canon’s lineup, it would be about D5100, T3i/600D.

    E-M5 without any attached grips have horrible ergonomics. The stock grip is very shallow so the camera would be hold in the same way as E-P3 and E-PL2 (finger grip).
    1. The middle multifunction dial (between shutter and hump) is to be controlled with the thumb but with finger grip, the thumb have to be at the thumb grip. NEX-7 solved the problem with a rubberized palm rest that hold the camera when using the thumb but E-M5 has no area for palm.
    2. Related to 1, there are no palm rest on the camera because all the back controls are too to the right (Much more so than E-P3 and E-PL2). E-P3 and E-PL2 also have a slight raised edge to improve hold but often I would accidentally press one of the buttons with my palm.

    3. E-M5 have two function buttons and two dials (assume both multifunction) yet it is missing ISO, Exposure compensation, AEL, WB, AF select. Of course those can be assigned to function buttons and the arrow keys but NEX-7 has one more dial and one more function buttons. Obviously most pro DSLR have dedicated buttons.

    Without attaching at least the hand grip, E-M5 will be quite unstable, more so than E-P3 and E-PL2.

    • I’m sure that we could configure the 4 direction buttons, FN1-FN2 and rec button. with all of them there are 7 direct buttons (how many do you want?). Actually, E-P3 have the fn1-fn2-rec button, the right and down button to configure. E-P3 have 2 dials and E-M5 will have 2 too (look the top side.

    • To nikonswitcher

      I ll have to disagree with both grip attached the camera seems to handle dreamlike, similar to e1 w hdl2 grip

      • Pei

        I am talking about without the grip, with one grip, the handling improved a lot but you’d expect a pro model to have good handling without any attachments.

    • BLI

      So did you spend half an hour holding the real E-M5 in your hands? That would be interesting. Give some more details, please!

      Or are you talking about spending half and hour comparing images? In that case, not interesting.

      • Pei

        I hold my E-PL2 in my hand and since we know E-P3 and E-M5’s width, it is not difficult to work out the grip.

    • flash

      I do not think that is a good comparison. This is really due to the fact I think that all DSLR by Nikon and Canon are very different then this camera.

      This camera will be built very well, but it will be small and have lower DR then the most Nikon or Canons. All Olympus and Panasonic lens are OK, some much better then others The lower end Nikons and Canons are not built as well and some of the kit lens are poor IMHO. The better Nikons are very good, I do not know where the dividing line is; I have used their best and just about their worst.

      When one is comparing price or weight one must include all the lens and other items, not just the body. Portability and price are important to most of us. Olympus is just a little pricey per specks IMHO, but generally worth the premium in feel. I think most people who are critical of this design about the Hump and buttons are wrong. The raised viewfinder over the buttons and slopping sides will make this camera very easy to handle. The ones about their figure not getting to the shutter button were sad, I guess they are this guy the rest of us have index figures bigger then thumbs, It is hard to evaluate unless you have studied human engineering, with out trying it out. I am sure this camera will beat out the Sony for handeling easily, be sure to try it with the focal lengths you will use.

      Also one must look for acceptably image performance in the pictures you like to take in the way you want. This includes, if you like zooms, shoot in a coal mine, need auto focusing, need good tracking auto focusing etc. How large your enlargements are, believe it or not when they get real big you need less megapixels , big billboards and bus side pictures are done with only a couple of megapixels.

      • Pei

        Very well said; the whole system needs to be taken into account.

        My point is this camera is an upper model enthusiast camera and not pro as Olympus’ marketing is claiming. A 7D, D300s, E-5 (maybe D7000) is clearly pro with all the features and ergonomics.

        Olympus has been using price to set models apart instead of features and that resulted in E-PL3 having features not in E-P3 and E-P3 being $200-300 more expensive than it should be.

        E-M5 is clearly a step up from E-P3 but not an E-5 replacement

  • neeming

    With that curved top and sloppy and sloped shoulders, this is no an OM-4T looking camera.

    But that is not important. Everything is hinged upon the sensor performance. Nothing else is so important. For those who find the sensor satisfactory, they can start to think about whether they like the design of the camera or not. For those who will find the sensor lacking, they will have to wait until Olympus gets a more worthy sensor in the future.

    Also, I actually think “G. W. Bush” above makes a good point about sensor-based PDAF like that you find in Nikon 1. If history tells you something, E-M5 will have disappointing continuous AF performance, despite its being the fastest to focus on a static object.

    We will never have the ideal camera. At this moment, my ideal camera would be one that has a Sony sensor, next generation Sony EVF (they alone are getting there, but not quite yet), Nikon 1 AF system, Nikon flash system, m4/3 + 4/3 lens system, and perhaps this E-M5 camera body. But that is not going to happen.

    • Angel@ maybe only a shadow from background.

  • Angel

    As I said before in another thread but now with an image, what’s that?

  • scepticscot

    I’m surprised that on a forum of photographers no one has noticed that these images are odd.

    1/ The perspective of the lenses is wrong for the camera, as are the dials on top. You just have to look.

    2/ In all the images I have seen so far, the back (mount area) of the lens is out-of-focus. So it goes … sharp at front of lens / unsharp back of lens / sharp camera body.

    All the images so far are fakes, except possibly some of the detail images, but even then, perspectives are odd.

    • Eugenio

      I’m surprised that you can write, considering that you can’t read!

      This images are photoshopped!We repeated infinite times!

    • Scepticscot@ all lens is sett on in PS.

  • What if

    What if, Prisms are replaceble like on the nikon F’s you can choose for your taste pen EVF for the micros and as an 300$ option a true e3 like glass pentaprism for 43 lenses? Coupled wit mmf3 you have a complete 43 camera, if you go smaller just switch the prism

  • stickytape

    DAYUM! I walk away for a few days and what was shaping up to be a nice looking camera has grown a bulbous monstrosity of a hump!

  • safaridon

    The more I look at these pictures the more I become convinced that Oly is indeed presenting us with a transforming camera that can be three different versions in one. The first is the camera sans without either the dome or the hotshoe and extra connector (but with small popup flash I hope as a hinge is shown) much like depicted in one of the projected fake images of a possible rear view? The second version is like that of the silver version with the dome and hotshoe attached. This version with its black body parts helps break up apparent height of the dome bulge. The third version is the E5 replacement or pro version with two grips and extra battery capacity presumedly needed for extended video use at high HD modes. Perhaps a higher capacity flash is hidden under the dome and this will rely on the grip supplied battery to keep its size small. The EVF is much lower so this bulge cannot be for the EVF body? Future upgrades would simply be a new more potent processor if Pany produces one and shares and hopefully one with PDAF on the sensor?

    Since Pany is also coming with two fast new zoom lenses which will be well suited for this E-D5 maybe Pany will house the GH3 in their version with all metal body? I think this will be the patent version or mini L1 which I predict will be announced for the June Olympics and it will not be called the GH3 hence no conflict with existing rumors of when that camera will come.

    If a sans dome version is what Oly has created then this new E-D5 will have hit a home run rather than just a foul ball in my opinion and I would be tempted to get it if the IBIS and AF for fast moving objects are significantly improved.

    If the dome is removeable then the E-D5 would be only slightly larger than the NEX7 but then the NEX7 is smaller only because it uses a removeable rubber eyepiece which is not reflected in the dimensions. As for price from what I have seen posted the NEX7 prices have risen significantly as the NEX7 is selling for almost $2000 in Japan!

  • Carlos

    People, think about this camera in this manner:
    It has all the performance value of the Panasonic GH2 in a package the size of the Panasonic G3 with Olympus improvements with an old SLR-like look.

    How much was the GH2 when it launched?
    Who was the target audience of Panasonic when they launched the G3? (definitely not point-and-shooters)
    How much are new weather-sealed DSLR cameras from other manufacturers?
    How long does Olympus expect you to keep this camera?
    Is the OM-D line taking over where the previous E system left off?
    How strong is the desire (of photographers) to revive the spirit of the old OM system?

    All of this probably went into consideration when Olympus decided to go ahead with producing this machine as well as when taking a decision to price it. Besides, the number of initial sales will tell them if they should throw bigger support behind this OM-D line or let it die as a once in a lifetime deal.

  • jcddvm

    Will this be a fully manual camera? Will there be actual controls for aperture (preferrably an aperture ring on the newer lenses), shutter, *and* ISO on the body?

    I bought the EPL2 2 years ago to buy into the m43 system, but I find the controls too fiddly to want to use it very often.

    Photography for me is about the execution, with good images at the end being a plus. I enjoy using a camera I can control. Will this one be it? Finally?

  • G.W.Bush

    a camera for gays….

    • 43shot

      GW- Spoken like an ignorant fool with a name to match.

    • Dick Cheney

      George, let’s go hunting!

  • LOL… How sad is it that a day after the real camera is announced, it’s so unexciting that people feel the need to do a photoshop job on it to make it a bit interesting. And I wouldn’t even waste my money on the improved photoshop version. :(

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